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Movies from 1949

1848 (film)

56 Rue Pigalle

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike

A Chance to Live

A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court (1949 film)

A Dangerous Profession

A Dead Man Among the Living

A Family Like Many Others

A Ham in a Role

A Haunting We Will Go (1949 film)

A Heart Beats for You

A Kingdom for a House

A Kiss for Corliss

A Kiss in the Dark (1949 film)

A Letter to Three Wives

A Man on the Road

A Man's Affair

A Matter of Murder

A Morgadinha dos Canaviais

A Morgadinha dos Canaviais (film)

A Night of Fame

A Run for Your Money

A Story of the Nineties

A Woman's Secret

A Yank Comes Back

Aaltoska orkaniseeraa

Abandoned (1949 film)

Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff

Across the Rio Grande (film)

Act of Violence

Adam and Eve (1949 film)

Adam and Evelyne

Adam's Rib

Adventure in Baltimore

Adventures of Juan Lucas

Adventures of Sir Galahad

Africa Screams

African Jim

After the Rain Comes Sunshine

Air Hostess (1949 film)


Akireta musume-tachi

Alarm Bells

Alaska Patrol

Alexander Popov (film)

Alias Nick Beal

Alias the Champ

Alice in Wonderland (1949 film)

Alimony (1949 film)

Alitet Leaves for the Hills

All Over the Town

All Roads Lead to Rome (1949 film)

All in a Nutshell

All the King's Men (1949 film)

Almafuerte (film)

Altura (film)

Always Leave Them Laughing

Amar Kahani

Amazon Quest

Amico (film)

Amma (1949 film)

An Old-Fashioned Girl (film)

And Baby Makes Three

Andaz (1949 film)

Angels in Disguise (film)

Angels of the Arrabal

Anna Lucasta (1949 film)

Anonymous Letters

Anthony of Padua (film)

Any Number Can Play

Aoi sanmyaku

Apache Chief (film)

Aparadhi (1949 film)

Apna Desh (1949 film)

Apoorva Sagodharargal (1949 film)

Arctic Fury

Arctic Manhunt

Arson, Inc.

Artists' Blood

At the Grand Balcony

Autumn and Spring


Awful Orphan

Bad Boy (1949 film)

Bad Luck Blackie

Bad Men of Tombstone

Bad Ol' Putty Tat

Badger's Green (1949 film)

Bagdad (film)

Balam (1949 film)

Bandit King of Texas

Bandits of El Dorado

Barbary Pirate (film)

Bari Behen

Barry (1949 film)

Barsaat (1949 film)

Batman and Robin (serial)

Battleground (film)

Bazaar (1949 film)

Bear Feat

Begone Dull Care

Bengawan Solo (1949 film)

Between Eleven and Midnight

Beyond the Forest

Bhakta Kumbara (film)

Big Jack (film)

Big Lasse of Delsbo

Bitter Rice

Black Magic (1949 film)

Black Midnight (film)

Blondie Hits the Jackpot

Blondie's Big Deal

Blood of the Beasts

Blue Scar


Bohus Battalion

Bomba on Panther Island

Bomba, the Jungle Boy (film)

Border Incident

Boston Blackie's Chinese Venture

Boys from the Streets

Boys in Brown

Brand of Fear


Bride for Sale

Bride of Vengeance

Bridge (1949 film)

Brilliant Waltz

Brimstone (1949 film)

Brothers in the Saddle

Bruce Gentry Daredevil of the Skies

Buffalo Bill in Rome

Buried Alive (1949 film)

Burlesque in Harlem

By the Sweat of Your Brow

Bye, Bye Bluebeard

C-Man (film)

Caf de chinos

Cage of Girls

Calamity Jane and Sam Bass

Call of the Forest (1949 film)

Canadian Pacific (film)

Canta y no llores...

