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Movies from 1970

1917 (1970 film)

30,000 Miles Under the Sea

4 Clowns

A Arte de Amar Bem

A Baltic Tragedy

A Bullet for Pretty Boy

A Cause to Kill

A Day at the Beach

A Girl Called Jules

A History of the Blue Movie

A Little Fellow from Gambo

A Long Way from Nowhere

A Man Called Horse (film)

A Man Called Sledge

A Place to Call Home (1970 film)

A Pocketful of Chestnuts

A Quiet Place to Kill

A Severed Head (film)

A Simple Story (1970 film)

A Suitcase for a Corpse

A Swedish Love Story

A Sword for Brando

A Taste of Cold Steel

A Time for Love (film)

A Touch of the Other

A Walk in the Spring Rain

A.k.a. Cassius Clay

Aa Chithrashalabham Parannotte

Aag Aur Daag

Aan Milo Sajna

Aansoo Aur Muskan

Aaru Mooru Ombhatthu

Aathi Parasakthi

Abhayam (1970 film)

Abhinetri (1970 film)

Abort (film)

About Love (1970 film)

Adam at 6 A.M.

Adam's Woman

Adelheid (film)

Adina Megha

Adis, Sabata

Adventure in Paradise

Adventures of Mowgli

Adventures of the Yellow Suitcase


Agal Vilakku

Airport (1970 film)

Akka (film)

Akka Chellelu

Akseli and Elina

Aladdin and His Magic Lamp (1970 film)

Alex in Wonderland

Ali Baba 40 Dongalu

All the Way Up (film)

Allemaal naar Bed

Alleycat Rock: Female Boss

Amalio Reyes, un hombre

Amar Lenin


Amber Gambler

Ammayenna Sthree

Amour (1970 film)

An Evening of Edgar Allan Poe

An Evening with Orson Welles


Anadhai Anandhan

And God Said to Cain

And Soon the Darkness

Ang.: Lone

Angel Unchained

Angeli senza paradiso

Angelitos negros (1970 film)

Angels Die Hard

Anjuman (1970 film)

Ann and Eve

Anna (1970 film)

Apart from Life

Apartment for Ladies

Apel (film)

Apotheosis (film)

Aranazhika Neram

Aranyer Din Ratri

Arishina Kumkuma

Arizona Colt Returns

Ascenso e Queda de um Paquera

Ashiaa la toshtra

Atlantic Wall (film)

Attention, Turtle!

Aval Viswasthayayirunnu

Awakening of the Beast

Awkward Hands

Baal (film)

Baalu Belagithu


Badou Boy

Baksa Badal

Bakumatsu (film)

Bala Panjara

Balaraju Katha

Bali (1970 film)

Ballad of the Masterthief Ole Hoiland

Ballade p Christianshavn

Balsamus, l'uomo di Satana

Barbara the Fair with the Silken Hair


Bartleby (1970 film)

Basta guardarla

Battlefield Constantinople

Beast of Blood (film)

Bed and Board (1970 film)

Bedroom Mazurka


Before the Mountain Was Moved

Behold Homolka

Beneath the Planet of the Apes

Beto Ronca Ferro

Beyond the Valley of the Dolls

Bhagwan Parshuram

Bhai-Bhai (1970 film)

Bhale Jodi

Bheekara Nimishangal

Bhoopathi Ranga

Bigfoot (1970 film)

Bilambita Loy


Black Out (1970 film)

Black Roots (film)

Black Water Gold

Blind Woman's Curse

Blood Mania

Bloodstained Clan Honor


Bloodthirsty Butchers (film)

Bloody Mama

Blum (film)

Blushing Charlie

Bombay Talkie

Boregowda Bangalorige Banda

Borj El-Athraa (film)

Borsalino (film)

Boxers of Loyalty and Righteousness

Brancaleone at the Crusades

Breakout (1970 film)

Brewster McCloud

Bronco Bullfrog

Brother, Cry for Me

Brothers Five

But I Don't Want to Get Married!

C.C. and Company

C.I.D. Rajanna

CID Shankar

Cabezas cortadas

Caged Desires

Can Heironymus Merkin Ever Forget Mercy Humppe and Find True Happiness?

