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Movies from 1930

A Daughter of the Congo

A Devil with Women

A Girl from the Reeperbahn

A Hole in the Wall (1930 film)

A Lady Surrenders

A Lady to Love

A Lady's Morals

A Lucky Man

A Man from Wyoming

A Notorious Affair

A Royal Romance (1930 film)

A Sister to Assist 'Er (1930 film)

A Soldier's Plaything

A Student's Song of Heidelberg

A Tango for You

A Tough Winter

A Warm Corner

Abi and Rabi

Abraham Lincoln (1930 film)

Accused, Stand Up!

Achtung! Auto-Diebe!

Africa (1930 film)

Africa Speaks!

After Many Years (1930 film)

Aimless Walk

Aiyoku no ki

Alaskan Knights

Alf's Button (1930 film)

Alias French Gertie

All Quiet on the Western Front (1930 film)

Almost a Honeymoon (1930 film)

Along Came Youth

Alraune (1930 film)

An Elastic Affair

An Obvious Situation

And Quiet Flows the Don (1930 film)

Animal Crackers (1930 film)

Anna Christie (1930 English-language film)

Anna Christie (1930 German-language film)

Another Fine Mess

Anybody's War

Anybody's Woman

April Maze

Arctic Antics

Arirang geuhu iyagi

Around the Corner

Assunta Spina (1930 film)

At the Villa Rose (1930 film)

Atlantis (1930 film)

Autumn (1930 film)

Back Pay (1930 film)

Barnacle Bill (1930 film)

Be Yourself!

Bear Shooters

Beau Bandit

Bed and Breakfast (1930 film)

Behind the Make-Up

Below Zero (1930 film)

Beyond the Cities

Beyond the Law (1930 film)

Beyond the Rio Grande

Bharati Balak

Big Boy (film)

Big Business (1930 film)

Big Money (film)

Billy the Kid (1930 film)

Birds of Prey (1930 film)

Blood of Minas Gerais

Blotto (film)

Bookkeeper Kremke

Borderline (1930 film)

Born Reckless (1930 film)

Borrowed Wives

Box Car Blues

Boycott (1930 film)

Brats (1930 film)

Breed of the West

Breezy Bill

Bride of the Regiment

Bright Lights (1930 film)

Broadway Folly

Brothers (1930 film)

Bubbles (film)

Burglars (film)

Burning Up (film)

Busy Girls

Call of the Circus

Call of the Desert

Call of the Flesh

Call of the Sea

Call of the West (film)

Cameo Kirby (1930 film)

Cannibal Capers

Captain Thunder (film)

Captain of the Guard (film)

Caste (film)

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Caught Short

Cavalier of the West

Cavaliers of the Crown

Charley's Aunt (1930 film)

Charlotte Lwenskld (1930 film)

Charros, gauchos y manolas

Chasing Fortune

Chasing Rainbows (1930 film)

Check and Double Check

Cheer Up and Smile


Children of Chance (1930 film)

Children of Pleasure

Chilly Con Carmen

Cities and Years

City Girl (1930 film)

Clancy in Wall Street

Cock o' the Walk (1930 film)

Code of Honor (1930 film)

College Lovers

Come On Danger!

Common Clay (1930 film)

Compromising Daphne

Conspiracy (1930 film)

Counter Investigation (1930 film)

Courage (1930 film)

Crazy That Way

Cross Roads (film)

Crying for the Carolines

Cyanide (1930 film)

Dames Ahoy!

Dance Into Happiness

Dancing Sweeties

Danger Lights

Dangerous Nan McGrew

Dangerous Paradise

Dangers of the Engagement Period

Dans la nuit (film)

Danube Waltz (film)

Daphnis and Chloe (film)

Darling of the Gods

De Stem des Bloeds

Delicatessen (1930 film)

Derelict (film)

Die zrtlichen Verwandten

Divorce Among Friends

Dixiana (film)

Dizzy Dishes

Dolly Gets Ahead

Double Cross Roads

Doughboys (film)

Dreyfus (1930 film)

Du Barry, Woman of Passion

Dumbbells in Ermine

Earth (1930 film)

East Is West

Easy Street (1930 film)

Echo of a Dream

Elstree Calling

Embarrassing Moments (1930 film)

End of the Rainbow (1930 film)

Enter the Queen

Escape! (1930 film)


Everybody Wins (1930 film)


Exile to Siberia

Extravagance (1930 film)

