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Movies from 1940

'Til We Meet Again

20 Mule Team

21 Days

A Bill of Divorcement (1940 film)

A Call for Arms

A Case of Spring Fever

A Chump at Oxford

A Crime (1940 film)

A Dispatch from Reuters

A Fugitive from Justice

A Gander at Mother Goose

A German Robinson Crusoe

A Little Bit of Heaven (1940 film)

A Macabre Legacy

A Night at Earl Carroll's

A Plumbing We Will Go

A Rainy Day with the Bear Family

A Real Man (film)

A Romantic Adventure

A Sailor on Horseback

A Thief Has Arrived (1940 film)

A Wild Hare

A Window in London

Aaj Ka Hindustan

Aaj Ki Duniya

Aatamin puvussa ja vhn Eevankin (1940 film)

Abandonment (film)

Abe Lincoln in Illinois (film)

Abla Ki Shakti


Adventure in Diamonds

Adventures of Red Ryder

Africa Squeaks

Akireta musume-tachi

Alfalfa's Double

Ali Baba (1940 film)

Ali-Baba Bound

Alias the Deacon (1940 film)

All About Hash

All This, and Heaven Too

All at Sea (1940 film)

All en el trpico

Always a Bride

Am I Guilty?

American Matchmaker

Amor (film)

An Angel from Texas

An Englishman's Home


And One Was Beautiful

Andy Hardy Meets Debutante

Angels Over Broadway

Anjaam (1940 film)

Anjaan (1941 film)

Anne of Windy Poplars (film)

Antonio Meucci (film)

Anuradha (1940 film)

Apni Nagariya

Argentine Nights

Argila (1940 film)

Arise, My Love

Arizona (1940 film)

Arizona Frontier

Arizona Gang Busters

Art in the Negro Schools

Arthur and Leontine

At the Villa Rose (1940 film)

Atlantic Patrol

Aurat (1940 film)


Babies for Sale

Bad Man from Red Butte


Bahurani (1940 film)

Band Waggon (film)

Bandhan (1940 film)

Barnyard Follies

Baron Pril (film)

Barrister Parvateesam (film)

Bashful Anton

Bastard (1940 film)

Beating Heart (film)

Before I Hang

Behind the News (film)

Beloved Augustin (1940 film)

Between Hamburg and Haiti

Beyond Love (film)

Beyond Tomorrow (film)

Beyond the Sacramento

Bhairavsingh Ek Rashtra sevak

Bhaktha Chetha (1940 film)

Bharosa (1940 film)

Bholi Lutaran

Bhookailas (1940 film)

Big Shoes


Billy the Kid Outlawed

Billy the Kid in Texas

Billy the Kid's Gun Justice

Bismarck (1940 film)

Bitter Sweet (1940 film)

Black Diamonds (1940 film)

Black Friday (1940 film)

Blazing Six Shooters

Blondie Has Servant Trouble

Blondie Plays Cupid

Blondie on a Budget

Blossom Time (1940 film)

Boccaccio (1940 film)

Bone Trouble

Boobs in Arms


Boom Town (film)

Borrasca humana

Boss of Bullion City

Bowery Boy (film)

Boys of the City

Bridge of Glass (film)

Brigham Young (film)

Britain at Bay

British Intelligence (film)

Broadway Melody of 1940

Broken Strings (film)

Brother Orchid

Brother Rat and a Baby

Bubbling Troubles

Buck Benny Rides Again

Bulldog Sees It Through

Bullet Code

Bullets for Rustlers

Busman's Honeymoon (film)

Busy Bakers

Buzzy Rides the Range

Bcassine (1940 film)

Cafe Hostess

Calling All Husbands

Calling Philo Vance

Camp Thirteen

Canto de amor

Caprichosa y millonaria

Captain Caution

Captain Fracasse (1940 film)

Captain Kishore

Carnaval de antao

Carolina Moon (1940 film)

Castle on the Hudson

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Chad Hanna

Chalti Duniya

Chandika (film)