Cannabis (film)

Cannon for Cordoba

Capulina Speedy Gonzlez

Carry On Loving

Carry On Up the Jungle

Carter's Army

Case for a Rookie Hangman

Catch-22 (film)

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Challenge of the McKennas

Chariots of the Gods (film)

Charles, Dead or Alive


Chibikko Remi to Meiken Kapi

Children of Mata Hari


Chitti Chellelu

Choron Ka Chor

Churchill's Leopards

City of First Love

Claire's Knee

Clavigo (film)

Clegg (film)

Cleopatra (1970 film)

Cold Blade

Cold Sweat (1970 film)

Colosseum and Juicy Lucy

Colossus: The Forbin Project

Come Have Coffee with Us

Come to Vienna, I'll Show You Something!

Compaeros (film)

Connecting Rooms

Cool It Carol!


Cotton Comes to Harlem

Count Dracula (1970 film)

Count Yorga, Vampire

Country Dance (film)

Cover Me Babe

Cowards (film)

Crescendo (1970 film)

Crimes of the Future (1970 film)

Crimson Bat

Crocodile Man

Cromwell (film)

Cross Belt (film)

Crowhaven Farm

Cruel Female Love Suicide

Cry Blood, Apache

Cry of the Banshee

Cuadecuc, vampir


Cucumber Castle (film)

Daddy, Darling

Dager fra 1000 r

Darker than Amber (film)

Darling Lili

Das Millionenspiel

Dastak (1970 film)


Dead Easy (1970 film)

Dead Men Don't Make Shadows

Dead of Summer (film)

Deadlock (1970 film)

Deep End (film)

Deep Nebhe Nai

Defeat of the Mafia

Desamante Manushuloyi

Detective 909 Keralathil

Devara Makkalu

Devi (1970 film)


Dharma Daata

Dharti (1970 film)

Dial Hot Line

Diary of a Mad Housewife

Dibratrir Kabya

Die Feuerzangenbowle (1970 film)

Dionysus in '69

Dirty Dingus Magee


Django and Sartana Are Coming... It's the End

Doctor in Trouble


Don Franco e Don Ciccio nell'anno della contestazione

Don Giovanni (1970 film)

Don't Fumble, Darling

Donkey Skin (film)

Dorian Gray (1970 film)

Dougal and the Blue Cat

Douglas (1970 film)

Dr. med. Sommer II

Dream No Evil

Dreams of Glass

Dreams of Love Liszt

Dropout (film)

Druba Pere Kvrice (film)

Du Cote D'Orouet

Dupatta (film)

Dden i gatene

Eden and After

Ek Nanhi Munni Ladki Thi

El Condor (film)

El Gran crucero

El Hombre del ao

El Mundo es de los jvenes

El Santo de la Espada

El Topo

El oficio ms antiguo del mundo

El profesor patagnico

Elise, or Real Life

Elle boit pas, elle fume pas, elle drague pas, mais... elle cause !

Elvis: That's the Way It Is

Emiliano Zapata (film)

En Annan

End of the Dialogue

End of the Road (1970 film)

Enga Mama

Engal Thangam

Engirundho Vandhaal

Entertaining Mr Sloane (film)

Epilog norymberski

Equinox (1970 film)

Este loco verano



Eugenie The Story of Her Journey into Perversion

Even Dwarfs Started Small

Every Home Should Have One

Eyewitness (1970 film)

Ezhuthatha Kadha

Figures in a Landscape (film)

First Love (1970 film)

Five Dolls for an August Moon

Five Easy Pieces

Five Get into Trouble (film)

Flap (film)

Flesh Feast (film)

Fly (film)

Fog Line

Fools (film)

Foreign Exchange (1970 film)

Fragment of Fear

Fray Don Juan

Freedom (Yoko Ono film)

From Saigon to Dienbien Fu

Fruit of Paradise

Fuji sanch

Futtocks End

Fr Document

Gamera vs. Jiger



Geet (1970 film)

Gentlemen in White Vests

Getting Straight

Ghar Ghar Ki Kahani

Ghetto Freaks

Ghoonghat Lah Kunwar

Ghosts of Chosun

Gimme Shelter (1970 film)

Gitano (film)

Giv Gud en chance om sndagen

Gods of the Plague

Goin' Down the Road

Golapi Ekhon Traine

Gold Snatchers

Golden Eagle (film)

Goodbye Gemini

Gopi (1970 film)

Green Chains

Green Cross Code


Groupie Girl

Growing Leg, Diminishing Skirt

Guess What We Learned in School Today?

