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Movies from 1938

13 Men and a Gun

800 Heroes (film)

A Christmas Carol (1938 film)

A Cruise in the Albertina

A Date to Skate

A Desperate Adventure (1938 film)

A Feud There Was

A Girl Goes Ashore

A Lady Did It

A Man to Remember

A Nation Is Built

A Night in May

A Prussian Love Story

A Royal Divorce (1938 film)

A Sister to Assist 'Er (1938 film)

A Slight Case of Murder

A Spot of Bother (1938 film)

A Step into the Darkness (1938 film)

A Trip to Paris

A Woman's Face (1938 film)

A Yank at Oxford

A-Lad-In Bagdad


Abused Confidence

Accidents Will Happen (film)

Adhikar (1939 film)

Adolf Saves the Day

Adrienne Lecouvreur (film)

Adventure in Sahara

Adventure in Warsaw

After Midnight (1938 film)

Air Devils

Aladdin's Lantern

Alarm (1938 film)

Aldeia da Roupa Branca

Alert in the Mediterranean

Alexander Nevsky (film)

Alexander's Ragtime Band (film)

Alf's Button Afloat

Algiers (film)

All Lies (film)

All in One (film)

All of Life in One Night

All's Fair at the Fair

Almost a Gentleman (1938 film)

Almost a Honeymoon (1938 film)

Always Goodbye (1938 film)

Always in Trouble

Anaadhai Penn

Angels with Dirty Faces

Anna Favetti

Annabel Takes a Tour

Another Romance of Celluloid

Anything to Declare?


Army Girl

Arrest Bulldog Drummond

Arson Gang Busters

Arsne Lupin Returns

Art for Art's Sake (film)

Artists and Models Abroad

As the Earth Turns (1938 film)

Avec les Hommes de l'eau

Baghban (1938 film)

Balan (film)

Baldwin's Wedding

Bank Holiday (film)

Bar 20 Justice

Barefoot Boy (film)

Barnab (film)

Battle of Broadway

Be Up to Date

Bear Facts (film)

Beautiful Mexico

Beautiful Star

Bed and Breakfast (1938 film)

Bedtime Story (1938 film)

Below the Surface

Between the Parents

Bhabhi (1938 film)

Billy the Kid Returns

Bint el-Basha el-Mudir

Bituing Marikit

Blaavand melder storm

Black Bandit

Black Diamonds (1938 film)

Blind Alibi


Blockade (1938 film)

Blond Cheat

Blondes at Work

Blondes for Danger

Blondie (1938 film)

Bluebeard's Eighth Wife

Boat Builders (film)


Border G-Man

Border Wolves

Born to Be Wild (1938 film)

Boy Meets Dog!

Boy Meets Girl (1938 film)

Boys Town (film)

Boys' School

Brahmachari (1938 film)

Brave Little Tailor

Break the News (film)

Breaking the Ice (film)

Bringing Up Baby

Broadway Musketeers

Brother Rat

Bulldog Drummond in Africa

Bulldog Drummond's Peril

Buzzy Boop

By a Silken Thread

Br Brson Jr. (1938 film)

Caf de Paris (film)

California Frontier

Call of the Rockies (1938 film)

Call of the Yukon

Call the Mesquiteers

Calling All Crooks

Came the Brawn

Campus Confessions

Canned Fishing

Capriccio (1938 film)

Captain Benoit

Career (1938 film)

Carefree (film)

Carmen, la de Triana

Cassidy of Bar 20

Castillos en el aire

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Cattle Raiders


Change of Heart (1938 film)

Charlie Chan in Honolulu

Chinatown Nights (1938 film)

Chocolate and Soldiers

Cinderella Meets Fella

Cipher Bureau (film)

City Girl (1938 film)

City Streets (1938 film)

Climbing High

Cocoanut Grove (film)

Code of the Rangers

College Swing

Come On, Leathernecks!

