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24 Hours in the Life of a Woman (1944 film)

A Bullet in the Heart

A Canterbury Tale

A Challenge to Democracy

A Fig Leaf for Eve

A Lecture on Camouflage

A Menina da Rdio

A Night of Adventure

A Shadow at the Window

A Wave, a WAC and a Marine

Aaina (1944 film)

Abroad with Two Yanks

Abused Confidence

Action in Arabia

Address Unknown (1944 film)

Adventure in Music

Air Cadets (film)

Alaska (1944 film)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1944 film)

Allergic to Love

Alma de bronce

Amok (1944 film)

Amores de ayer

An American Romance

Anban (film)

And Now Tomorrow

And the Angels Sing

Andy Hardy's Blonde Trouble

Angel Puss

Ano hata o ute


Appassionata (1944 film)

Applause (1944 film)

Are These Our Parents

Arizona Whirlwind

Army (1944 film)

Army Wives (1944 film)

Arsenic and Old Lace (film)

At Land

Atlantic City (1944 film)

Attack in the Pacific

Attack! The Battle of New Britain

Aventure Malgache

Babes on Swing Street

Badi Baat


Barbary Coast Gent


Bathing Beauty

Beautiful but Broke

Beda Paar

Bedstemor gr amok

Bees in Paradise

Behold Beatrice

Belle of the Yukon

Beneath Western Skies

Berlin to the Samba Beat

Bermuda Mystery


Between Two Worlds (1944 film)

Bhagya Laxmi


Bharthari (film)


Birdy and the Beast

Black Arrow (serial)

Black Magic (1944 film)

Blizzard (1944 film)

Block Busters

Blonde Fever

Bluebeard (1944 film)

Bon Voyage (1944 film)

Boogie-Woogie Dream

Bordertown Trail

Boss of Boomtown

Bowery Champs

Bowery to Broadway

Brand of the Devil

Brazil (1944 film)


Bride by Mistake

Broadway Rhythm

Brother Brat


Buckaroo Bugs

Buffalo Bill (1944 film)

Bugs Bunny Nips the Nips

Bugs Bunny and the Three Bears

Busy Buddies (film)

Call of the Jungle

Call of the Rockies (1944 film)

Call of the South Seas

Caminito alegre

Camouflage (1944 film)

Can't Help Singing

Candlelight in Algeria

Candles at Nine

Captain America (serial)

Career Girl (1944 film)

Carmen's Veranda

Carolina Blues

Casanova Brown

Casanova in Burlesque

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Cecile Is Dead

Censored (film)

Centauros del pasado

Chal Chal Re Naujawan

Champagne Charlie (1944 film)

Char Aankhen

Charlie Chan in the Chinese Cat

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service

Cheyenne Wildcat

Chip Off the Old Block

Christmas Holiday

Cobra Woman

Code of the Prairie

Come Back to Me (1944 film)

Commando Duck

Como yo te quera

Contrary Condor

Count Only the Happy Moments

Cover Girl (film)

Cowboy Canteen

Cowboy and the Senorita

Cowboy from Lonesome River

Crash Goes the Hash

Crazy Knights

Crime by Night

Cry of the Werewolf

Cyclone Prairie Rangers

Dancing Romeo

Dancing in Manhattan

Dangerous Passage

Dark Mountain (film)

Dark Waters (1944 film)

Das dumme Gnslein

Das schwarze Schaf (1944 film)

Dasi Aparanji

David Bek (film)

Days and Nights (1944 film)

Days of Glory (1944 film)

Dead Man's Eyes

Dead or Alive (1944 film)

Delinquent Daughters

Delirio (film)

Demobbed (1944 film)

Der Schneemann

Destiny (1944 film)

Detective Kitty O'Day

Die Feuerzangenbowle (1944 film)

Dir zuliebe

Dixie Jamboree

Dolly Takes a Chance

Don't Take It to Heart

Donald Duck and the Gorilla

Donald's Off Day

Dost (1944 film)

Double Exposure (1944 film)

Double Indemnity

Doust (film)

Dr. Kumar

Dragon Seed (film)

Dream of the Red Chamber (1944 film)

Dreaming (1944 British film)

Dreaming (1944 German film)

Drie Weken Huisknecht

Duck Soup to Nuts

Duel (1944 film)


