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Movies from 1957

12 Angry Men (1957 film)

1918 (1957 film)

20 Million Miles to Earth

3:10 to Yuma (1957 film)

5 Steps to Danger

8 8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements

A Bomb for a Dictator

A Chairy Tale

A Dreamer's Journey (film)

A Face in the Crowd (film)

A Fantastic Tale of Naruto

A Farewell to Arms (1957 film)

A Farewell to the Woman Called My Sister

A Handful of Soil

A Hatful of Rain

A King in New York

A Kiss for a Killer

A Lesson in History

A Merry Mix Up

A Night at the Moulin Rouge

A Party in Hell

A Piece of Heaven

A Rainbow Plays in My Heart

A Teapicker's Song of Goodbye

A Toothy Smile

A Unique Spring

A Woman's War

Aasha (1957 film)

Ab Dilli Dur Nahin

Account Rendered (1957 film)

Achanum Makanum

Across the Bridge (film)

Action of the Tiger

Adarsha Hindu Hotel (film)

Adauchi szenji baba


Affair in Havana

Affair in Reno

After the Ball (1957 film)

Agra Road (1957 film)

Albert Schweitzer (film)

Alfonsina (film)

Ali Baba Bunny

All Mine to Give

All Roads Lead Home (1957 film)

All the Boys Are Called Patrick

All the Way Home (1957 film)

Alladin and the Wonderful Lamp (1957 film)

Almenrausch and Edelweiss (1957 film)

Ambikapathy (1957 film)

Amour de poche

An Affair to Remember

An Osaka Story

An Unusual Summer

An der Via Egnatia Historisches und Heutiges ber Stadt und Messe

Anbe Deivam

And Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Anyone Can Kill Me

Apache Warrior

Appointment with a Shadow

April Love (film)

Aravalli (film)

Arrivano i dollari!

Asesinos, S.A.

At the Green Cockatoo by Night

At the Stroke of Nine

At the Terminus

Attack of the Crab Monsters


Baarish (film)

Baby Face Nelson (film)

Back Again (film)

Back from the Dead (film)

Bade Sarkar

Badjao: The Sea Gypsies

Badlands of Montana

Bailout at 43,000

Band of Angels


Barnacle Bill (1957 film)

Battle Hymn (film)

Bayou (film)

Be Dear to Me

Be Happy, These Two Lovers

Beau James

Bedevilled Rabbit

Beginning of the End (film)


Beneath the Palms on the Blue Sea

Berlin, Schoenhauser Corner

Bernardine (film)

Bettada Kalla

Between Heaven and Earth (1957 film)

Between Munich and St. Pauli

Bhabhi (1957 film)

Bhagya Rekha

Bhaktha Markandeya

Bhale Ammayilu

Bill Bergson Lives Dangerously (1957 film)

Birth of a Giant

Bitter Victory

Black Patch (film)

Black River (1957 film)

Blonde in Bondage

Blood of Dracula

Blue Murder at St Trinian's

Bombers B-52

Booby Trap (1957 film)

Bop Girl Goes Calypso

Boston Quackie

Boy on a Dolphin

Brothers in Law (film)

Bugsy and Mugsy

Bujang Lapok


Burning Fuse

Brenburger Schnurre

C'est arriv 36 chandelles

Calypso Heat Wave

Calypso Joe

Campbell's Kingdom

Canada's Air Defence

Carnival Rock

Carousel of Variety

Carry On Admiral

Castles and Cottages

Cat Girl

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Chain of Evidence (film)

Chakravarthi Thirumagal

Chandranath (1957 film)

Charming Boys

Cheese It, the Cat!

Chicago Confidential

China Gate (1957 film)

Cinco gallinas y el cielo

City of Gold (1957 film)

Comme un cheveu sur la soupe

Confessions of Felix Krull (film)

Copper Sky

Count Five and Die

Count Max (1957 film)

Country Hotel

Crime of Passion (1957 film)

Curfew Breakers

Dai-bosatsu tge (1957 film)

Danger Stalks Near

Dangerous Exile

Date with Disaster

Death in Small Doses (1957 film)

Decision at Sundown

Dekh Kabira Roya

Der 10. Mai

Der Fackeltrger

Der Stern von Afrika

Der schnste Tag meines Lebens

Desert Warrior (film)

Designing Woman

Desk Set

Destination 60,000

Deva Sundari

Die Schnste

Die Windrose

Different from You and Me

Dino (film)

Dishonorable Discharge (film)

