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Movies from 1942

'Neath Brooklyn Bridge

100,000 Cobbers

15 mil dibujos

5 June (film)

A Close Call for Ellery Queen

A Date with the Falcon

A Desperate Chance for Ellery Queen

A Garibaldian in the Convent

A Gentleman After Dark

A Gentleman at Heart

A Good Lad

A Gust of Wind

A Letter from Bataan

A Letter from Ulster

A Light in the Window (film)

A Man's World (1942 film)

A Night to Remember (1942 film)

A Pilot Returns

A Pistol Shot (1942 film)

A Ship Is Born

A Tale of Two Kitties

A Tornado in the Saddle

A Tragedy at Midnight

A Yank at Eton

A Yank in Australia

A Yank in Libya

A Yank on the Burma Road

A che servono questi quattrini?

A-Haunting We Will Go (1942 film)


Aankh Michouli

About Face (1942 film)

Academia El Tango Argentino

Ace in the Hole (1942 film)

Across the Pacific


Adventurer (film)

Africa, Prelude to Victory


After Casanova's Fashion

Ala-Arriba! (film)

Alexander Parkhomenko (film)

Alias Boston Blackie

Alibi (1942 film)

All Through the Night (film)

All Together (1942 film)

Almost Married (1942 film)

Along the Sundown Trail

Always in My Heart (film)

American Empire (film)

Ananthasayanam (1942 film)

Andreas Schlter (film)

Andy Hardy's Double Life


Annette and the Blonde Woman

Antosha Rybkin

Anuschka (film)

Any Bonds Today?

Apache Trail (film)

Apna Ghar

Arabian Nights (1942 film)


Are Husbands Necessary? (1942 film)

Arizona Roundup

Arizona Stage Coach

Arizona Terrors

Armaan (1942 film)

Army Surgeon

Arzoo (1942 film)

Ashes to the Wind

Asking for Trouble

As te quiero

At Your Command, Madame

Atlantic Convoy

Attack on Baku

Baby Face Morgan

Back-Room Boy

Bad Men of the Hills

Bahana (1942 film)

Baj un ngel del cielo

Bala Nagamma (1942 film)


Banana Ridge (film)

Bandit Ranger

Barat (film)

Barbora Hlavsov

Baroque in Croatia

Basant (film)

Bats in the Belfry (1942 film)

Before the Postman

Behind the Eight Ball (film)

Bellboy Donald

Bells of Capistrano

Beloved World

Below the Border

Bengasi (film)

Berlin Correspondent

Between Heaven and Earth (1942 film)

Between Us Girls

Beyond the Blue Horizon (film)

Beyond the Line of Duty

Bhakta Kabir

Bhakta Potana

Bhakta Prahlada (1942 Kannada film)

Bhakta Prahlada (1942 Telugu film)

Bhakta Surdas

Bhaktha Naradar

Bharat Milap

Billy the Kid Trapped

Billy the Kid's Smoking Guns

Black Dragons

Blackout (1942 film)

Blitz Wolf

Blondie Goes to College

Blondie for Victory

Blondie's Blessed Event

Blood in the Snow

Blue, White and Perfect

Bob's Your Uncle (film)

Bolero (1942 film)

Bombay Clipper

Bombs Over Burma

Boot Hill Bandits

Border Roundup

Born to Sing (1942 film)

Boss of Hangtown Mesa

Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood

Bowery at Midnight

Breach of Promise (1942 film)

Broadway (1942 film)

Broadway Big Shot

Brooklyn Orchid

Brother Martin: Servant of Jesus

Bugs Bunny Gets the Boid

Builders (film)

Bullet Scars

Bullets for Bandits

Busses Roar

Butch Minds the Baby

C' sempre un ma!