Cardboard Cavalier

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Caught (1949 film)

Celia (1949 film)

Chains (1949 film)

Chair of Confession

Challenge of the Range

Challenge to Lassie

Champion (1949 film)

Chicago Deadline

Chicken Every Sunday

Children of Chance (1949 film)

Chinatown at Midnight

Christopher Columbus (1949 film)

Cita en las estrellas

City Across the River

Colorado Territory (film)

Come to the Stable

Command Decision (film)

Confessions of a Taxi Driver

Conspirator (1949 film)

Coqueta (1949 film)

Corrientes, Street of Dreams

Cover Up (film)

Cowboy and the Prizefighter

Crashing Thru

Criss Cross (film)

Crocodile Hunters

Crows and Sparrows

Currito of the Cross (1949 film)

Curtain Razor

D.O.A. (1950 film)

Daffy Duck Hunt

Dance of Fire (film)

Dancing in the Dark (1949 film)

Dangerous Guests

Dangerous Spring

Dark Secret (film)

Dating Do's and Don'ts

Daughter of the Jungle (1949 film)

Daughter of the West

Daulat (1949 film)

Daybreak in Udi

Dear Friend (1949 film)

Dear Mr. Prohack

Dear Wife

Death Is a Caress

Death Valley Gunfighter

Deputy Marshal

Derby (1949 film)

Desert Vigilante

Det glder os alle


Diamond City (film)

Dicen que soy mujeriego

Dick Barton Strikes Back

Diez segundos

Dillagi (1949 film)

Dingbat Land

Distant Journey

Div Bra

Doctor Laennec

Doctor Morelle

Doggone Tired

Don't Dream, Annette

Don't Ever Leave Me

Don't Play with Love

Donald's Happy Birthday

Dos pesos dejada

Dough for the Do-Do

Down Dakota Way

Down Memory Lane

Down to the Sea in Ships (1949 film)

Duel with Death

Duke of Chicago

Dulari (film)

Dunked in the Deep

Dva ohn

Dynamite (1949 film)

East Side, West Side (1949 film)

Easy Living (1949 film)

Edicin extra

Edward, My Son

Eine groe Liebe

Ek Thi Larki

El Hijo de la calle

El Hombre de las sorpresas

El Paso (film)

El colmillo de Buda

El diablo no es tan diablo

El extrao caso de la mujer asesinada

Emile the African

Encounter at the Elbe

Encounter with Werther

Eroica (1949 film)

Eterna agona

Eureka Stockade (1949 film)

Eve and the Serpent

Every House has its Man

Everybody Does It

Fabiola (1949 film)

Family Honeymoon

Fandango (1949 film)

Fantomas Against Fantomas


Fast and Furry-ous

Father Bom

Father Was a Fullback

Federal Agents vs. Underworld, Inc

Feudin' Rhythm

Fighting Fools

Fighting Man of the Plains

Five Red Tulips

Flame of My Love

Flame of Youth

Flaming Fury (1949 film)

Flamingo Road (film)

Flaxy Martin


Flying Squadron (film)

Follow Me Quietly

Fools Rush In (1949 film)

For Scent-imental Reasons

For Them That Trespass

Forbidden (1949 film)

Forbidden to the Public

Forgotten Women (1949 film)

Francisco Manso

Free for All (film)

Friday the Thirteenth (1949 film)

Frigid Hare

From Man to Man

Frontier Investigator

Fuelin' Around


Gadis Desa

Geetha Gandhi

Ghost of Zorro

Gigi (1949 film)

Ginza Kankan Musume

Girls Behind Bars

Girls in Gingham

Give Us This Day (1949 film)

Glorious Path

Goggle Fishing Bear

Golden Arrow (1949 film)

Golden Madonna

Goofy Gymnastics

Grand Canyon (1949 film)

Gun Law Justice

Gun Runner (film)

Gunasundari Katha

Hand of Death (1949 film)

Happy Flight (1949 film)

Hardly a Criminal

Hare Do

Hatch Up Your Troubles

Haunted Trails

Heart to Heart (1949 film)

Heaven over the Marshes

Heavenly Puss

Hellfire (1949 film)

Hello, Fraulein!

Helter Skelter (1949 film)

Henhouse Henery

Henry, the Rainmaker

Hideout (film)

High Diving Hare

High Jinks in Society

Hippety Hopper (film)

Hokus Pokus (1949 film)

Hold That Baby!

Holiday Affair

Holiday for Drumsticks

Holiday in Havana

Hollywood Varieties

Home in San Antone

Home of the Brave (1949 film)

Homicide (1949 film)

Honey Harvester

Horsemen of the Sierras

House of Strangers

How Do We Tell Our Children?

