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Movies from 1996

101 Dalmatians (1996 film)

2 Days in the Valley

3 (1996 film)

A Chef in Love

A Cold, Cold Winter

A Couch in New York

A Cry in the Night (1996 film)

A Face to Die For

A Family Thing

A Friend's Betrayal

A Girl Called Rosemary

A Kiss So Deadly

A Loss of Innocence

A Modern Affair

A Moment of Innocence

A Moment of Romance III

A Mother's Instinct

A Perfect Candidate

A Petal

A Royal Scandal (1996 film)

A Saturday on Earth

A Self Made Hero

A Small Domain

A Step Toward Tomorrow

A Story of Healing

A Summer Dress

A Summer in La Goulette

A Summer's Tale

A Thin Line Between Love and Hate

A Time to Kill (1996 film)

A Very Brady Sequel

A spasso nel tempo


Aatamin poika


Aavathum Pennale Azhivathum Pennale

Aayiram Naavulla Ananthan

Abbuzze! Der Badesalz-Film

Academy (1996 film)


Adirindi Alludu

Adis, abuelo

Adrenalin: Fear the Rush

Adultery Diary: One More Time While I'm Still Wet

Afarit el-asphalt

Affliction (1996 film)

After Five in the Forest Primeval

After Jimmy

Agni Prem

Agni Sakshi (1996 film)


Ajay (1996 film)

Akka! Bagunnava?

Akkada Ammayi Ikkada Abbayi

Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Alaska (1996 film)

Albergo Roma

Albino Alligator

Aldri mer 13!

Alexander (1996 film)

Alien Avengers

Alien Nation: Millennium

Alien Nation: The Enemy Within

All Dogs Go to Heaven 2

All God's Children (1996 film)

All Night Long 3

All Power to the People

All She Ever Wanted

All of Them Witches

All of a Sudden (1996 film)

Ambition Without Honor

America's Dream

America's Music: The Roots of Country

American Buffalo (film)

American Job

American Strays

Amityville Dollhouse

Amman Kovil Vaasalile

Amor de otoo

An Essay on Matisse

An Unfinished Affair

Anak, Pagsubok Lamang ng Diyos

Anantha Rathriya

Andersonville (film)

Andha Naal (1996 film)

Ang Probinsyano (film)

Ang TV


Annavra Makkalu

Anni Ribelli


Apne Dam Par

Apollo 11 (1996 film)


Aramana Veedum Anjoorekkarum

Army (1996 film)

Army Daze

Aruva Velu

Asphalt Tango

Assault on Dome 4

At Full Gallop

August (1996 film)

Aur Ek Prem Kahani

Autumn Sun

Avathara Purushan

Avvai Shanmugi

Ayn Rand: A Sense of Life

Azhakiya Ravanan

Azcar Amarga

Back to Back (1996 film)

Bad Day (viral video)

Bad Day on the Block

Bad Hair Day: The Videos

Bad Moon


Bakit May Kahapon Pa?

Baksho Rahashya (film)

Bal Bramhachari (1996 film)

Balthus Through the Looking Glass

Bambai Ka Babu (1996 film)


Banana Club

Bandish (1996 film)

Bandwagon (film)

Bangarada Mane

Barb Wire (1996 film)

Basquiat (film)

Bastard Out of Carolina (film)

Batas Ko ay Bala

Beastmaster III: The Eye of Braxus

Beaumarchais (film)

Beautiful Girls (film)

Beautiful Thing (film)

Beavis and Butt-Head Do America

Bed of Roses (1996 film)

Before and After (film)

Ben Johnson: Third Cowboy on the Right


Bernie (1996 film)

Between Pancho Villa and a Naked Woman

Beyond Hypothermia (film)

Beyond Silence (1996 film)

Beyond the Garden

Bhai Amar Bhai

Bhishma (1996 film)

Bhoy (film)

Big Bullet

Big Bully (film)

Big Night

Bilang Na ang Araw Mo

Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously (1996 film)


Bits and Pieces (1996 film)

Biyer Phool

Black Mask (film)

Black Sheep (1996 film)

Blind Date (1996 film)

Blood Brothers (1996 film)

Blood and Wine

Bloodfist VIII: Trained to Kill

Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite

Blue Eyed

Blue Rodeo (film)

Body Troopers

Body Without Soul

Bogus (film)

Bombay Priyudu


Bophana: A Cambodian Tragedy

Bordello of Blood

Born Free: A New Adventure

Born to Kill (1996 film)

Bottle Rocket

Bound (1996 film)

Bounty Hunters (1996 film)


Box of Moonlight

Boyfriends (film)

Boys (1996 film)