Fairground People

Farewell (1930 film)

Fast and Loose (1930 film)

Father and Son (1930 film)

Feet First

Fellers (film)

Fiddlesticks (1930 film)

Fighting Thru

Fire in the Opera House

Firebrand Jordan

Flachsmann the Educator

Follow Thru

Follow the Leader (1930 film)

For Her Sake (1930 film)

For the Defense (1930 film)

For the Love o' Lil

Framed (1930 film)

Free Love (film)

Free and Easy (1930 film)

French Leave (1930 film)

Frida's Songs

Frolicking Fish

From Stump to Ship

General Babka (1930 film)

Georgia Rose

Girl of the Port

God's Country and the Man (1931 film)

Going Wild

Golden Dawn (film)

Good Intentions (1930 film)

Good News (1930 film)

Good Old Schooldays

Goodbye Argentina

Great Day (unfinished film)

Greek Street (film)

Grumpy (1930 film)

Guilty? (1930 film)

Gwiadzista eskadra

Gypped in Egypt


Half Shot at Sunrise

Hans in Every Street

Happy Days (1929 film)

Harmony Heaven

Harmony at Home

He Knew Women

Headin' North

Heads Up (1930 film)

Hell Harbor

Hell's Angels (film)

Hell's Island (1930 film)

Hello Sister (1930 film)


Her Man (1930 film)

Her Wedding Night

Hide-Out (1930 film)

High Society Blues

Him or Me

Hit the Deck (1930 film)

Hocuspocus (1930 film)

Hog Wild (1930 film)

Hold Anything

Hold Everything (film)

Holiday (1930 film)

Honey (1930 film)

Hook, Line and Sinker (1930 film)

Hot Curves

Hot Dog (1930 film)

How Do I Become Rich and Happy?

I'm Afraid to Go Home in the Dark

Illusions (1930 film)

Imperial and Royal Field Marshal

In Gay Madrid

In the Next Room


Inside the Lines

Instinct (1930 film)

Isle of Escape

It Happens Every Day

Jazz Rhythm

Josef the Chaste (1930 film)

Journey's End (1930 film)

Judas (1930 film)

Juno and the Paycock (film)

Just Imagine

Just Mickey

Just for a Song

K. und K. Feldmarschall

Karnadi Anemer Bangkong

Kathleen Mavourneen (1930 film)

Kdy struny lkaj

Khooni Khanjar

King of Jazz

Kire lained

Kismet (1930 film)

Kiss Me Sergeant

Kissing Cup's Race (1930 film)

Knowing Men

Kohlhiesel's Daughters (1930 film)

Kounty Fair

Kristine Valdresdatter (film)

Kult ciaa

L'Age d'Or

La Femme d'une nuit

La Leggenda di Wally

La Maison de la Flche

La Voluntad del muerto

Ladies Love Brutes

Ladies Must Play

Ladies in Love (1930 film)

Ladies of Leisure

Laughter (1930 film)

Laundry Blues (1930 film)

Lawful Larceny

Le Roi des resquilleurs


Leave It to Me (1930 film)

Let Us Be Gay

Let's Go Native

Let's Go Places

Levy and Company

Lieutenant, Were You Once a Hussar?

Lightnin' (1930 film)

Lilies of the Field (1930 film)

Liliom (1930 film)

Little Lise

Loose Ankles

Loose Ends (film)

Lord Byron of Broadway

Lord Richard in the Pantry

Lotus Lady

Love Among the Millionaires

Love Comes Along

Love Songs (1930 film)

Love and Champagne

Love in the Ring

Love in the Rough

Love's Carnival (1930 film)

Lovin' the Ladies

Lucky Larkin

Ludwig II, King of Bavaria

Lummox (film)

Lbios sem Beijos

Madam Satan

Madonna of the Streets (1930 film)

Mamba (film)

Mammy (1930 film)

Man Trouble (1930 film)

Man to Man (1930 film)

Manslaughter (1930 film)

Maria do Mar

Marriage Strike (1930 film)

Marriage in Name Only

Mars (1930 film)

Masks (1929 film)

Match Play

Maybe It's Love

Men Are Like That

Men Without Law

Men Without Women (film)

Men of the North

Menschen im Kfig

Mexico (film)

Mickey's Champs

Mickey's Luck

Mickey's Merry Men

Mickey's Warriors

Midnight Daddies

Midnight Mystery

Midnight in a Toy Shop

Min and Bill

Mischievous Miss

Miss Europe (film)

