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Movies from 1976

...And Other Officials

18 Bronzemen

1900 (film)

21 Hours at Munich

38 Parrots

7-Man Army

9 Lives of a Wet Pussy

A Child in the Crowd

A Cricket in the Ear

A Lost Life

A Matter of Time (film)

A Pacemaker and a Sidecar

A Queda

A Queen's Ransom

A Slave of Love

A Small Town in Texas

A Sold Life

A Star Is Born (1976 film)

A Strange Role

A Sunday in Hell

A Sweeter Song

A Time to Live and a Time to Love

A Wedding Suit

A Whisper in the Dark

A Woman at Her Window

Aaj Aur Kal (1976 film)

Aaj Ka Mahaatma

Aaj Ka Ye Ghar


Aap Beati

Aaram Haram Aahe

Aayiram Janmangal


Acapulco Gold (film)

Accident (1976 film)

Aces High (film)

Across the Great Divide (film)

Adalat (1976 film)

Adios Amigo

Adventures of a Taxi Driver

Agni Pushpam

Ajayanum Vijayanum

Akka (film)

Al piacere di rivederla

Albino (film)

Alex & the Gypsy

Alice in Wonderland (1976 film)

Alice, Sweet Alice

Alicia en el pas de las maravillas

All This and World War II

All the President's Men (film)

Alle dagen feest

Allegro Non Troppo

Aloha, Bobby and Rose

Altars of the World

Amba Ambika Ambalika

Ambitious (film)

Amelia Earhart (film)

America Ammayi (film)

Amma (1976 film)

Ammini Ammaavan



Anatomie d'un rapport

And Agnes Chose to Die

Angst (1976 film)


Annie (1976 film)

Anthuleni Katha

Antti the Treebranch


Any Day Now (1976 film)

Apache Woman (1976 film)

Aparadhi (1976 film)

Ape (1976 film)


Aradhana (1976 film)

Arjun Pandit (1976 film)


Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan

Assault on Precinct 13 (1976 film)

Assault! Jack the Ripper

At the Earth's Core (film)


Baalu Jenu


Baby Blue Marine

Badavara Bandhu

Bahaddur Gandu


Bajrangbali (film)

Baker's Hawk

Bala (1976 film)

Balika Badhu (1976 film)

Bangarada Gudi

Bangaru Manishi

Barefoot Gen (1976 film)

Barney (film)


Barood (1976 film)

Bartleby (1976 film)

Basta che non si sappia in giro

Bato sa Buhangin

Batton Story

Bayalu Daari

Beach Guard in Winter

Beatriz (film)


Betty Blokk-buster Follies

Beyond the Last Mountain

Bhadrakali (film)

Bhakta Kannappa


Bitayin si... Baby Ama!

Bittersweet Love

Black Cobra Woman

Black Emanuelle 2

Black Heat (film)

Black Magic 2

Black Shampoo

Black and White in Color

Blackwood (1976 film)

Blood Sucking Freaks

Blood and Bullets

Bloody Payroll

Blue Belle

Blue Puppy

Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw

Body of My Enemy

Boomerang (1976 film)

Born for Hell

Bound for Glory (1976 film)

Break of Day (film)

Breaking Point (1976 film)

Brenda Starr (1976 film)

Brethren (film)

Brink's: The Great Robbery

Brother and Sister (1976 film)

Brotherhood of Death

Bruce Lee Fights Back from the Grave

Bruce Lee and I

Bruce Lee's Secret

Bruce Lee: The Man, The Myth

Brunet wieczorow por

Budapest Tales

Buddies (1976 film)

Buffalo Bill and the Indians, or Sitting Bull's History Lesson

Buffalo Rider

Bugsy Malone

Bullet (1976 film)

Bundal Baaz

Burnt Offerings (film)

Br Brson II

C'tait un rendez-vous

C.B. Hustlers

Caddie (film)


Canciones para despus de una guerra

Cannonball (film)

Canoa: A Shameful Memory

Cantata de Chile

Car Wash (film)

Carioca tigre

Caro Michele

Carrie (1976 film)

Carry On England

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Chadi Jawani Budhe Nu

Challenge of the Masters

Chalte Chalte (1976 film)

Change of Sex

Chantons sous l'Occupation

Charas (1976 film)