Cactus Makes Perfect

Cadets on Parade

Cairo (1942 film)

Call Out the Marines

Call of the Canyon

Calling Dr. Gillespie

Campus on the March

Canal Zone (film)

Caprices (film)

Captain Midnight (serial)

Captains of the Clouds

Careful, Soft Shoulders

Carmela (film)

Carmen (1942 film)

Carnival in the Tropics

Casablanca (film)

Case of the Missing Hare

Castle in the Desert

Cat People (1942 film)

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Changing the Guard (film)


China Girl (1942 film)


City of Silent Men

Coastal Command (film)

Code of the Outlaw

Combat Report

Come on Danger

Commandos Strike at Dawn

Concierto de almas (film)

Conquer by the Clock

Conrad the Sailor


Cowboy Serenade

Crazy Cruise

Crossroads (1942 film)


Daffy's Southern Exposure

Danger in the Pacific

Dangerous Ways

Daring Young Man

Das Baje

Dasein ohne Leben

Dawn on the Great Divide

De Laatste Dagen van een Eiland

Deep in the Heart of Texas (film)

Del rancho a la capital

Desert Wonderland

Desperate Journey

Destination Unknown (1942 film)

Destiny (1942 film)

Destruction, Inc.

Det 'kke te tru


Die Entlassung

Die goldene Stadt

Diesel (film)

Dillagi (1942 film)

Ding Dog Daddy

Disturbance (1942 film)

Doctor Crippen (1942 film)

Doctor Glas (1942 film)

Document Z-3

Dog Trouble

Doin' Their Bit

Don Cesare di Bazan

Don Winslow of the Navy

Don't Get Personal (1942 film)

Don't Lie (film)

Don't Talk (film)

Donald Gets Drafted

Donald's Decision

Donald's Garden

Donald's Gold Mine

Donald's Snow Fight

Dos mexicanos en Sevilla

Dover (film)

Down Rio Grande Way

Down Texas Way

Dr. Broadway

Dr. Gillespie's New Assistant

Dr. Kildare's Victory

Dr. Kovcs Istvn

Dr. Renault's Secret

Drums of the Congo

Dudes Are Pretty People

Duke of the Navy

Dukh Sukh

Duniya Ek Tamasha

Duniya Tumhari Hai

Eagle Squadron (film)

Ek Raat

Ekta (film)

El Comisario de Tranco Largo

El Gran secreto

El baisano Jalil

El verdugo de Sevilla

Electric Earthquake

Eleventh Hour (1942 animated film)

Elvira Fernndez, vendedora de tiendas

En Manaivi

En el viejo Buenos Aires

En el ltimo piso

En herre med bart

Enemy Agents Meet Ellery Queen

Escape from Crime

Escape from Hong Kong

Even as IOU

Eyes in the Night

Eyes of the Underworld

Fall In

Fantasmas en Buenos Aires

Fantastic Night


Father Gets Untangled

Fedora (1942 film)

Ferry Pilot (1942 film)

Fine Feathered Friend

Fingers at the Window

Flames in the Dark

Flight Lieutenant (film)

Fly-by-Night (film)

Flying Fortress (film)

Flying Tigers (film)

Flying with Music

Follow the Legion

Food Will Win the War

Footlight Serenade

For Me and My Gal (film)

Forbidden Music

Foreign Agent

Fortunato (film)

Four Jacks and a Jill (film)

Four Steps in the Clouds

Fox Pop

Fraidy Cat (film)

Freckles Comes Home

Frederica (1942 film)

Fresh Hare

Friendly Enemies

Frisco Lil

Frk. Vildkat

Front Line Kids

Front Theatre

Gabriela (1942 film)

Gallant Lady (1942 film)

Gang Busters (serial)


Garib (film)

Geheimakte W.B.1

General von Dbeln

Gentleman Jim (film)

George Washington Slept Here

Gert and Daisy Clean Up

Gert and Daisy's Weekend

Get Hep to Love

Ghar Sansar (1942 film)

Ghost Town Law

Giarabub (film)

Gilberte de Courgenay

Giorgi Saakadze (film)