Gunah Aur Kanoon

Hail, Mary!

Halls of Anger

Hamlet (1969 film)

Harenchi Gakuen

Hasiru Thorana

Hatchet for the Honeymoon

Hauser's Memory

Have a Good Funeral, My Friend... Sartana Will Pay

He, Du!

Heartbeat in the Brain

Heer Raanjha

Heer Ranjha (1970 film)

Hell Boats

Hell's Angels '69

Hell's Bloody Devils

Hello-Goodbye (1970 film)

Hercules in New York

Here and Now (1970 film)

Heroic Purgatory

Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death

Hey, Cinderella!

Hi, Mom!

Himmat (1970 film)

History of Postwar Japan as Told by a Bar Hostess

Hmone Shwe Yee

Hoa-Binh (film)

Hoffman (film)

Holi Ayee Re

Homer (film)

Hooray for the Blue Hussars

Hornets' Nest

Hospital (1970 film)

Hotel by the Hour

House of Dark Shadows

How Awful About Allan

How Did a Nice Girl Like You Get Into This Business?

How Do I Love Thee?

How I Unleashed World War II

How to Succeed with Sex


Hunters Are for Killing

Husbands (film)

I Am Somebody (1970 film)

I Can't... I Can't

I Killed Einstein, Gentlemen

I Love My Wife (film)

I Never Sang for My Father

I Start Counting

I Told You So (film)

I Walk the Line (film)

I cannibali

I clowns

I due maghi del pallone

Ice (1970 film)

If You Were Young: Rage

Il dio serpente

Im Spannungsfeld

In the Folds of the Flesh

Incense for the Damned

Indian Summer (1970 film)

Insaan Aur Shaitan

Inspector (1970 film)

Interview (1971 film)

Interviews with My Lai Veterans

Investigation of a Citizen Above Suspicion

Ishq Par Zor Nahin

It Was in May

It's Me, Jerome

It's Your Thing (film)

Jack Johnson (film)

Jack and Jill: A Postscript

Jahan Pyar Miley

Jai Jawan

Jane Eyre (1970 film)

Jannie totsiens

Jawab (1970 film)

Jeevan Mrityu


Jenny (1970 film)

Jess, nuestro Seor

Jibon Theke Neya

Joe (1970 film)

Johny Mera Naam

Jonathan (1970 film)

Journey to the Unknown (film)

Joven, viuda y estanciera (1970 film)

Julius Caesar (1970 film)


Ka Kha Ga Gha Umo

Kab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan?


Kalam Vellum

Kalpana (1970 film)

Kann Malar

Karulina Kare

Kasturi Thilakam

Kathanayika Molla

Kaviya Thalaivi

Kelly's Heroes

Khilona (1970 film)

Kill the Fatted Calf and Roast It

King of the Grizzlies

King: A Filmed Record... Montgomery to Memphis

Kodalu Diddina Kapuram

Kongi's Harvest (film)

Kook's Tour

Kung Fu Powerhouse

Kurukshethram (1970 film)

Kyun Ma Mhar Main Ma Thar


L'homme orchestre

La Buscona

La Fidelidad

La Horse

La Provocation

La Sciantosa

La Vampire Nue

La banda de los tres crisantemos

La califfa

La dottoressa del distretto militare

La hermana dinamita

La morte risale a ieri sera

La ragazza del prete

Lady Caliph

Lakshmi Kataksham

Lakshmi Saraswathi

Land Raiders (film)

Landscape After the Battle

Last Known Address

Last Leap

Last of the Mobile Hot Shots

Late Flowers

Le Bal du comte d'Orgel (film)

Le Boucher

Le Cercle Rouge

Le Cochon

Le Distrait

Le Mans (film)

Le Mans, Shortcut to Hell

Le Voyou

Le coppie

Le far da padre

Le foto proibite di una signora per bene

Le gendarme en balade

Lenin vivo

Leo the Last

Les Novices

Let It Be (1970 film)

Let's Have a Riot

Lettera aperta a un giornale della sera

Liberation (film series)

Light the Fuse... Sartana Is Coming


List of LGBT-related films of 1970

Little Big Man (film)

Little Fauss and Big Halsy

Little Jungle Boy

Live Today, Die Tomorrow!

