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Movies from 1948

1-2-3 Corona

10,000 Kids and a Cop

100,000 Pounds

11 O'Clock

13 Lead Soldiers

16 Fathoms Deep

3 Godfathers (1948 film)

A Christmas Dream

A Date with Judy (film)

A Date with a Dream

A Feather in His Hare

A Foreign Affair

A Girl from Palestine

A Gunman Has Escaped

A Hen in the Wind

A Kiss from the Stadium

A Piece of Cake (film)

A Sister to Assist 'Er (1948 film)

A Song Is Born

A Song for Tomorrow

A Southern Yankee

A Swedish Tiger (film)

A Toast for Manolete

A Wedding in the Dream

A Woman's Vengeance

A-Lad-In His Lamp

Aag (1948 film)

Aaj Ki Raat (film)

Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein

Abhimanyu (1948 film)

Above All Laws

Adhithan Kanavu

Adventure in the Night

Adventures in Silverado

Adventures of Casanova

Adventures of Don Juan

Adventures of Frank and Jesse James

Adventures of Gallant Bess

After Love (1948 film)

After the Storm (1948 film)

Against the Wind (film)

Air Mata Mengalir di Tjitarum

Albuquerque (film)

Alegres vacaciones

Alias a Gentleman

All My Sons (film)

Always Another Dawn

An Act of Murder

An Everyday Story

An Innocent Affair

Anchor Button (1948 film)

Angel in Exile

Angel on the Amazon

Angelitos negros (1948 film)

Angels' Alley

Anna Karenina (1948 film)

Anni (1948 film)

Anokha Pyar

Anokhi Ada (1948 film)

Another Part of the Forest (film)

Another Shore

Apartment for Peggy

Apostasy (1948 film)

Appointment with Murder

April Showers (1948 film)

Arch of Triumph (1948 film)

Are You with It?

Argentina revolucionaria

Arlberg Express

Arthur Takes Over

Assigned to Danger

Assunta Spina (1948 film)

As te deseo

B.F.'s Daughter

Back Alley Oproar

Back Trail


Ballad of Siberia


Baron Carlo Mazza

Be Seeing You, Father

Behind Locked Doors

Belle Starr's Daughter

Berlin Express

Best Man Wins

Beyond Glory

Bhakta Ramadas (film)

Bhaktha Jana

Bharathi (1948 film)

Bicycle Thieves

Big City (1948 film)

Big Town Scandal

Bilhana (film)


Bill and Coo

Black Bart (film)

Black Eagle (1948 film)

Blanc comme neige

Blanche Fury

Blazing Across the Pecos

Bless 'Em All (film)

Blocked Signals

Blonde Ice

Blondie's Reward

Blondie's Secret

Blood on the Moon

Blum Affair

Boarding House Blues

Bob and Sally

Bodyguard (1948 film)

Bond Street (film)

Bonnie Prince Charlie (1948 film)

Border Street

Borrowed Trouble

Brass Monkey (film)

Brighton Rock (1948 film)

Broken Journey

Buccaneer Bunny

Bugs Bunny Rides Again

Bungalow 13

But Not in Vain

Cab Number 13

Caged Fury (1948 film)

California Firebrand

California's Golden Beginning

Call Northside 777

Call of the Blood

Calling Paul Temple

Campus Honeymoon

Campus Sleuth

Can John Braund Cure Cancer?

Canon City (film)

Carnival Evening

Carson City Raiders

Casbah (film)

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Chain Tan Pyi

Chakra Dhari

Chandralekha (1948 film)

Check Your Guns

Chemistry and Love

Chinta (film)

City of Pain

Close-Up (1948 film)

Colonel Bogey (film)

Colonel Durand

Come on, Cowboy!