Girl Trouble (1942 film)

Girl of the Golden West (1942 film)

Girls' Town

Give Out, Sisters

Go to Blazes (1942 film)

Going to Press

Gopher Goofy

Goyescas (film)

Gran pensin La Alegra

Grand Central Murder

Halfway to Shanghai

Happy Days (1942 film)

Hard Steel

Haso Haso Ai Duniyawallaon

Hatter's Castle (film)

Hay Foot

Headlights in the Fog

Heart of the Golden West

Heart of the Rio Grande

Hello, Annapolis

Hemp for Victory

Hen Hop

Henry Aldrich, Editor

Henry Browne, Farmer

Henry and Dizzy

Her Cardboard Lover

Here We Go Again (film)

Hi, Neighbor

Highways by Night

Hillbilly Blitzkrieg

His Name Is Sukhe-Bator

Historia de crmenes

Historia de un gran amor

Hitler Dead or Alive

Hold the Lion, Please

Holiday Inn (film)

Home in Wyomin'

Horton Hatches the Egg (film)

House of Errors

How the Steel Was Tempered (film)

How to Fish

How to Play Baseball

Huma Gun Anmogaldi

I Knew That Woman

I Live as I Please

I Live on Danger

I Married a Witch

I Married an Angel (film)

I Was Framed

I'll Be Right Over

I'm a Real Mexican

Ice-Capades Revue

Iceland (film)

Il birichino di pap

In Old California (1942 film)

In This Our Life

In Which We Serve


Inside Fighting Canada

Inside Fighting Russia

Inside the Law

Intrigue (1942 film)

Invisible Agent

Invisible Chains (film)

Isle of Missing Men

It Happened in Flatbush

It Is My Music

It's All True (film)

It's Everybody's War

Jacar (film)

Jackass Mail

Jail House Blues (film)

Jam Session (1942 film)

Japanese Relocation (1942 film)

Jasper and the Haunted House

Jawab (1942 film)

Jawan Ki Pukar

Jawani (Indian film)

Jealousy (1942 film)

Jeevan Mukthi

Jeg drepte!

Jesse James, Jr. (film)

Jesusita en Chihuahua (film)

Joan of Ozark

Joan of Paris

Joe Smith, American

Johnny Doughboy

Johnny Eager

Journey for Margaret

Journey to Nowhere

Juke Box Jenny

Juke Girl

Jungle Siren

Junior Army

Junior G-Men of the Air

Just Off Broadway

Kannagi (film)

Karel and I

Keeping Fit

Khandaan (1942 film)

Khilona (1942 film)

Kid Glove Killer

Kill or Be Killed (1942 film)

King Arthur Was a Gentleman

King of the Mounties

King of the Stallions

Kings Row

Kiski Biwi

Klondike Fury

Knights of the Desert (film)

Kokoda Front Line!

Kotovsky (film)

Kunwara Baap (1942 film)

L'Arlsienne (1942 film)

La Comdie du bonheur

La Symphonie fantastique

La Vrgen morena

La abuelita

La signorina

Labbra serrate

Lad from Our Town

Lady Gangster

Lady for a Night

Lady from Chungking

Lady from Lisbon

Lady in a Jam

Lady with the Light Gloves


Land of the Open Range

Larceny, Inc.

Las tres viudas de pap

Laugh Your Blues Away

Law and Order (1942 film)

Law of the Jungle (film)

Lawless Plainsmen

Le Destin fabuleux de Dsire Clary

Le Lit colonnes

Legion of Heroes

Les Visiteurs du Soir

Let the People Sing (film)

Let's Get Tough!

Life Begins at Eight-Thirty

Listen to Britain

Little Joe, the Wrangler

Little Tokyo, U.S.A.