Do Aankhen Barah Haath

Doctor Bertram

Doctor and the Healer

Doctor at Large (film)

Domino Kid

Don Quixote (1957 film)

Don't Forget My Little Traudel

Don't Go Near the Water (film)

Don't Whisper

Dongallo Dora

Doshaburi (film)

Dough for the Do-Do

Dr. Aung Kyaw Oo

Dragoon Wells Massacre

Dragstrip Girl


Dreams in a Drawer

Drei Mann auf einem Pferd

Ducking the Devil

Duel (1957 film)

Duel at Apache Wells

Duped Till Doomsday

Dushman (1957 film)

Earth (1957 film)

Edge of the City

Eight Hours of Terror

Eighteen and Anxious

Ek Gaon Ki Kahani

Ek Jhalak

Ek Saal

Ekaterina Voronina (film)

El Diablo de vacaciones

El Hombre Sealado

El Primer beso

El Ratn (film)

El bolero de Raquel

El jinete sin cabeza

El vampiro

Elegy of the North

En kvinde er overfldig

Encounters in the Twilight

Engaged to Death

Englen i sort

Escapade (1957 film)

Escapade in Japan

Escape from Red Rock

Escape from San Quentin

Every Day Except Christmas

Face in the Night

Father of Four and Uncle Sofus

Fathers and Sons (1957 film)

Faustina (1957 film)

Fear Strikes Out

Feedin' the Kiddie

Final Curtain (film)


Fire Down Below (1957 film)

Five Clues to Fortune

Five on a Treasure Island (film)

Fjols til fjells

Flame Over Vietnam

Footsteps in the Night (film)

Fortune Is a Woman

Forty Guns

Four Boys and a Gun

Four Girls in Town


Freedom (play)

Freelance Samurai

Fridericus Rex elfter Teil

From Hell It Came

Fugitive in Saigon

Funny Face

Fury at Showdown

Gates of Paris (film)

Gateway of India (1957 film)

Gejagt bis zum Morgen

Ghost Cat of Yonaki Swamp

Ghost Diver

Ghost Stories of Wanderer at Honjo

Give Me My Chance

Give and Tyke

Glimpse of the Garden

Go Fly a Kit

God Is My Partner

Gonzales' Tamales

Goodbye, Franziska (1957 film)

Greetings and Kisses from Tegernsee


Guest at One's Own Home

Gun Battle at Monterey

Gun Duel in Durango

Gun Girls

Gun Glory

Gun for a Coward

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (film)

Gunfire at Indian Gap

Guns Don't Argue

Guns a Poppin

Gunsight Ridge

Gutta-percha Boy

Hamido's son

Happiness (1957 film)

Harano Sur

He Who Must Die

Hear Me Good

Heaven Knows, Mr. Allison

Hell Bound (1957 film)

Hell Canyon Outlaws

Hell Drivers (film)

Hell Ship Mutiny

Hell on Devil's Island

Hell's Crossroads

Hellas ohne Gtter

Hellcats of the Navy

Hemo the Magnificent

Here Are the Aguilares!

Hidden Fear

High Flight (film)

High Tide at Noon

Hit and Run (1957 film)

Hold That Hypnotist

Hoofs and Goofs

Horsing Around

Hot Rod Rumble

Hot Summer Night (film)

Hour of Decision (film)

House of Numbers (1957 film)

How to Murder a Rich Uncle

Hum Panchhi Ek Daal Ke

Husbands in the City

I Am Waiting (film)

I Vampiri

I Was a Teenage Frankenstein

I Was a Teenage Werewolf

I colpevoli

Ikiteiru Koheiji

Il Grido

Il marito

Ill Met by Moonlight (film)

Inazuma Kaid

Insomnia Is Good for You

Interlude (1957 film)

Interpol (film)

Invasion of the Saucer Men

Irresistible Catherine

Iru Sagodharigal

Isabelle Is Afraid of Men


Island in the Sun (film)

Ismail Yassine in the Navy

Istanbul (film)

It Was Not in Vain

Jailhouse Rock (film)


Jamboree (1957 film)

Jazz Musume Tanj

Jeanne Eagels (film)

Jeg elsker dig

Jet Pilot (film)

Jiban Trishna

Joe Butterfly

Joe Dakota (1957 film)

Johnny Tremain (film)

Johnny Trouble

Journey to Freedom

Juan Simn's Daughter (1957 film)

Jun'ai Monogatari

Jungle Heat


Just My Luck (1957 film)

Just Once a Great Lady (1957 film)

Kabuliwala (1957 film)