Compaeros de aventuras

Congo Bill (serial)

Corner Stop

Coroner Creek

Corridor of Mirrors (film)


Courtesan (film)

Courtin' Trouble

Cowboy Cavalier

Crime on Their Hands

Crimen entre bastidores

Crossed Trails

Crossroads of Passion

Cruise for the Unknown One

Cry of the City

Cuidado con las imitaciones

Cup-tie Honeymoon

Daddy Duck

Daffy Dilly

Daffy Duck Slept Here

Dangers of the Canadian Mounted

Daredevils of the Clouds

Dark Sunday

Daughter of Darkness (1948 film)

Daybreak (1948 film)

Dead Man's Gold

Deadline (1948 film)

Death in the Hand

Deep Waters (1948 film)

Den hemmelighetsfulle leiligheten

Desert Wedding

Desperadoes of Dodge City

Devadasi (1948 film)

Devil's Cargo

Dick Barton: Special Agent

Difficult Years

Dilemma of Two Angels

Disaster (film)

Divya Premaya

Djaoeh Dimata

Docks of New Orleans

Don Bildigerno de Pago Milagro

Don Quixote (1947 film)

Donald's Dream Voice

Dravci (film)

Dream Girl (1948 film)

Drip Dippy Donald


Drohi (1948 film)

Drunken Angel

Du Guesclin (film)

Duea y seora

Dutch in Seven Lessons

Dde d'Anvers

Each Heart Has Its Own Story

Each to His Own Way

Easter Parade (film)

Easy Money (1948 film)

Eight-Ball Andy

El Barco sale a las diez

El Dorado Pass

El cantor del pueblo

El cuarto mandamiento (film)

Eleven Men and a Ball

Elizabeth of Ladymead

Embraceable You (film)

En Kanavar

Enchantment (1948 film)

Enrdate y vers

Escape (1948 film)

Escape from Broadmoor

Escape to France

Esther Waters (film)

Eternal Conflict

Eva (1948 film)

Every Girl Should Be Married

Everything Will Be Better in the Morning

Eyes of Texas (film)

False Paradise

Fear and Sand

Feudin', Fussin' and A-Fightin'

Fiddlers Three (1948 film)

Fighter Squadron

Fighting Back (1948 film)

Fighting Father Dunne

Fighting Mustang

Film Without a Title

First-Year Student

Flor de caa

Folias Cariocas

For the Love of Mary

Forbidden Women (1948 film)

Force of Evil

Foreign Harbour

Fort Apache (film)

Four Faces West

Fregola (film)

French Leave (1948 film)

Frontier Agent

Frontier Revenge

Fury at Furnace Creek

G-Men Never Forget

Gangster's Kingdom

Gangsters Versus Cowboys

Gaspary's Sons

Germany, Year Zero

Getting on in the World

Ghar Ki Izzat (1948 film)

Girl from the Mountain Village

Give My Regards to Broadway (film)

Glamour Girl (1948 film)

Gnana Soundari (Citadel film)

Gnana Soundari (Gemini film)

Go After an Easy Prey

God Reward You


Good Sam (1948 film)

Good-Time Girl

Goodbye, Miss Turlock

Gopinath (film)

Gorilla My Dreams

Grand Canyon Trail

Green Grass of Wyoming

Guarany (film)

Guest of Darkness

Gun Smugglers

Gunning for Justice

Guns of Hate

Half Past Midnight

Hamlet (1948 film)

Hare Splitter

Haredevil Hare

Harpoon (1948 film)

Hazard (1948 film)

He Walked by Night

Heart and Soul (1948 film)

Heart of Virginia

Heavenly Daze

Here Come the Huggetts

Here Comes Trouble (1948 film)

Hey Boy (film)

Highway 13 (film)

Hills of Home (film)

Holidays with Pay

Hollow Triumph

Homecoming (1948 film)

Homicide for Three

Hop, Look and Listen

Hot Cross Bunny

House of Darkness

Hoy cumple aos mam

Hr. Petit

Hum Bhi Insaan Hain (1948 film)

I Am with You (1948 film)

I Love Trouble (1948 film)

I Remember Mama (film)

I Surrender Dear (1948 film)