El corsario negro

El destino se disculpa

El fin de la noche

El jagey de las ruinas

El rey se divierte

El rosario

Ella, l y sus millones

Elly Petersen

En dag skall gry

En herre med bart

End of the Road (1944 film)

Enemy of Women

English Without Tears

Enter Arsne Lupin

Escndalo de estrellas

Ever Since Venus

Experiment Perilous

Faces in the Fog

Fanny by Gaslight (film)

Fiddlers Three (1944 film)

Firebrands of Arizona

First on the Rope

Fish Fry (film)

Flight 6 (film)

Follow the Boys

Follow the Leader (1944 film)

For Those in Peril (1944 film)

Forty Thieves (film)

Four Jills in a Jeep

Freedom Comes High

Frenchman's Creek (film)

Frontier Outlaws

Fuzzy Settles Down


Gabriel Churchkitten

Gambler's Choice

Gangsters of the Frontier

Gas (1944 film)

Gaslight (1944 film)

Geet (1944 film)

Gentle Annie (film)

Gents Without Cents

Ghar Ki Shobha

Ghost Catchers

Ghost Guns

Gildersleeve's Ghost

Girl Rush

Girl in the Case (1944 film)

Give Us the Moon

Global Air Routes

Glck unterwegs

Go Down, Death!

Goin' to Town (1944 film)

Going Home (1944 film)

Going My Way

Goldilocks and the Jivin' Bears

Goodnight, Sweetheart (film)

Gracias Amigos

Gran Hotel (film)

Greenwich Village (film)

Groe Freiheit Nr. 7

Guest in the House

Gun to Gun

Guns of the Law

Gunsmoke Mesa

Guttersnipes (film)

Gypsy Wildcat

Hail the Conquering Hero

Hands Across the Border

Hare Force

Hare Ribbin'

Haridas (1944 film)

Harischandra (1944 film)

Harmony Trail

Hat Check Honey

Haunted Harbor

Hay que casar a Paulina

He Snoops to Conquer

Headline (film)

Heaven Is Round the Corner

Heavenly Days

Hell-Bent for Election

Henry Aldrich Plays Cupid

Henry Aldrich's Little Secret

Henry Aldrich, Boy Scout

Henry V (1944 film)

Her Primitive Man

Here Come the Waves

Hey, Rookie

Hi, Beautiful

Hi, Good Lookin'!

Hidden Valley Outlaws

Highballing to Victory

Higher and Higher (film)

His Best Student

His Excellency (1944 film)

Hollywood Canteen (film)

Home in Indiana

Hot Rhythm

Hotel Reserve

House of Frankenstein (film)

How to Play Football

How to Play Golf

Hymn of the Nations

I Accuse My Parents

I Am Fire and Air

I Am a Sailor of the Black Sea Fleet

I Love a Soldier

I Need You (film)

I Won't Play

I'll Be Seeing You (1944 film)

I'm from Arkansas

Idle Roomers (1944 film)

In Our Time (1944 film)

In Society

In the Meantime, Darling

Indian News Parade

Insaan (1944 film)

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

It Happened One Sunday

It Happened Tomorrow

It's Your War Too

It's in the Bag (1944 film)

Ivan Nikulin: Russian Sailor

Ivan the Terrible (1944 film)

Jagathalapratapan (1944 film)

Jam Session (1944 film)

Jamboree (1944 film)

Jammin' the Blues

Janie (1944 film)

Jasper Goes Hunting

Jeevan (1944 film)

Johnny Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Jungle Patrol (1944 film)

Jungle Woman

Jwar Bhata (1944 film)

Kansas City Kitty

Kato hayabusa sento-tai

Kismet (1944 film)

Knickerbocker Holiday (film)

Know Your Ally: Britain

Kommer du, Elsa?

