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Cracken at Critical

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Wikipedia article

'Cracken at Critical' is a novel by Brian W. Aldiss published in 1987.

Plot summary

'Cracken at Critical' is a novel in which a brief framing narrative, "The Mannerheim Symphony" encloses two mini-novels, "The Impossible Smile" (1965) and "Equator" (1958).


Dave Langford reviewed 'Cracken at Critical' for 'White Dwarf' #95, and stated that "Note the careful contrast between 'Cracken's' sloppy wish-fulfilment endings and the bleak loophole which Aldiss-1987 considers the happiest way out."


*Review by Gwyneth Jones (1987) in 'Foundation', #41 Winter 1987, (1987)

*Review by Jon Wallace (1954 -) (1987) in 'Vector' 141


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