Chennaaya Valarthiya Kutty

Chess of the Wind

Chesty Anderson, USN

Chesty: A Tribute to a Legend

Chhoti Si Baat

Chinese Roulette

Chirikkudukka (1976 film)


Chitra Pournami (film)

Chitra Te Shera

Chottanikkara Amma

Chulas Fronteras

Circus in the Circus

Citizen Soldier (film)

City of My Dreams (film)

Classe mista

Cloistered Nun: Runa's Confession

College Ranga

Collision Course: Truman vs. MacArthur

Colpita da improvviso benessere

Colt 38 Special Squad

Compaero Augusto

Confessions of a Driving Instructor

Confessions of a Frustrated Housewife

Confessions of a Lady Cop

Cooperage (film)

Cotton Mill, Treadmill

Countdown at Kusini

Coup de Grce (1976 film)

Crackle of Death

Creature from Black Lake

Crime and Passion

Crimebusters (film)

Cross Shot

Crossroads (1976 film)

Cra Cuervos

Curse of Bigfoot

Cyclops (1976 film)

Czerwone ciernie


Daku Rani Ganga

Dark August

Dasavatharam (film)

Datta (film)

Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway

Day for My Love

Dead on Target (film)

Death Journey

Death Rage

Death Rite

Death Weekend

Death at Love House



Den sommeren jeg fylte 15

Deported Women of the SS Special Section

Deportee (film)

Des journes entires dans les arbres

Devara Duddu

Devaru Kotta Vara

Diary of a Passion

Diary of the Dead (1976 film)

Dixie Dynamite

Do Anjaane

Do I Have to Kill My Child?

Do Khiladi

Do Ladkiyan

Docteur Franoise Gailland

Dodoth Morning

Dog's Heart

Dogs (1976 film)

Don Carmelo il capo

Don's Party

Dona Flor and Her Two Husbands

Donna... cosa si fa per te

Dos locos en el aire

Down and Dirty (film)

Dr. Black, Mr. Hyde

Dracula and Son

Dragon Princess


Drive-In (film)

Drive-In Massacre

Drum (1976 film)

Duck Village. A Tale.

Due sul pianerottolo


Duhulu Malak

Dus Numbri

Dynasty (film)

East End Hustle

Eat My Dust!

Eaten Alive

Ebony, Ivory & Jade

Eccentricities of a Nightingale

Echoes of a Summer

Edith's Shopping Bag

Eight Hundred Heroes

Ek Se Badhkar Ek (1976 film)

El Gordo de Amrica

El Profesor ertico

El buscabullas

El desencanto

El hombre de los hongos

El miedo no anda en burro

El ministro y yo

Eleanor and Franklin (miniseries)

Eliza Fraser (film)

Emanuelle in Bangkok

Embryo (1976 film)

Emily (1976 film)

End Play

Enforcer from Death Row

Escape from Angola

Escape from the Dark

Everyone Dies Alone

Evil Thoughts

Exit Dying

Exit the Dragon, Enter the Tiger

Expos (film)

F comme Fairbanks

Face to Face (1976 film)


Family Plot


Far from You Sweetheart

Farmer's Daughters

Farsighted for Two Diopters

Febbre da cavallo

Feelin' Up

Fellini's Casanova

Femmes de Sade

Fighting Mad (1976 film)

Find the Lady (1976 film)

Finist, the brave Falcon


For Gentlemen Only

Four Billion in Four Minutes

Foxtrot (1976 film)


Freaky Friday (1976 film)

Free Hand for a Tough Cop

From Noon till Three

Frosty's Winter Wonderland

Fum Chitai


Gable and Lombard

Gabriel (1976 film)

Game of Seduction

Ganito Kami Noon... Paano Kayo Ngayon?