Boys Be Ambitious

Brassed Off

Brazen Hussies (1996 film)

Breaking the Code (film)

Breaking the Waves

Breathing Lessons: The Life and Work of Mark O'Brien

Brigands (film)

Brilliant Lies

Broken Arrow (1996 film)

Broken English (1996 film)

Broken Silence (1996 film)

Brujas (film)

Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud

Buenos Aires Vice Versa

Bullet (1996 film)

Bulletproof (1996 film)

Buried Secrets (film)

Busted (film)

Bwana (film)

Camping Cosmos

Cannes Man

Captain Conan

Cara Y Cruz: Walang Sinasanto

Carla's Song

Carnosaur 3: Primal Species

Carpool (1996 film)

Carried Away (1996 film)

Cassiopeia (1996 film)

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Caught (1996 film)



Celtic Pride

Chaahat (1996 film)

Chain Reaction (1996 film)

Charlotte Sophie Bentinck (film)

Cheriyo Darling

Chhota Sa Ghar

Chhote Sarkar (1996 film)

Chicken Park

Chief Sahib

Childhood's End (film)

Children of Jerusalem

Children of the Corn IV: The Gathering

Children of the Revolution (1996 film)

Chlo (1996 film)

Chocolate Babies

Chor Machaye Shor (1996 film)

Chris Rock: Bring the Pain

Christmas Every Day

Chronicle of a Disappearance

Citizen Ruth

City Hall (1996 film)


Close Your Eyes and Hold Me

Clubhouse Detectives

Co-ed Call Girl

Coimbatore Mappillai

Colonel Kwiatkowski

Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day

Comrades: Almost a Love Story

Conspirators of Pleasure

Conversation with the Beast

Corwin (film)

Cosi (film)

Cosmic Voyage

Cosmos (1996 film)

Courage Under Fire

Crash (1996 film)

Crash! Boom! Live!

Crayon Shin-chan: Great Adventure in Henderland

Crazy Horse (film)

Crime of the Century (1996 film)


Crocodile (1996 film)


Cruel Train

Curdled (film)

Cyborg Cop III

D3: The Mighty Ducks


Daddy's Girl (1996 film)

Dallas: J.R. Returns


Damu (film)

Dance Lexie Dance

Dangan Runner

Danger Zone (1996 film)

Dangerous Years (1996 film)

Daraar (film)

Dark Angel (1996 film)


Darkman III: Die Darkman Die

Dastak (1996 film)

Dating the Enemy

Daughter 2

Daylight (1996 film)

De Zeemeerman

Dead Girl (film)

Dead Heart

Dead Man's Island

Dead Sure

Deadly Outbreak

Deadly Voyage

Dear Diary (1996 film)

Dear God (film)

Death Game (1996 film)

Death Train

Death and the Compass (film)

Death of a Salesman (1996 film)

Deep Crimson

Demolition High

Demon in the Bottle



Devil's Island (1996 film)


Dharma Chakram

Diabolique (1996 film)

Diary (1997 film)

Diary of a Camper

Different for Girls (film)

Dil Tera Diwana (1996 film)


Dilliwala Rajakumaran

Dinner for Two (1996 film)

Dipu Number Two

Djed i baka se rastaju

Do Re Mi (1996 film)

Doctor Who (film)

Dogwatch (film)

Dominic Presentation (film)

Domitila (1996)

Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood

Don't Forget Me (1996 film)

Don't Look Back (1996 film)

Don't Look Up (1996 film)

Doomsday Virus

Doraemon: Nobita and the Galaxy Super-express

Dorf on the Diamond

Down Periscope

Down Under the Big Top

Dr. Wai in "The Scripture with No Words"

Dragon Ball: The Path to Power


Drawing Flies

Dream for an Insomniac

Drifting Clouds (film)

Drmmen om kaptein Sabeltanns rike

Duke of Groove

Dunston Checks In

Duo (1996 film)

Dushman Duniya Ka


Dying to Go Home

Dsir (1996 film)

Earth (1996 film)

East Palace, West Palace

Ebola Syndrome

Ed (film)

Ed's Next Move

Eddie (film)

Eden Valley (film)

Edhuvas Hingajje

Edie & Pen

Ee Puzhayum Kadannu

Ei Ghor Ei Songsar

Ek Tha Raja

Eko Eko Azarak (manga)

Element of Doubt

Elevated (film)

Emma (1996 TV film)

Emma (1996 theatrical film)

Emperor Tomato Ketchup (film)

Enakkoru Magan Pirappan

Encore (1996 film)

English Babu Desi Mem

Entertaining Angels: The Dorothy Day Story

Eraser (film)

Escape Clause (film)

Escape from L.A.


