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Movies from 1943

A Corny Concerto

A Doll's House (1943 film)

A Family (1943 film)

A Famous Gentleman

A Gem of a Jam

A Gentle Gangster

A Girl for Me

A Guy Named Joe

A Lady Takes a Chance

A Little Wife

A Living Statue

A Man for My Wife

A Man with Principles?

A Mountain Goes to Sea

A Night for Crime

A Palace for Sale

A Salzburg Comedy

A Scream in the Dark

A Stranger in Town (1943 film)

A Welcome to Britain

A Woman in the Night

Aabroo (1943 film)

Aadab Arz

Aage Kadam

Aankh Ki Sharm

Above Suspicion (1943 film)

Action in Slow Motion

Action in the North Atlantic

Actress (1943 film)

Adrien (1943 film)

Adventure in Iraq

Adventures of the Flying Cadets

Aerial Gunner

After Midnight with Boston Blackie

Agram, die Hauptstadt Kroatiens

Ahen senso

Air Force (film)

Air Raid Wardens

Alaska Highway (film)

All by Myself (film)

All en el trapiche

Always a Bridesmaid (1943 film)

Amphibious Fighters

An Evening of Love

An Itch in Time

Angels of Sin


Annabella's Adventure

Another Dawn (1943 film)

Anything for a Song

Appointment in Berlin

Arizona Trail (film)

Arlette and Love

Around the World (1943 film)

Arriba las mujeres

Artificial Sons (film)


Assault on Salamaua

Assignment in Brittany

At the Crossroads (film)

Autumn Roses (1943 film)

Baby Puss

Back Then (film)

Back from the Front

Background to Danger

Bad Men of Thunder Gap

Badalti Duniya

Badla (1943 film)

Bah Wilderness

Bansari (1943 film)

Banshees Over Canada

Baptism of Fire

Bar 20

Bataan (film)

Batman (serial)

Beautiful Michoacn

Behind Prison Walls

Behind the Rising Sun (film)

Bell-Bottom George

Beloved Darling

Benjamin Franklin, Jr.


Best Foot Forward (film)

Beyond the Last Frontier

Bhagta Bhoot


Bhakta Raidas



Black Market Rustlers

Black Marketing

Black on White (1943 film)

Blazing Frontier

Blazing Guns

Blhov sen

Bombardier (film)

Bomber's Moon

Bombing the Nazis

Border Buckaroos

Border Patrol (film)

Bordertown Gun Fighters

Boss of Rawhide

Bravo Acrobat!

Brazil at War

Buckskin Frontier

Bullets and Saddles

Bulls, Love and Glory

Bury the Axis

Cabin in the Sky (film)

Calaboose (film)

California Joe (film)

Calling All Kids

Calling Australia

Calling Dr. Death

Calling Wild Bill Elliott

Campus Rhythm

Candida, Woman of the Year

Canyon City (1943 film)

Captain Fracasse (1943 film)

Captain Poison

Captive Wild Woman

Captured by a Voice

Caribbean Romance

Carmen (1943 film)

Carson City Cyclone

Casi un sueo

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Cattle Stampede

Cavalcade of Dance

Champions Carry On

Charley's Aunt (1943 film)

Chatterbox (1943 film)

Chenchu Lakshmi (1943 film)

Chetniks! The Fighting Guerrillas

Cheyenne Roundup

Chhed Chhad

Chhoti Maa

Chicken Little (1943 film)

Child Bride

Children of Mars

China (1943 film)

Cinco fueron escogidos

Cinderella Swings It

Cinnamon Flower

Circus Renz (1943 film)

City Without Men

Clancy Street Boys

Claudia (1943 film)

Coal Black and de Sebben Dwarfs

Colonel Chabert (1943 film)

Colt Comrades

Coney Island (1943 film)

Confessions of a Vice Baron

Confusions of a Nutzy Spy

Corregidor (film)

Corvette K-225

Cowboy Commandos

Cowboy in Manhattan

Cowboy in the Clouds

Crash Dive

Crazy House (1943 film)

Crime Doctor (film)

Cristina Guzmn (1943 film)

