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Movies from 1953

36 Hours (1953 film)

99 River Street

A Blueprint for Murder

A Caprice of Darling Caroline

A Child of the Community

A Comrade's Honour

A Day to Remember (1953 film)

A Divorce

A Flea on the Scales

A Fortress in the Mountains

A Geisha

A Heart Plays False

A Hundred Francs a Second

A Husband for Anna

A Japanese Tragedy

A Lion Is in the Streets

A Lost Letter (film)

A Matter to Settle

A Million Pounds

A Mouse Divided

A Musical War of Love

A Night in Venice (1953 film)

A Night in the Archipelago

A Passenger Disappeared

A Perilous Journey

A Queen Is Crowned

A Slight Case of Larceny

A Street Cat Named Sylvester

A Torn Lily

A Warning (film)

A Woman as Good as Her Word


Aag Ka Dariya

Aah (film)

Abbott and Costello Go to Mars

Abbott and Costello Meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Act of Love (1953 film)

Adam and Eve (1953 film)

Addio, figlio mio!

Admiral Ushakov (film)

Adolescence Part II

Adventure in Morocco

Adventure in Odessa

Affair with a Stranger

After the Fall of Man

Aida (1953 film)

Airport (1953 film)

Aisha (1953 film)

Alarm in Morocco

Albert R.N.

Aleko (film)

Alf's Baby

All American (film)

All Ashore

All I Desire

All My Babies

All the Brothers Were Valiant

All the World's Delights

Always a Bride (1953 film)

Alyosha Ptitsyn Grows Up

Amari Gaan Jhua


Ambush at Tomahawk Gap

An Ardent Heart (film)

An Inlet of Muddy Water

Anarkali (1953 film)

Anatahan (film)

Anbu (1953 film)

Angel Face (1953 film)

Angels of the Street (1953 film)

Anna Karenina (1953 film)

Anna Proletka

Anna Susanna

Anna's Sin

Annaluise and Anton

Anxiety (1953 film)

Appointment in Honduras

Appointment in London

Appointment with Life

April's Coming

Arena (1953 film)

Arena of Death

Arlette Conquers Paris

Armaan (1953 film)

Arrowhead (1953 film)

As Long as You're Near Me


Asunto terminado

At the Edge of the City

Attack from the Sea

Au diable la vertu

Aurat (1953 film)

Ave Maria (1953 film)

Aventura en Ro

Avvaiyar (film)

Azhagi (1953 film)

Baaz (1953 film)

Back to God's Country (1953 film)

Background (1953 film)

Bad for Each Other

Bandits of the West

Barabbas (1953 film)

Barbarians (1953 film)

Barney's Hungry Cousin

Battle Circus (film)

Bear Country (film)

Beat the Devil (film)

Behind the Headlines (1953 film)

Belinsky (film)

Bella the Savage

Beloved Life

Below the Sahara

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

Big Leaguer

Bill Bergson and the White Rose Rescue (1953 film)

Bis fnf nach zwlf Adolf Hitler und das 3. Reich

Black 13

Black Ermine

Black Orchid (film)

Blades of the Musketeers

Blood Conflict

Blood Orange (1953 film)

Blowing Wild

Booty and the Beast

Born to the Saddle

Botany Bay (film)

Bou Thakuranir Haat

Boum sur Paris

Bratuku Teruvu

Bread of Love

Bread, Love and Dreams

Breakfast with the Leader

Bride with a Dowry

Bright Road

Bronze and Moon


Bubble Trouble (film)

Bully for Bugs

Bush Policeman

By the Light of the Silvery Moon (film)

Cabaret (1953 film)

Calamity Jane (film)

Call Me Madam (film)

Canadian Mounties vs. Atomic Invaders

Canvas Back Duck

Capitaine Pantoufle

Captain Bay-Bay

Captain John Smith and Pocahontas

Captain Phantom

Captain Scarface

Captain Scarlett

Captain Thunderbolt (film)

Caribbean (1953 film)

Carmen (1953 film)

Cat-Tails for Two

Cat-Women of the Moon

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Catty Cornered

Cavalcade of Song

Cavallina storna

Cease Fire (1953 film)

