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Movies from 1936

't Was n April

13 Hours by Air

15 Maiden Lane

27 Rue de la Paix

30 karatw szczcia

36 Hours to Kill

65, 66 and I

A Coach for Cinderella

A Face in the Fog

A Hen on a Wall

A Hoax

A Legionnaire

A Man Betrayed (1936 film)

A Message to Garcia

A Message to Garcia (film)

A Pain in the Pullman

A Severe Young Man

A Son Comes Home

A Song a Day

A Star Fell from Heaven (1936 film)

A Strange Guest

A Wedding Dream

A Wife or Two

A Woman Alone (1936 film)

A Woman Between Two Worlds

A Woman Rebels

A Woman in Danger

A Woman of No Importance (1936 film)

Absolute Quiet

Accent on Girls

Accidental Meeting (1936 film)

Accused (1936 film)

Ace Drummond (serial)

Aces Wild

Aces and Eights (film)

Achhut Kannya

Across the Desert

Adam's Tree

Adventure (1936 film)

Adventure in Manhattan

Adventure in Paris

After the Thin Man

Alibi for Murder

All American Chump

All In (film)

All That Glitters (1936 film)

All at Sea (1935 film)

All en el Rancho Grande

Along Came Love

Alpine Antics (1936 film)

Amalia (1936 film)

Amar Jyoti

Ambush Valley

An All-American Toothache

And So They Were Married

And Sudden Death

Anne-Marie (film)

Annie Laurie (1936 film)

Anthony Adverse

Ants in the Pantry

Anything Goes (1936 film)

Arbor Day (film)

Arirang 3

Arizona Mahoney

As You Like It (1936 film)

August Weekend

Augustus the Strong (film)

Ave Maria (1936 film)

Avenging Waters

Bach the Detective

Back to Nature

Baghi Sipahi

Ball at Savoy (1936 film)

Baltic Deputy

Banjo on My Knee (film)

Barbara Radziwiwna (film)

Bayonet (1936 film)

Be Human (film)

Beach Combers

Beethoven Concerto

Beethoven's Great Love

Beloved Enemy

Beloved Imposter

Below the Deadline (1936 film)

Bengal Tiger (1936 film)

Betty Boop and the Little King

Beware of Ladies

Bhishma (1936 film)

Big Brown Eyes

Bingo Crosbyana

Birds of a Feather (1936 film)

Black Eyes (1936 film)

Black Gold (1936 film)

Blackmailer (1936 film)

Blazing Justice

Blind Man's Bluff (1936 film)

Blood on Wolf Mountain

Blue Blazes

Boccaccio (1936 film)

Bohaterowie Sybiru

Bolek i Lolek (film)

Bonequinha de Seda

Boom Boom (film)

Border Caballero

Border Flight

Bored of Education

Born That Way (film)

Born to Dance

Born to Fight (1936 film)

Bottles (film)

Boulder Dam (film)

Boulevardier from the Bronx

Brand of the Outlaws

Brides Are Like That

Brilliant Marriage

Broken Blossoms (1936 film)

Bulldog Edition

Bullets or Ballots

Bunker Bean

Burning Gold (1936 film)

Busman's Holiday (1936 film)

But It's Nothing Serious

By the Bluest of Seas

Bdzie lepiej

Cafe Mascot

Cafe Moscow

Cain and Mabel

California Mail

Call of the Prairie

Calling the Tune

Camel Through the Eye of a Needle

Camille (1936 film)

Can This Be Dixie?


Captain Bill

Captain Calamity (film)

Captain January (1936 film)

Career Woman (film)

Caryl of the Mountains

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Catherine the Last

Cavalcade of the West

Cavalry (1936 American film)

Cavalry (1936 Italian film)

Ceiling Zero

Champagne Charlie (1936 film)

Chandra Mohana

Chandrahasan (film)


Charlie Chan at the Circus

Charlie Chan at the Opera

Charlie Chan at the Race Track

Charlie Chan's Secret

Chatterbox (1936 film)

Cheer Up (film)

Chick (1936 film)

China Clipper (film)

Chiranjeevi (1936 film)