Eskimo Day

Eu sunt Adam

Eva Pern: The True Story

Everyone Says I Love You

Everything Relative

Everything to Gain

Evil Ambitions

Evita (1996 film)

Executive Decision

Exit in Red

Extreme Measures

Eye for an Eye (1996 film)

Face of Evil

Faithful (1996 film)

Fall into Darkness

Fallait pas !...

Familia (1996 film)

Family (1996 film)

Family Resemblances

Famous Fred

Fantaghir 5

Fantozzi Il ritorno

Fareb (1996 film)

Fargo (1996 film)

Father's Day (1996 film)

Fear (1996 film)

Feeders (film)

Feel 100%

Feeling Minnesota

Felix (1996 film)

Female Perversions

Festival (1996 film)

Fetishes (film)

Few of Us

Final Justice (1997 film)

Fine Powder

Fire (1996 film)

Fire on the Mountain (1996 film)

Fireman Sam in Action

First Kid

First Option

First Strike (1996 film)

Five Days, Five Nights (1996 film)

Flame (1996 film)


Flight of the Ibis

Flipper (1996 film)

Flirting with Disaster (film)

Floating Life

Fly Away Home

Flynn (film)

Follow Me Home (film)

Follow Your Heart (1996 film)

For Ever Mozart

For Hope

For My Daughter's Honor

For Those Who Hunt the Wounded Down

Forbidden City Cop

Forest Warrior

Forever Friends (film)

Forgotten Light

Forgotten Sins


Fox Hunt (video game)

Foxfire (1996 film)

Freebird... The Movie

Freeway (1996 film)

Frequent Flyer (film)

From Dusk till Dawn

Frostbiter: Wrath of the Wendigo

Fudoh: The New Generation

Fugitive Rage

Full Speed (1996 film)

Fun Asaru

Gabbeh (film)


Gajanura Gandu

Gakko II

Gakk no Kaidan 2

Galapagos: Beyond Darwin



Gamera 2: Attack of Legion

Gang in Blue

Ganti ng Puso

Gariber Sansar

Generation X (film)

Genre (1996 film)

Get on the Bus

Getting Away with Murder (film)

Ghatak: Lethal

Ghazi Shaheed

Ghost Mamma

Ghosts of Mississippi

Ghunghat (1996 film)

Giant Mine (film)

Giovani e belli

Girl 6

Girls Town (1996 film)

Gisele's Mania

Glastonbury the Movie


God of Gamblers 3: The Early Stage

God's Comedy

Gokulathil Seethai (film)

Gone in the Night (1996 film)

Gone, Gone Forever Gone

Good Luck (1996 film)

Goodbye South, Goodbye

Gopala Gopala (1996 film)


Gotti (1996 film)

Grace of My Heart

Gradiva (novel)

Grand Avenue (film)

Gray's Anatomy (film)

Great Post Road (film)

Grenzeloze Liefde Made in Japan

Growing Artichokes in Mimongo

Gunshot (film)

Guy (1996 film)


Haifa (film)

Halo (1996 film)

Hamlet (1996 film)

Hamsun (film)

Handel's Last Chance

Hanging Around (film)

Happy Gilmore


Hard Core Logo

Hard Eight (film)

Hard Men

Harenchi Gakuen

Harriet the Spy (film)

Haru (1996 film)

Harvest of Fire

Harvey (1996 film)

Hasina Aur Nagina

Head Above Water (film)

Head of the Family

Heaven or Vegas

Heaven's Prisoners

Heavy Weather (film)

Heidi Fleiss: Hollywood Madam

Heisei Harenchi Gakuen

Helicopter String Quartet

Hello Daddy

Hellraiser: Bloodline

Henequen (film)

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part II

Her Costly Affair

Hercule et Sherlock

Heroine of Hell

Hi Cousin!

Hidden in America

Hifehettumeh Neiy Karuna

High School High

Hillsborough (1996 film)

Himmat (1996 film)


Hissatsu! Mondo Shisu

Historias de amor, de locura y de muerte

Hit Me (film)

Hitler (1996 film)

Holiday Affair (1996 film)

Hollow Point

Hollow Reed

Homecoming (1996 film)

Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco

Hommage Noir

Hostile Advances

Hotel de Love

House Arrest (1996 film)

House of the Damned (1996 film)

How Angels Are Born

How Wings Are Attached to the Backs of Angels

How the War Started on My Island

How to Meet the Lucky Stars



Hum Hain Khalnayak

Humanoids from the Deep (1996 film)

Hungry for You


Hustler White


I Love You, I Love You Not

I Shot Andy Warhol

I'm Crazy About Iris Blond

I'm Not Rappaport (film)