Ceto, the Foolish Millionaire

Champ for a Day


Charade (1953 film)

Chheley Kaar

Children of Love

Chilly Willy (film)

China Venture

Christina (1953 film)

Chuk and Gek (film)

Cinnamon Skin (film)

City Beneath the Sea (1953 film)

City That Never Sleeps

City of Bad Men

Clipped Wings (1953 film)

Cock o' the Walk (1953 film)

Code Two

Column South

Combat Squad

Come Back (film)

Commando Cody: Sky Marshal of the Universe

Condemned (1953 film)

Condemned to Hang

Confidentially Connie

Conquest of Cochise

Cosh Boy

Count the Hours

Counterspy (film)

Court of Justice (film)

Cow Country

Cradle Song (1953 film)

Crazylegs (film)

Crossroad Avenger

Cruisin' Down the River

Cry of the Hunted


Daana Paani (1953 film)

Dahab (film)

Dance Hall Racket

Dance, My Doll

Dangerous Crossing

Dangerous When Wet

Dark Clouds Over the Dachstein

Das kleine und das groe Glck

Daughter of the Regiment (1953 film)

Daughter of the Sea (1953 film)

Deadly Nightshade (film)

Death Goes to School

Decameron Nights

Del otro lado del puente (1953 film)

Del rancho a la televisin

Den evige Eva

Desert Legion

Desperate Moment

Destination Gobi

Devadasu (1953 film)

Devil's Canyon (1953 film)


Diary of a Married Woman

Die Geschichte vom kleinen Muck

Die Gewehre der Frau Carrar

Die Jungfrau auf dem Dach

Die Strenfriede

Die Unbesiegbaren

Dieci canzoni d'amore da salvare

Dil-E-Nadaan (1953 film)

Do Bigha Zamin

Don's Fountain of Youth

Don't Be Offended Beatrice

Don't Forget Love

Don't Give Up the Sheep

Dona Mariquita of My Heart

Donovan's Brain (film)

Dorf im Herbst

Dortoir des grandes

Dos tipos de cuidado

Double or Quits (1953 film)

Down Among the Sheltering Palms (film)

Down Laredo Way

Drakula stanbul'da

Dream Wife

Dreaming Lips (1953 film)

Dreams of Glory

Duck Amuck

Duck Dodgers in the 24th Century

Duck! Rabbit, Duck!

Dutch Girl


Eager to Live

Eagle of the Pacific

East of Sumatra

Easy Years

Easy to Love (1953 film)

Eaux d'Artifice

Eda Rae

Educating My Father

Ein Schritt weiter

Ek Do Teen (film)

El Alamein (1953 film)

El Bruto

El Hijo del crack

El Monstruo resucitado

El Muerto es un vivo

El Paso Stampede

El Pecado ms lindo del mundo

Elephant Fury

Empty Eyes (1953 film)

Endless Horizons

Enemies (1953 film)

Epitome (film)

Esa "Flies" to Kuopio

Escape by Night (1953 film)

Escape from Fort Bravo

Eugenia Grandet (1953 film)

Eva (1953 film)

Everything I Have Is Yours (film)

Everything for Father

Fair Wind to Java

Fanfare of Marriage

Fangs of the Arctic

Farewell Oak Street

Farlig Ungdom

Fast Company (1953 film)

Fatal Desire (film)

Father Is Being Stupid

Father of Four

Fear and Desire

Fighter Attack

Fighting Lawman

Finalmente libero!

Finishing School (1953 film)

Fire in the Blood (1953 film)

Flame of Calcutta


Flight 971

Flight Nurse (film)

Flight to Tangier


Follow That Man (1953 film)

Folly to Be Wise

Football Now and Then

Footpath (1953 film)

For You I Have Sinned

Forbidden (1953 film)

Forbidden Fruit (1953 film)

Forces' Sweetheart (film)

Forever Female

Fort Algiers

Fort Ti

Fort Vengeance

Forty Days and Forty Nights (1953 film)

Forward March Hare

Four Hours Before His Death

Four Sided Triangle

Francis Covers the Big Town

Francis the Smuggler

Franz Schubert (film)