I Taw a Putty Tat

I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes

I cavalieri dalle maschere nere

I'm a Monkey's Uncle

I, Jane Doe

Idhu Nijama

Idol of Paris

If You Don't Save Paper

If You Knew Susie (film)

Ihmiset suviyss (film)

Immigrants (1948 film)

Impeccable Henri

In This Corner (1948 film)

In the Street (film)

In the Temple of Venus

Incident (film)

Indian Agent (film)

Inferior Decorator

Inner Sanctum (1948 film)

Insolent and in Love

Isn't It Romantic? (1948 film)

It's Hard to Be Good

Jinx Money

Jitter Bughouse

Joan of Arc (1948 film)

Joe Palooka in Fighting Mad

Johnny Appleseed (film)

Johnny Belinda (1948 film)

Jolly Frolics

Juan Charrasqueado

Juan Moreira (1948 film)

Judicial Error

Julia Misbehaves

June Bride

Jungle Goddess

Jungle Jim (film)

Jungle Patrol (1948 film)

Kalo Chhaya

Kalpana (1948 film)


Keto and Kote (film)

Key Largo (film)


Kidnapped (1948 film)

Killer Diller (1948 film)

King of the Gamblers

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands

Kit for Cat

Kitty Foiled

Krakatit (film)


L'Amore (film)

L'eroe della strada

La Calle grita

La Gran tentacin

La Rubia Mireya

La Terra Trema

La casa de la Troya

La muerte camina en la lluvia

La novia de la Marina

La serpiente de cascabel

Lady Anbar

Lady at Midnight

Lakshmi Vijayam (1948 film)

Lal Dupatta

Larceny (1948 film)

Lars Hrd

Last of the Wild Horses

Leather Gloves

Les Casse Pieds

Les Misrables (1948 film)

Les Parents terribles (1948 film)

Les aventures des pieds nickeles

Let's Live Again

Let's Live a Little

Letter at Dawn

Letter from an Unknown Woman (1948 film)

Life Starts Now (film)

Life at Forsbyholm Manor

Lightnin' in the Forest

Lilla Mrta kommer tillbaka

Little 'Tinker

Loaded Pistols

Loffe as a Millionaire

Loffe the Tramp

Lola Casanova

London Belongs to Me

Long Is the Road (film)

Look Before You Love

Los que volvieron

Los secretos del buzn

Los tres huastecos

Los viejos somos as

Lost in the Suburbs

Louisiana Story

Love in Waiting

Lucky Ducky (film)

Lulu Belle (film)

Luxury Liner (1948 film)

Macbeth (1948 film)

Maclovia (1948 film)

Mad About Opera

Madam Temptation

Madame Bovary (1949 film)

Mademoiselle Has Fun


Madness for Love

Madonna of the Desert


Make Mine Freedom

Man to Men

Man-Eater of Kumaon

Mare Nostrum (1948 film)


Marinos Kontaras

Mark of the Lash

Marshal of Amarillo

Mary Lou (1948 film)

Matou the Cobbler

Meditation on Violence

Mela (1948 film)

Melody Time

Mexican Hayride

Mi madre adorada

Michael O'Halloran (1948 film)

Michurin (film)

Mickey (1948 film)

Million Dollar Weekend

Minas Conspiracy (film)

Miracle in Harlem

Miraculous Journey

Miranda (1948 film)

Mis cinco hijos

Miss Tatlock's Millions

Modern Husbands

Mohini (1948 film)


Money Madness

Moonrise (film)

Morituri (1948 film)

Mouse Cleaning

Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House

Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid

Mr. Perrin and Mr. Traill

Mr. Reckless

Mummy's Dummies

Murder with Music

Muscle Beach (film)

Music Man (1948 film)

Music in Darkness

Music, Poetry and Madness

Musical Varieties


My Brother Jonathan

My Brother's Keeper (film)

My Bunny Lies over the Sea

My Dear Secretary

My Dog Rusty

My Girl Tisa

My Name Is Han

My Poor Beloved Mother

My Sister and I (1948 film)