Cry 'Havoc' (film)

Cuando florezca el naranjo

Cuando habla el corazn

Daffy The Commando

Dagli Appennini alle Ande (1943 film)

Danger! Women at Work

Dangerous Blondes

Daredevils of the West

Dark Valley

Daughter of the Minister

Day of Wrath

Days of Old Cheyenne

Dead Man's Gulch

Dead Men Walk

Deadlock (1943 film)

Dear Octopus (film)

Death Rides the Plains

Death Valley Manhunt

Death Valley Rangers

Death by Design

December 7th (film)

Deerslayer (1943 film)

Den nye lgen

Der Fuehrer's Face

Desert Victory

Destination Tokyo

Destroyer (1943 film)

Det ender med bryllup


Devil Riders

Dewan Bahadur (film)


Die Frontschau


Divide and Conquer (film)

Divorced (1943 film)

Dixie (film)

Dixie Dugan (film)

Dizzy Detectives

Dizzy Pilots

Domino (1943 film)

Don Winslow of the Coast Guard

Don't Be a Sucker

Donald's Tire Trouble

Doughboys in Ireland

Doa Brbara (1943 film)

Dr. Gillespie's Criminal Case

Dream (1943 film)

Du Barry Was a Lady (film)



Duniya Diwani

Eclipse of the Sun (film)

Edge of Darkness (1943 film)

Education for Death

El 1313

El Fabricante de estrellas

El abanderado

Election Daze

Elephant Fury

Eloisa Is Under an Almond Tree

Elvira Madigan (1943 film)

En pige uden lige

Escape to Danger

Eternity (1943 film)

Experiment (1943 film)

Fall Out Fall In

Falling Hare

False Colors

False Faces (1943 film)

Family Troubles

Farewell Love!

Farm Hands

Fighting Frontier

Fighting Norway

Fighting Valley

Find the Blackmailer

Fired Wife

Fires Were Started

First Comes Courage

Five Graves to Cairo

Flesh and Fantasy

Flight for Freedom

Flop Goes the Weasel (film)

Follies Girl

Follow the Band

Food and Magic

Food for Fighters

Footlight Glamour

For Whom the Bell Tolls (film)

Forces occultes

Forever and a Day (1943 film)

Fourteen at the Table

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

Frontera Sur (1943 film)

Frontier Badmen

Frontier Fury (1943 film)

Frontier Law

Fugitive from Sonora

Fugitive of the Plains

G-Men vs. the Black Dragon

Gabriele Dambrone

Gals, Incorporated

Gangway for Tomorrow

Gauri (1943 film)

Gentleman with a Briefcase

Get Cracking

Get Going

Ghosts on the Loose

Giacomo the Idealist

Gildersleeve on Broadway

Gildersleeve's Bad Day

Girl Crazy (1943 film)

Girls in Chains

Gold in the Hand

Good Luck, Mr. Yates

Good Morning, Judge

Goodbye Leonard

Government Girl

Greetings Bait

Guadalcanal Diary (film)

Gung Ho!

Hail to the Rangers

Hamari Baat

Hangmen Also Die!

Hans onsdagsveninde

Happidrome (film)

Happy Go Lucky (1943 film)

Happy Journey (1943 film)

Happy Land (film)

Harlem (film)

Harrigan's Kid

Harvest Melody

Haunted Ranch

He Hired the Boss

He's My Guy (film)

Headin' for God's Country

Heaven Can Wait (1943 film)

Heaven, We Inherit a Castle

Heavenly Music

Hello, Frisco, Hello

Henry Aldrich Gets Glamour

Henry Aldrich Haunts a House

Henry Aldrich Swings It

Here Comes Elmer

Here Comes Kelly

Hers to Hold

Hi Diddle Diddle

Hi'ya, Chum

Hi'ya, Sailor

Hi, Buddy

High Explosive (film)

Higher Than a Kite

Higher and Higher (film)

His Butler's Sister

Hit Parade of 1943

Hit the Ice (film)

Hitler's Children (1943 film)

Hitler's Madman

Hollywood in Uniform

Holy Matrimony (1943 film)