Frine, Courtesan of Orient

From Here to Eternity

Funniest Show on Earth

Gate of Hell (film)

Geheimakten Solvay

Genevieve (film)

Genius and Figure

Genova (1953 film)

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953 film)

Geraldine (1953 film)

Ghost of Saga Mansion

Ghost-Cat of Arima Palace

Giovent alla sbarra

Girl on the Run (1953 film)

Girls in the Night

Give a Girl a Break

Glad Tidings (film)

Glen or Glenda

God Created Them

Goldtown Ghost Riders

Good Folk's Sunday

Good Lord Without Confession

Goof on the Roof

Grand National Night

Grandstand for General Staff (1953 film)

Great Mourning

Green Magic

Guerrilla Girl (1953 film)

Guilty (1953 film)

Gumastha (1953 film)

Gun Belt (film)

Gun Fury


Gunsmoke (film)

Gypsy Curse

Half a Hero

Hannah Lee

Hare Trimmed

Have Sunshine in Your Heart

Heartbroken on the Moselle

Heaven Is Ours


Hell Raiders of the Deep

Here Come the Freeloaders

Here Come the Girls (1953 film)

Herring Hunt

Hibari no kanashiki hitomi

Hidden in the Fog

Hilja maitotytt

Hiroshima (1953 film)

His Father's Portrait

Hit Parade (film)

Hocuspocus (1953 film)

Hondo (film)

Hooray, It's a Boy! (1953 film)

Hostile Whirlwinds

Hot News (1953 film)

Hotel Room (film)

Houdini (1953 film)

Houen zo!

House of Blackmail

House of Wax (1953 film)

House of Women (1953 film)

How to Marry a Millionaire

Huracn Ramrez (film)

Husband and Wife (1953 film)

Hypnotic Hick

I Always Loved You

I Am Very Macho

I Am the Guilty One

I Chose Love

I Confess (film)

I Love Lucy: The Movie

I Love Melvin

I Vinti

I Vitelloni

I Want to Live (1953 film)

I Was Stronger

I Was a Parish Priest

I and You

I, the Jury (1953 film)

If You Won a Hundred Million

Il Contratto

Il prezzo dell'onore

Il viale della speranza

In the Face of Demolition

Incident in the Taiga

Infame accusa

Inferno (1953 film)

Innocents in Paris

Inspector (1953 film)

Interim (film)

Intermezzo criminal

Intimate Relations (1953 film)

Invaders from Mars (1953 film)

Irene in Trouble

Iron Mountain Trail

Is Your Honeymoon Really Necessary?

Island Girl (film)

Island in the Sky (1953 film)

Isn't Life Wonderful!

It Began in the Rain

It Came from Outer Space

It Happened in Acapulco

It Happened in the Park

It Happens Every Thursday

It Is Never Too Late to Love

It's Never Too Late (1953 film)

It's a Grand Life

Ivan, Son of the White Devil

Jack McCall, Desperado

Jack Slade (film)

Jalopy (film)

Jamaica Run

Jambyl (film)


Jealousy (1953 Finnish film)

Jealousy (1953 Italian film)

Jeewan Jyoti (1953 film)

Jennifer (1953 film)

Jeopardy (film)


Jerry and Jumbo


Jhansi Ki Rani (1953 film)

Johann Mouse

Johnny on the Run

Jolanda, the Daughter of the Black Corsair

Jonny Saves Nebrador

Josef the Chaste (1953 film)

Julietta (film)

Jungle Drums of Africa

Jungle Ka Jawahar

Just Ducky

Jdai no Ywaku

Kangal (film)

Kanna Talli

Kansas Pacific (film)

Katutu, the Blind

Kaude Shah

Kele Handa


Killer Ape (film)

King Lear (1953 film)

King of the Khyber Rifles (film)


Kiss Me Kate (film)

Knall and Fall as Detectives

Knights of the Round Table (film)

Koenigsmark (1953 film)

Krechinsky's Wedding (1953 film)

Knigliche Hoheit (film)

La diosa de Tahit

La lupa (1953 film)

La mejor del colegio

La mujer desnuda

La mme vert-de-gris

La pasin desnuda

La pattuglia dell'Amba Alagi

La valigia dei sogni


Lady's Choice (film)