Come On, Rangers

Comet Over Broadway

Coming of Age (1938 film)

Comrades at Sea

Comrades in Uniform

Condemned Women

Conflict (1938 film)

Convict 99

Convicted (1938 film)

Count Me Out (1938 film)

Covered Tracks

Cowboy from Brooklyn

Cracked Ice

Crackerjack (1938 film)

Crashing Hollywood (1938 film)

Crashing Through Danger

Crime Ring (film)

Crime School

Crime Takes a Holiday

Crossroads (1938 film)

Dad and Dave Come to Town

Daddy Long Legs (1938 film)

Daffy Duck & Egghead

Daffy Duck in Hollywood

Dakshayagnam (1938 film)

Danger on the Air

Dangerous Medicine

Dangerous to Know

Daredevil Drivers

Darts Are Trumps

De Guitenstreken van Jopie Slim en Dickie Bigmans

Dead Men Tell No Tales (1938 film)

Declaration of Independence (film)

Delinquent Parents

Departure (1938 film)

Desa Munnetram

Desert Patrol (film)

Destiny (1938 film)

Det drnner gjennom dalen

Dharti Mata (film)

Dial 999 (1938 film)

Diao Chan (film)

Dick Tracy Returns

Doctor Aybolit (film)

Doctor Rhythm

Dollar (film)

Donald's Better Self

Donald's Golf Game

Donald's Nephews

Dos amigos y un amor

Dos cadetes

Double Danger (1938 film)

Double or Quits (1938 film)

Down in 'Arkansaw'

Down on the Farm (1938 film)

Dramatic School (film)

Druh mld

Duchek Will Fix It

Dulhan (1938 film)

Durango Valley Raiders

Easy Riches

El Casamiento de Chichilo

El Gran camarada

El Mono relojero

El Rosario de Amozoc

El diablo con faldas

El hotel de los chiflados

Eli Sjursdotter

Ernest the Rebel

Ettore Fieramosca (1938 film)

Everybody Sing (1938 film)

Everybody's Doing It (1938 film)

Everything Happens to Me (1938 film)

Exposed (1938 film)

Faded Melody

Fallen Blossoms

Farmyard Symphony

Fast Company (1938 film)

Father O'Nine

Fatima (1938 film)

Federal Man-Hunt

Feed 'em and Weep

Female Fugitive (1938 film)

Ferdinand the Bull (film)

Five Million Look for an Heir

Five Scouts

Five of a Kind

Flaming Frontiers

Flash Gordon's Trip to Mars

Flat Foot Stooges

Flight Into Nowhere

Flight to Fame

Flirting with Fate (1938 film)

Follow Your Star

Fools for Scandal

Football Romeo

For Better, for Worse (1938 film)

For Men Only (1938 film)

Forbidden Love (1938 film)

Forbidden Valley (film)

Forty Years

Four Daughters

Four Men and a Prayer

Four's a Crowd

Frau Sixta

Freight from Baltimore

Freshman Year (film)

Friends (1938 film)

From the Hills to the Valley

Frontier Scout (1938 film)

Frontier Town (film)

Fugitives for a Night

Fusilier Wipf

Gambling Ship (1938 film)

Gang Bullets

Gang Smashers

Gangs of New York (1938 film)

Gangster's Boy

Gangway (film)

Garden of the Moon (film)


Gateway (film)

Gehenna (1938 film)

Gestern und heute

Ghost Town Riders

Gibraltar (1938 film)

Girls on Probation

Girls' School (1938 film)

Giuseppe Verdi (film)

Give Me a Sailor

Glamour Girl (1938 film)

Go Chase Yourself

God's Step Children

Going Places (1938 film)

Gold Diggers in Paris

Gold Is Where You Find It

Gold Mine in the Sky

Golden Venus

Good Friends and Faithful Neighbours (1938 film)

Good Scouts

Goodbye Broadway

Goodbye Buenos Aires

Gopal Krishna (1938 film)

Gora (film)

Gorakh Aya

Gruhalakshmi (1938 film)

Guilty Trails

Gun Law (1938 film)