Loco Boy Makes Good

London Scrapbook

Lone Star Ranger

Lost Canyon

Love Me (1942 film)

Love Story (1942 film)

Love, Latest Model

Lucky Ghost

Lucky Jordan

Lucky Legs

Luisa Sanfelice (1942 film)

Lure of the Islands

Lyckan kommer

Madame Spy (1942 film)

Mademoiselle Swing

Mahakavi Kalidas (1942 film)


Maisie Gets Her Man

Malambo (1942 film)

Malan (film)

Malombra (1942 film)

Malvaloca (1942 film)

Mamta (1942 film)

Man from Cheyenne

Man from Headquarters


Manila Calling


Manpower (1942 film)

Marines in the Making

Mashenka (1942 film)

Mata (1942 film)


Meet the Stewarts

Mega Mendoeng

Melodies Old and New

Men Without Fear

Men of San Quentin

Men of Texas

Men of the Sky (1942 film)

Mexican Spitfire Sees a Ghost

Mexican Spitfire at Sea

Mexican Spitfire's Elephant

Mickey's Birthday Party

Mighty Lak a Goat

Miss Annie Rooney

Miss Bonaparte

Miss V from Moscow

Mississippi Gambler (film)


Moonlight Masquerade

Moonlight in Havana


Moscow Strikes Back


Mr. Bug Goes to Town

Mr. Washington Goes to Town

Mr. Wise Guy

Mr. and Mrs. North (film)

Mrs. Miniver

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1942 film)

Much Ado About Nixi

Much Too Shy

Mug Town


Murder in the Big House

My Favorite Blonde

My Favorite Duck

My Favorite Spy (1942 film)

My Gal Sal

My Heart Belongs to Daddy (film)

My Sister Eileen (1942 film)

My Village

My Wife Theresa

Msteko na dlani

Nada ms que amor

Nai Duniya

Nandanar (1942 film)

Nari (1942 film)

Native Land

Nazi Agent

Nazrana (1942 film)

New Towns for Old

Night Monster

Night in New Orleans

Nightmare (1942 film)

Non ti pago!

North of the Rockies

North to the Klondike

Northland (film)

Northwest Rangers

Not a Ladies' Man

Nothing Is Forgotten

Now, Voyager

Nutty News

O Ptio das Cantigas

Obliging Young Lady

Odessa in Flames


On the Sunny Side (1942 film)

Once Upon a Honeymoon

One Thrilling Night

One of Our Aircraft Is Missing

Orchestra Wives

Our Russian Front

Out of the Frying Pan and into the Firing Line

Outlaws of Boulder Pass

Outlaws of Pine Ridge

Over My Dead Body (1942 film)

Overland Mail (1942 film)

Overland Stagecoach

Overland to Deadwood

Pacific Rendezvous

Panama Hattie (film)

Parachute Nurse

Pardon My Sarong

Pardon My Stripes

Parineeta (1942 film)

Partners in Crime (1942 film)

Patricia (film)

Pazzo d'amore

People of the Mountains

Perils of Nyoka

Perils of the Royal Mounted

Phantom Killer (film)

Phir Milenge (1942 film)

Phoney Cronies

Pierre of the Plains

Pilot No. 5

Pirates of the Prairie

Pittsburgh (1942 film)

Police Bullets

Powder Town

Power to Win (film)

Prairie Gunsmoke

Prairie Pals

Prelude to War

Prince Charming (1942 film)

Priorities on Parade

Prisoner of Japan


Private Buckaroo

Private Smith of the U.S.A.

Private Snuffy Smith

Professor Creeps

Puss n' Toots

Quebec Path of Conquest

Queen of Broadway

Quiet Please, Murder

Raiders of the Range

Raiders of the West

Raja Rani (1942 film)

Random Harvest (film)

Raza (film)

Reap the Wild Wind

Red River Robin Hood

Regalo de Reyes

Rembrandt (1942 film)

Remember Pearl Harbor

Return of Toofan Mail

Reunion in France

Rhythm Parade

Ride 'Em Cowboy (1942 film)

Ride Tonight!