Kaidan Kasane-ga-fuchi

Kamay ni Cain



Kathputli (1957 film)


Kawakami Tetsuharu monogatari sebang 16

Kelly and Me

Kenpei to Barabara Shibijin

Kill Her Gently

Kill Me Tomorrow


Kindermdchen fr Papa gesucht

King in Shadow

Kiss Them for Me (film)

Kleren Maken de Man

Konec jasnovidce

Kronos (film)

Kutumba Gowravam

La Bestia humana

La Parisienne (film)

La ciudad de los nios

La dulce enemiga

La sombra del otro (film)

La trovatella di Pompei

Laan mig din kone

Ladrn de Cadveres

Lady of Vengeance

Land of Peace

Lapland Calendar

Las aventuras de Pito Prez

Last of the Badmen

Lazzarella (film)

Le schiave di Cartagine

Legend of the Lost

Lemke's Widow (1957 film)

Leningrad Symphony (film)

Les Collgiennes

Les Espions

Les Girls

Les Lavandires du Portugal

Les Mistons

Les ttes interverties

Let's All Go to the Lobby

Let's Be Happy

Lissy (film)

Lizzie (1957 film)

Looking for Danger

Los chiflados del rock and roll

Love Is at Stake

Love Slaves of the Amazons

Love and Chatter

Love from Paris

Love in Jamaica

Love in the Afternoon (1957 film)

Lovers of Paris

Loving You (1957 film)

Lucky Jim (1957 film)

Lure of the Swamp

M.L.A. (1957 film)

Mademoiselle and Her Gang

Madrugada (film)

Magathala Nattu Mary

Mahadevi (film)

Mai Baap

Makkalai Petra Magarasi

Mallika (1957 film)

Malva (1957 film)

Man Afraid

Man Who Causes a Storm

Man from Tangier

Man in the Shadow (1957 American film)

Man in the Shadow (1957 British film)

Man of a Thousand Faces (film)

Man on Fire (1957 film)

Man on the Prowl (film)

Man on the Tracks

Manamagan Thevai

Manuela (1957 film)

Marriages Forbidden

Master of His Own Body


Mayerling (1957 film)

Mazurka der Liebe

Men in War

Miles of Fire


Minnunnathellam Ponnalla

Miracle in Soho

Miracles of Thursday

Miriam (film)

Mischief in Wonderland

Miss Mary (1957 film)

Mister Cory

Mister Rock and Roll (film)

Monkey on My Back (film)

Monster from Green Hell


Morir de pie

Morning Call (film)

Mother India

Mother Takes a Vacation

Motorcycle Gang (1957 film)

Mr. Sleeman Is Coming

Mucho Mouse


Musafir (1957 film)

Muscle Up a Little Closer

My Gun Is Quick (film)

My Man Godfrey (1957 film)

N.Y., N.Y. (film)

Naked Africa

Naked Paradise

Naked in the Sun

Nathalie (film)


Naya Daur (1957 film)

Neelamalai Thirudan


Never in Your Life

Nice Time

Night Light (film)

Night Passage (film)

Night of the Demon

Nights of Cabiria

Nijky-nin no Kenka-j

Nilachaley Mahaprabhu

Nine Lives (1957 film)

Ninky Shimizu-minato

No Down Payment

No Road Back

No Sun in Venice

No Time for Tears (film)

No Time to Be Young

No Tomorrow (1957 film)


Not Wanted on Voyage

Not of This Earth (1957 film)

Nude Actress Murder Case: Five Criminals

OSS 117 Is Not Dead

Oedipus Rex (1957 film)

Oh! Sabella

Oh, Men! Oh, Women!

Old Barge, Young Love (1957 film)

Old Yeller (film)

Omar Khayyam (film)

On Foot, on Horse, and on Wheels

On Wings of Love

One Droopy Knight

Onibi Kago

Only People (film)

Operation Mad Ball

Operation Murder

Oregon Passage

Oshidori kenkagasa

Out (1957 film)

Outer Space Jitters

Outlaw Queen

Outlaw's Son

Pablo and Carolina

Padatha Painkili

Pal Joey (film)

Panama Sal

Panduranga Mahatyam

Pardesi (1957 film)

Parola di ladro

Pathey Holo Deri

Pathini Deivam

Paths of Glory

Patrouille de choc

Pawnee (film)

Payal (film)

Paying Guest

Peppino, le modelle e chella l

Perri (film)

Peter van Heeren

Peyton Place (film)

Pharaoh's Curse (film)