Myriad of Lights

Mystery in Mexico

N.U. (film)

Nadiya Ke Paar (1948 film)

Night Beat (1947 film)

Night Comes Too Soon

Night Express (film)

Night Has a Thousand Eyes

Night Song (1948 film)

Night Time in Nevada

Nine Boys, One Heart

Nirmala (1948 film)

No Minor Vices

No Orchids for Miss Blandish (film)

No Room at the Inn

No Surgery Hours Today

No Time for Romance

Nocturne of Love (1948 film)

Noose (1948 film)

Nora's Ark

Northwest Stampede

Nosotros los Pobres

Nothing Venture

Novio, marido y amante

Odor of the Day

Oklahoma Badlands

Oklahoma Blues

Old Los Angeles

Old Rockin' Chair Tom

Oliver Twist (1948 film)

On Our Merry Way

On Our Own Land

On Resonant Shores

On These Shoulders

On an Island with You

One Night with You (1948 film)

One Sunday Afternoon (1948 film)

One Touch of Venus (film)

Open Secret

Operation Swallow: The Battle for Heavy Water

Operation Vittles (film)

Out of the Storm (1948 film)

Outlaw Brand

Overland Trails (film)

Pagliacci (1948 film)

Panhandle (film)

Par la fentre

Pardon My Clutch

Parole, Inc.

Partners of the Sunset

Passport to Rio

Paths in Twilight

Penny and the Pownall Case

Perilous Waters

Phantom Valley

Pitch a Boogie Woogie

Pitfall (1948 film)

Piya Ghar Aaja

Pizhaikkum Vazhi

Poeira de Estrelas

Poesie pouti

Port Said (film)

Port of Call (1948 film)

Portrait from Life

Portrait of Jennie

Prelude to Madness

Private Bom

Professor Tom

Pyar Ki Jeet (1948 film)

Ppad Z-8

Quartet (1948 film)

Que Dios me perdone

Quick on the Trigger

Rabbit Punch

Race Street

Rachel and the Stranger

Racing Luck (1948 film)

Raja Mukthi


Range Renegades

Ratnamala (film)

Raw Deal (1948 film)

Reaching from Heaven

Recuerdos de un ngel

Red Necktie

Red River (1948 film)

Reina de reinas: La Virgen Mara

Relentless (1948 film)

Renegades of Sonora

Return of the Bad Men

Revenge (1948 film)

Riff Raffy Daffy

River Lady (film)

River Patrol (film)

Road House (1948 film)

Robinson in Roslagen

Rocambole (1948 film)

Rocky (1948 film)

Rodrguez, supernumerario

Rogues' Regiment

Romance on the High Seas

Romance sin palabras

Rope (film)

Rope of Sand

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1948 film)

Rusty Leads the Way

Ruthless (film)

Ruy Blas (film)

Ro Escondido (film)

Saigon (1948 film)

Saraband for Dead Lovers

Scaredy Cat

Scott of the Antarctic (film)

Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!

Seal Island (film)

Sealed Verdict

Secret Service Investigator

Sergil and the Dictator

Shaggy (film)

Shaheed (1948 film)

Shanghai Chest

She's Too Mean for Me

Shed No Tears (1948 film)

Shep Comes Home

Shivering Sherlocks

Shri Ram Bhakta Hanuman

Silent Conflict

Silver River (film)

Silver Trails

Sin (1948 film)

Singin' Spurs

Sinister Journey

Sins of the Fathers (1948 film)

Sitting Pretty (1948 film)

Six-Gun Law

Sleep, My Love

Sleeping Car to Trieste

Slippy McGee (1948 film)

Smart Girls Don't Talk

Smart Politics (film)

Smart Woman (1948 film)

Smoky Mountain Melody

Smugglers' Cove

Snow Capers

Snowbound (1948 film)

So Dear to My Heart

So Evil My Love

So This Is New York

Sofia (1948 film)