Lokis (film)

Lola (1969 film)

Lonely Hearts (1970 film)

Long Live the Bride and Groom

Loot (1970 film)

Los Mochileros

Los Monstruos del Terror

Los Muchachos de mi barrio

Lost Flight

Lottery Ticket (1970 film)

Love Is War (1970 film)

Love Story (1970 film)

Love Without End (1970 film)

Love in Singapore (1980 film)

Lovefilm (film)

Lovers and Other Strangers

Loving (1970 film)

Loving Memory


M*A*S*H (film)

Ma chi t'ha dato la patente?

Maa Aur Mamta

Maa Ka Aanchal



Macho Callahan


Madron (film)

Mafia Connection

Maidstone (film)

Malatesta (film)

Malathi (film)

Man Ki Aankhen

Man's Fate (film)

Many Wars Ago

Marina Manishi

Mark of the Devil (1970 film)

Maro Prapancham

Mastana (1970 film)


Mattukkara Velan

Maximilian von Mexiko

May Morning (film)

Mayani Mamata

Mera Naam Joker

Mera ur krlekens sprk

Mere Humsafar


Meu P de Laranja Lima (film)

Mezzanotte d'amore

Midsummer Rock


Mission in Kabul

Mister Jerico

Mon Rak Luk Thung

Mona the Virgin Nymph

Monique (film)

Monte Walsh (1970 film)



Moonfire (1970 film)

Moonwalk One

More Dollars for the MacGregors

Morning Story

Mortal Sin (film)


Move (1970 film)

Mr. Rajkumar

Mr. Superinvisible

Mr. and Mrs. Juan Lamaglia

Muchacho (film)

Multiple Maniacs

Multiple SIDosis

Mumsy, Nanny, Sonny and Girly

My Husband's Wife

My Love (1970 film)

My Lover, My Son

My Seven Sons

My Sweet Charlie

My good Dad

Myra Breckinridge (film)

Nadina Bhagya

Nadu Iravil

Namma Kuzhandaigal

Nanak Dukhiya Sub Sansar

Nanna Thamma

Naseeb Apna Apna (1970 film)


Naya Raasta


Neang Champameas

Necropolis (film)

Ned Kelly (1970 film)

Neither Are We Enemies

Netzwerk (film)

Night Slaves

Nilakkatha Chalanangal

Ningalenne Communistakki (film)

Nin Tirabusci: la donna che invent la mossa

Nishagandhi (film)

Nishi Padma


No Blade of Grass (film)

Nobody Knows (1970 film)

Noon Sunday

Noorandu Kalam Vazhga

Norwood (film)

Notes Towards an African Orestes

Nothing Like Experience

Nu Nu Nge Nge

O.k. (film)

OSS 117 Takes a Vacation

Of Gods and the Undead

Oisn (film)

Oke Kutumbham

Olavum Theeravum

On a Clear Day You Can See Forever (film)

On the Comet

Once Upon a Time There Was a Singing Blackbird

One Brief Summer

One Damned Day at Dawn Django Meets Sartana!

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich (film)

One More Time (1970 film)

One Song a Day Takes Mischief Away

Onna Gokuakuch

Onna-r Hizu

Ostia (film)

Othenente Makan

Other Voices (1970 film)


Pacific Vibrations

Paddy (film)

Pagla Kahin Ka

Palunku Pathram

Pancho Tequila

Paraso (1970 film)

Pardesi (1970 film)


Pasin dominguera

Passing Days

Passing Through Moscow

Patham Pasali

Paths of War

Patton (film)

Pavitra Paapi

Peace in the Fields

Pearl View

Pehchan (1970 film)

Penn Deivam

Pepper and Red Pepper

Perfect Friday

Performance (film)

Permissive (film)


Pieces of Dreams (film)


Pindorama (film)

Pinocchiova dobrodrustv II.

Pippi in the South Seas (film)

Pippi on the Run

Point de chute

Polvere di stelle

Pound (film)


Prem Pujari

Priya (1970 film)

Prologue (1970 film)

Promise at Dawn

Pufnstuf (film)

Puppet on a Chain (film)

Purab Aur Paschim


Pushpanjali (1970 film)

Pussycat, Pussycat, I Love You

Puzzle of a Downfall Child

Q-Bec My Love

Q.R.R (Quien resulte responsable)

Quackser Fortune Has a Cousin in the Bronx

Quarantined (film)

Quiet Days in Clichy (1970 film)

R. P. M.

Raaton Ka Raja

Rabbit, Run (film)


Raman Ethanai Ramanadi

Red (1970 film)

Red Square (film)

Red Sun (1970 film)

Red Wheat

Remedial Reading Comprehension

Rendezvous with Dishonour

Reverend's Colt

Revolution My A

Reza Motorcyclist

Ride the Tiger (film)

Rider on the Rain

Rio Lobo

Ritual of Evil

Road to Salina

Rootha Na Karo

Rosolino Patern, soldato...