I'm Still Here: The Truth About Schizophrenia

Ibbara Naduve Muddina Aata

Idiot Box (film)

If Lucy Fell

If These Walls Could Talk

Il cielo in una stanza (film)

Ilona Arrives with the Rain

In Love and War (1996 film)

Independence Day (1996 film)

Indian (1996 film)

Indian Summer (1996 film)

Indraprastham (film)

Infinity (film)


Inside (1996 film)

Inside Burma: Land of Fear

Inspector (1996 film)

Institute Benjamenta

Intimate Relations (1996 film)

Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu

Invasion of Privacy (film)

Irattai Roja

Irma Vep

Iron Monkey 2

Is Raat Ki Subah Nahin

Istanbul Beneath My Wings

It's My Party (film)

Itataya Ko ang Buhay Ko

Jaan (film)

Jabilamma Pelli

Jack (1996 film)

Jack Brown Genius

Jack Frusciante Left the Band

Jailbirds (1996 film)

Jake's Women


James Levine's 25th Anniversary Metropolitan Opera Gala

James and the Giant Peach (film)

Jane Eyre (1996 film)

Janumada Jodi

Jaya Ganga

Jeet (1996 film)


Jerry Maguire

Jerusalem (1996 film)

Jim Loves Jack

Jimmy Zip

Jingle All the Way

Joe's Apartment

Joe's So Mean to Josephine

Johns (film)

Josh Kirby... Time Warrior!

Journey to Chazabeh

Jude (film)

Jung (1996 film)

Jungledyret Hugo

Jurmana (1996 film)

Justice for Annie: A Moment of Truth Movie

Kaalam Maari Pochu (1996 film)



Kaathil Oru Kinnaram

Kadhal Desam

Kadhal Kottai


Kalki (1996 film)

Kalloori Vaasal

Kalyana Sougandhikam (1996 film)

Kama Sutra: A Tale of Love


Kansas City (film)


Karmina (film)

Karpoorada Gombe

Karuppu Roja

Katta Panchayathu


Kazhakam (1996 film)

Khamoshi: The Musical

Khangri: The Mountain

Khiladiyon Ka Khiladi

Kids Return

Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy

Kidz in the Wood

Kill the Love

Killer Condom

Killer Tongue

Kimera (manga)

King of Robbery

Kingpin (1996 film)


Kisses on the Forehead

Kizhakku Mugam

Kolonel Bunker




Krishna (1996 Hindi film)

Krishna (1996 Tamil film)

Kristo (1996 film)



La Belle Verte

La Bouche de Jean-Pierre

La Celestina (1996 film)

La Passione (1996 film)

La Promesse

La Salla

La freccia azzurra

La lupa (1996 film)


Ladies Doctor


Lalla Hobby

Larger than Life (film)

Last Dance (1996 film)

Last Exit to Earth

Last Man Standing (1996 film)

Lathi (1996 film)

Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace

Layin' Low

Le Fils de Gascogne

Le Jaguar

Le magique

Lebanon... Imprisoned Splendour

Leily Is with Me

Leon Cordero (film)

Les Agneaux (film)

Les Grands Ducs

Les Oublies

Let's Hope it Lasts

Letters from Home (film)

Letters from a Porcupine

Lewis and Clark and George




Liebe Dein Symptom wie Dich selbst!

Life (1996 film)

Lilian's Story

Lilies (film)

Lilla Jnssonligan och cornflakeskuppen

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List of Hindi films of 1996

List of Kannada films of 1996

List of LGBT-related films of 1996

List of Malayalam films of 1996

List of Ollywood films of 1996

List of Telugu films of 1996

Little Soldiers

Little White Lies (1996 film)

Little Witches

Livers Ain't Cheap

Loafer (1996 film)

Loch Ness (film)


London Suite (film)

Lone Star (1996 film)

Long Day's Journey into Night (1996 film)

Looking for Richard

Loose Women (film)

Losing Chase

Lost and Found (1996 film)

Love Always (film)

Love Birds (1996 film)

Love Is All There Is

Love Me, Love Me Not (film)

Love Serenade

Love and Other Catastrophes

Lulu (1996 film)

Lumire and Company

Luna e l'altra

Lupin III: Dead or Alive

Lust and Revenge

Lying Eyes

Maa Aavida Collector



Maanbumigu Maanavan


Macadam Tribu

Mad Dog Time

Madrasta (film)

Mafia (1996 film)

Magenta (film)

Magic Temple

Mahaprabhu (film)


Mahjong (film)


Majorettes in Space

Malayaalamaasam Chingam Onninu

Man with a Plan (film)

Mandela (1996 film)


Manny & Lo

Manthrika Kuthira

Mappillai Manasu Poopola

Marching in Darkness

Mari's Prey

Maria Mariana

Marrakech (film)

Mars Attacks!