Lagu Kenangan

Lakh Taka

Lakshmi (1953 film)

Las Tres perfectas casadas

Last of the Comanches

Last of the Pony Riders

Latin Lovers (1953 film)

Laughing Anne

Lavender (1953 film)

Law and Order (1953 film)

Lawless Mountain

Laxdale Hall

Le Gurisseur

Le Rire (film)

Les Compagnes de la nuit

Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot

Let's Do It Again (1953 film)

Life Begins at Seventeen

Life of a Flower

Life of a Woman

Life with Tom

Light in the High Plains

Lights Out (1953 film)


Little Boy Lost (1953 film)

Little Fugitive (1953 film)

Little Jacques (1953 film)

Little Johnny Jet

Little Red Riding Hood (1953 film)

London to Brighton in Four Minutes

Loose Loot

Loose in London

Los dineros del diablo

Los que no deben nacer

Louisiana Territory (film)

Love Letter (1953 film)

Love in Pawn

Love in the City (1953 film)

Love's Awakening

Love, How Bad You Are

Lovers of Toledo

Loving You Is My Sin

Lucrce Borgia

Lulu (1953 film)

Lumber Jack-Rabbit

Lyubov Yarovaya

Lgre et court vtue

Ma and Pa Kettle on Vacation

Madana Mohini

Made for Each Other (1953 film)

Madness of Love

Magic Concert

Magic Trick (film)

Mahatma Gandhi: 20th Century Prophet

Mailman Mueller

Main Street to Broadway


Malta Story

Man Crazy (1953 film)

Man in the Attic

Man in the Dark

Man of Africa

Man of Conflict

Man on a Tightrope

Man, Beast and Virtue

Manam Pola Mangalyam

Manidhanum Mirugamum

Manithan (1953 film)


Mantrap (1953 film)

Marianne (1953 film)

Marilyn (1953 film)

Marina's Destiny

Marriage Strike (1953 film)

Marriage for One Night

Marry Me Again

Marshal of Cedar Rock

Martin Borulya

Martin Luther (1953 film)

Martin Toccaferro

Marumagal (1953 film)

Maryam (1953 film)

Mara Dolores

Mashdi ebad

Matrimonial Agency (1953 film)

Meet Me at the Fair

Meet Mr. Lucifer

Melba (film)

Melody (1953 film)

Mercy (1953 film)

Mesa of Lost Women

Mexican Manhunt

Midway in Life

Mind Your Manners (film)

Minmini (film)

Miss Robin Crusoe

Miss Sadie Thompson

Mission Over Korea

Mistake (1953 film)

Mister Scoutmaster

Mitrea Cocor


Money from Home

Monsieur Scrupule, Gangster

Mother or Woman

Moulin Rouge (1952 film)

Muerte civil

Mullah Nasr al-Din

Murder Without Tears

Murder at 3am

Murder at Scotland Yard

Murderous City

Muscle Tussle

Music by Night

Music in Our Schools


Must We Get Divorced? (1953 film)


My Brother from Senegal

My Childish Father (1953 film)

My Darling Clementine (1953 film)

My Father Was at Fault

My Son Peter

My Three Merry Widows

Mysterious Discovery

Naa Illu


Naam (1953 film)

Nabin Jatra


Naked in the Wind

Naples Sings

Napoleon Road

Naulakha Haar

Neapolitan Turk

Needle in the Haystack

Neither Rich nor Poor

Nero and the Burning of Rome

Never Let Me Go (1953 film)

Never Wave at a WAC

Niagara (film)

No Escape (1953 film)

No Man's Woman (1953 film)

No Way Back (1953 film)

Nobody Dies Twice

Nobody Will Know

Noi peccatori

Noose for a Lady

Northern Border (film)

Northern Patrol (film)

Not Afraid of Big Animals

Nstup (film)

O Cangaceiro

O Dreamland

Of Rice and Hen

Off Limits (1953 film)

Ojsan shach

Old Czech Legends

Old MacDonald Had A Curve

Old Overland Trail

Older Brother, Younger Sister

On Top of Old Smoky (film)