Gunsmoke Trail

Happy Landing (1938 film)

Hard to Get (1938 film)

Have You Got Any Castles

Having Wonderful Time

Hawaii Calls (film)

Hawaiian Buckaroo

Hawk of the Wilderness

He Couldn't Say No

Healthy, Wealthy and Dumb

Heart of Arizona

Heart of the North

Heartbeat (1938 film)

Heer Sial (1938 film)

Heimat (1938 film)

Held for Ransom (1938 film)

Help Me to Live

Her Jungle Love

Hercule (film)

Heroes of the Hills

Hey! Hey! USA

Hide and Shriek

High Society (1932 film)

Highway Patrol (film)

His Exciting Night

His Lordship Goes to Press

His Lordship Regrets

Hold My Hand (film)

Hold That Co-ed

Hold That Kiss

Holiday (1938 film)

Hollywood Stadium Mystery

Honest Love and True

Honeysuckle (film)

Housemaster (film)

Hum Tum Aur Woh (1938 film)

Hunted Men

Htel du Nord

I Am a Criminal

I Am the Law (1938 film)

I Demand Payment

I Met My Love Again

I See Ice

I Stand Accused

I Want to Live with Letizia

I Was an Adventuress (1938 film)

I defended a woman

I'll Give a Million (1938 film)

I'm From the City

I've Got a Horse

If I Were King

If War Comes Tomorrow

Illegal Traffic

In Early Arizona

In Old Chicago

In Old Mexico

In the Sun of Marseille

Incident in Shanghai

Inside Nazi Germany

Inspector Hornleigh (film)

International Crime (1938 film)

International Settlement (film)

Invisible Enemy (film)

Island in the Sky (1938 film)

It's All in Your Mind (film)

It's in the Air

It's in the Blood

J'accuse! (1938 film)

Jailor (1938 film)

Jalaja (1938 film)

Jane Steps Out

Jarka a Vra

Jej pastorkyn


Jezebel (1938 film)

Jiban Maran

John Halifax (film)

Johnny Smith and Poker-Huntas

Josette (1938 film)

Joy of Living

Judge Hardy's Children

Julia jubilerar

Jungle Jitters

Just Around the Corner

Just a Bugler

Juvenile Court (film)

Kate Plus Ten (film)

Katia (film)

Katnip Kollege

Keep Smiling (1938 film)

Kentucky (film)

Kentucky Moonshine

Kicking the Moon Around

Kidnapped (1938 film)

Kilmetro 111

King of Alcatraz

King of the Newsboys

King of the Sierras

Klapzubova jedenctka

Knight of the Plains

Kobiety nad przepaci

Komsomolsk (film)

Kociuszko pod Racawicami

La Bte Humaine (film)

La Chismosa

La Estancia de gaucho Cruz

La Marseillaise (film)

La Piste du sud

La Voz del tambor

La Vuelta al nido

La Zandunga (film)

La que no perdon

La rubia del camino

Ladies in Distress

Lady Behave!

Land of Fighting Men

Lassie from Lancashire

Law of the Plains

Law of the Texan

Law of the Underworld

Lawless Valley

Lenkene brytes

Les Femmes collantes

Let George Do It (1938 film)

Letter of Introduction

Life Goes On (1938 film)

Life on the Hegn Farm

Lightning Carson Rides Again

Lightning Conductor (film)

Lights of Paris

Lily of Laguna (film)

Listen, Darling

Little Miss Broadway

Little Miss Roughneck

Little Miss Thoroughbred

Little Orphan Annie (1938 film)

Little Pancho Vanilla

Little Tough Guy

Little Tough Guys in Society

Lord Jeff

Love Finds Andy Hardy

Love Is a Headache

Love Letters from Engadin

Love and Curses

Love on a Budget

Love, Honor and Behave

Luck of the Navy

Lutaru Lalna

Mad About Music

Maestro Levita

Magda Expelled

Maid's Night Out

Make It Three

Making the Headlines

Mala Pilla

Mal velc podvodnci


Man from Music Mountain (1938 film)