Chandraguptha Chanakya

Channel Incident

Charley's (Big-Hearted) Aunt

Charlie Chan at the Wax Museum

Charlie Chan in Panama

Charlie Chan's Murder Cruise

Charter Pilot

Chasing Trouble

Cherokee Strip (film)

Chingari (1940 film)


Chit A Mhya

Chit Yay Sin

Christmas in July (film)

Circus Today

Cita en la frontera

Citizen Kane trailer

City for Conquest

City of Chance

Clothes Make the Man (1940 film)

Colorado (1940 film)

Comin' Round the Mountain (1940 film)

Commandment Keeper Church, Beaufort South Carolina, May 1940

Commissioner Eyck

Comrade X

Con el dedo en el gatillo

Confederate Honey


Confucius (1940 film)

Congo Maisie

Contraband (1940 film)

Convicted Woman

Convoy (1940 film)

Cookoo Cavaliers

Corazn de turco

Counterfeiters (1940 film)

Covered Wagon Days

Covered Wagon Trails

Crazy House (1940 film)

Crimes at the Dark House

Cristobal's Gold

Cross-Country Romance


Curtain Call (1940 film)

Dad Rudd, M.P.

Dama de compaa

Dance, Girl, Dance

Dancing on a Dime

Danger Ahead (1940 film)

Danger on Wheels

Dark Command

Dark Streets of Cairo

Das Herz der Knigin


De Mxico lleg el amor

Dead Man's Shoes (1940 film)

Deadwood Dick (serial)

Deepak Mahal

Der Herr im Haus

Der Marsch zum Fhrer

Desh Bhakta

Dharma Bandhan

Diamond Frontier

Diamond Queen (1940 film)

Disappearance of 'The Eagle'

Doctor Satan's Robot

Don Pasquale (1940 film)

Donald's Dog Laundry

Donald's Vacation

Doomed to Die

Dorangia Daku

Double Alibi (1940 film)

Double or Nothing (1940 film)

Down Argentine Way

Dr. Christian Meets the Women

Dr. Cyclops

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet

Dr. Kildare Goes Home

Dr. Kildare's Crisis

Dr. Kildare's Strange Case

Dr. O'Dowd

Dreaming Out Loud (film)

Drums of Fu Manchu

Drums of the Desert (1940 film)

Duel for Nothing

Dulcy (1940 film)

Dvka v modrm

Earl of Puddlestone

Earthbound (1940 film)

East Side Kids (film)

East of the River

Edison, the Man

Educating Nin

Ek Hi Bhool (1940 film)

El Cantor de Buenos Aires

El Cantor del circo

El Haragn de la familia

El Hijo del barrio

El jefe mximo

El secreto de la monja

Ellery Queen, Master Detective

Elmer's Candid Camera

Emergency Squad (1940 film)

En ganske almindelig pige


Enemies (1940 film)

Enemy Agent

Ergens in Nederland

Escape (1940 film)

Escape to Glory

Eternal Melodies

Experiments in the Revival of Organisms

Explosivo 008

Eyes of the Navy

Falstaff in Vienna

Familien Olsen

Fantasia (1940 film)

Father Gets Entangled Again

Father Is a Prince

Feldzug in Polen

Finally Alone

Fire Chief (film)

Five Little Peppers at Home

Five Little Peppers in Trouble

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe

Flecha de oro

Flight Angels

Flight Command

Florian (film)

Flowing Gold (1940 film)

For Freedom (1940 film)

For a Friend (film)

Foreign Correspondent (film)

Forgotten Girls

Forty Little Mothers

Forty Thousand Horsemen

Four Shall Die

Four Sons (1940 film)

Fragata Sarmiento (film)

Framed (1940 film)

Free, Blonde and 21


Friedrich Schiller The Triumph of a Genius

Friendly Neighbors

From Nurse to Worse

Frontier Crusader

Frontier Vengeance

Fugitive from a Prison Camp

Gallant Sons


Gallopin' Gals

Gambling on the High Seas

Gang War (1940 film)