Somewhere in Europe (film)

Somewhere in Politics

Son of God's Country

Song of Idaho

Song of My Heart

Song of the Drifter

Sons of Adventure

Sorrows of the Forbidden City

Sorry, Wrong Number

Soup's On

Sous le Manteau

Speed to Spare

Spring in Park Lane

Spring in a Small Town

Spurs of Gold

Squareheads of the Round Table

Stage Struck (1948 film)

State of the Union (film)

Station West

Story of a Bad Woman

Strange Gamble

Stranger in Town (1957 film)

Street Acquaintances

Street Corner (1948 film)

Strike It Rich (1948 film)

Su ntimo secreto

Suhaag Raat

Summer Holiday (1948 film)

Sun Tan Ranch

Sundown in Santa Fe

Sunset Carson Rides Again

Sunshine (1948 film)

Superman (serial)


Sword of the Avenger

Tale of a True Man

Tania, the Beautiful Wild Girl

Tap Roots

Tarzan and the Mermaids

Tea for Two Hundred

Tenth Avenue Angel

Teri Yaad (film)

Test Tube Babies (film)

Tex Granger

Texas, Brooklyn & Heaven

Thank You, I'm Fine

That Lady in Ermine

That Wonderful Urge

The Adventures of Antar and Abla

The Adventures of Fridolin

The Amazing Mr. X

The Angel with the Trumpet (1948 film)

The Angry God

The Argyle Secrets

The Arizona Ranger

The Arkansas Swing

The Babe Ruth Story

The Barber of Seville (1948 film)

The Battle of Stalingrad (film)

The Berliner (film)

The Betrayal (1948 film)

The Big Clock (film)

The Big Punch (1948 film)

The Black Arrow (film)

The Blind Goddess (1948 film)

The Bold Frontiersman

The Boy with Green Hair

The Bride Goes Wild

The Butterfly That Flew Over the Sea

The Calendar (1948 film)

The Cat That Hated People

The Challenge (1948 film)

The Charterhouse of Parma (film)

The Checkered Coat

The Chicken of Tomorrow

The Clover Sect

The Cobra Strikes (1948 film)

The Corpse Came C.O.D.

The Counterfeiters (1948 film)

The Countess of Monte Cristo (1948 film)

The Court Concert (1948 film)

The Court of Honor

The Creeper (film)

The Dance of Death (1948 film)

The Dark Past

The Dead Don't Dream

The Decision of Christopher Blake

The Denver Kid

The Drummer of Bruch

The Drummer of Tacuari

The Dude Goes West

The Eagle with Two Heads

The Earth Cries Out

The Emperor Waltz

The Enchanted Valley

The Fallen Idol (film)

The Far Frontier

The Fatal Night

The Feathered Serpent (1948 film)

The Fight Never Ends

The Fighting Ranger (1948 film)

The First Gentleman

The Foghorn Leghorn

The Fool and the Princess

The Fuller Brush Man

The Gallant Blade

The Gallant Legion

The Gay Intruders

The Gay Ranchero

The Genius (1948 film)

The Gentleman from Nowhere

The Girl from Manhattan

The Golden Eye

The Greed of William Hart

The Green Promise

The Guinea Pig (film)

The Hawk of Powder River

The Heart on the Sleeve

The Heavenly Waltz

The Hot Scots

The Hunted (1948 film)

The Husband That Is Necessary to Follow

The Inside Story (film)

The Iron Curtain (film)

The Ironmaster (1948 film)

The Judge Steps Out

The Kissing Bandit (film)

The Lame Devil (film)

The Last Vacation

The Lawton Story

The Loon's Necklace

The Lost Face

The Loves of Carmen (1948 film)

The Luck of the Irish (1948 film)

The Main Street Kid

The Man from Colorado

The Man from Texas (1948 film)

The Man in Black (film)

The Mating of Millie

The Miracle of the Bells

The Monkey's Paw (1948 film)

The Mozart Story

The Murdered Model

The Mysterious Rider (1948 film)

