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$10 Raise

$20 a Week

... nur ein Komdiant

1,000 Dollars a Minute

18 Minutes

A Cartoonist's Nightmare

A Colour Box

A Dog of Flanders (1935 film)

A Feather in Her Hat

A Fire Has Been Arranged

A Language All My Own

A Little Bit of Bluff

A Midsummer Night's Dream (1935 film)

A Night at the Opera (film)

A Night at the Ritz

A Night of Change

A Night on the Danube

A Notorious Gentleman

A Rare Bird

A Real Bloke

A Shot in the Dark (1935 film)

A Tale of Two Cities (1935 film)

ABC mioci

Abdul the Damned

Accent on Youth (film)

Admirals All

Adventure Ltd.

Adventure in Pyjamas


After Office Hours

After the Dance (film)

Age of Indiscretion

Ah, Wilderness! (film)

Air Hawks

Al Hilal (film)

Aldebaran (film)

Alias John Law

Alias Mary Dow

Alibi Bye Bye

Alibi Ike

Alice Adams (1935 film)

All Because of the Dog

All at Sea (1935 film)

All the King's Horses (film)

Amphitryon (film)

An Ideal Husband (1935 film)

An Inn in Tokyo

Anna Karenina (1935 film)

Annapolis Farewell

Annie Oakley (1935 film)

Annie, Leave the Room!

Anniversary Trouble

Another Face

Antonia (1935 film)

April, April!

Arizona Bad Man

Artist Love


As Pupilas do Senhor Reitor (film)


Athiroopa Amaravathi

Atlantic Adventure


Baby Be Good

Baby Face Harrington

Baccara (film)

Bad Boy (1935 film)

Bag Kbenhavns kulisser

Ball at the Savoy (1935 film)

Balloon Land

Bar 20 Rides Again

Barbary Coast (film)

Barnacle Bill (1935 film)

Bars of Hate

Be Careful, Mr. Smith

Becky Sharp (film)

Beginner's Luck

Behind the Evidence (film)

Behind the Green Lights

Betty Boop and Grampy

Betty Boop with Henry, the Funniest Living American

Between Men

Bhagya Chakra

Bhakta Nandanar

Bharat Ki Beti


Big Boy Rides Again

Big Calibre

Billboard Frolics

Biography of a Bachelor Girl

Black Fury (film)

Black Roses (1935 film)

Black Sheep (1935 film)

Blazing Guns (1935 film)

Blood Brothers (1935 film)

Blue Smoke (1935 film)

Bombay Mail (1935 film)

Bonnie Scotland

Border Brigands

Border Vengeance

Bordertown (1935 film)

Born to Battle (1935 film)

Born to Gamble

Bound for Cairo

Boys Will Be Boys (1935 film)

Branded a Coward

Break of Hearts

Brewster's Millions (1935 film)

Bride of Frankenstein

Bright Lights (1935 film)

Broadway Gondolier

Broadway Hostess

Broadway Melody of 1936

Broken Lives (film)

Broken Toys (1935 film)

Brown on Resolution (film)

Buddy Steps Out

Buddy in Africa

Buddy of the Legion

Buddy the Gee Man

Buddy's Bug Hunt

Buddy's Lost World

Buddy's Pony Express

Buddy's Theatre

Buenos Aires Nights

Bulldog Courage (1935 film)

Bulldog Jack

Buried Loot

Cab Calloway's Jitterbug Party

Call of the Wild (1935 film)

Calling All Cars (1935 film)

Calm Yourself

Camera Thrills

Cappy Ricks Returns

Captain Blood (1935 film)

Captain Hurricane

Captured in Chinatown

Car 99

Car of Dreams

Cardinal Richelieu (film)

Carioca Maravilhosa

Carnival (1935 film)

Carnival in Flanders (film)

Casta Diva (1935 film)

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Champagne for Breakfast

Chandrasena (1935 film)

Charing Cross Road (film)

Charlie Chan in Egypt

Charlie Chan in Paris

Charlie Chan in Shanghai

Chasing Yesterday (film)

Checkmate (1935 film)

Cheers of the Crowd

Children of Troubled Times

China Seas (film)

Chinatown Squad

Circumstantial Evidence (1935 film)

Circus Saran

City of Beautiful Nonsense (1935 film)

Clive of India (film)

Close Relations (1935 film)

Coal Face

Cock o' the Walk (1935 film)

College Scandal

Come Out of the Pantry

Condemned to Live

Confidential (1935 film)

Convention Girl

Coronado (1935 film)

Courage of the North

Coyote Trails

Crime Unlimited

Crime and Punishment (1935 American film)

Crime and Punishment (1935 French film)

Crimen a las tres

Cross Currents (1935 film)

Curly Top (film)

Cyclone of the Saddle

D'Ye Ken John Peel?