Piker's Peak

Pirate of the Half Moon

Plan 9 from Outer Space

Playing with the Devil

Plunder Road


Pontianak (film)

Poor Millionaires (1957 film)

Portland Expos


Poveri ma belli

Precocious Youth

Premada Putri

Pretty But Poor

Priests ira and Spira

Public Pigeon No. 1


Pudhu Vazhvu

Pudhumai Pithan (1957 film)

Puppet (film)

Puss Without Boots


Pt kolo u vozu

Qaidi (1957 film)

Qing Chang Ru Zhan Chang


Quatermass 2

Que me toquen las golondrinas

Queen Louise (1957 film)

Rabbit Romeo

Raiders of Old California

Raintree County (film)

Raja Rajan (film)

Rani Lalithangi


Rathnagiri Rahasya

Rayara Sose

Reach for the Sky

Reform School Girl

Rendez-vous avec Maurice Chevalier n1

Rendez-vous avec Maurice Chevalier n2

Rendez-vous avec Maurice Chevalier n3

Retour de manivelle

Revolt at Fort Laramie

Ride Out for Revenge

Ride a Violent Mile

Rivalen am Steuer

Road to the Stars

Robbery Under Arms (1957 film)

Rock All Night

Rock You Sinners

Rockabilly Baby

Rockets Galore!

Rogue's Yarn

Rose Bernd (1957 film)

Rozbijemy zabaw

Run of the Arrow

Rusty Romeos

Rbezahl (1957 film)

S.O.S. Noronha

Saat Lakh

Sabu and the Magic Ring

Saint Joan (1957 film)

Salzburg Stories

Samaya Sanjeevi

Sand, Love and Salt

Sankalpam (1957 film)

Sarangadhara (1957 film)

Satchmo the Great

Sati Anasuya (1957 film)

Sati Nalaayini

Sati Savitri (1957 film)


Scandal in Bad Ischl

Scat Cats

Schzka o pl tvrt

Sea Wife

Search for Paradise

Second Fiddle (1957 film)

Selv om de er sm

Sen'un Ajia no Jo

Send a Woman When the Devil Fails

September Nights

Serenata a Maria

Serenate per 16 bionde

Seven Hills of Rome (film)

Seven Thunders (film)

Seven Waves Away

Seventeen Years Old

Seora Ama

Shake, Rattle & Rock! (1956 film)

Sharada (1957 film)

She Devil (1957 film)

Sheriff Teddy

Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend


Short Cut to Hell

Show Biz Bugs

Sierra Stranger

Silk Stockings (1957 film)

Sissi Fateful Years of an Empress

Skimeister von morgen

Slalm under himmelen

Slander (1956 film)

Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (film)

Sleepless (1957 film)

Slim Carter

Small Hotel

Smiley (1956 film)

Snow Country (film)

Something of Value

Song of Naples

Sorority Girl


Souvenirs d'Italie

Space Ship Sappy

Spanish Affair

Speaking of Murder


Spoilers of the Forest

Spook Chasers

Spooky Swabs

Spring in Berlin

Spring of Life (1957 film)

Spur in die Nacht

Steal Wool

Stepbrothers (1957 film)

Stevnemte med glemte r

Stopover Tokyo

Stories About Lenin

Stormy Bird

Stranger in Town (1957 film)

Strangers' Meeting

Street Full of Surprises

Street of Sinners

Stresemann (film)

Summer Place Wanted

Sun in the Last Days of the Shogunate

Super Giant

Susanna Whipped Cream

Suspended Alibi

Suvarna Sundari

Suzakumon (film)

Suzunosuke Akado

Suzunosuke Akado: The Moonlight Monster

Suzunosuke Akado: The One-Legged Demon

Sweet Smell of Success

Synnve Solbakken (1957 film)

Szkice wglem

Snnen fra Amerika

Tabasco Road

Tag til marked i Fjordby

Taming Sutton's Gal

Tammy and the Bachelor

Tamr Henna

Tante Wanda aus Uganda

Tanz in der Galerie

Tarzan and the Lost Safari

Teenage Doll

Teenage Monster

Teenage Thunder

Ten Thousand Bedrooms

Thangamalai Ragasiyam

Thaskaraveeran (1957 film)

That Night!