Marvin's Room (film)

Mary & Tim

Mary Jane's Not a Virgin Anymore

Mary Reilly (film)

Masoom (1996 film)

Matilda (1996 film)

Max Hell Frog Warrior

Maximum Risk

McLeod's Daughters (film)

Meendum Savithri

Megha (1996 film)

Men, Women: A User's Manual


Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders


Metamorphosis of a Melody


Michael (1996 film)

Michael Collins (film)

Michael Jackson's Ghosts

Microcosmos (film)

Midnight in Saint Petersburg

Milk & Money

Mindbender (film)

Minoo Watchtower

Minor Mappillai

Mirror, Mirror III: The Voyeur

Miss Nobody (1996 film)

Mission: Impossible (film)

Mistaken Identity (film)

Mistrial (film)

Moebius (1996 film)

Mojave Moon

Moll Flanders (1996 film)

Mon pre avait raison

Mondo (film)

Mongkok Story

Monopol (film)

Moonshine Highway

Mortal Inheritance


Mother (1996 film)

Mother Night (film)

Mother, May I Sleep with Danger?

Mr. Bechara

Mr. Reliable

Mr. Romeo

Mr. Wrong

Mr. and Mrs. Loving

Mrs. Santa Claus

Mrs. Winterbourne


Mukhyamantri (1996 film)

Mulholland Falls

Multiplicity (film)

Mum's the Word (film)

Mumbaki (film)

Mumia Abu-Jamal: A Case For Reasonable Doubt?

Muppet Treasure Island


Must Be the Music (film)


My Fellow Americans

My Friend Joe

My Generation (1996 film)

My Life Is a River

My Man (1996 film)

My Night with Reg (film)

My Sex Life... or How I Got into an Argument

My Very Best Friend

Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie

Naked Blood

Naked Souls

Namak (film)

Namma Ooru Raasa

Nasser 56

Nattupura Pattu

Natural Enemy (film)

Natural Justice: Heat

Naughty Boys & Soldiers

Navajo Blues

Nemesis 3: Prey Harder

Nemesis 4: Death Angel


Never Ever (1996 film)

Never Met Picasso

Never Too Late (1996 film)


Night Eyes 4: Fatal Passion

Night Falls on Manhattan

Night Hunter (1996 film)

Night Train to Venice

Night of the Flood

Night of the Twisters (film)

Nightjohn (film)

Nila Masterani

Ninne Pelladata (1996 film)

Nirbhay (film)

No Contest II

No Greater Love (1996 film)

No One Would Tell

No Way Home (1996 film)

No Way to Forget

Nodir Naam Modhumoti

Norma Jean & Marilyn

Normal Life

North Star (1996 film)

Not Like Us

Not Love, Just Frenzy

Not Me!

Nnette and Boni

O Amor Natural

Ober Da Bakod 2: Da Treasure Adbentyur

Oblivion 2: Backlash

Oedipus Mayor

Offspring (1996 film)


Oki Doki Doc

Omega Doom

On a Day of Ordinary Violence, My Friend Michel Seurat...

Once Upon a Time in Triad Society

Once Upon a Time...When We Were Colored

Once You Meet a Stranger

Once a Thief (1996 film)

One Fine Day (film)

One Tough Bastard

Ooha (film)

Opening Day of Close-Up

Operation Happy New Year

Organ (film)

Orientation: A Scientology Information Film

Original Gangstas

Os Olhos da sia

Oui (film)

Our Son, the Matchmaker


Pan Thakhin

Panchalankurichi (film)

Panic in the Skies!

Papa Kehte Hai

Papi Gudia

Paradise Lost: The Child Murders at Robin Hood Hills

Parallel Sons



Parklands (film)

Party (1996 film)

Past Perfect (1996 film)

Paul Monette: The Brink of Summer's End

Pavitra Bandham

Peanuts (1996 film)

Pelli Sandadi

Penniless Hearts

Perfumed Ball

Pesadilla para un rico

Phat Beach

Phenomenon (film)

Picnic (1996 film)

Pier 66 (film)

Pinocchio's Revenge

Po di Sangui

Poison Ivy II: Lily

Poka Makorer Ghor Bosoti

Police Story (1996 film)

Polygraph (film)


Poomani (film)

Poor Man's Pudding


Poove Unakkaga

Portland (film)

Poverty and Other Delights

Power (1996 film)

Power 98 (film)

Pozna '56

Precious Find

Predictions of Fire

Prem Granth


Pretty Village, Pretty Flame

Primal Fear (film)

Prisoner of Zenda, Inc.

