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Books from 1987

A Dark Traveling

A Gathering of Heroes

A Hill Above the Clouds

A Sport of Nature

A Touch of Sturgeon

A Trumpet in the Wadi

After the Zap

Antonio and David

Apocalypse 2000

Baltasar and Blimunda

Beowulf: An Adaptation

Bhuswargo Bhayankar

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Caught Dead in Philadelphia

Chernobyl (novel)

Children of the Arbat

Chinese Whispers (novella)

Christopher Unborn

Cracken at Critical

Death Arms (novel)

Dirty Work (Cox novel)

Dover Beach (novel)

Empery (novel)

Eva Luna


First Flight (novel)

Gabriel (novel)

Grinne (novel)

Gundam Sentinel


Het uur tussen hond en wolf

Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Cyborg

Isaac Asimov's Robot City: Suspicion

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1987

Meendum Jeano

Memory of Departure

Nerilka's Story & The Coelura

News from the Empire

Other Edens

Our Twisted Hero

Paco's Story

Season of the Jew

Sign of Chaos

That Night (novel)

The Cartier Project

The Cat Who Played Brahms

The Cat Who Played Post Office

The Delta (novel)

The Democratic Terrorist

The Door (novel)

The Fall of the Families

The Fall of the Imam

The Forge in the Forest

The Foundation Pit

The Harvest Bride

The Hour of the Thin Ox

The Illumination of Alice J. Cunningham

The Island Worlds

The Pilgrimage

The Power (1987 novel)

The Rapture Effect

The Revenge of the Hound

The Second Earth: The Pentateuch Re-told

The Stainless Steel Rat Gets Drafted

The Storyteller (Vargas Llosa novel)

The Tower (Wilson novel)

The Whale Rider

The Witches of Wenshar


Under the Wheel

Vi kallar honom Anna

Victim Prime

Wolf in Shadow

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