How I Discovered America

How to Smuggle a Hernia Across the Border

Hypocrite (film)

I Cheated the Law

I Like Only You

I Shot Jesse James

I Was a Male War Bride

I'll Never Forget That Night

I'm Not Mata Hari

Illegal Entry (film)

Impact (1949 film)

Imtihaan (1949 film)

In a Corner of Spain

In the Good Old Summertime

In the Name of the Law (1949 film)


Incident (film)

Inspiration (1949 film)

Into the Straight

Intruder in the Dust (film)

Iracema (1949 film)

It Happened in Leicester Square

It Happens Every Spring

It's Not Cricket (1949 film)

It's a Great Feeling

Ivan Pavlov (film)

Jalisco Sings in Seville

Janika (film)

Jeet (1949 film)

Jerry's Diary

Jerry's Diary (1949 film)

Jiggs and Maggie in Jackpot Jitters

Jigsaw (1949 film)

Joe Palooka in the Big Fight

Joe Palooka in the Counterpunch

John Loves Mary

Johnny Allegro

Johnny Holiday (film)

Johnny Stool Pigeon

Jolson Sings Again

Jorden rundt p to timer

Jour de fte

Judgement Day (1949 film)

Just Any Woman



Kampen mod uretten

Kane no naru oka: Dai san hen, kuro no maki

Kaneez (1949 film)

Kanniyin Kathali

Kazan (1949 film)

Keelu Gurram

Keep an Eye on Amelia

Keepers of the Night

Kenji Comes Home

Kind Hearts and Coronets

King of the Rocket Men

Knights Must Fall

Knock on Any Door

Krishna Bhakthi


La Rosa di Bagdad

La cuna vaca

La dama del collar

La historia del tango

La otra y yo


Ladies of the Chorus

Lady from Hell

Lady of the House (film)

Laila Majnu (1949 film)

Lalita (1949 film)

Lambert Feels Threatened

Landfall (1949 film)

Laramie (film)

Las Aventuras de Jack

Las tandas del principal

Last Love (1949 film)

Late Spring

Law of the Barbary Coast

Law of the Golden West

Law of the West (1949 film)

Lawless Code

Le Silence de la mer (1949 film)

Leave It to Henry

Lies of Love

Life in Shadows

Little Lady

Little Miss Devil

Little Rural Riding Hood

Little Women (1949 film)

Long-Haired Hare

Look for the Silver Lining (film)

Los amores de una viuda

Lost Boundaries

Love '47

Love Happy

Love That Pup

Love Wins Out

Love in Waiting

Loyola, the Soldier Saint

Lust for Gold

Ma and Pa Kettle (film)

Madame Bovary (1949 film)

Madness of the Heart

Madonna in Chains

Mahal (1949 film)

Make Believe Ballroom

Make Mine Laughs

Malaya (film)

Malice in the Palace

Man on the Run

Mana Desam


Manhandled (1949 film)

Manhattan Angel

Manon (film)

Marlene (1949 film)

Marry Me! (1949 film)

Martina (film)

Mary Ryan, Detective

Masked Raiders

Massacre River (film)

Master Minds (1949 film)

Maya (1949 film)


Maytime in Mayfair

Meet Simon Cherry

Melody Club (film)

Melody in the Dark

Michurin (film)

Mickey Magnate

Midnight (1949 film)

Mighty Joe Young (1949 film)

Millionnaires d'un jour

Miserable at Middle Age

Miss Grant Takes Richmond

Miss Mink of 1949

Miss Pilgrim's Progress

Mission in Tangier

Mississippi Hare

Mississippi Rhythm

Mother Is a Freshman

Motorcycles (film)

Mountain Crystal

Mouse Mazurka

Mouse Wreckers

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College

Mr. Soft Touch

Mrs. Mike (film)

Murder at the Windmill

My Aunt from Honfleur (1949 film)

My Dream Is Yours

My Foolish Heart (1949 film)

My Friend Irma (film)

My Home Village

My Own True Love

My Wife's Friends

Mysterious Shadows


Nallathambi (1949 film)

Narasinha Avatar



Navajo Trail Raiders

Negra consentida

Neki Aur Badi (1949 film)

Neptune's Daughter (1949 film)