Prisoner of the Mountains

Private Confessions

Priyam (film)

Project ALF

Project Grizzly (film)

Project Shadowchaser IV

Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills

Public Enemies (1996 film)

Puddle Cruiser

Pudhu Nilavu

Punk Lawyer

Purushan Pondatti

Pusher (1996 film)

Puthiya Parasakthi


Pdale douce

Quem Matou Pixote?

Quest (1996 film)

Race the Sun (film)

Radical Act

Rainbow (1996 film)

Raja Hindustani

Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat



Rajkumar (1996 film)


Ram Aur Shyam (1996 film)



Rangbaaz (1996 film)

Ransom (1996 film)


Rasputin: Dark Servant of Destiny

Rats in the Ranks

Raven (film)

Raven Hawk

Rayudugaru Nayudugaru

Rebirth of Mothra

Rebound: The Legend of Earl "The Goat" Manigault

Red Line (1996 film)

Red Ribbon Blues

Regular Guys

Respect (1996 film)

Return of Jewel Thief

Return to Home Gori

Riders of the Purple Sage (1996 film)

Ridicule (film)

River Street (film)

Roam Sweet Home

Robert Rylands' Last Journey

Robin of Locksley (film)

Rokudenashi Blues

Romeo + Juliet

Roseanna's Grave

Rossini's Ghost

Rowing Through

Rubber's Lover

Rubberman (film)

Rumble in the Bronx

Rumble in the Streets

Rusalka (1996 film)

SPO4 Santiago: Sharpshooter

Sa Aking mga Kamay

Saajan Chale Sasural


Sabrina the Teenage Witch (film)

Sacred Silence

Sahasa Veerudu Sagara Kanya

Saint Clara (film)



Salt Water Moose

Samba (1996 film)

Samson and Delilah (1996 miniseries)

Sanctuary (manga)


Santa Claus and the Magic Drum

Santa Claws (1996 film)

Santa with Muscles


Sarada Bullodu

Sardari Begum

Satan Returns

Sathyabhamakkoru Premalekhanam

Satyr (film)

Sautela Bhai

Scene of the Crime (1996 film)



Scream (1996 film)

Se le movi el piso: A portrait of Managua

Second Chance (1996 film)

Secrets & Lies (film)

Seduced by Madness

Selva (film)

Semne n pustiu


Sengottai (film)

Set It Off (film)

Seven Servants

Sex and Zen II

Sgt. Bilko

Shadow of a Scream

Shall We Dance? (1996 film)

Shanghai Grand

Shastra (film)

Shaughnessy: The Iron Marshal

She Cried No

She's the One (1996 film)

Shiloh (film)

Shine (film)

Shiva Sainya

Shoemaker (film)

Shtetl (film)

Silayugathile Sthreekal

Silent Lies

Silent Night (1996 film)

Silent Trigger

Silenzio... si nasce

Sins of Silence



Six O'Clock News (film)

Skin & Bone (film)

Skyscraper (1996 film)

Slaughter of the Cock

Slayers Return


Sleeping Man (film)

Sling Blade

Small Faces (film)

Small Time

Smuggler (1996 film)

Snowboard Academy

Soldier Boyz

Solo (1996 film)

Soma (1996 film)

Some Mother's Son

Somebody Is Waiting

Somebody Up There Likes Me (1996 film)

Somersault in a Coffin

Sometimes They Come Back... Again

Sons (1996 film)

Sotsgorod: Cities for Utopia

Sotter Mrittu Nei

Soul of the Game

Space Jam

Space Marines (film)

Space Truckers

Special Effects: Anything Can Happen

Specimen (film)

Spectre (1996 film)

Spellbreaker: Secret of the Leprechauns

Spy Hard

Squillo (film)

Sri Krishnarjuna Vijayam


Stand Against Fear

Star Command (film)

Star Trek: First Contact

Stealing Beauty

Stella Does Tricks

Stella's Favor

Stolen Memories: Secrets from the Rose Garden

Strangled Lives

Street Angels (1996 film)

Street Corner Justice

Street of Fury

Striptease (film)

SubUrbia (film)

Subash (film)

Subliminal Seduction

Subterfuge (1996 film)

Sudden Manhattan

Suddenly (1996 film)

Summa Irunga Machan

Summer of Fear (1996 film)

Sun Valley (film)


Sundara Purushan (1996 film)

Sunset Park (film)

Sunset at Chaophraya (1996 film)

Supermarket Woman

Sur un air de mambo

Surviving Picasso

Susie Q (film)

Suspect Device (film)

Suzanne Farrell: Elusive Muse

Swallowtail Butterfly (film)