Gapa Hele Bi Sata

Gator (film)

Ghashiram Kotwal (film)

Ghost Train International

Ginny Aur Johnny

Giovannino (film)

Girls at Arms 2

Giv'at Halfon Eina Ona

God Speed You! Black Emperor

God Told Me To

Golden Night

Golden River (film)

Goldenrod (film)

Gonga Chilonir Pakhi

Goodbye, Norma Jean

Goodnight, Ladies and Gentlemen

Grendizer, Getter Robo G, Great Mazinger: Kessen! Daikaijuu

Griffin and Phoenix (1976 film)

Grizzly (film)

Gruhapravesam (1976 Tamil film)

Gunda (1976 film)

Gus (1976 film)

Hababam Snf Snfta Kald

Half a House

Hammal O Mahganj

Hand of Death (1976 film)

Happy Anniversary, Charlie Brown

Harlan County, USA

Harry and Walter Go to New York

Harvest: 3,000 Years

Haunts (film)


Heart of Glass (film)

Heavenly Swallows

Hello Baby (film)

Helter Skelter (1976 film)

Her Venetian Name in Deserted Calcutta

Hera Pheri (1976 film)

Here and Elsewhere

High Grass Circus

High Street (film)

High Velocity (film)

Hit Squad (film)

Hollywood Boulevard (1976 film)

Hollywood Man

Hollywood on Trial

Honza mlem krlem

Hosilu Mettida Hennu

Hot Potato (1976 film)

Hot Summer in the City

House of Mortal Sin

House of Pleasure for Women

How Czar Peter the Great Married Off His Moor

How Much Wood Would a Woodchuck Chuck (film)

How Yukong Moved the Mountains

How to Break Up a Happy Divorce

How to Console Widows

Hridayam Oru Kshethram

Human (1976 film)

I Am Pierre Riviere

I Am Really Sorry

I Am Self Sufficient

I Only Want You to Love Me

I Want to Live (1976 film)

I Will, I Will... for Now

I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight

I, Tintin

Idealist (film)

Idhaya Malar

If I Had to Do It All Over Again

Il comune senso del pudore

Il letto in piazza

Il medico... la studentessa

Il secondo tragico Fantozzi

Il solco di pesca

Illuminations (film)

Illustrious Corpses

Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks

Impressions de la Haute Mongolie

In Search of Noah's Ark

In the Dust of the Stars

In the Realm of the Senses

In the Region of Ice

Independence (1976 film)

Inquisition (film)



Intimate Games

Island of Death


J. D.'s Revenge

Jaaneman (1976 film)

Jack Lemmon - A Twist of Lemmon

Jack the Ripper (1976 film)

Jackson County Jail (film)

James Dean (1976 film)

James Dean: The First American Teenager

Jana Aranya

Jarosaw Dbrowski (film)

Je t'aime moi non plus (film)

Jeevan Jyoti (1976 film)

Jim the World's Greatest

Jonah Who Will Be 25 in the Year 2000

Joshua (1976 film)

Juan que rea


Just an Old Sweet Song (film)

Jyothi (1976 film)

Kaalangalil Aval Vasantham

Kaayamkulam Kochunniyude Makan

Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol


Kabhi Kabhie

Kadambari (1976 film)

Kaddu Beykat


Kanavan Manaivi

Kansas City Trucking Co.


Kara Murat eyh Gaffar'a Kar

Karate Warriors

Katha Sangama

Keep It Up Downstairs

Kenny & Company

Keoma (film)

Khaan Dost

Khalifa (film)

Khamma Mara Veera

Ki Je Kori

Kill or Be Killed (1980 film)

Killer Clans

Killer Force

Killer Meteors

Kimi yo Fundo no Kawa o Watare

King Kong (1976 film)

King Kung Fu

King of the Doormen

Kings of the Road

Knock for Knock

Koi Jeeta Koi Haara

Kolamba Sanniya


Kumaara Vijayam

Kuttavum Shikshayum (1976 film)


L'Italia s' rotta




La Guerra de los sostenes

La Isla de los dibujos

La Noche del hurto

La Pandilla en Apuros

La casa de las sombras

La casa del pelcano

La ciutat cremada

La dottoressa sotto il lenzuolo

La figliastra

La otra alcoba

La portiera nuda

La principessa sul pisello

La professoressa di scienze naturali

Lady Moonflower

Lagaam (1976 film)

Laila Majnu (1976 film)

Lakshmi Vijayam

Lalitha (film)

Land of the Minotaur

Languid Kisses, Wet Caresses

Las Poquianchis (film)

Lasse & Geir

Laure (film)

Le Collectionneur de cerveaux

Le Plein de Super

Le gupier

Leadbelly (film)