Rough Justice (film)

Roy Colt & Winchester Jack

Rubia's Jungle

Run Wild, Run Free

Run, Simon, Run

Ryan's Daughter


Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi

Saat Phere (film)

Sabarimala Sree Dharmashastha

Sabata the Killer

Sachaa Jhutha

Sad Song of Yellow Skin

Safar (1970 film)

Safety Catch (film)

Sagina Mahato

Salt of the Black Earth

Samaj Ko Badal Dalo

Sambarala Rambabu

Sampoorna Teerth Yatra

Samskara (film)

San Domingo (film)

Sangkum Banh Loloke


Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (film)

Santa and the Three Bears

Santiago! (film)

Saraswathi (film)

Sartana Kills Them All

Sartana in the Valley of Death

Sartana's Here Trade Your Pistol for a Coffin

Satan's Harvest



Savage Intruder

Sawan Bhadon

Say Hello to Yesterday

Scars of Dracula


Scramble (film)

Scream and Scream Again

Scream of the Demon Lover

Scrooge (1970 film)

Sdach Domrei Sor

Secret Agent's Destiny

Sedige Sedu

Seetha (1970 film)

Serene Velocity

Seven Nights in Japan

Sex Jack

Sex-Business: Made in Pasing

Shangani Patrol (film)

Shango (film)


Shinbone Alley (film)

Shine, Shine, My Star (1970 film)

Shinjuku outlaw: Step On the Gas

Shri Krishna Leela

Sick Animals

Simon, Simon

Skullduggery (1970 film)

Slap in the Face (film)

So Long Gulliver

Soldier Blue

Soldier Thakur Daler Singh

Sole Survivor (1970 film)

Soleil O

Some Will, Some Won't

Something for Everyone

Song of Norway (film)

Songs of the Sea (1970 film)


Soul Soldier

Sovann Pancha

Space Amoeba

Speedy Gonzales noin 7 veljeksen poika

Splendori e miserie di Madame Royale

Sport, Sport, Sport

Spring (1969 film)

Spring and Port Wine

Squeeze a Flower

Sri Krishnadevaraya (film)

Stagecoach of the Condemned

Start the Revolution Without Me

Stop (1970 film)

Stopwatch (film)

Story of a Woman

Strange Holiday (1970 film)

Strawberries Need Rain

Stray Cat Rock: Machine Animal

Stray Cat Rock: Sex Hunter

Stray Cat Rock: Wild Jumbo

Street Scenes 1970


Student of the Bedroom

Suhana Safar

Summer in the City (film)

Sunflower (1970 film)

Sunset and Sunrise (film)

Suppose They Gave a War and Nobody Came

Svatby pana Voka


Swimming Pool (1976 film)

Take a Girl Like You (film)

Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy (film)

Tale of Ging the Saint

Tam-Lin (film)

Tarzan's Deadly Silence

Taste of Excitement

Taste the Blood of Dracula

Tchaikovsky (film)

Tell Me That You Love Me, Junie Moon

Thabalkaran Thangai

Thalaivan (1970 film)

Thalla? Pellama?

Thara (film)

That Can't Shake Our Willi!

The Act of the Heart

The Adventurers (1970 film)

The Adventures of Gerard

The Alienist (film)

The Amazing Transplant

The American Soldier

The Ancines Woods

The Andersonville Trial

The Angel Levine

The Angry River

The Anonymous Venetian (film)

The Aquarians

The Aristocats

The Arizona Kid (1970 film)

The Art of Marriage

The Baby Maker

The Babygirl and the Flowerpot

The Ballad of Bering and His Friends

The Ballad of Cable Hogue

The Bear and the Doll

The Beast in the Cellar

The Beginning (1970 film)

The Birch Wood

The Bird with the Crystal Plumage

The Blood Rose

The Bloody Judge (film)

The Blue Bird (1970 film)

The Boatniks

The Body (1970 film)