Home Defense

Honeymoon Lodge

Hoosier Holiday

Hop and Go

Hoppy Serves a Writ

Hostages (1943 film)

House of Cards (1943 film)

How's About It

Hunterwali Ki Beti

I Am with You

I Can Hardly Wait

I Dood It

I Entrust My Wife to You

I Escaped from the Gestapo

I Killed

I Walked with a Zombie

I'll Carry You in My Arms

I'll Walk Beside You (film)

Idaho (1943 film)

Idols (film)

Il fanciullo del West

Immensee (film)

Immortal Sergeant

Imprisoned Women

In Darkest Smaland

In High Places (1943 film)

In Old Oklahoma

Indian News Parade

Inkaar (1943 film)

Inki and the Minah Bird

Invisible Jan

Is Everybody Happy? (1943 film)

Ishaara (1943 film)

Isle of Forgotten Sins

It Ain't Hay

It Comes Up Love

It Happened at the Inn

It's That Man Again (film)

It's a Great Life (1943 film)

Jack London (film)

Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk

Jane Eyre (1943 film)


Jeevana Nataka


Jive Junction

Johnny Come Lately

Journey into Fear (1943 film)

Jungle Drums

Juvenilia (film)

Kanoon (1943 film)

Karaikkal Ammaiyar (1943 film)

Katariina ja Munkkiniemen kreivi

Katrina (1943 film)

Keep 'Em Slugging

Keeper of the Flame (film)

Khazanchi Ki Beti

Khooni Laash

Kid Dynamite (film)

King of the Cowboys

Kismet (1943 film)

Klondike Kate (film)

Kohlhiesel's Daughters (1943 film)

Krishna Prema

Krishna Sudhaama

Kubera Kuchela

Kungsgatan (film)

Kutuzov (film)

La Main du diable

La feria de las flores

La guerra la gano yo

La razn de la culpa

Ladaai Ke Baad

Ladies' Day

Lady Bodyguard

Lady of Burlesque

Land of Hunted Men

Larceny with Music

Lassie Come Home

Late Love

Law of the Northwest

Law of the Saddle

Le Corbeau

Let's Face It (film)

Let's Have Fun (film)

Letter from Overseas

Letter from a Friend

Letter to a Hero

Life and Death (1943 film)

Life in the Country

Lightning in the South

Little Miss Pinkerton

Little Napoleon (film)

Lively Teresa

Livet mste levas

London Blackout Murders

Los hombres las prefieren viudas

Los ojos ms lindos del mundo

Lost Angel (film)

Love Around the Clock

Love Premiere

Love Story (1943 film)

Madame Curie (film)

Mademoiselle Batrice (film)

Madly in Love (1943 film)

Mahasati Ansuya

Mahatma Vidur

Mahlia the Mestiza

Malaria (1943 film)

Man of Courage

Mangamma Sabatham (1943 film)

Marai no Tora

Marching On!

Mardi Gras (1943 film)

Margin for Error

Maria Malibran (film)


Mara Candelaria

Mara Eugenia

Mask in Blue (1943 film)


Meatless Tuesday

Melody Parade

Melody of a Great City

Men of Timor

Men of the Mountain

Men of the Navy

Mera Khwab

Meshes of the Afternoon

Mexican Spitfire's Blessed Event

Mexicanos, al grito de guerra (film)

Millions Like Us

Minesweeper (film)

Miss London Ltd.

Mission Accomplished (film)

Mission to Moscow

Mist on the Moors

Mister Big (1943 film)

Mister Collins' Adventure

Mohabbat Ki Jeet

Momotar no Umiwashi

Monsieur des Lourdines

Moonlight in Vermont (film)

Moster fra Mols

Mountain Rhythm (1943 film)

Mr. Jhatpat

Mr. Lucky (film)

Mr. Muggs Steps Out

Murder in Times Square

Murder on the Waterfront

Music on the Run

Muskurahat (1943 film)

My Friend Flicka (film)

My Kingdom for a Cook

My Learned Friend

Mystery Broadcast

Mystery of the 13th Guest

Mnner gegen Panzer

Mnchhausen (1943 film)