Christmas Comes But Once a Year

Circus (1936 film)

Cirkusrevyen 1936

City of Anatol

Code of the Range

Colleen (1936 film)

College Holiday

Collegiate (1936 film)

Come Closer, Folks

Come and Get It (1936 film)

Comin' Round the Mountain (1936 film)

Compliments of Mister Flow

Confessions of a Cheat

Conflict (1936 film)

Conquest of the Air

Conscientious Objector Adolf

Convict (film)

Corner in Madrid

Cosmic Voyage (1936 film)

Counsel for Romance

Counterfeit (1936 film)

Counterfeit Lady

Country Gentlemen (film)

Court Theatre (film)

Crack-Up (1936 film)

Craig's Wife (1936 film)

Crash Donovan

Crazy Dandy

Crime Over London

Crown v. Stevens

Currito of the Cross (1936 film)

Custer's Last Stand (serial)

Csar (film)

Daddy Gets Married

Dancing Feet (film)

Dancing Pirate

Dangerous Intrigue

Dangerous Waters (1936 film)

Daniel Boone (1936 film)

Darkest Africa

David Livingstone (film)

Dawn of Paris

Death on the Run (1936 film)

Debt of Honour

Deccan Queen (film)

Delightful Story

Der Kaiser von Kalifornien

Der Kampf (film)

Desert Gold (1936 film)

Desert Guns

Desert Justice

Desert Phantom

Desfile deportivo

Desire (1936 film)

Devdas (1936 film)

Devil's Squadron

Dimples (1936 film)

Dinner Is Served

Dishonour Bright

Disk 413

Disorder in the Court

Divot Diggers

Do Diwane

Dodek na froncie

Dodge City Trail (film)

Dodging the Dole

Dodsworth (film)

Don Quijote del altillo

Don't Gamble with Love

Don't Get Personal (1936 film)

Don't Look Now (1936 film)

Don't Turn 'Em Loose

Donald and Pluto

Donogoo Tonka

Double or Nothing (1936 film)

Doughnuts and Society

Down the Stretch (1936 film)

Down to the Sea

Dracula's Daughter

Draupadi Vastrapaharanam (1936 film)

Dreams Come True (film)

Drift Fence

Dubrovsky (film)

Dummy Ache

Dusty Ermine

Early to Bed (1936 film)

Earthworm Tractors

East Meets West (1936 film)

Easy Money (1936 film)

Easy to Take

Educated Evans (film)

Educating Father

Een Zomerzotheid

Eliza Comes to Stay

Ellis Island (1936 film)

Elmer Elephant

Empty Saddles

End of the Trail (1936 film)


Escapade (1936 film)

Every Saturday Night

Every Sunday

Everybody Dance (film)

Everybody's Old Man

Everything Is Rhythm

Everything Is Thunder

Everything in Life

Ewiger Wald

Exclusive Story

Excursion Train

Excuse My Glove


Fair Exchange (film)

Faithful (1936 film)

False Alarms (film)

Fame (1936 film)

Family Parade

Fast Bullets

Fatal Lady

Father Vojtech (1936 film)

Federal Agent

Feud of the West

Find the Lady (1936 film)

Fish Tales (film)

Flash Gordon (serial)

Florida Special

Flowers from Nice

Flying Hostess

Follow Your Heart (1936 film)

Follow the Fleet

For the Service

Forget Me Not (1936 film)

Forgotten Faces (1936 film)

Forty Little Mothers (1936 film)

Four Days' Wonder

Frankie and Johnny (1936 film)

Freshman Love

Frulein Lilli

Frulein Veronika

Fugitive in the Sky

Full Speed Ahead (1936 film)

Fury (1936 film)

Fury Below

Fhrmann Maria

Galaxy of Stars

Galloping Dynamite

Gambling with Souls

Game on Board

Gaol Break

Garuda Garvabhangam

General Spanky

Gentle Julia (1936 film)

Ghost Patrol

Ghost Town (1936 film)

Ghost-Town Gold

Girl Friends (1936 film)

Girl of the Ozarks

Girls in White

Girls of Paris

Girls' Dormitory

Give Me Liberty (1936 film)

