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Wikipedia article

'Eylembilim' is Ouz Atay's last, unfinished, novel. It is about incidents that happen in a university, from the viewpoint of a professor.

40 pages of "Eylembilim" were found after Atay's death in 1977 and published in his book 'Gnlk' without any changes in 1987. 11 years after his death, a packet was sent to his daughter, zge Atay, containing 74 more pages of this his last work, which was re-published with all extant pages under the title 'Eylembilim' in 1998.


*[http://www.iletisim.com.tr/kitap/eylembilim-171.aspx Iletisim.com.tr 'Eylembilim']

*[http://haber.sol.org.tr/elestiri-noktasi/yalnizligin-akademik-hali-eylembilim-haberi-26856 Sol Portal: review of 'Eylembilim', 14 April 2010]

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