Nadaan (1943 film)

Nagad Narayan

Nai Kahani

Nai Zindagi

Najma (1943 film)

Nasreddin in Bukhara

Naukar (1943 film)

Naya Tarana

Nearly Eighteen

Negro Colleges in War Time

Never a Dull Moment (1943 film)

Night Plane from Chungking

Night in Port

Nine Men (film)

No Place for a Lady

No Time for Love (1943 film)

No matars

Nobody's Darling

Northern Pursuit

O Costa do Castelo

O, My Darling Clementine

Old Acquaintance

Old Mother Riley Detective

Old Mother Riley Overseas

Ombyte av tg

One Dangerous Night

Orient Express (1943 film)


Our Enemy The Japanese

Outlaws of Stampede Pass

Overland Mail Robbery

Pagli (1943 film)


Paracelsus (film)

Paris After Dark

Passport to Suez

Petticoat Larceny

Phantom of the Opera (1943 film)

Phony Express

Pierre and Jean (film)

Pigs in a Polka

Pilot No. 5

Pincer on Axis Europe

Pistol Packin' Mama (film)

Plan for Destruction


Porky Pig's Feat

Power of the Press (film)

Prairie Chickens

Prarthana (1943 film)


Prem Sangeet

Presenting Lily Mars

Princess O'Rourke

Prithvi Vallabh

Private Pluto

Proudly She Marches

Puss n' Booty

Pyara Watan

Qu hombre tan simptico

R.A.A.F. Eagles Over New Guinea

Radha Ramana (film)


Raiders of Red Gap

Raiders of San Joaquin

Raiders of Sunset Pass

Raja (1943 film)

Ram Rajya

Rani (1943 film)

Reason and Emotion

Recognition of the Japanese Zero Fighter

Red Hot Riding Hood

Red Konga

Redemption (1943 film)

Redhead from Manhattan

Rekha (film)

Report from the Aleutians

Resurrection (1943 film)

Reveille with Beverly

Revenge of the Zombies

Rhythm Serenade

Rhythm of the Islands

Richard knapt het op

Riders of the Deadline

Riders of the Northwest Mounted

Riders of the Rio Grande

Riding High (1943 film)

Rita of Cascia (film)

Robin Hood of the Range

Romance in a Minor Key

Romeo and Juliet (1943 film)

Rookies in Burma

Rumors (film)

Russia Aflame

Sad Loves

Saddles and Sagebrush

Safo, historia de una pasin

Sagebrush Law

Sahara (1943 American film)

Sahara (1943 Hindi film)

Salute for Three

Salute to the Marines

Samba in Berlin

San Demetrio London

Sangen til livet

Sanjog (1943 film)

Sanshiro Sugata

Santa (1943 film)

Santa Fe Scouts

Sarong Girl

Satya Harishchandra (1943 film)

Sayon's Bell

Schweik's New Adventures

Scrap Happy Daffy

Secret Agent (1943 film)

Secret Service in Darkest Africa

Seein' Red, White 'N' Blue

Seeing Hands

Seven Years of Happiness

Shadow of a Doubt

Shahenshah Akbar

Shakuntala (1943 film)

Shankar Parvati

Shantytown (film)

She Defends the Motherland

She Has What It Takes

She Thought It Was Him

She's for Me

Sherlock Holmes Faces Death

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

Sherlock Holmes in Washington

Shop Girls of Paris

Short Circuit (1943 film)

Show Business at War

Shri Ramanuja

Silent Witness (1943 film)

Silver City Raiders

Silver Skates

Silver Spurs (1943 film)

Since Pearl Harbor


Six Gun Gospel

Sixteen (1943 film)

Sleepy Lagoon (film)

Slightly Dangerous

Smart Guy (film)

So Proudly We Hail!