Krishna Bhakta Bodana


La Casta Susana

La Libration de Paris

La Mujer sin Alma

La Verdadera victoria

La corte de faran

La guerra de los pasteles

La pequea seora de Prez

La trepadora

Ladies Courageous

Ladies of Washington

Lady Windermere's Fan (1944 film)

Lady in the Dark (film)

Lady in the Death House (film)

Lady, Let's Dance

Laheri Badmash

Laheri Cameraman

Lake Placid Serenade

Lal Haveli (film)

Land of the Outlaws

Laura (1944 film)

Law Men

Law of the Valley

Leave It to the Irish

Les Misrables (1944 film)

Les Petites du quai aux fleurs

Lessons in Good Love

Life Begins at Midnight

Lifeboat (1944 film)

Lights of Old Santa Fe

Lisinski (film)

Little Red Riding Rabbit

Live Dangerously

Lola Montes (1944 film)

Look to the North

Lost in a Harem

Louisiana Hayride (film)

Love Letters (1944 film)

Love Story (1944 film)

Love and Revenge

Lucky Cowboy

Lumberjack (film)

Maa Baap

Macario Against Zagomar

Machine Gun Mama

Mademoiselle Fifi (film)

Mahamaya (film)

Maharathi Karna

Maisie Goes to Reno

Make Your Own Bed

Man Ki Jeet

Man from Frisco

Marie-Louise (film)

Marine Raiders (film)

Marked Trails

Marriage Is a Private Affair

Marriage of Affection

Marshal of Gunsmoke

Marshal of Reno

Mauji Jeevan

Maya Nagari

Meatless Flyday

Medal for the General

Meet Me in St. Louis

Meet Miss Bobby Socks

Meet the People

Melody of Murder

Melusine (film)

Memphis Belle: A Story of a Flying Fortress

Men on Her Mind

Meri Bahen

Mi novia es un fantasma

Michael Strogoff (1944 film)

Mickey's Touchdown

Million Dollar Kid

Ministry of Fear

Minstrel Man (film)

Mist on the Sea

Mojave Firebrand

Moon Over Las Vegas

Moonlight and Cactus (1944 film)

Mouse Trouble

Mr. Emmanuel

Mr. Skeffington

Mr. Winkle Goes to War

Mrs. Parkington

Mumtaz Mahal (film)

Murder in the Blue Room

Murder, My Sweet

Music for Millions

Music in Manhattan

Music in Salzburg

My Best Gal

My Buddy (film)

My Children

My Gal Loves Music

My Lupe and My Horse

My Memories of Mexico

My Pal Wolf

My People Are Not Yours

Mystery Man (film)

Mystery of the River Boat


Nana (1944 film)

National Velvet (film)

Nebo Moskvy

Nevada (1944 film)

New Americans (film)

Night Shift (1944 film)

Nine Girls

No Dough Boys

None Shall Escape

None but the Lonely Heart (film)

Nora (1944 film)

Noroshi wa Shanghai ni Agaru

Nothing but Trouble (1944 film)

Oath of Vengeance

Of One Blood (film)

Oh, What a Night (1944 film)

Oklahoma Raiders

On Approval (1944 film)

Once There Was a Girl

Once Upon a Time (1944 film)

One Body Too Many

One Exciting Night (1944 film)

One Mysterious Night


Orient Express (1944 film)

Orosia (film)

Otte akkorder

Our Hearts Were Young and Gay (film)

Our Natacha

Our Northern Neighbour

Outlaw Roundup

Outlaws of Santa Fe

Outpost (1944 film)

Pagli Duniya



Panorama (German news series)

Parakh (1944 film)

Parbat Pe Apna Dera

Pardon My Rhythm

Paristan (film)

Partners of the Trail (1944 film)

Passage to Marseille

Passport to Destiny

Patrolling the Ether

Pattharon Ka Saudagar

Payday (1944 film)

Pehle Aap

Phantom Lady (film)

Pick a Peck of Plumbers

Pin Up Girl (film)

Pincers on Japan

Plane Daffy


Porfirio Daz (film)


Practically Yours

Pride of the Plains

Prince Gustaf (film)

Private Snafu vs. Malaria Mike

Puttin' on the Dog

Radio Bugs

Raiders of Ghost City

Raiders of the Border

Rainbow (1944 film)

Rainbow Island (1944 film)

Ramshastri (film)

Range Law (1944 film)

Rangile Dost

Rationing (film)

Rattan (film)


Reckless Age

Red Sky at Morning (1944 film)

Resisting Enemy Interrogation

Resurrection (1944 film)

Return of the Ape Man

Return to Guam

Riders of the Santa Fe

Riding West

Road to Victory

Roaring Guns

Roger Touhy, Gangster

Rogues' Gallery (1944 film)

Rosa de las nieves

Rosie the Riveter (film)