Give Me Your Heart (film)

Give Us This Night

Go West, Young Man


Goal (1936 film)

God's Will Be Done

Gold Diggers of 1937

Grama Kanya

Grampy's Indoor Outing

Grand Finale (film)

Grand Jury (film)

Grand Slam Opera

Great Guy

Guilty Melody

Gun Grit

Gun Smoke (1936 film)

Guns and Guitars

Gypsy Melody

Hail and Farewell (film)

Hair-Trigger Casey

Half Angel (1936 film)

Half Shot Shooters

Half-Rate Honeymoon

Hamari Betiyan

Hannerl and Her Lovers (1936 film)

Happy Days Are Here Again (film)

Happy Go Lucky (1936 film)

Happy You and Merry Me

Harvest (1936 film)

Hats Off (1936 film)

He, She and the Money

Head Office (1936 film)

Headin' for the Rio Grande

Headline Crasher

Heart of the West (film)

Hearts Divided

Hearts in Bondage

Hearts of Humanity (1936 film)

Hell-Ship Morgan

Hello, Hello, Carnival!

Help Me to Live

Her Master's Voice

Here Comes Carter

Here Comes Trouble (1936 film)

Heroes of the Range

Hideaway Girl

High Tension (1936 film)

Highland Fling (film)

Hilde and the Volkswagen

Hind Mahila

His Brother's Wife

His Daughter is Called Peter (1936 film)

His Lordship (1936 film)

Hitch Hike to Heaven

Hollywood Boulevard (1936 film)

Hopalong Cassidy Returns

Hot Money (film)

Hot News (1936 film)

House Broken (1936 film)

House of Secrets (1936 film)

How to Behave

How to Train a Dog

Human Cargo (film)

Hlne (film)

I Conquer the Sea!

I Cover Chinatown

I Don't Know You Anymore

I Live Again

I Love to Singa

I Married a Doctor

I Wanna Play House

I'd Give My Life

I'll Name the Murderer

I'm a Big Shot Now

Idaho Kid

If I Were Rich

If We All Were Angels

In the Soup (1936 film)

Incident of the 7th Bamboo Flute

Intermezzo (1936 film)

Irca's Romance

Irish and Proud of It (film)

Irish for Luck

Iru Sahodarargal

Isle of Fury

It Couldn't Have Happened But It Did

It Had to Happen

It Pays to Advertise (1936 film)

It's Love Again

It's You I Want

It's in the Bag (1936 film)

Jack of All Trades (1936 film)

Jacques and Jacotte

Jailbreak (1936 film)

Janghwa Hongryeon jeon (1936 film)

Janmabhoomi (1936 film)

Jeevan Lata

Jeevan Naiya

Jenny (1936 film)

Joe the Red

Johan Ulfstjerna (1936 film)

Journey to Arzrum (film)

Juan Moreira (1936 film)

Juan Pistolas (1936 film)

Judas (1936 film)

Jugend der Welt. Der Film von den IV. Olympischen Winterspielen in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Juggernaut (1936 film)

Jury's Evidence

Just My Luck (1936 film)


Keep Your Seats, Please

Kelly of the Secret Service

Kelly the Second


Kiko Foils the Fox

Kiko and the Honey Bears

Killer at Large (1936 film)

King of Burlesque

King of Diamonds (film)

King of Hearts (1936 film)

King of Hockey

King of the Castle (1936 film)

King of the Pecos

King of the Royal Mounted (film)

Klokslag Twaalf

Klondike Annie

Kuchela (1936 film)

Kungen kommer

Kchiyama Sshun (1936 film)

La Damigella di Bard

La Garonne (1936 film)

La Peur (1936 film)

La Vie parisienne (1936 film)

La muchachada de a bordo

Laburnum Grove

Ladies in Love

Lady Be Careful

Lady Luck (1936 film)

Lady from Nowhere

Lady of Secrets

Land Without Music

Last of the Warrens

Late for a Date

Laughing Irish Eyes

Laughing at Trouble

Law and Lead

Le Golem

Legion of Terror


Les Hommes nouveaux

Les mutins de l'Elseneur

Let It Be Me (1936 film)