So This Is Washington

So's Your Uncle

Som du vill ha mej

Someone to Remember

Something to Shout About (film)

Somewhere in Civvies

Somewhere on Leave

Son cartas de amor

Son of Dracula (1943 film)

Song of Texas

Sonja (film)


South West Pacific (film)

Special Correspondents (1943 film)

Spies (1943 film)

Spinach Fer Britain

Spook Louder

Spotlight Scandals

Spy Train

Squadron Leader X

Stage Door Canteen (film)

Stalingrad (1943 film)

Stella (1943 film)

Stormy Weather (1943 film)

Strange Inheritance (film)

Su hermana menor

Submarine Alert

Submarine Base (film)

Suggestion Box

Summer Light (film)


Swedes in America

Sweet Rosie O'Grady

Swing Fever

Swing Shift Maisie

Swing Your Partner

Swingtime Johnny

Tahiti Honey

Take Heed Mr. Tojo

Tansen (film)

Taqdeer (1943 film)

Tarzan Triumphs

Tarzan's Desert Mystery

Taxi to Heaven

Taxi, Mister

Tender Comrade

Tenting Tonight on the Old Camp Ground

Thank Your Lucky Stars (film)

That Nazty Nuisance

The Adventures of Smilin' Jack (serial)

The Adventures of Tartu

The Adventures of a Rookie

The Amazing Mrs. Holliday

The Ape Man

The Autobiography of a 'Jeep'

The Avenging Rider

The Bath in the Barn (1943 film)

The Battle of Russia

The Bells Go Down

The Bismarck Convoy Smashed

The Black Hills Express

The Black Raven

The Blocked Trail

The Boy from Stalingrad

The Brothers' Woman

The Burning Question

The Butler's Dilemma

The Champion (1943 film)

The Chance of a Lifetime (1943 film)

The Children Are Watching Us

The Circus (1943 film)

The Constant Nymph (1943 film)

The Count of Monte Cristo (1943 film)

The Crew of the Dora

The Crime Doctor's Strangest Case

The Crime Smasher

The Cross of Lorraine

The Crystal Ball (film)

The Dancing Masters

The Dark Tower (1943 film)

The Demi-Paradise

The Desert Song (1943 film)

The Desperadoes

The Dizzy Acrobat

The Dummy Talks

The Egg Cracker Suite

The Endless Road

The Eternal Return (film)

The Eternal Tone

The Falcon Strikes Back

The Falcon and the Co-eds

The Falcon in Danger

The Fallen Sparrow

The Fifth-Column Mouse

The Fighting Buckaroo

The Flemish Farm

The Flying Jalopy

The Front (1943 film)

The Gang's All Here (1943 film)

The Gates of Italy

The Gentle Sex

The Ghost Rider (1943 film)

The Ghost Ship

The Ghost and the Guest

The Girl from Monterrey

The Golden Spider

The Good Fellows

The Gorilla Man

The Grain That Built a Hemisphere

The Hard Way (1943 film)

The Heart of a Nation

The Heat's On

The Honourable Catherine

The House of Rain

The Human Comedy (film)

The Inevitable Monsieur Dubois

The Iron Major

The Kansan (film)

The Kid Rides Again

The Lamp Still Burns

The Last Wagon (1943 film)

The Law (1943 film)

The Law Rides Again

The Leather Burners

The Leopard Man

The Life and Death of Colonel Blimp

The Lone Star Trail

The Lonesome Mouse

The Mad Ghoul

The Man Without a Name (1943 film)

The Man from Down Under

The Man from London (1943 film)

The Man from Music Mountain (1943 film)

The Man from Thunder River

The Man from the Rio Grande (1943 film)

The Man in Grey

The Man with a Cross

The Mantrap

The Marines Come Thru

The Masked Marvel

The Meanest Man in the World

The Midnight Sun (1943 film)

The Mirror (1943 film)

The Moon Is Down (film)

The More the Merrier

The Mummy Strikes

The Mysteries of Paris (1943 film)

The Mysterious Doctor

The Nazis Strike

The New Lot

The Night Invader

The North Star (1943 film)

The Old Army Game

The Outlaw

The Ox-Bow Incident

The Peddler and the Lady

The Peterville Diamond

The Phantom (serial)

The Phantom Baron

The Powers Girl

The Purple V

The Rear Gunner

The Return of the Rangers

The Return of the Vampire

The Rock of Souls

The Saint Meets the Tiger

The Scandal (1943 film)