That Woman Opposite

The 27th Day

The Abductors

The Abominable Snowman (film)

The Admirable Crichton (1957 film)

The Adventures of Arsne Lupin

The Amazing Colossal Man

The Angel of the Alps

The Auntie from Chicago

The Aztec Mummy

The Baby and the Battleship

The Bachelor Party

The Badge of Marshal Brennan

The Barretts of Wimpole Street (1957 film)

The Battalion in the Shadows

The Beauty of Binh Duong

The Betrayal (1957 film)

The Big Boodle

The Big Caper

The Big Chance (1957 British film)

The Big Chance (1957 German film)

The Big Land

The Birthday Present

The Black Devil (film)

The Black Scorpion (film)

The Bolshoi Ballet (film)

The Brain from Planet Arous

The Bridge on the River Kwai

The Brothers Rico

The Buckskin Lady

The Burglar (1957 film)

The Buster Keaton Story

The Careless Years

The Case of Doctor Laurent

The Communist (film)

The Count of Luxemburg (1957 film)

The Counterfeit Plan

The Crooked Circle (1957 film)

The Crooked Sky

The Crucible (1957 film)

The Curse of Frankenstein

The Curse of the Aztec Mummy

The Cyclops (film)

The D.I.

The Dalton Girls

The Daring Swimmer (1957 film)

The Daughter of Dr. Jekyll

The Day Called 'X'

The Deadly Mantis

The Deerslayer (1957 film)

The Delicate Delinquent

The Delinquents (1957 film)

The Depraved (1957 film)

The Devil Strikes at Night

The Devil's Hairpin

The Devil's Pass

The Disembodied (film)

The Dragon's Blood

The End of the Line (1957 film)

The Enemy Below

The England of Elizabeth

The Flesh Is Weak

The Flute and the Arrow

The Flying Dutchman (1957 film)

The Flying Scot (film)

The Fox of Paris

The Fuzzy Pink Nightgown

The Garment Jungle

The Giant Claw

The Girl Most Likely

The Girl Without Pyjamas

The Girl and the Legend

The Girl in Black Stockings

The Girl in the Kremlin

The Girl in the Picture (1957 film)

The Glass Tower

The Goddess of Love

The Golden Age of Comedy

The Good Companions (1957 film)

The Good Soldier Schweik (1956 film)

The Goose Girl (1957 film)

The Green-Eyed Blonde

The Guns of Fort Petticoat

The Halliday Brand

The Halo Is Slipping

The Happy Road

The Hard Man

The Heart Within

The Heart of St. Pauli

The Height

The Helen Morgan Story

The Hired Gun (1957 film)

The Hole (1957 film)

The House I Live In (1957 film)

The House of the Angel

The Hunters (1957 film)

The Hypnotist (1957 film)

The Idle Vassal: House of the Snake Princess

The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Invisible Boy

The Invisible Man vs. The Human Fly

The Iron Sheriff

The James Dean Story

The Joker Is Wild

The Kettles on Old MacDonald's Farm

The Key Man (1957 film)

The King of Bernina

The Kurnell Story

The Lady Doctor

The Land Unknown

The Last Ones Shall Be First

The Last Stagecoach West

The Last Torch Song

The Lawless Eighties

The Legs of Dolores

The Little Hut

The Living Idol

The Lonely Man

The Long Haul (1957 film)

The Lower Depths (1957 film)

The Mad Bomberg (1957 film)

The Man Who Turned to Stone

The Man Who Wagged His Tail

The Man Without a Body

The Man in the Raincoat

The Man in the Sky

The Mark of the Hawk

The Midnight Story

The Mighty Crusaders (film)

The Minister of Uddarbo

The Monolith Monsters

The Monster That Challenged the World

The Most Wonderful Moment

The Mysterians

The Mysteries of Paris (1957 film)

The Naked Truth (1957 film)

The Naked Woman and the Gun

The New World (1957 film)

The Night Runner

The Night of the Storm

The Night the World Exploded

The Oklahoman (film)

The One That Got Away (1957 film)

The Open Door (1957 film)

The Ostrich Has Two Eggs

The Pajama Game (film)

The Parson and the Outlaw

The Passionate Stranger

The Persuader (film)

The Phantom Stagecoach

The Pied Piper of Hamelin (1957 film)

The Poacher of the Silver Wood

The Power Makers

The Power and the Prize

The Pride and the Passion

The Prince and the Showgirl

The Quiet Gun

The Real End of the Great War

The Relaxed Wife

The Restless Breed

The Rice People

The Ride Back

The Rising of the Moon (film)

The River of Three Junks

The River's Edge

The Road of Hope (film)

The Robot vs. the Aztec Mummy

The Sad Sack

The Saga of the Viking Women and Their Voyage to the Waters of the Great Sea Serpent