Let's Go with Pancho Villa

Let's Make a Dream

Let's Make a Million

Let's Sing Again

Libeled Lady

Life Belongs to Us

Lightnin' Bill Carson

Limelight (1936 film)

Little Beau Porky

Little Lord Fauntleroy (1936 film)

Little Miss Nobody (1936 film)

Little Nobody (film)

Living Dangerously (film)

Lloyd's of London (film)

Lo squadrone bianco

Lobsters (1936 film)


Lonely Road (film)

Love Before Breakfast

Love Begins at 20

Love Letters of a Star

Love Up the Pole

Love at Sea (1936 film)

Love in Exile

Love on a Bet

Love on the Run (1936 film)

Love's Awakening (1936 film)

Luck of the Turf

Lucky Corrigan

Lucky Fugitives

Lucky Kids

Lucky Terror

Lumpaci the Vagabond

M'Liss (1936 film)

Mad Holiday

Madras Mail (film)

Make Way for a Lady

Making Friends (film)

Malditas sean las mujeres

Man Hunt (1936 film)

Manmohan (film)

Manzil (1936 film)

Maria Marten, or The Murder in the Red Barn

Maria the Maid

Marihuana (1936 film)

Marihuana (El monstruo verde)

Marinella (film)

Mariners of the Sky

Marriage (1936 film)

Mary of Scotland (film)

Mara Elena (film)

Master Hands

Mayabazar (1936 film)

Mayerling (1936 film)

Meet Nero Wolfe

Melody in May

Melody of My Heart

Men Are Not Gods

Men of Yesterday

Men of the Plains


Merijntje Gijzens Jeugd

Mi Buenos Aires querido (1936 film)

Michel Strogoff (1936 film)

Mickey's Circus

Mickey's Elephant

Mickey's Polo Team

Mickey's Rival

Midnight Vampire

Midnight at Madame Tussaud's

Militiaman Bruggler

Milk and Money


Mind Your Own Business (film)

Miss Frontier Mail

Miss Kamala

Missing Girls

Mixed Magic

Modern Times (film)

Moonlight Murder

More Kittens

More Pep

More Than a Secretary

Morning's Tree-Lined Street

Moscow Moods


Mother Pluto

Mother, Don't Rush Me


Movie Maniacs

Moving Day (1936 film)

Mr. Cinderella

Mr. Deeds Goes to Town

Mr. Thank You

Mummy's Boys

Murder at Glen Athol

Murder at the Cabaret

Murder by Rope

Murder by an Aristocrat

Murder on a Bridle Path

Murder with Pictures

Music in the Square

Muss 'Em Up

My American Wife (1936 film)

My Father Was Right

My Man Godfrey

My Marriage

Mysterious Crossing

Mnilmontant (1936 film)

Naveena Sarangadhara

Neighborhood House (film)

Next Time We Love

Night Mail

Night Waitress

Nitchevo (1936 film)

No Escape (1936 film)

Nobody's Fool (1936 film)

Noites Cariocas

North of Nome (1936 film)

Not Now (1936 film)

Not So Dusty (1936 film)

Nothing Like Publicity

O Descobrimento do Brasil (film)

O'Malley of the Mounted (1936 film)

Oh, Susanna! (1936 film)

Old Hutch

On Top of the World (film)

On the Friendly Road

On the Road (1936 film)

On the Wrong Trek

Once in a Million

Once in the Summer

One Good Turn (1936 film)

One Rainy Afternoon

One in a Million (1936 film)


Op een Avond in Mei

Oranje Hein (1936 film)

Orphan of the Wilderness

Osaka Elegy

Ouanga (film)

Our Boy

Our Neighbors The Carters

Our Relations

Ourselves Alone (film)

Outlaws of the Range

Paddy O'Day

Page Miss Glory (1936 film)

Pagliacci (1936 film)

Palm Springs (1936 film)

Pan Twardowski (1936 film)

Panic on the Air


Paradise Road (1936 film)


Parisian Life (1936 film)