Once I Will Return

One Girl's Confession

One of Those

Open Letter (film)

Open Your Window (film)

Operation Blue Jay

Operation Diplomat (film)

Operation Magali

Operation Malaya (film)

Our Father (1953 film)

Our Girl Friday

Outstanding (film)

Overture to The Merry Wives of Windsor

Pack Train

Pain (film)

Pakka Inti Ammayi


Paradesi (1953 film)

Pardon My Backfire

Parineeta (1953 film)

Paris Model

Park Plaza 605


Passionate Song

Past Lovers

Patita (1953 film)

Pekka Puup (film)

Pempudu Koduku

Penjamo (film)

Pepe the Bull


Perfidy (film)

Perils of the Jungle (1953 film)

Personal Affair

Peter Pan (1953 film)

Phantom from Space

Pichi Pullayya

Pickup on South Street

Plop Goes the Weasel

Plot on the Stage

Plunder of the Sun

Pompey the Conqueror


Ponni (1953 film)

Pony Express (film)

Popeye, the Ace of Space

Por el mismo camino

Port Sinister

Powder River (film)

Prema Tharangaya

Prince of Pirates

Prisoner in the Tower of Fire

Prisoners of the Casbah

Private Eyes (1953 film)

Problem Girls

Project Moonbase

Prosecutor Corda

Prowlers of the Everglades

Puccini (film)

Punch Trunk

Pichzej z tmy

Quireme porque me muero

Radar Station (film)

Raiders of the Seven Seas

Rail Ka Dibba

Ratna Deepam

Rebel City

Rebelin en los llanos

Rechter Thomas

Recoil (1953 film)

Red River Shore

Red Roses, Red Lips, Red Wine

Remains to Be Seen

Remember to Live (film)


Resan till dej

Return (1953 film)

Return to Paradise (1953 film)

Ride, Vaquero!

Rimsky-Korsakov (film)

Ring of Daring

Rip, Sew and Stitch

Rivalry (film)

Roar of the Crowd

Rob Roy: The Highland Rogue

Robot Monster

Robot Rabbit

Rogue's March (film)

Rohini (film)

Roman Holiday

Romeo and Juliet (1953 film)

Rossana (film)

Rough Shoot

Rue de l'Estrapade (film)

Rugged Bear

Run for the Hills

Saadia (film)

Saat Number Kayedi

Sabre Jet (film)

Sadko (film)

Safari Drums

Saginaw Trail (film)

Sailor of the King

Salome (1953 film)

Salto Mortale (1953 film)

Saluti e baci

San Antone (film)

Sangaree (film)

Savage Frontier (film)

Savage Mutiny

Sawdust and Tinsel

Scandal at Scourie

Scandal at the Girls' School

Scared Stiff (1953 film)

Sea Devils (1953 film)

Sea of Lost Ships

Second Chance (1953 film)

Secretly Still and Quiet

Segundo Lpez

Seminole (film)

Serpent of the Nile

Seven Women (1953 film)

Shadows (1953 film)

Shadows of Tombstone

Shahenshah (1953 film)

Shane (film)

Shararat (1959 film)

Sharey Chuattor

Shark River (film)

She's Back on Broadway

She, Lucifer and I

Sheriyo Thetto


Shyamchi Aai (film)

Siamo tutti inquilini

Silvery Dust

Sinji galeb

Sins of Jezebel

Sins of Rome

Siren of Bagdad

Six Are Dead

Skid Kids (film)

Sky Commando


Slaves of Babylon

Small Town Girl (1953 film)

Small Town Story (film)

So Big (1953 film)

So This Is Love (film)

So You Want to Learn to Dance

Sombrero (film)

Son of Belle Starr

Son of the Renegade

Song of Warsaw

Song of the Land

South Sea Woman

South of Algiers

Southern Fried Rabbit

Southern Nights (film)

Soyez les bienvenus


Spanish Fantasy

Speed Fever

Split Second (1953 film)

Spooks (1953 film)

Spring in Moscow

Stalag 17

Star Without Light (1953 film)

Star of Texas

Stardust in Your Eyes

Stars Over Colombo

Stars of the Russian Ballet

Statues Also Die

Steppe Dawns

Sterren Stralen Overal

Stolen Identity

Stone Horizons (1953 film)