Length of War

Let My Puppets Come

Let's Talk About Youth

Letters from Marusia

Lezioni di violoncello con toccata e fuga

Life Goes to the Movies

Lifeguard (film)

Lifespan (film)

Light House (1976 film)

Like Rabid Dogs

Lipstick (1976 film)

List of LGBT-related films of 1976

Little Girl... Big Tease

Little Marcel

Little Tougas

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man

Logan's Run (film)

Long Vacations of 36

Look What's Happened to Rosemary's Baby

Los Cuatro secretos

Los Hombres slo piensan en eso

Lottovoittaja UKK Turhapuro

Love Swindlers

Love of Blood Relations

Lucecita (1976 film)

Lullaby of the Earth

Lumire (film)

Luna di miele in tre

Lunatics and Lovers

Lto s kovbojem

Ma-ma (1976 film)

Maa (1976 film)

Maa Daivam


Mad Dog Morgan

Madhuram Thirumadhuram

Mado (film)

Madol Duwa

Magaadu (1976 film)

Maha Chor

Mahakavi Kshetrayya



Makkala Bhagya

Mako: The Jaws of Death

Mallanum Mathevanum

Man Friday (film)

Man Without a Name

Manchiki Maro Peru


Manmadha Leelai

Mansion of the Doomed


Manuela (1976 film)

Manushulanta Okkate

Marathon Man (film)

Marecek, Pass Me the Pen!

Mark Strikes Again

Massacre at Central High

Master of the Flying Guillotine

Mastermind (1976 film)

Max Havelaar (film)

Mayday at 40,000 Feet!

Mayor Meenakshi

Mazdoor Zindabaad


Mean Johnny Barrows

Meatcleaver Massacre

Meet Him and Die

Meetings, Bloody Meetings

Megher Onek Rong

Mehbooba (1976 film)

Melodies of a White Night

Memories of Berlin: The Twilight of Weimar Culture

Mera Jiwan

Merciless Man

Midway (1976 film)

Mikey and Nicky

Million Dollars Snatch

Mindscape (1976 film)

Minsa'y Isang Gamu-gamo

Missi (film)

Mister Scarface

Mogam Muppadhu Varusham

Mohiniyaattam (film)

Monsieur Klein

Moondru Mudichu

Mother, Jugs & Speed

Moving Violation (film)

Mr Smith (1976 film)

Mr. Funnybone

Mr. Robinson (film)

Mr. Rossi Looks for Happiness


Mugiyada Kathe

Murcheson Creek

Murder by Death

Mustang Country

Mustika Ibu

My Heart Is in the Highlands

My Sister in Law

Naa Ninna Mareyalare

Naach Uthe Sansaar

Nagin (1976 film)

Nashville Girl

Near and Far Away

Needhikku Thalaivanangu

Neela Sari

Nehle Pe Dehla

Neram Nadi Kadu Akalidi

Network (1976 film)

Never Forget Me

New Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Last Days of the Boss

New Fist of Fury

Next Stop, Greenwich Village

Nick the Sting

Nickelodeon (film)

Night of the Seagulls

Nightmare in Badham County


No Deposit, No Return

No Room to Run

No Way Back (1976 film)

No toquen a la nena

Nobody's Daughter (film)

Norman... Is That You?

Norot (film)

Northville Cemetery Massacre

Not Now, Comrade

Not a Pretty Picture


Number Our Days

Nunal sa Tubig

Nuts in May

N ddek Josef

Obsession (1976 film)

Ode to Billy Joe (film)

Of the Fields, Lately

Off the Edge

Oh, Serafina!

Oma Irama Penasaran

Omar Gatlato

On aura tout vu

Once Upon a Girl

Once an Eagle (miniseries)

One Away (film)

One Hour to Zero

One Silver Piece

One Summer Love

One of My Wives Is Missing

One-Armed Swordsman Against Nine Killers

Oorukku Uzhaippavan

Oorummadi Brathukulu

Operacin Masacre (1973 film)

Oru Oodhappu Kan Simittugiradhu

Oss (film)

Oz (1976 film)


Paarijatham (1976 film)

Pallavi (1976 film)

Panchami (film)

Pardon Mon Affaire

Part 2, Sounder

Parta hic

Partners (1976 film)

Pascual Duarte

Paura in citt

Payanam (1976 film)

People of the Wind

Per amore di Cesarina

Perdutamente tuo... mi firmo Macaluso Carmelo fu Giuseppe

Peter Pan (1976 musical)


Pick Pocket (1976 film)

Piedra libre

Pinocchio (1976 TV program)

Pipe Dreams (1976 film)

Please, Don't Bury Me Alive!