Gangs of Chicago

Gaslight (1940 film)

Gaucho Serenade

Geeta (1940 film)

George and Margaret (film)

Ghar Ki Rani

Ghost Valley Raiders

Ghost Wanted

Girl from Avenue A

Girl from God's Country

Girl from Havana

Girl in 313

Girls Under 21

Girls of the Road

Give Us Wings

Glamour for Sale


Go West (1940 film)

Goin' Fishin'

Gold Rush Maisie

Golden Gloves (1940 film)

Good Bad Boys

Good Night Elmer

Goodbye Youth (1940 film)

Gorky 3: My Universities

Grand Ole Opry (film)

Grandmother (1940 film)

Grandpa Goes to Town

Granite Hotel

Granny Get Your Gun

Green Hell (film)

Gun Code


Gl Baba (1940 film)

Haar Jeet (1940 film)

Half a Sinner (1940 film)

Hangman's Noose

Hanna in Society

Happiness for Two

Harlem Hotshots

Harta Berdarah

Haunted House (1940 film)

He Married His Wife

He Stayed for Breakfast

Henry Steps Out

Her First Romance

Her Melody

Heroes in Yellow and Blue

Heroes of the Saddle

Hi-Yo Silver

Hidden Enemy

Hidden Gold (1940 film)

High School (1940 film)

Hind Ka Lal

Hindustan Hamara (1940 film)

Hired Wife

His Brother's Keeper (1940 film)

His Ex Marks the Spot

His Girl Friday

Hit Parade of 1941

Hold That Woman!

Holi (1940 film)

Honeymoon Deferred (1940 film)

Honeymoon in Rio

Hoots Mon! (1940 film)

Hot Steel

How High Is Up?


Hullabaloo (film)

Hroes sin fama

I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Baby (film)

I Love You Again

I Take This Oath

I Take This Woman (1940 film)

I Want a Divorce

I Was an Adventuress

I de gode, gamle dage

I'm Nobody's Sweetheart Now

I'm Still Alive (film)

If I Had My Way


In Old Missouri

In the Fields of Dreams

Inspector Vargas

Irene (1940 film)

Isabelita (film)

Island of Doomed Men

Isle of Destiny

It All Came True

It Happened Tomorrow

It Happened to One Man

It's a Date

It's in the Air

Jadu Nagri

Jagat Mohini

Jai Swadesh

Jailbirds (1940 film)


Jeg har elsket og levet

Jennie (film)

Jens Langkniv

Jhuthi Sharm

Johnny Apollo (film)

Joo Rato

Jud S

June Night

Junior G-Men (serial)

Just William (film)


Kalyani (1940 film)

Kampf um Norwegen Feldzug 1940


Kaze no Matasaburo

Kean (1940 film)

Kedok Ketawa

Keeping Company

Kiddie Kure

King for a Day (1940 film)

King of the Lumberjacks

King of the Royal Mounted (serial)

Kiratha Arjuna

Kiss Her!

Kit Carson (1940 film)

Kitty Foyle (film)

Knights of the Range

Knock Knock (1940 film)

Knute Rockne, All American

Kora Terry

Kris Mataram

Krishnan Thoothu

Kumkum the Dancer

La Casa del recuerdo

La Comdie du bonheur

La Conga Nights

La gitanilla (1940 film)

La zia smemorata

Laddie (1940 film)

Ladies Must Live (1940 film)

Ladies in Waiting (film)

Lady with Red Hair


Land of the Six Guns

Landslide (1940 film)

Laranja da China

Laugh It Off (1940 film)

Laughing at Danger

Law and Disorder (1940 film)

Law and Order (1940 film)

Left of the Isar, Right of the Spree (1940 film)

Legion of the Lawless

Let George Do It!

Letter from Aldershot

Li'l Abner (1940 film)

Lightning Strikes West

Lihim ng Lumang Simbahan

Lillian Russell (film)

Little Lambkins

Little Men (1940 film)

Little Nellie Kelly

Little Old New York

Little Orvie

London Can Take It!