Parole Racket


Partie de campagne

Party Membership Card

Pater Damiaan terug

Pattinathar (1936 film)

Paul and Pauline

Pay Box Adventure

Pay as You Exit

Pearl Lust

Pennies from Heaven (1936 film)

Pepper (film)

Petroleum (film)

Petticoat Fever

Phantom Patrol

Phar Lap's Son

Piccadilly Jim (1936 film)

Pigskin Parade

Pinto Rustlers

Plane Dippy

Play Safe (1936 cartoon)

Polo Joe

Polygamy (film)

Poor Little Rich Girl (1936 film)

Poor Millionaires (1936 film)

Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor

Poppy (1923 musical)

Poppy (1936 film)

Porky in the North Woods

Porky's Pet

Porky's Poultry Plant

Porky's Super Service

Postal Inspector

Pot Luck (1936 film)

Pride of the Marines (1936 film)

Prison Breaker

Prison Shadows

Private Number (1936 film)

Public Enemy's Wife

Public Nuisance No. 1

Puerto nuevo (film)


Puppet Show (film)

Queen of Hearts (1936 film)

Racing Blood (1936 film)

Radio Bar

Radio Lover


Rainbow Dance

Rainbow on the River

Ramona (1936 film)

Rangle River

Reasonable Doubt (1936 film)

Rebellion (1936 film)

Red Lights Ahead

Red River Valley (1936 film)

Redes (film)

Reefer Madness

Rembrandt (1936 film)

Reunion (1936 film)

Revolt of the Zombies

Rhodes of Africa

Rhythm in the Air

Rhythm on the Range

Ride 'Em Cowboy (1936 film)

Ride Ranger Ride

Riders to the Sea (1936 film)

Riffraff (1936 film)

Rigolboche (film)

Ring Around the Moon (film)

Rio Grande Ranger

Rio Grande Romance

Rip Roarin' Buckaroo

Road Gang

Roamin' Wild

Roaming Lady

Roarin' Guns

Roarin' Lead

Robin Hood of El Dorado (film)

Robin Hood, Jr.

Robinson Crusoe of Clipper Island

Rogue of the Range

Romance (1936 film)

Romance Rides the Range

Romeo and Juliet (1936 film)

Rose Bowl (film)

Rose Hobart (film)

Rose Marie (1936 film)

Rose of the Rancho (1936 film)

Royal Eagle

Royal Waltz

Rubber (1936 film)

Rukmani Kalyanam

Ra (1936 film)

Sabotage (1936 film)


Samsara Nauka

Samson (1936 film)

San Francisco (1936 film)

Santa Fe Bound

Santos Vega (1936 film)

Sarala (film)

Satan Met a Lady

Sathi Leelavathi (1936 film)


Sati Tulasi

Savoy Hotel 217

Scandal at the Fledermaus


Sea Spoilers

Second Bureau (1936 film)

Second Childhood (film)

Second Wife (1936 film)

Secret Agent (1936 film)

Secret Patrol

Seekers of Happiness


Sensation (film)

Servants All

Sette giorni all'altro mondo

Seven Brave Men

Seven Men, One Woman

Seven Sinners (1936 film)

Seor Jim

Shadow of Chinatown

Shadows of the Past (1936 film)

Shakedown (1936 film)

She Knew What She Wanted

Shipwrecked Max

Show Boat (1936 film)

Show Flat

Silks and Saddles (1936 film)

Silly Billies

Silver Spurs (1936 film)

Sing Me a Love Song

Sing, Baby, Sing

Sinner Take All

Sins of Man

Sisters of the Gion

Sita Bibaha

Sitting on the Moon

Skunked Again


Slippery Silks

Small Town Girl (1936 film)

Smartest Girl in Town

Snowed Under


Soak the Rich

Soft Lights and Sweet Music

Someone at the Door (1936 film)

Somewhere in Dreamland

Son of Mongolia

Song and Dance Man (film)

Song of Freedom

Song of the Gringo

Song of the Saddle

Song of the Trail

Sons O' Guns

South of the Highway

Southern Roses

Special Investigator (film)

Speed (1936 film)

Spendthrift (film)