Plot of Fear

Po sekretu vsemu svetu

Police Python 357

Polly Me Love

Ponni (1976 film)

Pony Express Rider


Premada Kanike


Pressure (1976 film)

Private Vices, Public Pleasures


Project Kill

Pure as a Lily


Pni kluci

Quanto bello lu murire acciso

Queen Kong

Queensland (film)

Quel movimento che mi piace tanto

Raathriyile Yaathrakkaar

Raees (1976 film)

Ragazza alla pari

Raja Nanna Raja



Rakhi Aur Rifle


Rangila Ratan

Rattlers (film)

Ready When You Are, Mr. McGill

Red Poppies on Walls

Reisen til julestjernen (1976 film)

Retrato de Familia

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon

Return to Earth (film)

Robin and Marian

Robot Taekwon V


Rogue Male (1976 film)

Rojavin Raja

Roma, l'altra faccia della violenza

Romeo (1976 film)

Rosemary's Daughter

Rudolph's Shiny New Year

Rules For a Film about Anabaptists

SS Experiment Camp


Sabse Bada Rupaiya (1976 film)

Safari Express

Sahara Occidental indpendance ou gnocide?

Sajjo Rani

Sakada (1976 film)

Salon Kitty (film)


San Babila-8 P.M.


Santo Banto

Sasquatch, the Legend of Bigfoot

Satan's Brew

Satan's Slave (1976 film)

Satyam (1976 film)

Savana violenta

Sawa Lakh Se Ek Ladaun

Scandalo in famiglia

Schizo (1976 film)


Scrambled Eggs (1976 film)


Seclusion Near a Forest

Second Wind (1976 film)

Secret Rivals

Secretary (1976 film)

Secrets of a Superstud

Seemantha Puthran

Sei Chokh

Sensational Janine

Sesuatu yang Indah

Seven Beauties

Sex with a Smile

Sex with a Smile II

Sexilla Stundilla


Shabana (film)

Shadow of Angels

Shadow of the Hawk

Shankar Dada

Shankar Shambhu

Shaolin Temple (1976 film)

Shaolin Traitorous

Shaolin Wooden Men


Sharafat Chod Di Maine

Shark Kill

Sherlock Holmes in New York

Shesha Shrabana

Shogun's Sadism

Shoot (film)

Shout at the Devil (film)

Shunkinsh (film)

Shwe Gaung Pyaung

Silence in the Forest (1976 film)

Silent Movie

Silver Streak (film)


Sindura Bindu

Siri Siri Muvva

Sister Street Fighter Fifth Level Fist

Sita Kalyanam (1976 film)

Sky Riders

Small Change (film)

Smash-Up on Interstate 5

Smile Orange

Smooth Velvet, Raw Silk

Snapshots as Souvenirs

Snuff (film)

Society Girl (1976 film)

Sold Man

Soldier of Fortune (1976 film)

Sous le signe du vaudou

Soy un delincuente

Sparkle (1976 film)

Special Cop in Action

Special Delivery (1976 film)

Speech for the Defence


Spiderweb (film)

Spirit of Seventy Sex

Spy Story (film)


Srishti (film)

St. Ives (1976 film)

Stalk the Wild Child

State Fair (1976 film)

Stay Hungry

Storm Boy (1976 film)

Strange Occasion

Strange Shadows in an Empty Room

Street People (film)


Sturmtruppen (film)

Submission (1976 film)

Sudur Niharika

Summer (1976 film)

Summer of Secrets (film)

Summoned by Bells (film)

Suntan (1976 film)

Surreal Estate

Surrender in Paradise


Survive! (film)

Sven Klang's Combo

Swan (1976 film)


Swashbuckler (film)

Sweet Revenge (1976 film)

Swimming Pool (1976 film)

Sybil (1976 film)

St Kardeler

Ta Oo Ka Saytanar Ta Oo Ka Myittar

Take the 5:10 to Dreamland

Tanya (1976 film)

Tapasya (1976 film)

Tatlong Taong Walang Diyos

Tattooed Flower Vase

Taxi Driver

Tell Me You Do Everything for Me

Terror in Rome

That's Entertainment, Part II

The Absence (1976 film)

The Adventures of Frontier Fremont

The Amazing Dobermans

The Anchorite

The Arrival of Joachim Stiller

The Bad News Bears

The Battle of Chile

The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones

The Beach Boys: It's OK!