Lone Star Raiders

Los Celos de Cndida

Love Cavalcade

Love Me, Alfredo!

Love Thy Neighbor (1940 film)

Love, Honor and Oh-Baby!

Lucky Cisco Kid

Lucky Partners

Lucrezia Borgia (1940 film)

Ma! He's Making Eyes at Me (film)

Mad Youth

Madame Butterfly's Illusion

Maddalena, Zero for Conduct

Magbalik ka, Hirang

Mahiravana (film)

Main Hari

Malathi Madhavam

Malibu Beach Party

Manhattan Heartbeat

Manimekalai (1940 film)

Manon Lescaut (1940 film)

Margie (1940 film)

Marianela (1940 film)

Marked Men (1940 film)

Marriage in Buenos Aires

Married and in Love

Maryland (1940 film)

Matjan Berbisik

May Fairy Tale

Med dej i mina armar

Medha Sharma

Medio milln por una mujer

Meet Maxwell Archer

Meet the Missus (1940 film)

Meet the Wildcat

Melati van Agam (1940 film)

Melody Ranch

Melody and Moonlight

Men Against the Sky

Men Without Souls

Men of the Lightship

Mera Punjab

Mexican Spitfire (film)

Mexican Spitfire Out West

Mi madrecita

Michael Shayne, Private Detective

Midnight Limited

Miente y sers feliz

Military Academy (film)

Millionaire Playboy

Millionaires in Prison

Miquette (1940 film)

Misbehaving Husbands

Miss Grant Goes to the Door

Money and the Woman

Monsieur Hector

Moon Over Burma

Moyuru zora

Mr. Duck Steps Out

Mr. Mouse Takes a Trip

Murder Over New York

Murder in the Air (film)

Murder on the Yukon

Musafir (1940 film)

Music in My Heart

Musical Story

Musicians of the Sky

Muzikantsk Liduka

My Daughter Doesn't Do That

My Daughter Lives in Vienna

My Favorite Wife

My Little Chickadee

My Love (1940 film)

My Love Came Back

My Son, My Son!

Mysterious Doctor Satan

Mystery Sea Raider

Mystery in Swing

Nanette (film)

Nang Mahawi ang Ulap

Narciso's Hard Luck

Narsi Bhagat

Nartaki (1940 film)

Naveena Vikramadityan

Nazar the Brave

Neutral Port

New Horizon (film)

New Moon (1940 film)

Night Train to Munich

Night in December

Nightclub Hostess

Nirali Duniya

No Census, No Feeling

No Time for Comedy

No, No, Nanette (1940 film)

Nobody's Children (1940 film)

Nobuko (1940 film)

Non me lo dire!

North West Mounted Police (film)

Northwest Passage (film)

Nothing But Pleasure

Notre Dame van de sloppen

Nutty but Nice

Of Fox and Hounds

Oh Johnny, How You Can Love

Oklahoma Renegades

Old Mother Riley Joins Up

Old Mother Riley in Society

Olympic Honeymoon

On Their Own

On the Spot (film)

One Big Mistake

One Crowded Night

One Hundred Thousand Dollars

One Man's Fate

One Man's Law

One Million B.C.

One Night in the Tropics

One, But a Lion!

Only the Valiant (1940 film)

Opened by Mistake

Operetta (film)

Our Miss Doctor

Our Town (1940 film)

Out West with the Peppers

Outside the Three-Mile Limit

Pacientka Dr. Hegla

Pack Up Your Troubles (1940 film)

Pagal (film)

Pak Daman

Pals of the Silver Sage


Paradise Lost (1940 film)

Pardon My Berth Marks

Paris-New York

Parole Fixer

Pas p svinget i Solby

Passion (1940 film)

Passport to Alcatraz

Pastor Hall

Patient Porky

Pelikn m alibi

Phantom Raiders

Phantom Rancher

Phantom of Chinatown

Pier 13

Pinocchio (1940 film)

Pinto Canyon

Pioneer Days (1940 film)