Spooky Hooky

Sporting Love (film)


Spy of Napoleon

Stage Struck (1936 film)

Stampede (1936 film)

Star for a Night (film)

Stars on Parade (1936 film)

Step on It (film)

Stormy Trails

Stowaway (1936 film)

Straight from the Shoulder (1936 film)

Strange Cargo (1936 film)

Strangers on Honeymoon

Street Music (1936 film)

Strike Me Pink (film)

Stronger Than Regulations

Substitute Wife

Such Is Life (1936 film)

Such Is Woman

Sudden Money

Sum Hun

Sun over Denmark

Sunday Go to Meetin' Time

Sunset of Power

Sunshine Ahead

Susanne in the Bath

Sutter's Gold

Suzy (film)

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (1936 film)

Swing Time (film)

Sworn Enemy (film)

Talk of the Devil

Taming the Wild

Tango (1936 film)

Taras Bulba (1936 film)

Tarzan Escapes

Thank You, Jeeves!

Thank You, Madame

That Girl from Paris

The Abduction of the Sabine Women (1936 film)

The Accusing Finger

The Accusing Song

The Adventures of Frank Merriwell (serial)

The Adventures of Pinocchio (unfinished film)

The Amateur Gentleman (1936 film)

The Amazing Quest of Ernest Bliss

The Ambassador (1936 film)

The Amnesiac

The Ancestor

The Anonymous Roylott

The Arizona Raiders

The Assault (1936 film)

The Avenging Hand

The Bank Messenger Mystery

The Beggar Student (1936 film)

The Belles of St. Clements

The Beloved Vagabond (1936 film)

The Big Broadcast of 1937

The Big Game (1936 film)

The Big Noise (1936 American film)

The Big Noise (1936 British film)

The Big Show (1936 film)

The Blow Out

The Bohemian Girl (1936 film)

The Bold Caballero

The Border Patrolman

The Boss Rider of Gun Creek

The Bride Walks Out

The Bridge of Sighs (1936 film)

The Brighton Twins

The Brown Wallet

The Bureaucrats (1936 film)

The Cabbie's Song

The Call of Silence

The Captain's Kid

The Captain's Table (1936 film)

The Cardinal (1936 film)

The Case Against Mrs. Ames

The Case of the Black Cat

The Case of the Velvet Claws

The Castle in Flanders

The Cat Came Back (1936 film)

The Cattle Thief

The Charge of the Light Brigade (1936 film)

The Chemist (film)

The Children of Captain Grant (film)

The Clutching Hand

The Cobweb Hotel

The Comedian's Princess

The CooCoo Nut Grove

The Country Beyond (1936 film)

The Country Cousin

The Country Doctor (1936 film)

The Court Concert

The Cowboy Star

The Cowboy and the Kid

The Crime Patrol

The Crime of Dr. Forbes

The Crime of Monsieur Lange

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke

The Crimson Circle (1936 film)

The Crooked Trail

The Czar's Courier

The Dance of Time

The Dancer and the Worker

The Dark Hour (1936 film)

The Dawn (film)

The Desert Island

The Devil Is a Sissy

The Devil on Horseback

The Devil-Doll

The Drag-Net (1936 film)

The Dream Doctor

The Dreamer (1936 film)

The Dying Land

The Early Bird (1936 film)

The Emperor's Candlesticks (1936 film)

The Empress's Favourite

The End of the Road (1936 film)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford

The Family Secret (1936 film)

The Farmer in the Dell (film)

The Final Hour (film)

The Fire Alarm

The First Baby

The First Offence

The Flame (1936 film)

The Flying Doctor

The Four Musketeers (1936 film)

The Fugitive Sheriff

The Garden Murder Case (film)

The Garden of Allah (1936 film)

The Gardens of Murcia (1936 film)

The Gay Adventure

The Gay Desperado

The General Died at Dawn

The Gentleman from Louisiana

The Ghost of Bragehus

The Girl Irene

The Girl from Mandalay

The Girl on the Front Page

The Girls of Uppakra

The Glory Trail

The Goalkeeper (1936 film)

The Golden Arrow (1936 film)