The Beach Bunnies

The Beginning of the Legend

The Best Way to Walk

The Bette Midler Show

The Big Bus

The Big Night (1976 film)

The Big Operator (1976 film)

The Big Racket

The Billion Dollar Bubble

The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings

The Black Corsair (1976 film)

The Blank Generation

The Blazing Temple

The Blue Bird (1976 film)

The Booby Hatch

The Boy in the Plastic Bubble

The Bricklayers

The Bushranger (1976 film)

The Call of the Wild (1976 film)

The Captive: The Longest Drive 2

The Career of a Chambermaid

The Cassandra Crossing

The Chicago Maternity Center Story

The Choice (1976 film)

The Classroom of Terror

The Clown (1976 film)

The Clown Murders

The Con Artists

The Cop in Blue Jeans

The Darvish Detonates Paris

The Days of the Turbins (film)

The Death Collector

The Desert of the Tartars

The Devil's Playground (1976 film)

The Diamond Peddlers

The Disappearance of Aimee

The Doom

The Double Man (1976 film)

The Dragon Lives

The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox

The Eagle Has Landed (film)

The Elder Son (1976 film)

The End of the Road (1976 film)

The Enforcer (1976 film)

The Far Shore

The Farm in the Small Marsh (film)

The Favorite (1976 film)

The Fifth Seal

The First Nudie Musical

The Flight of the Grey Wolf

The Food of the Gods (film)

The Fourth Wish

The Front

The Girl Chewing Gum

The God Boy

The Goldcabbage Family Breaks the Bank

The Good and the Bad

The Great Adventure of Zorro

The Great American Fourth of July and Other Disasters

The Great Houdini (film)

The Great Scout & Cathouse Thursday

The Great Texas Dynamite Chase

The Gumball Rally

The Haunting of Hewie Dowker

The Heist (1976 film)

The Hook (1976 film)

The House with Laughing Windows

The Human Tornado

The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1976 film)

The Incredible Sarah

The Inheritance (1976 film)

The Innocent (1976 film)

The Insurance Man from Ingersoll

The Inugami Family

The Irony of Fate

The Judge and the Assassin

The Keeper (1976 film)

The Key That Should Not Be Handed On

The Kids Grow Up (1976 film)

The Killer Inside Me (1976 film)

The Killer Who Wouldn't Die

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

The Lady from the City

The Last Hard Men (film)

The Last Plantation

The Last Round

The Last Supper (1976 film)

The Last Tempest

The Last Tycoon (1976 film)

The Last Woman

The Legend of Bigfoot

The Legion Like Women

The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case

The Little Drummer Boy (TV special)

The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane

The Little Mermaid (1976 Czech film)

The Little Mermaid (1976 Russian film)

The Loneliest Runner

The Loreley's Grasp

The Loves and Times of Scaramouche

The Man Who Fell to Earth

The Man on the Roof

The Margin (film)

The Marquise of O (film)

The Memory of Justice

The Message (1976 film)

The Million Dollar Rip-Off

The Milpitas Monster

The Mimosa Wants to Blossom Too

The Missouri Breaks

The Mistress Is Served

The Moelleby Affair

The Monkey Hustle

The Musician Killer

The Muthers

The Mysterious Monsters

The Next Man

The Oath (1976 TV series)

The Office Party

The Olsen Gang Sees Red

The Omen

The Opening of Misty Beethoven

The Outlaw Josey Wales

The Passover Plot (film)

The Peaks of Zelengora

The Phantom of the Open Hearth

The Pink Panther Strikes Again

The Pom Pom Girls

The Porter from Maxim's (1976 film)

The Premonition (1976 film)

The Private Eyes (1976 film)

The Professional Touch

The Rain (film)

The Rat Savior

The Return of a Man Called Horse

The Return of the Prodigal Son (1976 film)

The Return of the World's Greatest Detective

The Ritz (film)

The River Niger (film)

The Sailor Who Fell from Grace with the Sea (film)

The Savage Bees

The Scar (1976 film)

The Sell Out (film)

The Sentimental Bloke (1961 musical)

The Seven-Per-Cent Solution (film)

The Sexplorer

The Shaggy D.A.