Riders of the Northland

Riders of the West

Ridin' Down the Canyon

Riding Through Nevada

Riding the Wind

Right to the Heart

Ring of Steel (film)

Rings on Her Fingers

Rio Rita (1942 film)

Road to Happiness

Road to Morocco

Rock River Renegades

Rodeo Rhythm

Rolling Down the Great Divide

Romance on the Range (film)

Rose of Tralee (1942 film)

Roti (1942 film)

Rover's Big Chance

Roxie Hart (film)

Rubber Racketeers

Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book

Ryba na suchu

Sabotage Squad

Sabotage at Sea

Saboteur (film)

Sachcha Sapna

Saludos Amigos

Salute John Citizen

Sappy Birthday

Savera (1942 film)

Scattergood Rides High

Scattergood Survives a Murder

Schichlegruber Doing the Lambeth Walk

Scrap the Japs

Sealed Lips

Secret Agent of Japan

Secret Enemies

Secret Mission

Secrets of a Co-Ed

Secrets of the Underground

Sensational Kidnapping

Seven Days' Leave (1942 film)

Seven Miles from Alcatraz

Seven Sweethearts

Seven Years of Good Luck

Sewa (film)

Sex Hygiene

Shadows on the Sage

Sharda (1942 film)

She's in the Army

Sheikh Chilli (film)

Shepherd of the Ozarks

Sheriff of Sage Valley

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon

Sherlock Holmes and the Voice of Terror

Ship Ahoy

Showdown (1942 film)

Shut My Big Mouth

Siboney (film)


Silver Queen

Simn Bolvar (1942 film)

Sin Town (1942 film)

Sing Your Worries Away

Sky Hounds

Sky Trooper

Sleeping Beauty (1942 film)

Sleepytime Gal

Smart Alecks

Smith of Minnesota

So's Your Aunt Emma

Sock-a-Bye Baby

Soldiers Without Uniform

Somewhere I'll Find You

Somewhere in Camp

Son of Fury: The Story of Benjamin Blake

Song of the Islands

Sons of the Pioneers (film)

Souls in Turmoil

South of Santa Fe (1942 film)

South of the Border with Disney

Speaking of Animals and Their Families

Springtime in the Rockies

Spy Ship (film)

Spy Smasher (serial)

Stagecoach Buckaroo

Stagecoach Express (film)

Stand By All Networks

Stand By for Action

Star Spangled Rhythm

Stardust on the Sage

Stasera niente di nuovo

Story of a Poor Young Man (1942 film)

Straa na Drini

Street of Chance (1942 film)

Street of the Five Moons

Strictly in the Groove

Submarine Raider

Sukhi Jeevan

Sun Over Klara

Sunday Punch (film)

Sundown Jim

Sunset Serenade

Sunset on the Desert

Surprised Parties

Suspected Person


Swapna (1942 film)

Sweater Girl (film)

Sweetheart of the Fleet

Symphony Hour

Syncopation (1942 film)

Take Care of Ulla

Take My Life (1942 film)

Take a Letter, Darling

Tales of Manhattan

Talk About Jacqueline

Tamanna (1942 film)

Tamizhariyum Perumal

Tarzan's New York Adventure

Ten Gentlemen from West Point

Tennessee Johnson

Texas Trouble Shooters

Texas to Bataan

That Other Woman

The Adventures of Fra Diavolo

The Adventures of Martin Eden

The Affairs of Jimmy Valentine

The Affairs of Martha

The Arm Behind the Army

The Balloon Goes Up

The Bashful Bachelor

The Battle for Oil

The Battle of Hong Kong (film)

The Battle of the Harvests

The Beautiful Adventure (1942 film)

The Benefactor (1942 film)

The Big Blockade

The Big Game (1942 film)

The Big Shot (1942 film)

The Big Street

The Black Angel (1942 film)

The Black Sheep of Whitehall

The Black Swan (film)