The Naked City

The Noose Hangs High

The Original Sin (film)

The Other Life (film)

The Paleface (1948 film)

The Party Goes On

The Pirate (1948 film)

The Plunderers (1948 film)

The Precious Seed

The Prince of Thieves

The Queen of the Landstrasse

The Quiet One (film)

The Rangers Ride

The Rattled Rooster

The Red Shoes (1948 film)

The Return of October

The Return of Wildfire

The Return of the Whistler

The Revenge of Baccarat

The Russian Question

The Sainted Sisters

The Saxon Charm

The Search

The Secret Land

The Secret of Monte Cristo

The Shell Shocked Egg

The Sheriff of Medicine Bow

The Sign of the Ram

The Singing House

The Small Millionaire

The Small Voice

The Snake Pit

The Story of Shirley Yorke

The Strange Mrs. Crane

The Strawberry Roan

The Street Has Many Dreams

The Street with No Name

The Stupor Salesman

The Sunless Street

The Swordsman (1948 film)

The Tango Returns to Paris

The Tender Years

The Third Blow

The Three Musketeers (1948 film)

The Three Weird Sisters

The Timber Trail

The Time of Your Life (film)

The Time with You

The Tioga Kid

The Treasure of the Sierra Madre (film)

The Trial (1948 film)

The Trial of Donald Duck

The Trial of Madame X

The Truce Hurts

The Untamed Breed

The Up-Standing Sitter

The Valiant Hombre

The Velvet Touch

The Vicious Circle (1948 film)

The Viking Watch of the Danish Seaman

The Walls of Jericho (1948 film)

The Weaker Sex

The Well-paid

The Westward Trail

The White Night

The Winner's Circle

The Winslow Boy (1948 film)

The Woman I Murdered

The Woman from Tangier

The Woman in White (1948 film)

The Wreck of the Hesperus (1948 film)

The Young Guard (film)

There Is No Escape

They Live by Night

Thirumalisai Alvar (film)

This Was a Woman

Three Boys, One Girl

Three Daring Daughters

Three Encounters

Three for Breakfast

Thunder in the Pines

Thunderhoof (film)

To the Ends of the Earth (1948 film)

To the Eyes of Memory

To the Public Danger

To the Victor

Tornado Range

Toto Tours Italy

Toward Independence

Trail to Laredo

Train to Alcatraz

Trapped by Boston Blackie

Treasured Earth

Triggerman (film)

Triple Threat (1948 film)


Trouble Makers (1948 film)

Trouble Preferred

Trouble in the Air

Two Gophers from Texas

Two Guys from Texas

Ta Candela

Ulli and Marei

Una Atrevida aventurita

Und wieder 48

Under California Stars

Under the Cards

Under the Frozen Falls

Under the Sun of Rome

Uneasy Terms

Unexpected Conflict

Unfaithfully Yours (1948 film)

Unknown Island

Unzere kinder

Up in Central Park (film)

Urubu (film)

Ustedes los ricos

Van Gogh (1948 film)

Variety Time

Vedhala Ulagam

Vice Versa (1948 film)

Vidya (film)

Vijftig jaren


Wake of the Red Witch

Walk a Crooked Mile

Wallflower (film)

Waterfront at Midnight

West of Sonora

Western Heritage

Wet Blanket Policy

What Makes Daffy Duck

When My Baby Smiles at Me (film)

When You Come Home

Whiplash (1948 film)

Whirlwind Raiders

Whispering Smith

White Horse Inn (1948 film)

Who Killed Doc Robbin

Who Will Teach Your Child?

William Comes to Town

Winter Meeting

Without Pity (1948 film)

Woman Hater (1948 film)

Woman Without a Past (1948 film)

Women in the Night

Words and Music (1948 film)

Worth the Risk?

Yellow Sky

You Gotta Stay Happy

You Were Meant for Me (film)

You Were Never Duckier

Zelen knka

Ziddi (1948 film)

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