Pioneers of the Frontier

Pioneers of the West

Pluto's Dream House

Pony Post

Pooja (1940 film)

Poor Devil (1940 film)

Pop Always Pays

Porky's Last Stand

Poznej svho mue

Prairie Law

Prairie Schooners

Prem Nagar (1940 film)

President Haudecoeur

Pride and Prejudice (1940 film)

Pride of the Bowery

Primrose Path (1940 film)

Private Affairs (1940 film)

Prosm, pane profesore

Public Deb No. 1

Punar Milan

Purple Death from Outer Space

Puss Gets the Boot

Put-Put Troubles

Qaidi (1940 film)

Queen of the Mob

Queen of the Yukon

Quicker'n a Wink

Radio Surprises

Ragtime Cowboy Joe (film)

Rainbow Over the Range

Raj Nartaki

Rancho Grande (film)

Rangers of Fortune

Rangila Jawan

Rani Sahiba

Rebecca (1940 film)

Red Blossoms

Red Roses (film)

Red Tavern

Rembrandt (1940 film)

Remedy for Riches

Remember the Night

Rentjong Atjeh

Reshmi Sari

Return to Yesterday

Rewi's Last Stand

Rhythm of the Rio Grande

Rhythm on the River

Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride

Riders from Nowhere

Riders of Black Mountain

Riders of Pasco Basin

Ridin' the Trail

River's End (1940 film)

Road to Singapore

Rockin' thru the Rockies

Rocky Mountain Rangers (film)


Roll Wagons Roll

Rollin' Home to Texas

Romeo and Juliet (1940 film)

Room for Two (film)

Roses in Tyrol

Rumpelstiltskin (1940 film)

Safari (1940 film)

Sailor's Lady

Sailors Don't Care (1940 film)

Sailors Three

Saint John, the Beheaded

Saint Rogelia

Sajani (1940 film)


Salavat Yulayev (film)

Saloon Bar

Salvage with a Smile


Sandy Gets Her Man

Sandy Is a Lady

Sant Dnyaneshwar (film)

Santa Fe Marshal

Santa Fe Trail (film)

Saps at Sea

Sarajevo (1940 French film)

Sarajevo (1940 Hungarian film)

Sathi Murali

Saturday's Children


Saung Taw Shin

Sawing Gantimpala

Scatterbrain (film)

Second Chorus

Second Tour

Secrets of a Model

Serenade (1940 film)

Service with the Colors

Seven Sinners (1940 film)

Seven Years Hard Luck

Seventeen (1940 film)

Shadowed Eyes


She Couldn't Say No (1940 film)

She Done Him Right (1940 film)

Shooting High

Shyam Sundar (film)

Shylock (1940 film)

Siberians (film)

Siege (1940 film)

Sing Anyway

Sing, Dance, Plenty Hot

Siti Akbari

Ski Patrol (1940 film)

Sky Bandits (1940 film)

Sky Murder

Slap-Happy Pappy

Slightly Tempted

Sneh Bandhan

Sniffles Takes a Trip

So You Won't Talk (1940 film)

Somewhere in England (film)

Son of Ingagi

Son of Roaring Dan

Son of the Navy

Sons of the Sea (film)

Sorga Ka Toedjoe

Souls in Pawn (1940 film)

South of Pago Pago

South of Suez

South to Karanga

Spare a Copper

Spies of the Air

Sporting Blood (1940 film)

Spring Parade

Spring on Leper's Island

Spy for a Day

Squadron 992

Stage to Chino

Stagecoach War

Star Dust (film)

Stolen Paradise (1940 film)

Strange Cargo (1940 film)

Stranger on the Third Floor

Street of Memories

Strike Up the Band (film)

Sumangali (1940 film)

Sunday Sinners

Susan and God

Swing it, magistern!