The Blue Veil (1942 film)

The Boogie Man Will Get You

The Boss of Big Town

The Bowling Alley-Cat

The Bugle Sounds

The Case of Ingegerd Bremssen

The Corpse Vanishes

The Count of Monte Cristo (1942 film)

The Countess of Castiglione

The Courtship of Andy Hardy

The Cursed Village (1942 film)

The Cyclone Kid

The Daffy Duckaroo

The Dangerous Game (1942 film)

The Dawn Express

The Day Will Dawn

The Defense of Tsaritsyn

The Devil with Hitler

The District Secretary

The Dover Boys at Pimento University; or, The Rivals of Roquefort Hall

The Draft Horse

The Duchess of Langeais (1942 film)

The Ducktators

The Early Bird Dood It!

The Eternal Secret

The Falcon Takes Over

The Falcon's Brother

The First of the Few

The Fleet's In

The Foreman Went to France

The Forest Rangers (film)

The Gaucho War

The Gay Sisters

The Ghost of Frankenstein

The Girl from Alaska

The Glass Key (1942 film)

The Goose Steps Out

The Gorgon (1942 film)

The Great Dam (film)

The Great Gildersleeve (film)

The Great Impersonation (1942 film)

The Great King

The Great Love (1942 film)

The Great Man's Lady

The Great Mr. Handel

The Guardian Angel (1942 film)

The Hare-Brained Hypnotist

The Harvest Shall Come

The Heavenly Play

The Hep Cat

The Hidden Hand (1942 film)

The Hired Husband

The House of the Millions

The Hungry Wolf

The Impatient Patient

The Jester's Supper (film)

The Journey (1942 film)

The Jungle Princess (1942 film)

The Kids Grow Up

The Lady Has Plans

The Lady Is Fickle

The Lady Is Willing (1942 film)

The Lady from Cheyenne

The Little Residence

The Living Ghost

The Lone Prairie

The Lone Rider and the Bandit

The Lone Rider in Cheyenne

The Lone Rider in Texas Justice

The Lone Star Vigilantes

The Lost Woman (1942 film)

The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe

The Mad Doctor of Market Street

The Mad Martindales

The Mad Monster

The Magnificent Ambersons (film)

The Magnificent Dope

The Major and the Minor

The Male Animal

The Man Who Came to Dinner (1942 film)

The Man Who Returned to Life

The Man Who Wanted to Kill Himself

The Man Who Wouldn't Die (1942 film)

The Man in the Trunk

The Man with Two Lives

The Mayor of 44th Street

The McGuerins from Brooklyn

The Missing Million

The Moon and Sixpence (1942 film)

The Mummy's Tomb

The Murderer Lives at Number 21

The Murderer is Afraid at Night

The Murderers are Coming

The Mysterious Rider (1942 film)

The Mystery of Marie Roget (film)

The Navy Comes Through

The New Spirit

The News Parade of the Year 1942

The Next of Kin

The Night Before the Divorce

The Night Has Eyes

The Old Chisholm Trail (film)

The Old Homestead (1942 film)

The Old Skinflint

The Olympic Champ

The Omaha Trail

The Palm Beach Story

The Panther's Claw

The Payoff (1942 film)

The Peterville Diamond

The Phantom Plainsmen

The Pied Piper (1942 film)

The Postman Didn't Ring

The Price of Victory

The Pride of the Yankees

The Queen of Navarre

The Rainer Case

The Rangers Take Over

The Red Terror (film)

The Remarkable Andrew

The Road of the Llamas

The Saint Who Forged a Country

The Secret Code (serial)

The Silver Bullet (1942 film)

The Sold Grandfather (1942 film)

The Soldier's Food

The Sombrero Kid

The Soviet Paradise

The Spirit of Stanford

The Spoilers (1942 film)

The Squawkin' Hawk

The Strange Case of Doctor Rx

The Strangers in the House (film)