Neutrality (film)

Night Arrival

Night Round

Night Unto Night

Night of the Twelve

Nights on the Nile

Nilam (film)

Ninety Minutes

No Way Back (1949 film)

No me defiendas compadre

Nodo jimanky jidai

North Shore (1949 film)

Noson Lawen (film)

Not Wanted

Nothing But Coincidence

Novia a la medida

Now Barabbas

Number 17 (1949 film)

Obsession (1949 film)

Odoroki ikka

Odoru Rygj

Often an Orphan

Oh, You Beautiful Doll (film)

Old Mother Riley's New Venture

Omoo-Omoo, the Shark God

On the Town (film)

Once More, My Darling

Once Upon a Dream (1949 film)

Once a Jolly Swagman

One Last Fling

Only a Mother

Opium (1949 film)

Our Daily Bread (1949 film)

Outcasts of the Trail

Outlaw Country (1949 film)

Outpost in Morocco

Pacific 231

Pacific 231 (film)

Palmour Street, A Study of Family Life

Pantalones cortos

Paper Orchid

Parivartan (film)

Passport to Pimlico

Patanga (1949 film)

Pavalakodi (1949 film)

Paying the Piper

Peralena Iranama

Perpetual Movement


Philip of Jesus (film)

Pinky (film)

Pioneer Marshal

Pippi Longstocking (1949 film)

Pizhaikkum Vazhi

Playing Truant

Poet's Pub

Polka-Dot Puss

Porky Chops

Port of New York (film)

Portrait of an Assassin

Post Office Investigator

Powder River Rustlers

Prejudice (1949 film)

Primitive Peoples

Prince of Foxes (film)

Prince of the Plains

Prison (1949 film)

Prison Warden (film)

Private Angelo (film)

Project X (1949 film)

Puce Moment


Quartet of Five

Rabbit Hood

Radar Patrol vs. Spy King

Raksha Rekha

Range Justice

Range Land

Ranger of Cherokee Strip


Realm of Man

Rebel Rabbit

Red Canyon (1949 film)

Red Light (film)

Red Rock Outlaw

Red Stallion in the Rockies

Red, Hot and Blue (film)

Reign of Terror (film)

Rendezvous in July

Renegades of the Sage

Return to Life

Ride, Ryder, Ride!

Riders in the Sky (film)

Riders of the Dusk

Riders of the Range (1949 film)

Riders of the Whistling Pines

Rim of the Canyon

Rimfire (film)

Ringside (1949 film)

Rio Grande (1949 film)

Roaring Westward

Rodinn trampoty oficila Tky

Roll, Thunder, Roll!

Roller Derby Girl

Romanticismo (film)

Rope of Sand

Rose of the Yukon

Roseanna McCoy

Rotation (film)

Rough But Respectable

Roughshod (1949 film)

Rumbo (film)

Rustlers (1949 film)

Rusty Saves a Life

Rusty's Birthday

Saints and Sinners (1949 film)

Saln Mxico

Samson and Delilah (1949 film)

San Antone Ambush

Sand (1949 film)

Sands of Iwo Jima


Satan's Cradle

Savage Splendor

Sawan Aya Re

Scandal on the Champs-lyses

Scene of the Crime (1949 film)

School for Models

School for Randle

Sea Salts

Search for Danger

Search for Majora

Second Hand Destiny

Sergeant Mike

Shabnam (1949 film)

Shadows of the West

Shahida (film)

Shair (film)

Shamrock Hill (film)

She Shoulda Said No!

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon

Sheriff of Wichita


Sicilian Uprising

Side Street (1950 film)

Silent Barricade

Silent Dust


Singoalla (film)


Siren of Atlantis

Sky Dragon

Sky Liner (film)

Slattery's Hurricane

Sleeping Beauty (1949 film)

Slide, Donald, Slide

Slightly French

Smooth as Silk

Snow White and the Seven Thieves

So Much for So Little

Somewhere in Politics

Son of Billy the Kid

Son of a Bad Man

Son of the Sea

Song of India (film)

Song of Surrender

Sons of Matthew

Sons of New Mexico

Sorrowful Jones

Souls of Sin

South of Death Valley

South of Rio

South of St. Louis

Special Agent (1949 film)