Moby Dick (1930 film)

Money on the Street

Monkey Melodies

Montana Moon

Monte Carlo (1930 film)

Morals at Midnight

Morocco (film)

Mothers Cry

Mountain Justice (1930 film)

Murder Will Out (1930 film)

Murder on the Roof


My Childish Father (1930 film)

My Daughter's Tutor

My Wife's Teacher

Mysterious Mose

Mysterious Mr. Parkes

Nancy Bikin Pembalesan

Near the Rainbow's End

Nerone (1930 film)

Never Trust a Woman

New Moon (1930 film)

New Movietone Follies of 1930

Next, Please!

Niebezpieczny romans

Night (1930 film)

Night Birds (film)

Night Owls (1930 film)

Night Ride (1930 film)

Night Work (1930 film)

Nights of Princes (1930 film)

No Exit (1930 film)

No, No, Nanette (1930 film)

Not Damaged

Not So Dumb

Not So Quiet

Not So Quiet on the Western Front (film)

Numbered Men

Of Life and Death

Officer O'Brien

Oh Darling (film)

Oh Sailor Behave

Oh Those Glorious Old Student Days (1930 film)

Oh, For a Man!

Oklahoma Cyclone

Old English (film)

On Approval (1930 film)

On Your Back

On the Border (film)

On the Level (1930 film)

Once a Gentleman

One Mad Kiss

One Night at Susie's

One Romantic Night

Only Saps Work

Only on the Rhine

Only the Brave (1930 film)

Our Blushing Brides

Our Masters, the Servants

Outside the Law (1930 film)

Outward Bound (film)

Paid (1930 film)

Parade of the West

Paradise Island (film)

Paramount on Parade

Pardon My Gun (1930 film)

Part Time Wife

Party Girl (1930 film)

Passion Flower (1930 film)

Peacock Alley (1930 film)

Pension Schller (1930 film)

People on Sunday

Personality (film)

Phantoms of Happiness

Pioneer Days (1930 film)

Playboy of Paris

Playful Pan

Playing Around

Playthings of Hollywood

Police Spy 77

Poor Girl

Prince of Diamonds

Pups Is Pups

Puttin' On the Ritz (film)

Queen High

Raffles (1930 film)

Rag Ball

Rain or Shine (film)

Raise the Roof (film)

Rani Saheba

Reaching for the Moon (1930 film)

Recaptured Love

Red Aces

Red Pearls

Redemption (1930 film)

Remote Control (1930 film)

Rendezvous (1930 film)

Renegades (1930 film)

Reno (1930 film)

Retreat on the Rhine

Rivals for the World Record

River's End (1930 film)

Road to Paradise (film)

Roadhouse Nights

Roaring Ranch

Rogue of the Rio Grande

Romance (1930 film)

Romance of the West (1930 film)

Romance sentimentale

Rookery Nook (film)

Rooms to Let

Rough Romance

Rough Waters

Safdar Jung (film)

Safety in Numbers (1930 film)

Sagebrush Politics

Salt for Svanetia

Sarah and Son

Sarfarosh (1930 film)

Scandalous Eva

Scapa Flow (film)

Scarlet Pages

School's Out (1930 film)

Scotland Yard (1930 film)

Sea Legs (film)

Second Choice

Second Honeymoon (1930 film)

Second Wife (1930 film)

See America Thirst

Seven Days Leave (1930 film)

Shadow Ranch (film)

Shadow of the Law

Shadows of Glory

She Couldn't Say No (1930 film)

She Got What She Wanted

She's My Weakness

Shivering Shakespeare

Shooting Straight

Should a Doctor Tell? (1930 film)

Showgirl in Hollywood

Si Ronda

Si Si Senor

Sin Takes a Holiday

Sinkin' in the Bathtub

Sinners' Holiday

Sisters (1930 film)

Sleeping Partners

Slightly Scarlet (1930 film)

Slow Beau

So Quiet on the Canine Front

So This Is London (1930 film)

Soldiers and Women

Son of the Gods

Song o' My Heart

Song of Soho

Song of the Caballero

Song of the Flame

Song of the West

Sons of the Saddle

Soup to Nuts

Spanish Eyes (film)

Spooks (1930 film)

Spring Is Here (film)

Spurs (film)

St. Jorgen's Day

St. Wenceslas (film)