The Boys in the Band (1970 film)

The Bravest Revenge

The Breach (film)

The Bread and Alley

The Breaking of Bumbo

The Bridge at Lo-Yang

The Brotherhood of the Bell

The Butchers

The Buttercup Chain

The Ceremony of Innocence

The Challenge (1970 film)

The Cheyenne Social Club

The Chinese Boxer

The Choice (1970 film)

The Christine Jorgensen Story

The Cockeyed Cowboys of Calico County

The Complete Idiot (1970 film)

The Confession (1970 film)

The Conformist (1970 film)

The Cop (1970 film)

The Crazy World of Julius Vrooder

The Cross and the Switchblade (film)

The Cruise (1970 film)

The Customer of the Off Season

The Dark Side of Tomorrow

The Darkest Sword

The Delta Factor (film)

The Demise of Father Mouret

The Deserter (1970 film)

The Devil's Servants

The Diane Linkletter Story

The Divorce (1970 film)

The Dough

The Dreamer (1970 film)

The Dunwich Horror (film)

The Ear

The Eleventh Commandment (1970 film)

The Eloquent Peasant (film)

The Evil Within (1970 film)

The Executioner (1970 film)

The Eye of the Storm (1970 film)

The Falcons (film)

The Fed One

The Fifth Day of Peace

The Flight (film)

The Further Adventures of Uncle Sam

The Gamblers (1970 film)

The Games (film)

The Garden of Delights

The Garden of the Finzi-Continis (film)

The Gifts

The Girls from Thunder Strip

The Golden Knight

The Grasshopper (1970 film)

The Great Inimitable Mr. Dickens

The Great White Hope (film)

The Greatest Mother of 'em All

The Green Wall

The Hart of London

The Haunted House of Horror

The Hawaiians (film)

The Heist (1970 film)

The Heroic Ones

The Honeymoon Killers

The Horror of Frankenstein

The House That Would Not Die

The Howl

The Inheritors (1970 film)

The Intruders (1970 film)

The Invincible Six

The Invisible Swordsman

The Iron Buddha

The Key to Paradise

The Kremlin Letter

The Lady in the Car with Glasses and a Gun (1970 film)

The Landlord

The Last Act of Martin Weston

The Last Escape (1970 film)

The Last Grenade

The Last Shot You Hear

The Lawyer (film)

The Liberation of L.B. Jones

The Lickerish Quartet

The Lie (1970 film)

The Life and Times of Chester-Angus Ramsgood

The Lion Has Seven Heads

The Little Theatre of Jean Renoir

The Locket (1970 film)

The Looking Glass War (film)

The Losers (1970 film)

The Love Mates

The Love War

The Lustful Vicar

The Mad, Mad, Mad Comedians

The Magic Garden of Stanley Sweetheart

The Man Who Had Power Over Women

The Man Who Haunted Himself

The Man Who Wanted to Kill Himself (1970 film)

The Man from O.R.G.Y.

The Mask of Sheba

The McKenzie Break

The McMasters

The Militarists

The Mind of Mr. Soames

The Molly Maguires (film)

The Moonshine War

The Most Beautiful Wife

The Mushroom (1970 film)

The Naked Bunyip

The Naked Zoo

The Nameless Knight

The Night the Animals Talked

The Old Man Who Cried Wolf

The Only Game in Town (film)

The Only Way (1970 film)

The Out-of-Towners (1970 film)

The Over-the-Hill Gang Rides Again

The Owl and the Pussycat (film)

The Pacifist (film)

The Palace of Angels

The Party at Kitty and Stud's

The Past-Master

The Penal Colony (film)

The People Next Door (1970 film)

The Phantom Gunslinger

The Phantom Tollbooth (film)

The Phynx

The Pickpocket (1970 film)

The Pizza Triangle

The Policeman

The Polynin Case

The President of Borgorosso Football Club

The Priest of St. Pauli

The Priest's Wife

The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

The Projectionist

The Prophet of Hunger

The Railway Children (1970 film)

The Rebel Rousers

The Reckoning (1970 film)

The Reconstruction (1970 film)

The Red Detachment of Women (1970 film)

The Red Pony (1973 film)

The Resurrection of Broncho Billy

The Return of Saint Luke

The Revolutionary

The Rise and Rise of Michael Rimmer

The Savage Wild

The Scandalous Adventures of Buraikan

The Seagull (1972 film)