Man's Country


Many Tanks Mr. Atkins

Marie Antoinette (1938 film)

Marigold (1938 film)

Marika (film)

Mask (1938 film)

Maya Mayavan

Meet Mr. Penny

Meet the Girls

Meetha Zahar

Men Are Such Fools

Men in Fright

Men of the Sea

Men with Wings


Merrily We Live

Mickey's Parrot

Mickey's Trailer

Midnight Intruder

Miracles Do Happen

Mirages (1938 film)

Mirror of Life

Mis dos amores


Monika (1938 film)

Monsieur Coccinelle

Moth and the Flame

Mother Carey's Chickens (film)

Mother Goose Goes Hollywood

Mother Love (1938 film)

Mountains O'Mourne

Mr. Boggs Steps Out

Mr. Chump

Mr. Doodle Kicks Off

Mr. Moto Takes a Chance

Mr. Moto's Gamble

Mr. Reeder in Room 13

Mr. Satan (film)

Mr. Wong, Detective

Murder Tomorrow

Murder in the Family

Mutts to You

My Bill

My Dear Miss Aldrich

My Irish Molly

My Lucky Star (1938 film)

My Old Kentucky Home (1938 film)

Mysterious Mr. Moto

Mystery House (1938 film)

Nancy Drew... Detective

Nandakumar (film)

Nanking (1938 film)

Nanon (1938 film)

Naples of Olden Times

Napoleon Is to Blame for Everything

Newsboys' Home

Next Time I Marry

Night Alone

Night Spot

Nights in Andalusia

Nights of Princes (1938 film)

Nirmala (1938 film)

No Parking

No Time to Marry

Nonna Felicit


North Sea (1938 film)

Now That Summer is Gone

Number 111 (1938 film)

Numbered Woman

Of Human Hearts

Oh Boy! (1938 film)

Oh Iboe

Old Bones of the River

Old Iron

Old Mother Riley in Paris

Olympia (1938 film)

On Velvet

On the Great White Trail

One Bad Knight

One Wild Night (film)

Orage (film)

Orphans of the Street

Ostatnia brygada

Our Day

Out West with the Hardys

Out of the Inkwell (1938 film)

Outlaw Express

Outlaws of Sonora

Outside of Paradise

Over the Wall (film)

Overland Stage Raiders

Owd Bob (1938 film)

Padre de ms de cuatro

Paid in Error

Painted Desert (1938 film)

Pals of the Saddle

Pampa y cielo

Panamint's Bad Man

Paradise for Three

Paroled from the Big House

Paroled To Die

Partners of the Plains

Party Fever

Passport Husband

Paths of Faith

Pawe i Gawe

Peat-Bog Soldiers

Peck's Bad Boy with the Circus

Peg-Leg Pedro

Penitentiary (1938 film)

Penny Paradise

Penrod and His Twin Brother

Penrod's Double Trouble

People Who Travel (1938 French-language film)

People Who Travel (1938 German-language film)


Personal Secretary

Pescadores de perlas

Peter the Great (1937 film)

Phantom Gold (1938 film)

Phantom Ranger (1938 film)

Pietro Micca (film)

Pioneer Trail (film)

Polar Trappers

Por mis pistolas (1938 film)

Porky & Daffy

Porky in Egypt

Porky in Wackyland

Porky's Five & Ten

Porky's Hare Hunt

Porky's Party

Porky's Spring Planting

Port of Seven Seas

Port of Shadows

Pour le Mrite (film)

Practical Jokers

Prairie Justice

Prairie Moon

Premiere (1938 film)

Pride (1938 film)

Pride of the West

Princess Tarakanova (1938 film)

Prison Break (film)

Prison Farm (film)

Prison Nurse

Prison Train

Prison Without Bars

Prison sans barreaux

Profesor Wilczur

Professor Beware

Professor Mamlock (1938 film)

Pudgy the Watchman

Punjab Kesari (film)