The Second Shot (1943 film)

The Secret of Madame Clapain

The Seventh Victim

The Shipbuilders

The Silent Village

The Silver Fleet

The Sin of Anna Lans

The Sixth Shot

The Sky's the Limit (1943 film)

The Son of the Red Corsair (1943 film)

The Song of Bernadette (film)

The Spectre of the Bride

The Spider Woman

The Spirit of '43

The Stairs Without End

The Strange Death of Adolf Hitler (film)

The Stranger from Pecos

The Sultan's Daughter

The Texas Kid

The Underdog (1943 film)

The Unknown Guest (1943 film)

The Valley of the Devil

The Vigilantes Ride

The War for Men's Minds

The War of the Oxen (1943 film)

The West Side Kid

The White Angel (1943 film)

The White Dream

The White Truck

The White Waltz

The Wise Quacking Duck

The Wolf of the Malveneurs

The Woman of the Town

The Word (1943 film)

The Yankee Doodle Mouse

The Young Fritz

The Youngest Profession

Theatre Royal (film)

There's Something About a Soldier (1943 film)

There's a Fire Burning

These Stars Are Mine

They Came to Blow Up America

They Got Me Covered

They Met in the Dark

They Stooge to Conga

This Is the Army

This Land Is Mine (film)

Thousands Cheer

Three Hearts for Julia

Three Little Twirps

Three Men of the River

Three Russian Girls

Three Smart Guys

Thumbs Up (film)

Thundering Trails

Thursday's Child (1943 film)

Tierra de pasiones (1943 film)

Tiger Fangs

Tin Pan Alley Cats

Titanic (1943 film)

To Duck or Not to Duck

To the People of the United States

Todo un hombre (1943 film)

Tokio Jokio

Tomorrow We Fly

Tomorrow We Live (1943 film)

Tomorrow's World (film)

Tonelli (film)

Tonight We Raid Calais

Top Man (film)

Tornado (film)

Tortoise Wins by a Hare

Traces of Light

Trail of Terror

Train Busters

Troop Train

Truck Busters

True to Life (film)

Two Fisted Justice (1943 film)

Two Happy People

Two Hearts (film)

Two Hearts Among the Beasts

Two Seoritas from Chicago

Two Soldiers (1943 film)

Two Tickets to London

Two Timid Souls (1943 film)

Two Weeks to Live

Ukraine in Flames

Undercover (1943 film)

Undercover (OSS training film)

Unge viljer

Up from the Ranks

Up with the Lark

Upbeat in Music

Vakil Saheb

Vani (film)

Variety Jubilee

Vickers Wellington LN514

Victory Through Air Power (film)

Vienna 1910

Vigdis (film)

Vijay Lakshmi

Voyage Without Hope

Wackiki Wabbit

Wagon Tracks West

Wait for Me (film)


War Department Report

War Dogs (1943 film)

Warn That Man

Wartime Nutrition

Watch on the Rhine

We Are the Marines

We Dive at Dawn

We'll Meet Again (1943 film)

We've Never Been Licked

West of Texas

Western Cyclone

What a Woman!

What's Buzzin' Buzzard?

What's Buzzin', Cousin?

When We Are Married (film)

When the Young Wine Blossoms (1943 film)

Where Are Your Children?

While There is Still Time

Whispering Footsteps

Whistling in Brooklyn

White Savage

Who Killed Who?

Who's Hugh?

Wild Bird (film)

Wild Flower (film)

Wild Horse Rustlers

Wild Horse Stampede

Wings Over the Pacific

Wings Up

Wings on Her Shoulder

Wintertime (film)

Without a Woman

Wolves of the Range

Women Are No Angels

Women Aren't Angels

Women at War

Women in Bondage

World of Plenty

Yankee Doodle Daffy

Yanks Ahoy

Yellow Canary (film)

You Can't Beat the Law

You're a Lucky Fellow, Mr. Smith

You, John Jones!

Young Blood (1943 film)

Young Ideas

Young and Willing

Youth in Crisis

Zameen (1943 film)

Ay, Jalisco, no te rajes! (film)

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