The Secret of the Iron Door

The Set (film)

The Seven Brides of Lance-Corporal Zbruyev

The Sex Nest

The Sidelong Glances of a Pigeon Kicker

The Snake King's Wife

The Spider's Stratagem

The Spike in the Wall

The Strawberry Statement (film)

The Student Nurses

The Super Fight

The Swinging Confessors

The Syndicate: A Death in the Family

The Territory of Others

The Things of Life

The Three Fools

The Tigers of Mompracem (film)

The Time to Die

The Train (1970 film)

The Traveling Executioner

The Twelve Chairs (1970 film)

The Twelve Gold Medallions

The Unholy Four (1970 film)

The Vampire Doll

The Vampire Lovers

The Virgin and the Gypsy (film)

The Voyeur (1970 film)

The Walking Stick

The Wandering Swordsman

The Way We Live Now (film)

The Way to Paradise (film)

The Weekend Murders

The White Bird Marked with Black

The Wife Swappers

The Wild Child

The Wild Country

The Wild Scene

The Wind's Fierce

The Window (1970 film)

The Winged Tiger

The Wizard of Gore

The Yin and the Yang of Mr. Go

Thedi Vandha Mappillai

There Is an Ocean

There Was a Crooked Man...

There's a Girl in My Soup

They Call Me Mister Tibbs!

They Call Me Trinity

Thirumalai Thenkumari

This Transient Life

This Was the Time

This is New Zealand

Three Sisters (1970 film)


Thun Man Handiya

Thurakkatha Vathil

Tick, Tick, Tick (film)

Tiger Child

Tiger by the Tail (1970 film)

Time Is Running Out (film)

Tintomara (film)

To Crack the Dragon Gate

Too Late the Hero (film)

Toomorrow (film)

Tora! Tora! Tora!

Tora-san's Grand Scheme

Tora-san's Runaway

Tora-san, His Tender Love

Tough Guys of the Prairie

Trader Hornee

Trash (1970 film)

Tribes (film)

Tristana (film)


Tropeang Peay

Tropic of Cancer (film)

Tulips of Haarlem

Tum Haseen Main Jawaan

Tv pod maskou

Tweet's Ladies of Pasadena

Two Days of Miracles

Two Mules for Sister Sara

Two Women in Gold

Ullathil Kuzhanthaiyadi

Umut (film)

Un Elefante color ilusin

Un caso di coscienza

Una Cabaa en la pampa

Una prostituta al servizio del pubblico e in regola con le leggi dello stato

Uncle Sam Magoo

Uncle Vanya (1970 film)

Under the Roofs of St. Pauli

Underground (1970 film)

Up in the Cellar

Valerie and Her Week of Wonders (film)

Vazhve Mayam

Veettuku Veedu

Veinte pasos para la muerte

Vengeance (1970 film)

Venus Flytrap (film)

Vietnam Veedu

Vijayam Manade

Vilaiyattu Pillai

Violent City

Visibility Zero

Viva Cangaceiro

Vivaham Swargathil


Vuelve el ojo de vidrio

W le donne

WUSA (film)

Wakadaish series

Walk the Walk

Wanda (film)

Wang-geon, the Great

Waterloo (1970 film)

Watermelon Man (film)

We'll Take Care of the Teachers

Wearing Velvet Slippers under a Golden Umbrella


Weekend of Terror

Whale (film)

What Do You Say to a Naked Lady?

What Is the Matter with Willi?

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

When Women Had Tails

When You're With Me

When the Mad Aunts Arrive

Where Spring Comes Late

Where's Poppa?

Which Way to the Front?

Whirlpool (1970 film)

White Sun of the Desert

Why Does Herr R. Run Amok?

Widow Blue!

Wild Africa (film)

Wild Women (1970 film)

Wind from the East


With Life and Soul

Wood Pigeon (film)

Woodstock (film)

Wuthering Heights (1970 film)

Yaadgaar (1970 film)


Yakuza Deka

Yakuza Zessy

Yavrum (film)

You Can't Win 'Em All

Your Hands on My Body

Yousuf Khan Sher Bano

Zabriskie Point (film)

Zatoichi Goes to the Fire Festival

Zatoichi Meets Yojimbo

Zig Zag (1970 film)

Znaki na drodze

Zorns Lemma

Por qu nac mujer?

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