Pygmalion (1938 film)

Quadrille (1938 film)

Queer Cargo

Racket Busters

Radio City Revels

Ramuntcho (1938 film)

Rascals (1938 film)

Rasputin (1938 film)

Rawhide (1938 film)

Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm (1938 film)

Rebellious Daughters

Reckless Living (1938 film)

Red Barry (serial)

Red Orchids

Red River Range

Reformatory (film)

Rena (film)

Return at Dawn

Rhythm of the Saddle

Rich Man, Poor Girl

Ride a Crooked Mile

Riders of the Black Hills

Riding the Rails

Rio Grande (1938 film)

Road Demon

Robert and Bertram (1938 film)

Rollin' Plains

Rolling Caravans

Romance in the Dark

Romance of the Limberlost

Romance on the Run

Room Service (1938 film)

Rose of the Rio Grande

Rough Riding Rhythm

Roxy and the Wonderteam

Rzi Friday

S.O.S. Sahara

Safety in Numbers (1938 film)

Sailing Along

Sally Swing

Sally, Irene and Mary

Sally, Irene and Mary (1938 film)

Santa Fe Stampede

Sathi (1938 film)

Save a Little Sunshine

Say It in French

Scandal Street

Scruffy (1938 film)

Second Best Bed

Second Thoughts (1938 film)

Second Youth (1938 film)

Secret Code LB 17

Secrets of a Nurse

Secrets of an Actress

Self Control (film)

Serce matki

Sergeant Berry

Sergeant Murphy

Service de Luxe


Sex Madness

Sexton Blake and the Hooded Terror

Shadows Over Shanghai

Shadows Over St. Pauli

Shajarat al-Durr (film)

Sharpshooters (film)

Shine On, Harvest Moon (1938 film)

Show Business (1938 film)

Silver Top

Simply Terrific

Sing You Sinners (film)

Sinners in Paradise

Six Shootin' Sheriff

Six-Gun Trail

Sixty Glorious Years

Sky Giant

Slander House

Smashing the Rackets

Smashing the Spy Ring

So You Don't Know Korff Yet?

Song of the Buckaroo

Songs and Bullets

Songs and Saddles

Sons of the Legion

South Riding (film)

South of Arizona

Spawn of the North

Special Edition (film)

Special Inspector

Speed to Burn

Spirit of Youth

Spring Madness

Squadron of Honor

Sri Ramanujar

St. Martin's Lane (film)


Stagecoach Days

Star of the Circus

Star of the Sea (1938 film)

Starlight Over Texas

Start Cheering

State Express

State Police (film)

Stepping Toes

Stolen Heaven (1938 film)

Storm Over Bengal

Storm Over the Skerries

Storm over Asia (1938 film)

Storms in May

Straight, Place and Show

Strange Boarders

Strange Faces

Street Singer (film)

Street Without Joy (film)

Styrman Karlssons flammor

Su adorable majadero

Submarine Patrol

Sucedi en La Habana

Suez (film)

Sun over Sweden

Sunset Murder Case

Svt kde se ebr

Sweet Devil

Sweethearts (1938 film)

Swing (1938 film)

Swing It, Sailor!

Swing That Cheer

Swing Your Lady

Swing, Sister, Swing

Swingtime in the Movies

Swiss Miss (film)

Talaq (1938 film)

Tarnished Angel

Tarzan's Revenge

Tassels in the Air

Tea Leaves in the Wind

Teen Sau Din Ke Baad

Ten Laps to Go

Tenth Avenue Kid

Termites of 1938

Test Pilot (film)

Thank Evans

Thanks for Everything (1938 film)

Thanks for the Memory (film)

That Certain Age

That Mothers Might Live

Thayumanavar (1938 film)

The Abe Clan (1938 film)

The Adventures of Marco Polo

The Adventures of Robin Hood

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (1938 film)

The Affairs of Annabel

The Alamo: Shrine of Texas Liberty

The Amazing Dr. Clitterhouse

The Arkansas Traveler (film)