Swing with Bing

Swiss Family Robinson (1940 film)

Take Me Back to Oklahoma

Tante Pose

Tanya (1940 film)

Tarantella (1940 film)

Tatar Ka Chor

Tear Gas Squad

Teddy, the Rough Rider

Ten Days in Paris

Tengo fe en ti

Terry and the Pirates (serial)

Texas Rangers Ride Again

Texas Renegades (film)

Texas Stagecoach

Texas Terrors

That Gang of Mine

That's the Ticket

The Ape (1940 film)

The Bank Dick

The Bear's Tale

The Beloved (1940 film)

The Big Premiere

The Biscuit Eater (1940 film)

The Bjorck Family

The Blue Bird (1940 film)

The Blue Danube (1940 film)

The Border Legion (1940 film)

The Boys from Syracuse (film)

The Briggs Family

The Captain Is a Lady

The Carson City Kid

The Case of the Frightened Lady (film)

The Catacombs (film)

The Cavalier from Kruja

The Cheyenne Kid (1940 film)

The Child (1940 film)

The Children from Overseas

The Chinese Bungalow (1940 film)

The Courageous Dr. Christian

The Cowboy from Sundown

The Crazy Family (1940 film)

The Crooked Road (1940 film)

The Daughter of the Green Pirate

The Devil Bat

The Devil's Pipeline

The Doctor Takes a Wife

The Door with Seven Locks (1940 film)

The Durango Kid (film)

The Earl of Chicago

The Egg Collector

The Emigrant (1940 film)

The Englishman of the Bones (film)

The Eternal Jew (film)

The Eternal Spring

The Fargo Kid

The Farmer's Daughter (1940 film)

The Fatal Hour (1940 film)

The Fight for Life

The Fighting 69th

The Fire Devil

The First Woman Who Passes

The Flying Squad (1940 film)

The Foundling (1940 film)

The Fourth Estate (film)

The Fox of Glenarvon

The Front of Steel

The Gay Caballero (1940 film)

The Ghost Breakers

The Ghost Comes Home

The Girl Who Forgot

The Girl at the Reception

The Girl from Barnhelm

The Girl in the News

The Golden Fleecing (film)

The Golden Trail (1940 film)

The Grapes of Wrath (film)

The Great Dictator

The Great McGinty

The Great Plane Robbery (1940 film)

The Great Profile

The Green Archer (1940 serial)

The Green Hand

The Green Hornet (serial)

The Hardship of Miles Standish

The Heckler (film)

The Home Front (1940 film)

The House Across the Bay

The House of the Arrow (1940 film)

The House of the Seven Gables (film)

The Howards of Virginia

The Hussar Captain

The Hypnotist (1940 film)

The Invisible Man Returns

The Invisible Woman (1940 film)

The Kid from Santa Fe

The King of the White Elephant

The Lady in Question

The Last Alarm (1940 film)

The Law of Life (film)

The Leather Pushers (1940 film)

The Legend of Tank Commander Nishizumi

The Letter (1940 film)

The Light of Western Stars (1940 film)

The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date

The Lone Wolf Meets a Lady

The Lone Wolf Strikes

The Lonesome Stranger

The Long Voyage Home

The Man I Married

The Man Who Seeks the Truth

The Man Who Talked Too Much

The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (1940 film)

The Man from Dakota

The Man from Niger

The Man from Tumbleweeds

The Man with Nine Lives (film)

The Marines Fly High

The Mark of Zorro (1940 film)

The Marvelous Night

The Masked Lover

The Midas Touch (1940 film)

The Middle Watch (1940 film)

The Midnight Ghost

The Milky Way (1940 film)

The Minister's Girlfriends

The Miracle Song (film)

The Miracle of Sound

The Missing People

The Mondesir Heir

The Mortal Storm

The Mouse Exterminator

The Mummy's Hand

The New Pupil

The Notorious Elinor Lee

The Old Swimmin' Hole (1940 film)

The Palace on the River

The Phantom Submarine (film)

The Philadelphia Story (film)

The Pirate's Dream

The Proud Valley

The Quarterback (1940 film)

The Queen's Flower Girl

The Ramparts We Watch

The Range Busters

The Ranger and the Lady

The Return of Frank James

The Return of Wild Bill

The Riveter

The Rothschilds (film)