Storms (film)

Strange Stories (film)

Street Corner (1953 film)

Street Serenade

Street of Shadows (1953 film)


Stryker of the Yard

Stupid Bom

Such a Charade

Such is Madrid

Sujatha (1953 film)

Sul ponte dei sospiri

Summer with Monika

Sunday Heroes

Sunstroke (1953 film)


Sweethearts on Parade (1953 film)

Swings or Roundabouts

Sword of Venus

T.V. of Tomorrow (film)

Take Me to Town

Take a Powder

Take the High Ground!

Tangier Incident (film)

Tante Jutta aus Kalkutta

Target Earth (film)

Target Hong Kong

Tarzan and the She-Devil

Taxi (1953 film)

Teen Batti Char Raasta

Terminal Station (film)

Texas Bad Man

That Happy Couple

That Man from Tangier

That's My Pup!

The 49th Man

The 5,000 Fingers of Dr. T.

The Actress

The Adventurer of Chad

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

The Alaskan Eskimo

The Bachelor Trap

The Bachelors (1953 film)

The Backbone of America

The Band Wagon

The Bandits of Corsica

The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

The Beat of Wings in the Night

The Beauty from Peran

The Beauty of Cadiz

The Beggar's Opera (film)

The Bereft

The Big Heat

The Big Streets

The Bigamist (1953 film)

The Bird Seller (1953 film)

The Black Market (film)

The Black Vampire

The Blakes Slept Here

The Blind Woman of Sorrento (1952 film)

The Blonde Gypsy

The Bloody Farm

The Bloody Money

The Blue Gardenia

The Blue Hour (1953 film)

The Blue Parrot

The Boarder (1953 film)

The Bogeyman (1953 film)

The Boy and the Fog

The Broken Horseshoe (film)

The Bugler's Grandsons

The Caddy

The Call of Destiny (1953 film)

The Captain's Paradise

The Chaplain of San Lorenzo

The Charge at Feather River

The Charming Young Lady (film)

The Cheerful Caravan

The Chieftain of Ginge

The Clown (1953 film)

The Clue of the Missing Ape

The Conquest of Everest

The Count of Monte Cristo (1953 film)

The Cousin from Nowhere (1953 film)

The Coward (1953 film)

The Crime of Tove Andersen

The Crimson Curtain (1953 film)

The Cruel Sea (1953 film)

The Cucuroux Family

The Curious Impertinent

The Dance of the Heart

The Dancing Heart

The Dark Stairway (1953 film)

The Dark World (1953 film)

The Daughter of the Regiment (1953 film)

The Desert Rats (film)

The Desert Song (1953 film)

The Devil Plays the Flute

The Diamond Queen (1953 film)

The Divorce

The Dog and the Diamonds

The Drayton Case

The Drunkard (1953 film)

The Earrings of Madame de

The Eddie Cantor Story

The Emperor Jones (1953 TV play)

The Emperor Waltz (1953 film)

The Empress of China (film)

The Enchanting Enemy

The End (1953 film)

The Face in the Mirror (film)

The Fake (1953 film)

The Familiar Face

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1953 film)

The Father of the Girl

The Fighting Drummer

The Final Test

The Flaming Urge

The Flanagan Boy

The Flower of Hawaii (1953 film)

The Forest (1953 film)

The French Line

The Ghost Falls In Love

The Girl Cat

The Girl Next Door (1953 film)

The Girl Who Had Everything

The Girl from Backafall

The Girl from Moon Bridge

The Girl on the Pier

The Girls of Pleasure Island

The Glass Mountain (1953 film)

The Glass Wall

The Glass Web

The Glory Brigade

The Golden Blade

The Good Beginning

The Grafting of Life

The Great Adventure (1953 film)

The Great Adventures of Captain Kidd

The Great Deceiver (1953 film)

The Great Game (1953 film)

The Great Jesse James Raid

The Great Sioux Uprising

The Great Warrior Skanderbeg

The Gypsy Girl (film)

The Handsome Fisherman

The Heart of the Greek

The Heart of the Matter (film)