Square Dance Jubilee

Stagecoach Kid

Stallion Canyon

Stampede (1949 film)

State Department: File 649

Stop Press Girl

Strange Bargain

Stray Dog (film)

Streets of Laredo (film)

Streets of San Francisco (film)

Strong Is the Seed

Summer Storm (1949 film)

Sunehre Din

Susanna Pass

Suzanne and the Robbers

Sven Tusan

Svendsen gr videre

Swiss Tour

Sword in the Desert

Take Me Out to the Ball Game (film)

Take One False Step

Tale of the Navajos

Tarzan's Magic Fountain

Task Force (film)

Technicolor for Industrial Films

Tell It to the Judge

Tender Pumpkins

Tennis Chumps

Tension (film)

Texas Manhunt

That Dangerous Age

That Forsyte Woman

That Luzmela Girl (film)

That Midnight Kiss

The Accused (1949 film)

The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

The Adventures of Jane

The Adventures of PC 49

The Adventures of Sanmao the Waif

The Appeal to Conscience

The Bad Lord Byron

The Barkleys of Broadway

The Barton Mystery (1949 film)

The Battle of Stalingrad (film)

The Beautiful Blonde from Bashful Bend

The Beaver Coat (1949 film)

The Bewitched House

The Big Cat (film)

The Big Sombrero (film)

The Big Steal

The Big Wheel (film)

The Blazing Trail (1949 film)

The Blonde Bandit

The Blue Lagoon (1949 film)

The Blue Straw Hat

The Blue Swords

The Bohemian Soul

The Bribe

The Bride Can't Wait

The Case of Charles Peace

The Cat and the Mermouse

The Chiltern Hundreds (film)

The Clay Pigeon

The Counterfeit Cat

The Cowboy and the Indians

The Crime Doctor's Diary

The Crooked Way

The Cuckoos (1949 film)

The Cupid Club

The Cure for Love

The Dalton Gang (film)

The Dancer of Marrakesh

The Daring Caballero

The Demon is an Angel

The Detective Goes the Wrong Way

The Devil and the Smalander (1949 film)

The Devil's Henchman

The Devil's Sleep

The Doctor and the Girl

The Doctress Wants Tangos

The Doolins of Oklahoma

The Duchess of Benameji (film)

The Dynamite Brothers

The Emperor of Capri

The Emperor's Nightingale

The Fall of Berlin (film)

The Fan (1949 film)

The Farm of Seven Sins

The Fighting Kentuckian

The Fighting O'Flynn

The Fighting Redhead

The Firemen of Viggi

The Flame That Will Not Die

The Flirtation of Girls

The Forbidden Street

The Fountainhead (film)

The Gal Who Took the West

The Gay Amigo

The Ghost Talks (1949 film)

The Girl from Jones Beach

The Girl from the Third Row

The Girl in Room 20

The Glass Mountain (1949 film)

The Golden Stallion (1949 film)

The Great Dan Patch

The Great Gatsby (1949 film)

The Great Lover (1949 film)

The Great Madcap

The Great Mandarin

The Great Sinner

The Green Promise

The Greener Yard

The Grey Hounded Hare

The Guitar of Gardel

The Hasty Heart

The Heiress

The Heroic Monsieur Boniface

The History of Mr. Polly (film)

The House Across the Street

The House of Tomorrow (1949 film)

The Huggetts Abroad

The Inspector General (1949 film)

The Interrupted Journey

The Invisible Man Appears

The Iron Swordsman

The Jack of Diamonds

The James Brothers of Missouri

The Joint is Jumpin' (film)

The Judge (1949 film)

The Judge Steps Out

The Kid from Cleveland

The King (1949 film)

The Ladies in the Green Hats (1949 film)

The Lady Gambles

The Lady Takes a Sailor

The Lady of the Veil

The Last Bandit

The Last Days of Dolwyn

The Last Illusion

The Last Night (1949 film)

The Lawton Story

The Lead Shoes

The Legend of Faust

The Life of Riley (1949 film)

The Little Orphan

The Lone Wolf and His Lady

The Lost People

The Lost Tribe (1949 film)

The Lovable Cheat

The Lovers of Verona

The Lucky Stiff

The Magician (1949 film)

The Man from Yesterday (1949 film)