The Gorgeous Hussy

The Great Appeal

The Great Ziegfeld

The Green Pastures (film)

The Gun Ranger

The Happy Family (1936 film)

The Harvester

The Heirloom Mystery

The Hour of Temptation

The House of a Thousand Candles

The House of the Spaniard

The Hunter of Fall (1936 film)

The Impossible Woman (1936 film)

The Improper Duchess

The Interrupted Honeymoon

The Invisible Ray (1936 film)

The Jungle Princess

The Kid Ranger

The King (1936 film)

The King Steps Out

The Lady Becomes a Maid

The Lady Consents

The Lady from Trvelez (film)

The Last Four on Santa Cruz

The Last Journey

The Last Night (1936 film)

The Last Outlaw (1936 film)

The Last Waltz (1936 British film)

The Last Waltz (1936 French film)

The Last of the Mohicans (1936 film)

The Law Rides

The Law in Her Hands

The Lawless Nineties

The Leathernecks Have Landed

The Leavenworth Case (1936 film)

The Limping Man (1936 film)

The Lion Man (1936 film)

The Lion's Den (1936 film)

The Little Red Schoolhouse

The Lonely Trail

The Longest Night (1936 film)

The Love of the Maharaja

The Lover of Madame Vidal

The Lower Depths (1936 film)

The Luck of the Irish (1936 film)

The Luckiest Girl in the World

The Lucky Corner

The Magnificent Brute (1936 film)

The Man Behind the Mask

The Man I Marry

The Man Who Changed His Mind

The Man Who Lived Twice

The Man Who Smiles

The Man in the Mirror (1936 film)

The Mandarin Mystery

The Marriages of Mademoiselle Levy

The Milky Way (1936 film)

The Mill on the Floss (film)

The Millionaire Kid

The Mine with the Iron Door (1936 film)

The Miracle Worker (1936 film)

The Moon's Our Home

The Murder of Dr. Harrigan

The Music Goes 'Round

The Mysterious Avenger

The Mysterious Lady (1936 film)

The Mysterious Mister X

The Mystery of a Hansom Cab (1935 film)

The New Testament (film)

The Night With the Emperor

The Nightingale (1936 film)

The Old Corral

The Old Mill Pond

The Only Son (1936 film)

The Oregon Trail (1936 film)

The Petrified Forest

The Phantom Gondola

The Phantom Rider (Universal serial)

The Phantom Ship (film)

The Phantom of the Range

The Pinch Singer

The Plainsman

The Plot Thickens (film)

The Plow That Broke the Plains

The Postman from Longjumeau

The President's Mystery

The Preview Murder Mystery

The Princess Comes Across

The Prisoner of Corbal

The Prisoner of Shark Island

The Public Pays

The Quartet That Split Up (1936 film)

The Rawhide Terror

The Reckless Way

The Return of Jimmy Valentine

The Return of Sophie Lang

The Revenge of Pancho Villa

The Riding Avenger

The Road to Glory

The Robber Symphony

The Rogues' Tavern

The Sailors of Kronstadt

The Saving of Bill Blewitt

The Scarab Murder Case (film)

The Seamstress (1936 film)

The Secret Voice

The Secret of Polichinelle (1936 film)

The Secret of Stamboul

The Singing Cowboy (film)

The Singing Kid

The Sky Parade

The Small Man

The Song of the Riverside

The Speed Reporter

The Story of Louis Pasteur

The Tale of the Priest and of His Workman Balda (film)

The Tender Enemy

The Tenth Man (1936 film)

The Terrible Lovers

The Texas Rangers (1936 film)

The Three Around Christine

The Three Mesquiteers (film)

The Three Wise Guys

The Trail of the Lonesome Pine (1936 film)

The Traitor (1936 American film)

The Traitor (1936 German film)

The Trouble With Money

The Two Boys (1936 film)

The Two Girls (1936 film)

The Two Sergeants (1936 film)

The Unguarded Hour

The Unknown (1936 film)

The Unknown Ranger

The Unsuspecting Angel

The Vandergilt Diamond Mystery

The Vigilantes Are Coming

The Violet of Potsdamer Platz

The Voice of Bugle Ann

The Volga Boatman (1936 film)