The Hitch-Hiker

The Homeless Children

The Homesteaders

The House in the Middle

The House of the Arrow (1953 film)

The I Don't Care Girl

The Immortal Vagabond (1953 film)

The Intruder (1953 film)

The Island of Women

The Joe Louis Story

The Juggler (film)

The Kid from Left Field (1953 film)

The Kidnappers

The Killer (1953 film)

The Knight of the Night

The Lady Wants Mink

The Lady Without Camelias

The Lady of the Camellias (1953 film)

The Landowner's Daughter

The Large Rope

The Last Posse

The Last Reserves

The Last Robin Hood

The Last Round (1953 film)

The Last Waltz (1953 film)

The Lawless Breed

The Lero-Lero Family

The Limping Man (1953 film)

The Little Match Girl (1953 film)

The Living City

The Living Desert

The Lone Hand (1953 film)

The Long Memory

The Lost Planet

The Lottery Ticket Seller

The Lottery of Happiness

The Love of a Woman

The Lovers of Marianne

The Lovers of Midnight

The Loving Women

The Magnetic Monster

The Magnificent Beast

The Man Behind the Gun

The Man Between

The Man from Cairo

The Man from the Alamo

The Marksman (1953 film)

The Marshal's Daughter

The Master of Ballantrae (1953 film)

The Maze (1953 film)

The Merchant of Venice (1953 film)

The Message of Death

The Mill in the Black Forest

The Millionaire Recruit

The Missing Mouse

The Mississippi Gambler (1953 film)

The Monastery's Hunter (1953 film)

The Moon Is Blue (film)

The Moonlighter

The Most Wanted Man

The Mystery of the Express Car

The Naked Spur

The Neanderthal Man

The Nebraskan

The Net (1953 film)

The New Neighbor

The Night Is Ours (1953 film)

The Night Without Morals

The Nights of Tehran

The Obtrusive Wife

The Old Mill on Mols

The Oracle (film)

The Other Side of Paradise (film)

The Outlaw (1953 film)

The Pagans (film)

The Parvenus

The Patriot (1953 film)

The Phantom Stockman

The Photographer (1953 film)

The Player (1953 film)

The Pleasure Garden (1953 film)

The Plebeian

The Poacher (1953 film)

The Porter from Maxim's (1953 film)

The Portico of Glory

The Postponed Wedding Night (1953 film)

The President's Lady

The Private Secretary (1953 film)

The Proud and the Beautiful

The Red Beret

The Redhead from Wyoming

The Return of Don Camillo

The Return of Vasili Bortnikov

The Rich Landowner and the Farmhand

The Road to Klockrike

The Robbery (film)

The Robe (film)

The Rose of Stamboul (1953 film)

The Royal African Rifles

The Saint's Return

The Sea Around Us (film)

The Sea Has Risen

The Seafarers

The Second Woman (1953 film)

The Secret of Blood

The Seducer of Granada

The Shadow (1953 film)

The Shepherd Girl

The Ship of Condemned Women

The Silver Whip

The Simple Things

The Singing Hotel

The Sixth Race

The Skylarks are Singing

The Slave (1953 film)

The Sob

The Son (1953 film)

The Song of Pain

The Sparrows of Paris

The Spendthrift (1953 film)

The Spot of the Family

The Square Ring

The Stand at Apache River

The Stars Are Singing

The State Department Store

The Steel Key

The Steel Lady

The Story of Gilbert and Sullivan

The Story of Three Loves

The Strange Passenger

The Stranger Wore a Gun

The Straw Man (film)

The Stronger Woman

The Stumble (film)

The Sun Is Far Away

The Sun Shines Bright

The Sword and the Rose

The Sword of Granada

The System (1953 film)

The Tall Texan

The Taxi Driver

The Tell-Tale Heart (1953 American film)

The Tell-Tale Heart (1953 British film)

The Terrible Twosome

The Three Musketeers (1953 film)

The Titfield Thunderbolt

The Tour of the Grand Dukes

The Treasure of Bengal

The Treasure of Bird Island

The Twonky

The Uncle from America

The Unfaithful (1953 film)

The Unfaithfuls

The Unknown Mariachi

The Unwanted Girl

The Vagabond (1953 film)