The Mark of the Day

The Marriage of Figaro (1949 film)

The Martyr of Bougival

The Mill on the Po

The Murder Trial of Doctor Jordan

The Mutineers (film)

The Mysterious Desperado

The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1949 film)

The Passenger (1949 film)

The Passionate Friends (1949 film)

The Pearlers

The Pecos Pistol

The Perez Family (1949 film)

The Perfect Woman (1949 film)

The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1949 film)

The Pilgrimage Play

The Pirates of Capri

The Poacher's Foster Daughter or Noble Millionaire

The Pretty Miller Girl

The Prisoner (1949 film)

The Queen of Spades (1949 film)

The Quiet Duel

The Reckless Moment

The Red Angel (film)

The Red Danube

The Red Menace (film)

The Red Pony (1949 film)

The Return of Jos do Telhado

The Rising Tide (film)

The Rocking Horse Winner (film)

The Romantic Age

The Sad Whistle

The Secret Garden (1949 film)

The Secret of Mayerling

The Secret of St. Ives

The Set-Up (1949 film)

The Sickle or the Cross

The Small Back Room

The Spider and the Fly (1949 film)

The Star (1949 film)

The Story of Molly X

The Story of Seabiscuit

The Story of Shirley Yorke

The Strangers Came

The Stratton Story

The Street (1949 film)

The Sun Comes Up

The Swedish Horseman

The Temptress (1949 film)

The Third Man

The Threat (1949 film)

The Trap (1949 film)

The Trip to Marrakesh

The Two Orphans (1949 film)

The Undercover Man

The Unloved Woman (1949 film)

The Walking Hills

The Walls of Malapaga

The Windblown Hare

The Window (1949 film)

The Wolf (1949 film)

The Wolf Hunters (1949 film)

The Wolf of the Sila

The Woman of the Port (1949 film)

The Woman on Pier 13

The Wyoming Bandit

The Yacht Isabel Arrived This Afternoon

The Younger Brothers

There's a Girl in My Heart

Thes (1949 film)

They Always Return at Dawn

They Have a Motherland

They Live by Night

They Met in Guayaquil

Thieves' Highway

Third Time Lucky (1949 film)

Thirst (1949 film)

Thrill of the Surf

Thursday's Child (1943 film)

Thus Finishes the Night


Tokyo Joe (film)

Too Late for Tears

Top o' the Morning (1949 film)

Toto Looks for a House

Tot Le Mok

Tough Assignment

Towards Glory

Towards the Horizon (film)

Toy Tinkers

Trail of the Yukon

Trails End

Train of Events

Trapped (1949 film)

Traveller's Joy

Treasure of Monte Cristo

Tromba (film)

Trottie True

Trouble Backstairs (1949 film)

Trouble at Melody Mesa

Tucson (film)

Tulsa (film)

Tuna Clipper

Twelve Hearts for Charly

Twelve O'Clock High

Twenty Years (film)

Two Knights from Brooklyn

Two Loves (1949 film)


Un Hombre solo no vale nada

Un Pecado Por Mes

Un cuerpo de mujer

Una Gallega en Mxico

Under Capricorn

Undertow (1949 film)

Une si jolie petite plage

Vaazhkai (1949 film)

Vagabond Blacksmiths

Vagabond Loafers

Vagabonds (film)

Veer Ghatotkach


Vellinakshatram (1949 film)

Vengeance Is Mine (1949 film)

Vertigine d'amore

Vi flyr p Rio


Viennese Girls

Vient de paratre

Visit to Picasso

Vote for Huggett

Warning to Wantons

We Want a Child!

We Were Strangers

We've Just Got Married

West of El Dorado

Western Renegades

Where the Trains Go

Which Is Witch

Whisky Galore! (1949 film)

White Gold (1949 film)

White Heat

White Paws

Who Done It? (1949 film)

Wicked City (1949 film)

William Tell (1949 film)

Wings of Youth (1949 film)

Winter Storage

Wise Quackers

Without Honor (1949 film)

Woman in White (film)

Women Side by Side

Yes Sir, That's My Baby (film)

Yo no eleg mi vida

You're My Everything (film)

Yvonne of the Night

Zamba (film)

Zorina (film)

sa-Nisse (film)

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