The Wagon and the Star

The Walking Dead (1936 film)

The Way to the Sea

The Wedding Trip (1936 film)

The White Angel (1936 film)

The Widow from Monte Carlo

The Wildcat (1936 film)

The Witness Chair

Theodora Goes Wild

There Were Two Bachelors

These Three

They Didn't Know

They Met in a Taxi

They Were Five

Things to Come

Thirty Seconds of Love

This Green Hell

This'll Make You Whistle

Thoroughbred (film)

Three Blind Mouseketeers

Three Cheers for Love

Three Girls for Schubert

Three Godfathers (1936 film)

Three Little Wolves (film)

Three Live Ghosts (1936 film)

Three Married Men

Three Maxims

Three Men in the Snow (1936 film)

Three Men on a Horse (film)

Three Smart Girls

Three of a Kind (1936 film)

Three on a Limb

Three on the Trail (film)

Thru the Mirror

Thunder, Lightning and Sunshine

Ticket of Leave (film)

Ticket to Paradise (1936 film)

Till We Meet Again (1936 film)

Times Square Playboy

Timothy's Quest (1936 film)

To Catch a Thief (1936 film)

To Mary with Love

To Spring

Toby Tortoise Returns

Toilers of the Sea (1936 film)

Tomfoolery (film)

Tomorrow We Live (1936 film)

Too Many Parents

Too Much Beef

Topaze (1936 film)

Tough Guy (film)

Toy Town Hall

Trail Dust

Trailin' West

Training Pigeons

Trapped by Television

Treachery Rides the Range

Treachery on the High Seas

Tropical Trouble

Trouble for Two

Troubled Waters (1936 film)

Tudor Rose (film)

Tugboat Princess

Tundra (1936 film)

Twelve Good Men

Twice Branded

Two Against the World (1936 film)

Two Destinies

Two Minutes to Play

Two Too Young

Two in Revolt

Two in a Crowd

Two in the Dark

Two on a Doorstep

Two's Company (film)

Two-Fisted Gentleman

Uncivilised (film)

Uncle Brsig

Under Blazing Heavens

Under Proof

Under Two Flags (1936 film)

Under Western Eyes (1936 film)

Under Your Spell

Undercover Man (1936 film)

Undersea Kingdom

Unfriendly Relations

Ungeksst soll man nicht schlafen gehn

Usha Kalyanam

Valiant Is the Word for Carrie

Valley of the Lawless

Variety Parade

Vengeance of Rannah

Vi bygger landet

Vi vil oss et land...

Victoria in Dover (1936 film)

Walking on Air (1936 film)

Wanted A Master

Wanted! Jane Turner

We Did It

We Went to College

We're in the Legion Now!


Wedding Group

Wedding Present (film)

Wednesday's Luck

Well Done, Henry

West of Nevada

What Becomes of the Children? (1936 film)

When Knights Were Bold (1936 film)

Where There's a Will (1936 film)

Where the Lark Sings (film)

Where's Sally?

White Amazons

White Death (film)

White Fang (1936 film)

White Hunter (film)

White Legion (film)

Whom the Gods Love (1936 film)

Whoops, I'm an Indian!

Wierna rzeka (1936 film)

Wife vs. Secretary

Wild Brian Kent

Wild Horse Round-Up

Wildcat Saunders

Wildcat Trooper

Windbag the Sailor

Winds of the Wasteland

Wings Over Africa

Winter in the Woods (1936 film)

Winterset (film)

With Love and Kisses

With a Smile (film)

Without Orders

Wives Never Know

Wolf's Clothing (1936 film)

Woman Trap (1936 film)

Women Are Trouble

Women of Today (film)

Women's Club (1936 film)

Ya tiene comisario el pueblo (1936 film)

Yellow Cargo

Yellow Dust (film)

Yellowstone (film)

Yiddle With His Fiddle

You Are Me

You Can't Fool Antoinette

You May Be Next

You Must Get Married

You're Not Built That Way

Young Hearts (1936 film)

Yours for the Asking

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