The Shootist

The Singer and the Dancer

The Slipper and the Rose

The Smurfs and the Magic Flute

The Song Remains the Same (film)

The Spiral Bureau

The Star-Crossed Romance of Josephine Cosnowski

The Steadfast Tin Soldier (1976 film)

The Sternstein Manor

The Story in Temple Red Lily

The Story of David

The Strange Hostel of Naked Pleasures

The Street (1976 film)

The Sudden Loneliness of Konrad Steiner

The Swiss Conspiracy

The Tango Tells Its Story

The Tenant

The Tenth Level

The Throw, or Everything Started on Saturday

The Tough Ones (1976 film)

The Town That Dreaded Sundown

The Toy (1976 film)

The Trespassers

The Twelve Chairs (1976 film)

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix

The Twist (1976 film)

The Two Orphans (1976 film)

The Understudy (1976 film)

The Valley (1976 film)

The Wackiest Wagon Train in the West

The War Widow

The Wedding of Zein (film)

The White Ship (1976 film)

The Widowhood of Karolina aler

The Wild Nation

The Winds of Autumn

The Wing or the Thigh

The Wishing Tree (film)

The Witch Who Came from the Sea

The Wonderful World of Puss 'n Boots

The World of Alfred Hitchcock

The Youth Killer

The Zebra Force


Themmadi Velappan

Thoorpu Padamara

Three Bavarians in Bangkok

Through the Ashes of the Empire

Through the Looking Glass (film)

Thulasi (1976 film)


Thunive Thunai

Tiger & Crane Fists

Time Travelers (1976 film)

Time and Dreams

To Fly!

To Save the City

To the Devil a Daughter

Todo modo


Tora's Pure Love

Tora-san's Sunrise and Sunset

Tosun Paa

Track of the Moon Beast

Trackdown (film)

Tracks (1976 film)

Train in the Snow

Treasure of Matecumbe

Tres mujeres en la hoguera

Trial by Combat

Truffaldino from Bergamo

Trust (1976 film)

Truth Has a Voice

Trs-os-Montes (film)

Tunnel Vision (1976 film)

Twenty Days Without War

Two-Minute Warning

Udhar Ka Sindur


Una bella governante di colore

Unakkaga Naan


Under the Doctor

Underground (1976 film)

Union Maids

Universe (1976 film)

Unmaiye Un Vilai Enna?

Up! (1976 film)

Uravadum Nenjam


Uzhaikkum Karangal




Vazhvu En Pakkam

Velvet Smooth

Vemulawada Bheemakavi (film)

Victory (1976 film)

Victory March (film)

Victory at Entebbe

Vier gegen die Bank (1976 film)

Vigilante Force

Violanta (1976 film)

Violent Naples

Violent Panic: The Big Crash

Viva Zalata

Volcano: An Inquiry into the Life and Death of Malcolm Lowry

Vortex (1976 film)

Vow of Chastity

Voyage of the Damned

Voyage to the Edge of the World

Vrnatt (film)

W. C. Fields and Me

Wakadaish series

Wan Pipel

War of God (1976 film)


Watcher in the Attic

Water Power (film)

We Can't Go Home Again

Welcome to L.A.

Welcome to My Nightmare (film)

Werewolf Woman

Wet Wilderness

What Now, Catherine Curtis?

When September comes

Where Adam Stood

Where the Wind Dies

Who Can Kill a Child?

Widow (1976 film)

Widows (1976 film)

Won Ton Ton, the Dog Who Saved Hollywood



Yakuza Graveyard

Yarnsz Adam

Yavvanam Katesindi

Yellow Emanuelle

Yesterday's Guys Used No Arsenic

You to Me, Me to You

Young Pioneers' Christmas

Young, Violent, Dangerous

Your Neighbor's Son



Zamane Se Poocho

Zid (1976 film)

Zindagi (1976 film)

Zona Roja

Ztra to roztome, drahouku!

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