The Awful Tooth

The Baker's Wife (film)

The Barber of Seville (1938 film)

The Baroness and the Butler

The Bear (1938 film)

The Beloved Brat

The Big Broadcast of 1938

The Birth of a Baby

The Black Doll

The Blue Fox (1938 film)

The Broken Melody (1938 film)

The Buccaneer (1938 film)

The Caranchos of Florida (film)

The Challenge (1938 film)

The Chaser (1938 film)

The Chess Player (1938 film)

The Childhood of Maxim Gorky

The Citadel (1938 film)

The Claydon Treasure Mystery

The Colorado Trail (film)

The Count of Brechard

The Cowboy and the Lady (1938 film)

The Crime of Doctor Hallet

The Crowd Roars (1938 film)

The Cuckoo Clock (film)

The Curtain Rises

The Daffy Doc

The Dark Stairway

The Dawn Patrol (1938 film)

The Deruga Case (film)

The Devil's Party

The Divorce of Lady X

The Doll (1938 film)

The Drum (1938 film)

The Duke Is Tops

The Duke of West Point

The Feud Maker

The Fighting Devil Dogs

The First Hundred Years (film)

The Four Companions (film)

The Fox Hunt (1938 film)

The Frontiersmen

The Gables Mystery

The Gambler (1938 film)

The Gaunt Stranger

The Ghost Cat and the Mysterious Shamisen

The Giant (1938 film)

The Girl Downstairs

The Girl of Last Night

The Girl of the Golden West (1938 film)

The Gladiator (1938 film)

The Goldwyn Follies

The Great Adventures of Wild Bill Hickok

The Great Citizen

The Great Dawn

The Great Heart

The Great Love (1938 film)

The Great Waltz (1938 film)

The Great and the Little Love

The Headleys at Home

The Higgins Family

The House of Shame (1938 film)

The Indian Tomb (1938 film)

The Invisible Menace

The Isle of Pingo Pongo

The Jury's Secret

The Kid Comes Back

The King Kong That Appeared in Edo

The Lady Objects

The Lady Vanishes

The Lady in White

The Lady in the Morgue (film)

The Lafarge Case

The Lantern (1938 film)

The Last Barricade

The Last Enemy (film)

The Last Express (film)

The Last Stand (1938 film)

The Law They Forgot

The Law West of Tombstone

The Little Adventuress (1938 film)

The Little Ranger

The Little Thing (1938 film)

The Londonderry Air (film)

The Lone Ranger (serial)

The Lone Wolf in Paris

The Mad Miss Manton

The Main Event (1938 film)

The Major Lied 'Til Dawn

The Man Who Couldn't Say No (1938 film)

The Man with the Gun

The Marines Are Here

The Marines Come Thru

The Marriage Swindler

The Masseurs and a Woman

The Merry Wives

The Mexicali Kid

The Missing Guest

The Mountain Calls

The Muzzle (1938 film)

The Mysterious Rider (1938 film)

The Mystery of Betty Bonn

The Negro Farmer

The New Moscow

The Newsie and the Lady

The Night Hawk (1938 film)

The Night Watchman (1938 film)

The Night of Decision (1938 film)

The Novel of Werther

The Nurse from Brooklyn

The Old Barn Dance

The Overland Express

The Painted Trail (1938 film)

The Patient in Room 18 (film)

The Patriot (1938 film)

The Penguin Parade

The Playful Polar Bears

The Port of Missing Girls (1938 film)

The Puritan (film)

The Purple Vigilantes

The Rage of Paris

The Rangers' Round-Up

The Rebel Son

The Renegade Ranger

The Return of Carol Deane

The Return of the Frog

The River (1938 film)

The Road to Reno (1938 film)

The Roundabouts of Handsome Karl

The Saint in New York (film)

The Secret Lie

The Secret of Treasure Island

The Secretary (1938 film)

The Shanghai Drama

The Shining Hour

The Ship That Died

The Shopworn Angel

The Singing Cop (film)