The Sundown Kid

The Talk of the Town (1942 film)

The Taming of the Shrew (1942 film)

The Thing About Styx

The Third Kiss

The Three Musketeers (1942 film)

The Three Pilots

The Traitor Within

The Tree in a Test Tube

The Trump Card (film)

The Tuttles of Tahiti

The Two Orphans (1942 film)

The Undying Monster

The Valley of Vanishing Men

The Vanishing Private

The Vanishing Virginian

The Village Smithy

The Voice of Action

The Wacky Wabbit

The War Against Mrs. Hadley

The War at Sea from Hawaii to Malaya

The Wheel of Life (1942 film)

The White Dove (1942 film)

The Wife Takes a Flyer

The Woman in the House

The Woman of Sin

The World at War (film)

The Yanks Are Coming (1942 film)

The Yellow Clinic

The Young Mr. Pitt

There Was a Father

There's One Born Every Minute

They All Kissed the Bride

They Flew Alone

They Raid by Night

This Above All (film)

This Gun for Hire

This Time for Keeps (1942 film)

This Was Paris

Those Kids from Town

Three Smart Saps

Thru Different Eyes

Thunder Birds (1942 film)

Thunder River Feud

Thunder Rock (film)

Thundering Hoofs

Timber (1942 film)

Time to Kill (1942 film)

Tish (film)

To Be or Not to Be (1942 film)

To the Shores of Tripoli

Today I Hang

Tombstone, the Town Too Tough to Die

Tomorrow I'll Kill Myself

Tomorrow We Live (1942 film)

Tomorrow's Melody

Too Many Women (1942 film)

Top Sergeant (film)

Torpedo Boat (film)

Torpedo Squadron

Torrents of Spring (1942 film)

Tortilla Flat (film)

Tough as They Come

Tragic Night

Trail Riders

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1942 film)

Treat 'Em Rough

True to the Army


Tsubasa no gaika

Tulips Shall Grow

Twin Beds (1942 film)

Twisted Mistress

Two Yanks in Trinidad

Two in a Big City

Tyrannens fald

Ulti Ganga

Uncensored (film)

Undercover Man (1942 film)

Underground Agent

Unexpected Riches

United States Marine Band (film)

Unpublished Story

Unseen Enemy

Upa en apuros

Vacations in the Other World

Valentin the Good

Valley of Hunted Men

Valley of the Sun (film)

Vasantsena (1942 film)

Ven mi corazn te llama

Vengeance of the West

Verwitterte Melodie

Vidas marcadas

Vienna Blood (film)

Vijay (1942 film)

Violanta (1942 film)

Wacky Blackout

Wake Island (film)

War Dogs (1942 film)

We Are the Marines

We House Slaves

We Serve

We Thieves Are Honourable (1942 film)

We Were Dancing (film)

We the Living (film)

We'll Smile Again

Wedding Day (film)

Wedding in Barenhof

Went the Day Well?

West of Tombstone

West of the Law

Western Mail (film)

Westward Ho (1942 film)

What's Cookin'?

What's the Matador?

When Johnny Comes Marching Home (film)

Where Trails End

Whispering Ghosts

Whistling in Dixie

White Cargo

Who Done It? (1942 film)

Who Is Hope Schuyler?

Who's Who in the Zoo

Whom the Gods Love (1942 film)

Wild Bill Hickok Rides

Wildcat (film)

Wings for the Eagle

Winning Your Wings

With the Eyes of a Woman

Woman of the Year

Women Are Warriors

Wood for War

Wrecking Crew (1942 film)

X Marks the Spot (1942 film)

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Yellow Hell

Yes, Madam (1942 film)

Yokel Boy

You Can't Escape Forever

You Were Never Lovelier

You're Telling Me (film)

You're a Sap, Mr. Jap

Young America (1942 film)

Youth on Parade


Zeven jongens en een oude schuit

Zlat dno

As se quiere en Jalisco!

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