Street of Chance (1930 film)

Strictly Modern

Strictly Unconventional

Strme ber dem Mont Blanc

Such Is Life (1930 film)

Such Is the Law

Such Men Are Dangerous

Summer (1930 film)

Sunny (1930 film)

Sunny Skies (film)

Susanne Cleans Up

Suspense (1930 film)

Sweet Kitty Bellairs

Sweet Mama (film)

Sweethearts and Wives

Sweethearts on Parade (1930 film)

Swing High (1930 film)

Symphony in Two Flats

Take the Heir

Tarakanova (film)

Teacher's Pet (1930 film)

Temple Tower

Tenderness (1930 film)

Terry of the Times

That Night's Wife

The Apache Kid (1930 film)

The Apache Kid's Escape

The Arizona Kid (1930 film)

The Bad Man (1930 film)

The Bad One

The Bandmaster (1930 film)

The Barnyard Concert

The Bat Whispers

The Benson Murder Case (film)

The Big Fight (1930 film)

The Big House (1930 film)

The Big Party

The Big Pond

The Big Trail

The Bishop Murder Case (film)

The Black Hand Gang

The Blonde Nightingale

The Blood of a Poet

The Blue Angel

The Booze Hangs High

The Border Legion (1930 film)

The Boudoir Diplomat

The Burning of the Red Lotus Temple

The Cabinet of Doctor Larifari

The Cactus Kid (1930 film)

The Canyon of Missing Men

The Case of Sergeant Grischa (film)

The Cat Creeps (1930 film)

The Caviar Princess

The Chain Gang (1930 film)

The Cheaters (1930 film)

The Chinese Bungalow (1930 film)

The Climax (1930 film)

The Cohens and Kellys in Africa

The Cohens and the Kellys in Scotland

The Compulsory Husband

The Concentratin' Kid

The Copper (1930 film)

The Costello Case

The Cuckoos (1930 film)

The Cursed Village (1930 film)

The Czar of Broadway

The Dance Goes On (1930 film)

The Dancers (1930 film)

The Dawn Patrol (1930 film)

The Dawn Trail

The Deed of Andreas Harmer

The Devil to Pay!

The Devil's Holiday

The Devil's Pit

The Divorcee

The Dizzy Limit

The Doctor's Secret (1930 film)

The Dogway Melody

The Doorway to Hell

The Dude Wrangler

The Earth Is Thirsty

The Eyes of the World (1930 film)

The Fall Guy (1930 film)

The Fighting Legion

The Fire Fighters (1930 film)

The First Seven Years

The Flame of Love

The Flirting Widow

The Florodora Girl

The Flute Concert of Sanssouci

The Furies (1930 film)

The Ghost That Never Returns

The Girl Said No (1930 film)

The Girl of the Golden West (1930 film)

The Golden Calf (1930 film)

The Golf Specialist

The Gorilla (1930 film)

The Gorilla Mystery

The Grand Parade

The Great Game (1930 film)

The Great Longing

The Green Goddess (1930 film)

The House of the Arrow (1930 film)

The Immortal Vagabond (1930 film)

The Indians Are Coming

The Iron Man (1930 film)

The Jade Box

The Jazz Cinderella

The Kibitzer

The King of Paris (1930 French-language film)

The King of Paris (1930 German film)

The Lady of Scandal

The Land of Missing Men

The Land of Smiles (1930 film)

The Lash (1930 film)

The Last Company

The Last Hour (1930 film)

The Last of the Duanes (1930 film)

The Laurel-Hardy Murder Case

The Levy Department Stores

The Life of the Party (1930 film)

The Light of Western Stars (1930 film)

The Lightning Express

The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather's Porridge?

The Little Accident

The Lone Defender

The Lone Rider

The Lone Star Ranger (1930 film)

The Lonesome Trail (1930 film)

The Lottery Bride

The Love Market

The Love Trader

The Love Waltz

The Loves of Robert Burns

The Man Hunter

The Man from Blankley's

The Man from Chicago

The Man in the Dark

The Man with the Flower in His Mouth

The Matrimonial Bed

The Medicine Man (1930 film)

The Melody Man

The Middle Watch (1930 film)

The Morality of Mrs. Dulska (film)

The Mounted Stranger

The Mystery of the Villa Rose

The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1930 film)

The Navy (film)

The Neighbor's Wife and Mine

The Night Is Ours (1930 film)

The Night Porter (1930 film)