Swann (film)

Swapna Lokathe Balabhaskaran

Sweet Angel Mine

Sweet Dreams (1996 film)

Sweet Temptation (film)

Swingers (1996 film)

Synthetic Pleasures


T2-3D: Battle Across Time

Tai Chi Boxer

Take It Easy Urvashi

Taken for a Ride

Tales of Erotica

Talk to Me (1996 film)

Tamizh Selvan

Target (1995 film)

Tata Birla

Taxi (1996 film)

Teen Spirit: The Tribute to Kurt Cobain

Tell the Truth and Run: George Seldes and the American Press

Temptress Moon

Tenchi the Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love

Tender Fictions

Tere Mere Sapne (1996 film)

Terminal Virus

Terminal Voyage

Terror in the Family

Thanks for Your Love

That Thing You Do!

That's Cunning! Shij Saidai no Sakusen?

Thavarina Thottilu


The Adventures of Pinocchio (1996 film)

The Angel of Pennsylvania Avenue

The Apartment (1996 film)

The Arrival (1996 film)

The Assault (1996 film)

The Associate (1996 film)

The Baldwin Brothers (film)

The Bandit (1996 film)

The Barber of Rio

The Battle Over Citizen Kane

The Beach Boys: Nashville Sounds

The Beast (1996 film)

The Best Job in the World (film)

The Bewitching Braid

The Biggest Heroes

The Birdcage

The Blue Collar Worker and the Hairdresser in a Whirl of Sex and Politics

The Bondage Master

The Border (1996 film)

The Boy Who Stopped Talking

The Boy from Mercury

The Boys Club

The Boys Next Door (1996 film)

The Bruce (film)

The Cable Guy

The Canterville Ghost (1996 film)

The Celluloid Closet

The Chain (1996 film)

The Chamber (1996 film)

The Cherokee Kid

The Christmas Tree (1996 film)

The Church of Saint Coltrane

The Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati

The Colony (1996 film)

The Conquest (1996 film)

The Craft (film)

The Cremaster Cycle

The Crow: City of Angels

The Crucible (1996 film)

The Cyclone (1996 film)

The Day a Pig Fell into the Well

The Daytrippers

The Delicate Art of the Rifle

The Delta (film)

The Dentist

The Destiny of Marty Fine

The Disappearance of Finbar

The Disappearance of Garcia Lorca

The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson

The Dog in the Manger (1996 film)

The Draughtsmen Clash

The Dress (1996 film)

The Eighth Day (1996 film)

The Elective Affinities

The Emperor's Shadow

The Empty Mirror

The English Patient (film)

The Escort (1996 film)

The Evening Star

The Fan (1996 film)

The Father (1996 film)

The Feds (miniseries)

The First Wives Club

The Fragile Promise of Choice: Abortion in the United States Today

The Frighteners

The Funeral (1996 film)

The Ghost and the Darkness

The Glimmer Man

The God of Cookery

The Good Life (1996 film)

The Grave (1996 film)

The Great White Hype

The Grotesque (film)

The Hangman's Bride

The Haunted Sea

The Human Plant

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996 film)

The Hunters (1996 film)

The Ideal Man

The Innocent Sleep

The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996 film)

The Jew (film)

The Juror

The King of Masks

The Land Before Time IV: Journey Through the Mists

The Last Angel of History

The Last Big Thing

The Last Days of Frankie the Fly

The Last Home Run

The Last of the High Kings

The Late Shift (film)

The Leading Man

The Legend of Gator Face

The Liars (film)

The Life Story of David Lloyd George

The Line King: The Al Hirschfeld Story

The Little Cat

The Little Riders

The Long Kiss Goodnight

The Lord Protector: The Riddle of the Chosen

The Lost Treasure

The Lottery

The Making of the Mahatma

The Man Who Captured Eichmann

The Mirror Has Two Faces

The Munsters' Scary Little Christmas

The Mysterious Enchanter

The Nutty Professor (1996 film)

The Nymph

The Ogre (1996 film)

The One That Got Away (1996 film)

The Other Side of Sunday

The Pallbearer

The Paper Brigade

The Pathfinder (1996 film)

The People Next Door (1996 film)

The People vs. Larry Flynt

The Phantom (1996 film)

The Pillow Book (film)

The Pompatus of Love

The Portrait of a Lady (film)

The Preacher's Wife

The Prince (1996 film)

The Proprietor

The Quest (film)

The Quiet Room (1996 film)

The Rapeman

The Return of the Battleship

The Rich Man's Wife

The Right to Know (film)

The Right to Remain Silent

The Ring (1996 film)

The Road Taken

The Rock (film)