The Vanquished

The Veils of Bagdad

The Victory Sun

The Village (1953 film)

The Village Under the Sky

The Virtuous Scoundrel

The Voice of My City

The Wages of Fear

The Walk (1953 film)

The War of the Worlds (1953 film)

The Wayward Wife

The Wedding of Lilli Marlene

The Wild Geese (1953 film)

The Wild One

The Word (1953 film)

The World Condemns Them

The Yellow Balloon (film)

Their Last Night

There Auto Be a Law

There Once Was a Husband

There Was a Young Lady

There's a Road on the Right

They Call It Love

They Planted a Stone


Thirumbi Paar (1953 film)

This Is Life (film)

This Man Is Dangerous (1953 film)

Those People Next Door

Those Redheads from Seattle

Three Sailors and a Girl

Three Steps in the Dark

Three Steps to the Gallows

Three Stories (1953 film)

Thunder Bay (film)

Thunder Over the Plains

Thy Neighbor's Wife (1953 film)

Thrse Raquin (1953 film)

Tiger from Tjampa

Time Bomb (1953 film)

Time Gentlemen, Please!

Titanic (1953 film)

To Be Without Worries

To Kill a Child (1953 film)

Tokyo Story

Tom Tom Tomcat

Tonight We Sing

Too Young for Love (1953 film)

Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom

Top of the Form (film)

Topeka (film)

Torch Song (1953 film)


Trail Blazers (film)

Transpacific Flight

Treasure of the Golden Condor

Trick Shooting with Kenne Duncan

Tricky Dicks

Tropic Zone (film)

Trouble Along the Way

Trouble in Store

Tumbleweed (film)

Turn the Key Softly

Twice Upon a Time (1953 film)

Two Degrees of Ecuador

Two Funny Guys

Two Little Indians

Ue... paisano!



Una Ventana a la vida

Under the City

Under the Sky of Spain

Under the Stars of Capri

Ung frue forsvunnet

Unglassed Windows Cast a Terrible Reflection

Unmarried Mothers (1953 film)

Up in Daisy's Penthouse

Upswept Hare

Ursula, the Girl from the Finnish Forests

Valley of Song

Valley of the Head Hunters


Vassa Zheleznova (film)

Vayyari Bhama

Vazha Pirandhaval

Ved kongelunden...

Velaikari Magal


Verdi, the King of Melody

Vesna (film)

Vestire gli ignudi

Via Padova 46

Vice Squad (1953 film)

Vicki (film)

Vigilante Terror

Virgile (film)

Voice of Silence (1953 film)


Walking My Baby Back Home (film)

War Arrow

War Paint (1953 film)

We Have to Marry Them Off

We Three Debutantes

We Who Go the Kitchen Route

We'll Talk About Love Later

We're Coming Back

We, the Women

Wedding in Transit

Wee-Willie Wildcat

Welcome Mr. Marshall!

What Can Not Be Forgiven

What Madness!

What Scoundrels Men Are! (1953 film)

Wheel of Fate (film)

When Do You Commit Suicide? (1953 film)

When The Village Music Plays on Sunday Nights

When You Come Back to Me (film)

When You Read This Letter

When the White Lilacs Bloom Again (1953 film)

Where Chimneys Are Seen

Whirlwind (1953 film)

White Lightning (1953 film)

White Mane

White Witch Doctor

Wicked Woman (film)

Wife (film)

Wild Desire

Wild Over You

Will Any Gentleman...?

William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar

Wings of the Hawk

Winning of the West

Winterurlaub mit dem FDGB

Wolves and Sheep (film)

Woman They Almost Lynched

Woman of the Red Sea

Women Who Work (1953 film)

Women of Paris

Women's Town

Wonder Valley

Wonderful Mentality

Working for Peanuts

Yadanabon (film)

Yegor Bulychov and Others

Yes, My Love

You Had To Be a Gypsy

You've Got Me By the Wing

Young Bess

Young Heart Full of Love

Young Hearts (1953 film)

Younger Brother (film)

Your Heart Is My Homeland

Your Memory and Me

sa-Nisse on Holiday

l (film)

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