The Nipper

The Office Wife (1930 film)

The Oklahoma Sheriff

The Old Song

The Other (1930 film)

The Other Tomorrow

The Pay-Off (1930 film)

The People of Norrland

The Phantom of the Desert

The Picnic (1930 film)

The Plan for Great Works

The Poor Millionaire

The Princess and the Plumber

The Prosecutor Hallers

The Rampant Age

The Return of Dr. Fu Manchu

The Rhineland Girl

The Right to Love (1930 American film)

The Right to Love (1930 German film)

The Ring of the Empress

The Road Is Fine

The Road to Dishonour

The Road to Fortune

The Road to Paradise

The Rogue Song

The Romance of Maoriland

The Royal Family of Broadway

The Runaway Bride (film)

The Santa Fe Trail (1930 film)

The Sap from Syracuse

The School for Scandal (1930 film)

The Sea Bat

The Sea God

The Sea Wolf (1930 film)

The Second Floor Mystery

The Shark (1930 film)

The Shindig

The Ship from Shanghai

The Showman (1930 film)

The Silent Enemy (1930 film)

The Silver Horde (1930 film)

The Singer of My City

The Singing City

The Sins of the Children

The Sleeping Beauty (1930 film)

The Social Lion

The Son of the White Mountain

The Song Is Ended

The Song of Love (1930 film)

The Spoilers (1930 film)

The Squeaker (1930 film)

The Squealer

The Stein Song (film)

The Still Alarm (1930 film)

The Stolen Face

The Storm (1930 film)

The Sweetness of Loving

The Swellhead

The Swordswoman of Huangjiang

The Temporary Widow

The Texan (1930 film)

The Third Alarm

The Three Sisters (1930 film)

The Three from the Filling Station (1930 film)

The Tiger Murder Case

The Truth About Youth

The Two of Us (1930 film)

The Uncle from Sumatra

The Unholy Three (1930 film)

The Utah Kid (1930 film)

The Vagabond King (1930 film)

The Virtuous Sin

The Voice from the Sky

The W Plan

The Waltz King (film)

The Way of All Men

The White Devil (1930 film)

The Widow from Chicago

The Widow's Ball

The Woman Racket

The Woman Without Nerves

The Woman from China

The Yellow Mask

There Is a Woman Who Never Forgets You

They Learned About Women

This Mad World

Those Three French Girls

Those Who Dance

Three Days Confined to Barracks

Three Faces East (1930 film)

Thus Is Life

Tiger Island (1930 film)


Today (1930 film)

Tojin Okichi

Tol'able David (1930 film)

Tom Sawyer (1930 film)

Tonka of the Gallows

Tons of Money (1930 film)

Too Many Crooks (1930 film)

Top Speed (film)

Trailing Trouble

Trails of Danger

Trigger Tricks

Troika (film)

Troopers Three

True to the Navy

Twice Married

Two Hearts in Waltz Time

Two People (1930 film)

Two Plus Fours

Two Way Street (1930 film)

Two Worlds (1930 British film)

Two Worlds (1930 German film)


Ulla, My Ulla

Under Montana Skies

Under Suspicion (1930 film)

Under Texas Skies (1930 film)

Under a Texas Moon

Under the Roofs of Paris

Undertow (1930 film)

Up a Tree (1930 film)

Up the River

Vengeance (1930 film)

Viejo smoking

Vienna, City of Song

Viennese Nights


Ve pro lsku

Waltz of Love

War Nurse

Wara Wara

Warned Off

Way Out West (1930 film)

Way for a Sailor

Western Whoopee

Westfront 1918

Westward Bound (1930 film)

What Made Her Do It?

What Men Want (1930 film)

What a Man (1930 film)

What a Widow!

When Naples Sings (1930 film)

When the Evening Bells Ring (1930 film)

When the Wind Blows (1930 film)

Whispering Whoopee

White Cargo (1930 film)

Whoopee! (film)

Why Sailors Leave Home

Wide Open (film)

Wild Company

Wind in the Face

Windjammer (1930 film)

Wine Cellars

Winter (1930 film)

With Byrd at the South Pole

Witnesses Wanted

Wolves (1930 film)

Women Everywhere

Won by a Neck

Worldly Goods (1930 film)

You'd Be Surprised!

You'll Be in My Heart (film)

Young Desire (film)

Young Eagles (film)

Young Man of Manhattan

Young Woodley (1930 film)


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