Russian Rhapsody (film)

Saddle Leather Law

Sailor's Holiday (1944 film)

Saint Francis of Assisi (film)

San Demetrio London

San Diego, I Love You

San Fernando Valley (film)


Secret Command

Secrets of Scotland Yard

See Here, Private Hargrove (film)

Sensations of 1945

Sergeant Mike

Seven Days Ashore

Seven Doors to Death

Seven Women (1944 film)

Shadow of Suspicion

Shadows in the Night (1944 film)

Shahenshah Babar

Shake Hands with Murder

Shararat (1944 film)

She's a Soldier Too

She's a Sweetheart

Sheriff of Las Vegas

Sheriff of Sundown

Shine On, Harvest Moon (1944 film)

Show Business (1944 film)

Silent Partner (1944 film)

Silva (film)

Silver City Kid

Since You Went Away

Sing Neighbor Sing

Sing a Jingle

Six P.M.

Ski for Two

Skipper Jansson

Slightly Terrific


Soldiers without Uniforms

Som folk r mest

Something for the Boys (film)

Song of Nevada

Song of Russia

Song of the Open Road

Song of the Range

Sonora Stagecoach

South of Dixie

Sowing the Wind (1944 film)

Spook Town

Spring Song (1944 film)

Springtime for Pluto

Sri Seeta Rama Jananam

Stage Door Cartoon

Stagecoach to Monterey

Standing Room Only (1944 film)

Stars on Parade (1944 film)

Step Lively (1944 film)

Stopp! Tnk p ngot annat

Storm Over Lisbon

Strange Affair (1944 film)

Strangers in the Night (film)

Stunt King

Su esposa diurna

Subah Shyam

Summer Hotel

Summer Storm (1944 film)

Sunday Dinner for a Soldier

Sundown Valley

Supervising Women Workers

Swarna Bhoomi

Sweet and Low-Down

Sweethearts of the U.S.A.

Swing Hostess

Swing Out the Blues

Swing in the Saddle

Swingtime Johnny

Swooner Crooner

Tahiti Nights

Take It Big

Take It or Leave It (1944 film)

Tale of a Dog

Tall in the Saddle

Tampico (film)


Target - Berlin

Target for Today

Tawny Pipit (film)


Texas Masquerade

That's My Baby! (1944 film)

The 957th Day

The Adventures of Mark Twain (1944 film)

The Angel of the Night

The Barber of Seville (1944 film)

The Battle of Britain

The Battle of China

The Beach Nut

The Big Bonanza

The Big Noise (1944 film)

The Black Ace (1944 film)

The Black Parachute

The Black Robe (film)

The Blacksmith (1944 film)

The Bodyguard (1944 film)

The Bridge of San Luis Rey (1944 film)

The Canterville Ghost (1944 film)

The Case of the Screaming Bishop

The Chow Hound

The Climax

The Conspirators (1944 film)

The Contender (1944 film)

The Curse of the Cat People

The Dance of Fortune

The Degenhardts

The Desert Hawk (serial)

The Desire (1944 film)

The Doughgirls

The Drifter (1944 film)

The Emperor of Portugallia (film)

The Enchanted Day

The Escape (1944 film)

The Eve of St. Mark

The Falcon Out West

The Falcon in Hollywood

The Falcon in Mexico

The Fighting Generation

The Fighting Lady

The Fighting Seabees

The Fighting Sullivans

The Forest Is Our Heritage

The Ghost That Walks Alone

The Girl Who Dared

The Girl and the Devil

The Girl from Beskydy Mountains

The Great Alaskan Mystery

The Great Mike

The Great Moment (1944 film)

The Green Lift (1944 film)

The Green Salon

The Hairy Ape (film)

The Halfway House

The Headless Woman (1944 film)

The Heart Must Be Silent

The Heavenly Body

The Hitler Gang

The Hour Before the Dawn

The Hundred Pound Window

The Impatient Years

The Impostor (1944 film)

The Innkeeper

The Intruder (1944 film)

The Invisible Man's Revenge

The Invisible Wall (1944 film)

The Island of Love

The Keys of the Kingdom (film)

The Lady and the Monster

The Laramie Trail

The Last Hill

The Last Horseman

The Last Ride (1944 film)

The Lieutenant Nun

The Lodger (1944 film)