The Rolling Stones Rock and Roll Circus

The Search for One-eye Jimmy

The Secret Agent (1996 film)

The Secret Agent Club

The Seventh Brother

The Seventh Chronicle

The Siege at Ruby Ridge

The Snow Queen's Revenge

The Spitfire Grill

The Stars Are Underground

The Stendhal Syndrome

The Stepford Husbands

The Sterilization of Leilani Muir

The Stupids (film)

The Substance of Fire

The Substitute

The Successor (film)

The Summer of Ben Tyler

The Sun Has Ears

The Sunshine Boys (1996 film)

The Superwife

The Survivor (1996 film)

The Takeover (film)

The Teddy Bear

The Thorn Birds: The Missing Years

The Treasure Seekers (1996 film)

The Trigger Effect

The Truth About Cats & Dogs

The Uninvited (1996 film)

The Van (1996 film)

The War at Home (1996 film)

The Watermelon Woman

The Way to Fight

The West (miniseries)

The Whole Wide World

The Wild Bunch: An Album in Montage

The Wind in the Willows (1996 film)

The Winner (1996 film)

The Wonderful Galaxy of Oz

The Wright Stuff (film)

The Wrong Woman (1995 film)

Theodore Rex (film)

They Bite

Thieves (1996 film)

Think of Me (film)

Thinner (film)

Thirumbi Paar (1996 film)

Thooval Kottaram

Those Were the Days (1996 film)

Three Lives and Only One Death


Ticket to New Year's


Tieta of Agreste

Tiger Heart

Tin Cup

Tiny Toy Stories

Tirad Pass: The Last Stand of Gen. Gregorio del Pilar

Titanic (1996 miniseries)

To Brave Alaska

To Face Her Past

To Gillian on Her 37th Birthday

To Have & to Hold (1996 film)

To Sir, with Love II

To the Heart

Tonight Nobody Goes Home

Too Late (1996 film)

Top Girl (film)

Topi Raja Sweety Roja


Totoy Hitman

Touching Starlight

Trainspotting (film)

Tramway to Malvarrosa

Traveling Companion

Trees Lounge

Tremors 2: Aftershocks

Trilogy of Terror II

Tristar (film)

Triumph of the Nerds

Trojan Eddie

Tromeo and Juliet

Truants (film)

True Blue (1996 film)

True Crime (1996 film)

Tu Chor Main Sipahi

Tubusin Mo ng Bala ang Puso Ko

Turning April

Twelfth Night (1996 film)

Twisted (1996 film)

Twisted Desire

Twister (1996 film)

Two If by Sea

Two Mothers for Zachary

Tykho Moon

Ullathai Allitha

Ultraman Zearth

Un Asunto Privado

Unabomber: The True Story

Uncle Sam (film)

Under Western Eyes (1996 film)

Undertow (1996 film)

Underworld (1996 film)

Unforgettable (1996 film)

Unforgivable (1996 film)

Unhook the Stars

Unlikely Angel

Up Close & Personal (film)

Urban Safari

Utshimassits: Place of the Boss


Vaazhga Jananayagam

Vaikarai Pookkal

Vampirella (film)



Vasantha Vaasal

Vaska Easoff

Veettukulle Thiruvizha

Vesna Goes Fast

Vetri Vinayagar

Vibrations (film)

Victory (1996 film)

Video Fool for Love

Vijeta (1996 film)

Village of Dreams


Violated (1996 film)

Vishwanath (1996 film)


Viva Erotica

Voice from the Grave

Vol-au-vent (film)

Waiting for Guffman

Walking and Talking


Wat's Pig

We Free Kings (film)

Weather Report Girl

Wedding Bell Blues (film)

Werewolf (1996 film)

What I Have Written

When Friendship Kills

When Saturday Comes (film)

When We Were Kings

When the Cat's Away (1996 film)

Where Evil Lies

White Lies (1996 film)

White Squall (film)

Who's the Woman, Who's the Man?

Whoever Softer

Wilderness (TV series)

Will It Snow for Christmas? (film)

Willi und die Windzors

Windsor Protocol

Wiseguy (film)

Wish Upon a Star

Witchcraft VIII: Salem's Ghost

Within the Rock

Without Pity: A Film About Abilities


X (1996 film)

XX: Beautiful Prey

Yang Yin: Gender in Chinese Cinema

Yash (film)

Young and Dangerous

Young and Dangerous 2

Young and Dangerous 3

Your Name Poisons My Dreams


Zarkorr! The Invader

Zero Woman: Assassin Lovers

Zone 39


830,000,000 Nick Leeson and the Fall of the House of Barings

frica (film)

xtasis (film)

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