The Saint and Her Fool (1957 film)

The Scamp

The Sceptre and the Mace

The Secret Place (film)

The Seine Meets Paris

The Seventh Commandment (1957 film)

The Seventh Seal

The Seventh Sin

The Shadow on the Window

The Shiralee (1957 film)

The Simple Girl

The Singer from Mexico

The Singing Ringing Tree

The Smallest Show on Earth

The Snow Queen (1957 film)

The Spirit of St. Louis (film)

The Steel Bayonet

The Storm Rider

The Story of Esther Costello

The Story of Mankind (film)

The Strange One

The Sun Also Rises (1957 film)

The Surgeon's Knife

The Tall Stranger (film)

The Tall T

The Tarnished Angels

The Tattered Dress

The Tenant (1957 film)

The Three Faces of Eve

The Thunderstorm

The Tijuana Story

The Tin Star

The Tommy Steele Story

The Tough

The Traitor (1957 film)

The True Story of Jesse James

The Truth About Mother Goose

The Truth About Women

The Twins from Zillertal

The Undead (film)

The Unearthly

The Unfinished Comedy

The Unholy Wife

The Unknown Terror

The Vampire (1957 film)

The Vicious Circle (1957 film)

The Vintage

The Violators

The Way to the Gold

The Wayward Bus (film)

The Wayward Girl (1957 film)

The Wetback Hound

The Wide Blue Road

The Window to Luna Park

The Winemaker of Langenlois

The Wings of Eagles

The Woman Who Had No Childhood

The Wrestler and the Clown

The Young Don't Cry

The Young Stranger

The Zrich Engagement

There's Always a Thursday

These Dangerous Years

This Angry Age

This Could Be the Night (film)

This Day's Life

Thodi Kodallu

Three Days to Live

Three Little Bops

Three Sailors (1957 film)

Three Sundays to Live

Three Violent People

Three in One (film)

Throne of Blood

Tiga Dara

Time Limit (film)

Time Lock

Time Without Pity

Times of Joy and Sorrow

Timid Tabby


Tip on a Dead Jockey

Tired Theodore (1957 film)

Tizoc (film)

Toccata for Toy Trains

Tokyo 1960

Tokyo Twilight

Tom's Photo Finish

Tomahawk Trail

Top Secret Affair

Tops with Pops

Torawakamaru the Koga Ninja

Touch and Go

Town on Trial

Trapped in Tangiers

Trooper Hook

Trouwe Kameraden

Trubachyov's Detachment Is Fighting

True as a Turtle

Tumsa Nahin Dekha (1957 film)

Turang (film)

Tweet Zoo

Tweety and the Beanstalk

Twilight Train

Two Bavarians in the Harem

Two Bavarians in the Jungle

Two Confessions

Typhoon Over Nagasaki

Ukifune (film)

Umi no Yardomo

Una viuda difcil

Uncle Vanya (1957 film)

Under Fire (1957 film)

Undersea Girl

Untamed (1957 film)

Untamed Youth

Until They Sail

Up in Smoke (1957 film)

Utah Blaine

Vacanze a Ischia

Valerie (film)


Vater sein dagegen sehr

Veera Kankanam

Venga a bailar el rock

Ventriloquist Cat

Victor and Victoria (1957 film)

Vienna, City of My Dreams (1957 film)

Vinayaka Chaviti

Voodoo Island

Voodoo Woman

Vgen genom Sk

Waada (film)

Walang Sugat

War Drums

War of the Maidens (film)

Washi to Taka

We're Going Separate Ways

West of Suez

What's Opera, Doc?

White Acacia

White Nights (1957 film)

Whom God Forgives

Widower with Five Daughters

Wild Is the Wind

Wild Strawberries (film)

Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?

Williamsburg: the Story of a Patriot

Windom's Way

Witness for the Prosecution (1957 film)

Wo Du hin gehst

Wolf Trap (film)

Woman Basketball Player No. 5

Woman and the Hunter

Woman in a Dressing Gown

Yaar Paiyyan

Yagyu Secret Scrolls

Yahudi Ki Ladki (1957 film)

Yakke Wali


Yangtse Incident: The Story of H.M.S. Amethyst

Yatar gasa

Yellow Crow

Yoru no Kamome

You Pay Your Money

Young and Dangerous (1957 film)

Yjas no Ma

Zero Hour!

Zoku Aoi sanmyaku Yukiko no maki

Zombies of Mora Tau

Zoom and Bored

Zwei Mtter

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