The Mark of the Whistler

The Mask of Dimitrios

The Master Detective

The Master Race (film)

The Materassi Sisters

The Merry Monahans

The Million Dollar Cat

The Miracle of Morgan's Creek

The Missing Juror

The Monster Maker

The Most Beautiful

The Mummy's Curse

The Mummy's Ghost

The Nail (film)

The National Barn Dance

The Navy Way

The Negro Soldier

The Old Clock at Ronneberga

The Old Grey Hare

The Old Texas Trail

The Pearl of Death

The People of Hems (1944 film)

The Pinto Bandit

The Plastics Inventor

The Port of 40 Thieves

The Price of Rendova

The Priest's Hat

The Princess and the Pirate

The Purple Heart

The Racket Man

The Rats of Tobruk (film)

The Respectable Ladies of Pardubice

The Return of the Vikings

The Roedern Affair

The San Antonio Kid

The Scarlet Claw

The Seventh Cross (film)

The Sin of a Mother

The Singing Sheriff

The Soul of a Monster

The Story of Dr. Wassell

The Stupid Cupid

The Suspect (1944 film)

The Three Caballeros

The Tiger Woman (1944 film)

The Tower of the Seven Hunchbacks (film)

The Town Went Wild

The Two Orphans (1944 film)

The Two Rivals (1944 film)

The Uninvited (1944 film)

The Unwritten Code

The Ural Front

The Utah Kid (1944 film)

The Very Thought of You (film)

The Volunteer (1944 film)

The Way Ahead

The Weakly Reporter

The Wedding (1944 film)

The Wedding Hotel

The Wedding Ring (1944 film)

The Whispering Skull (film)

The Whistler (1944 film)

The White Cliffs of Dover (film)

The Witch's Cradle

The Woman Who Dared (1944 film)

The Woman in the Window (1944 film)

The Woman of My Dreams (1944 film)

The Yellow Rose of Texas (film)

The Yoke's on Me

The Za-Bum Circus

The Zoot Cat

Theresienstadt (1944 film)

They Came to a City

They Live in Fear

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

This Happy Breed (film)

This Is the Life (1944 film)

Thoroughbreds (1944 film)

Three Brothers (1944 film)

Three Is a Family

Three Little Sisters

Three Men in White

Three Sisters of the Moors

Three of a Kind (1944 film)

Thundering Gun Slingers

Tick Tock Tuckered

Till We Meet Again (1944 film)

Timber Queen (1944 film)

Time Flies (1944 film)

To Have and Have Not (film)

Together Again (film)

Tom Turk and Daffy

Tomorrow, the World!

Torment (1944 film)

Trail to Gunsight

Trans-Canada Express

Traveling Light (1944 film)

Trigger Law

Trigger Trail

Trocadero (1944 film)

Trombone Trouble

Tucson Raiders

Tunisian Victory

Turn of the Century (film)

Tuya en cuerpo y alma

Twilight (1944 film)

Twilight on the Prairie

Two Fathers (film)

Two Girls and a Sailor

Two Thousand Women

Two-Man Submarine

U pti veverek

U-Boat Prisoner

U.N.R.R.A. presents In the Wake of the Armies ...

Uncertain Glory (1944 film)

Up in Arms

Up in Mabel's Room (1944 film)

Uss Paar (film)

Valley of Vengeance

Vesel bda

Vigilantes of Dodge City

Voice in the Wind

Voodoo Man

Waterfront (1944 film)

We Need Each Other (film)

We from the Urals

Wedding in the Coral Sea

Week-End Pass

Weird Woman

Welcome, Mr. Washington

West of the Rio Grande

Western Approaches (film)

Westward Bound (1944 film)

What Makes a Battle

What a Man! (1944 film)

What's Cookin' Doc?

When Asia Speaks

When Spring Makes a Mistake

When Strangers Marry

When the Lights Go On Again (film)

Who's Who in Animal Land

Wild Horse Phantom

Wilson (1944 film)

Wing and a Prayer, The Story of Carrier X

Winged Victory (film)

With the Marines at Tarawa

Wounded in Action (film)

Wyoming Hurricane

You Can't Ration Love

You Were Never Uglier

You, John Jones!

Young Hearts (1944 film)

Youth Runs Wild

Zero Hour (1944 film)

Zorro's Black Whip

Zoya (film)

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