The Singing Cowgirl

The Singing Outlaw

The Sisters (1938 film)

The Sky's the Limit (1938 film)

The Sneezing Weasel

The Song of the Scarlet Flower (1938 film)

The Spider's Web (serial)

The Spy Ring

The Stars Shine

The Stolen Death

The Storm (1938 film)

The Strange Case of Dr. Meade

The Strange Monsieur Victor

The Stranger from Arizona

The Swing School

The Terror (1938 film)

The Terror of Tiny Town

The Texans

The Tiger of Eschnapur (1938 film)

The Time of the Cherries (film)

The Toy Wife

The Train for Venice

The Two Mothers

The Utah Trail

The Villiers Diamond

The Viper (1938 film)

The Wages of Sin (1938 film)

The Ware Case (1938 film)

The West (1938 film)

The Whalers

The Woman Thief

The Woman at the Crossroads

The Woman of Monte Carlo

The Young in Heart

There Goes My Heart (film)

There's Always a Woman

There's That Woman Again

They Drive by Night (1938 film)

They're Always Caught

They've Kidnapped a Man

Thirteen Chairs (1938 film)

This Man Is News

This Marriage Business

Thistledown (film)

Three Argentines in Paris

Three Artillerymen at the Opera

Three Blind Mice (1938 film)

Three Comrades (1938 film)

Three Loves Has Nancy

Three Men in a Tub

Three Missing Links

Three Waltzes

Three on a Rope

Thrills and Chills


Thunder and Lightning (1938 film)

Thunder in the Desert

Timber Toppers

Time Out for Murder

Tip-Off Girls

Titans of the Deep

Tom Sawyer, Detective (film)

Tonight at Eleven

Too Hot to Handle (1938 film)

Too Much Johnson (1938 film)

Topa Topa

Topper Takes a Trip

Torchy Blane in Panama

Torchy Gets Her Man

Touchdown, Army

Tough Kid

Trade Winds (film)

Treasure Island (1938 film)

Triad (film)

Tricoche and Cacolet

Triumph of Love (1938 film)

Tropic Holiday

Two Gun Justice

Two Gun Man from Harlem

Typhoon Treasure

Ultimatum (1938 film)

Under Western Stars

Under the Big Top

Under the Southern Cross (1938 film)

Undercover Men


Up the River (1938 film)

Urlaub auf Ehrenwort (1938 film)

Vacation from Love

Vachan (1938 film)

Valibar Sangham

Valley of the Giants (film)

Vanaraja Karzan

Vandiny trampoty

Veera Jagathis

Vessel of Wrath

Victory (1938 film)

Violent Is the Word for Curly

Vivacious Lady


Walking Down Broadway

Wanted by Scotland Yard

Wanted by the Police

Watan (film)

We're Going to Be Rich

Weddings Are Wonderful

Wee Wee Monsieur

West of Cheyenne (1938 film)

West of Rainbow's End

West of the Santa Fe

Western Jamboree

Western Trails

What Price Porky

What a Man! (1938 film)

When G-Men Step In

When Were You Born

Where the Buffalo Roam (1938 film)

Where the West Begins (1938 film)

While Mexico Sleeps

While New York Sleeps (1938 film)

Whirlwind Horseman

White Banners

Who Goes Next?

Who Killed Gail Preston?

Wholly Smoke

Wide Open Faces

Wild Horse Canyon

Wish upon a Pike

With Broken Wings

Wives Under Suspicion

Woman Against Woman

Women Are Like That

Women Who Work (1938 film)

Women for Golden Hill

Women's Prison (1938 film)

Wort und Tat

Wrzos (film)

Wynken, Blynken and Nod (film)


Yellow Jack

Yellow Sands (film)

Yes, Madam?

You Can't Take It with You (film)

You and I (1938 film)

You and Me (1938 film)

You're an Education

You're the Doctor

Young Dr. Kildare

Young Fugitives

Youth Takes a Fling

Yvette (1938 film)

Zangezur (film)

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