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The Rapture Effect

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Wikipedia article

'The Rapture Effect' is a novel by Jeffrey A. Carver published by Tor Books in 1987.

Plot summary

'The Rapture Effect' is a story about cyberspace, alien cultures, and galactic battles in the Argus system, the focal point of simultaneous interest between a colonial fleet from Earth and an alien society searching for its lost ancestors.


J. Michael Caparula reviewed 'The Rapture Effect' in 'Space Gamer/Fantasy Gamer' No. 85. Caparula commented that "the author seems to have been trying to do too much, and sacrificed a good story in the process. A lot of dress-up ideas with nowhere to go."

'Kirkus Reviews' states "Solid storytelling, then, after some initial silliness, and plenty of narrative drive--especially where the aliens are concerned--despite the thin, implausible characters and a general air of ho-hum familiarity."


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