The Sagebrush Family Trails West

The Saint Takes Over

The Saint's Double Trouble

The San Francisco Docks

The Sea Hawk (1940 film)

The Second Mr. Bush

The Secret Seven (film)

The Shadow (serial)

The Shop Around the Corner

The Showdown (1940 film)

The Siege of the Alcazar

The Sin of Rogelia Sanchez

The Sinful Village (1940 film)

The Sinner (1940 film)

The Son of Monte Cristo

The Sour Puss

The Spider (1940 film)

The Spook Speaks

The Star of Rio (1940 film)

The Stars Look Down (film)

The Strange Marchioness

The Taming of the Snood

The Tango Star

The Thief of Bagdad (1940 film)

The Three Codonas

The Three of Us (1940 film)

The Thrill of the Skies

The Trail Blazers

The Tulsa Kid

The Unfaithful Eckehart (1940 film)

The Unloved Woman (1940 film)

The Villain Still Pursued Her

The Volunteer Worker

The Vulture Wally (1940 film)

The Way of All Flesh (1940 film)

The Well-Digger's Daughter (1940 film)

The Westerner (1940 film)

The Wildcat of Tucson

Then We'll Get a Divorce

They Came by Night

They Drive by Night

They Knew What They Wanted (film)

They Staked Their Lives

They Were Twelve Women

Third Finger, Left Hand (film)

This Thing Called Love (1940 film)

Those Were the Days!

Three Cheers for the Irish

Three Faces West

Three Men from Texas

Three Silent Men

Thunder Over Paris

Thundering Frontier


Tilly of Bloomsbury (1940 film)

Timur and His Team

Tin Pan Alley (film)

To byl esk muzikant

Tobias Is an Angel

Tom Brown's School Days (1940 film)

Tomboy (1940 film)

Too Many Girls (film)

Too Many Husbands

Torrid Zone

Totsugu hi made

Trail of the Vigilantes

Trailing Double Trouble

Travelling Actors (1940 film)

Triple Justice

Tugboat Annie Sails Again

Turnabout (film)

Twilight (1940 film)

Two Girls on Broadway

Two Smart Men

Two Women (1940 film)

Two for Danger

Two on a Vacation

Typhoon (1940 film)

Trres Snrtevold

Una famiglia impossibile

Under Texas Skies (1940 film)

Under Your Hat

Untamed (1940 film)

Up in the Air (1940 film)

Usha Haran

Uthama Puthiran (1940 film)

Vasilisa the Beautiful (1940 film)

Victory (1940 film)

Vienna Tales

Vigil in the Night

Vikrama Urvashi

Village Barn Dance


Virginia City (film)

Viswa Mohini

Viva Cisco Kid

Vivir otra vez

Vom Bumlein, das andere Bltter hat gewollt

Vstkustens hjltar

Wagon Train (film)

Wagons Westward

Waldo's Last Stand

Waterloo Bridge (1940 film)


We Who Are Young

West of Abilene

West of Carson City

West of Pinto Basin

Westward Ho! (1940 film)

When the Daltons Rode

Where's That Fire?

While Thousands Cheer

Who Killed Aunt Maggie?

Wild Horse Range (film)

Wild Horse Valley (film)

Wildcat Bus

Window Cleaners

Wings of Destiny

Wings of Youth (1940 film)

Winners of the West (1940 serial)

With Open Arms (1940 film)

Wolf of New York

Woman Made to Measure

Women Without Names

Women in War


Wyoming (1940 film)

Yaad Rahe

Yakov Sverdlov (film)

Yamla Jat

Yesterday's Heroes

You Can't Fool Your Wife

You Nazty Spy!

You Ought to Be in Pictures

You'll Find Out

You're Missing the Point

You're Not So Tough

Young Bill Hickok

Young Buffalo Bill

Young People (1940 film)

Young Tom Edison

Young as You Feel (1940 film)

Youth Will Be Served

Yukon Flight

Zanzibar (film)

Zindagi (1940 film)


Zota Maska

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