Dance Band

Dance Music (film)

Dandy Dick (film)

Danger Ahead (1935 film)

Dangerous (1935 film)

Dante's Inferno (1935 film)

Dark Eyes (1935 film)

Dark World (1935 film)

Das Erbe

David Copperfield (1935 film)

De Big van het Regiment

De Familie van mijn Vrouw

De Vier Mullers

Death Drives Through

Death Flies East

Death from a Distance

Death on the Set

Demon of the Himalayas

Department Store (1935 film)

Desert Mesa

Devdas (1935 film)

Devil Dogs of the Air

Devil Monster

Dharmatma (1935 film)

Dhoop Chhaon

Diamond Jim

Dinky (film)

Divine (1935 film)

Dizzy Dames

Don Bosco (1935 film)

Don't Bet on Blondes

Don't Lose Heart, Suzanne!

Dora Nelson (1935 film)

Doubting Thomas (1935 film)

Down on the Farm (1935 film)

Down the Gasoline Trail

Dr. Madhurika

Dr. Socrates

Drake of England

Dreams of Love (1935 film)

Dressed to Thrill

Du har lovet mig en kone!



Dd (1935 film)

East of Java

Eight Bells (film)

El Fogn de los gauchos

El da que me quieras (1935 film)

Emil and the Detectives (1935 film)

Enchanted April (1935 film)

Enter Madame (1935 film)

Episode (film)

Escala en la ciudad

Escapade (1935 film)

Escape Me Never (1935 film)

Escape from Devil's Island


Every Day Isn't Sunday (1935 film)

Every Night at Eight

Expert's Opinion

Falling in Love (1935 film)

False Pretenses

Fanfare of Love

Fang and Claw

Father O'Flynn

Feminine Rhythm

Fietje Peters, Poste Restante

Fighting Caballero

Fighting Lady

Fighting Pioneers

Fighting Shadows

Fighting Stock

Fighting Youth

First a Girl

Five Bad Men

Flame in the Heather

Folies Bergre de Paris

Forbidden Heaven

Forced Landing (1935 film)

Foreign Affaires

Forget Me Not (1935 film)

Four Hours to Kill!

Freckles (1935 film)

Fresh Wind from Canada

Frisco Kid

Frisco Waterfront

Frisians in Peril

Front Page Woman

Frontier Justice (1935 film)

Fruit in the Neighbour's Garden (1935 film)

Full Circle (1935 film)

G Men

Gai dimanche

Gallant Defender

Gay Old Dog

Gentlemen's Agreement (film)

George White's 1935 Scandals

Get Off My Foot

Get That Man



Ginevra degli Almieri

Ginger (1935 film)

Go into Your Dance

Goin' to Town

Going Highbrow

Gold Diggers of '49

Gold Diggers of 1935

Golden Arrow (1935 film)

Golgotha (film)

Good Luck (1935 film)

Grand Exit

Grand Hotel Nevada

Grand Old Girl

Grandad Rudd

Granny Had No Worries

Guard That Girl

Gun Play

Gypsy Sweetheart

Handle with Care (1935 film)

Hands Across the Table

Hangmen, Women and Soldiers

Happiness (1935 film)

Happiness C.O.D.

Hard Rock Harrigan

Harmony Lane

Hayseed Romance

Heart's Desire (1935 film)

Heat Wave (1935 film)

Heaven on Earth (1935 film)

Hei Tiki

Heir to Trouble

Held einer Nacht

Hello, Hello Brazil!

Hello, Sweetheart

Her Highness Dances the Waltz (1935 film)

Her Last Affaire

Here Comes Cookie

Here Comes the Band (film)

Here's to Romance

Heritage (1935 film)

Hermine and the Seven Upright Men

Heroic Silence

Het Mysterie van de Mondscheinsonate

Hi, Gaucho!

Hind Kesari (film)

His Family Tree

His Fighting Blood

His Late Excellency (1935 film)

His Majesty and Company

His Night Out

Hitch Hike Lady

Hoi Polloi (1935 film)

Hold 'Em Yale (1935 film)

Hollywood Capers

Home on the Range (1935 film)

Honeyland (1935 film)

Honeymoon Limited

Honeymoon for Three (1935 film)

Hong Kong Nights (film)

Honours Easy

Hooray for Love (film)

Hop-Along Cassidy

Horses' Collars

Hot Off the Press

Hot Tip

Housing Problems (film)

How to Sleep

Hrdina jedn noci


Hyde Park Corner (film)

I Dream Too Much (1935 film)

I Found Stella Parish

I Haven't Got a Hat

I Live My Life

I Live for Love

I Love You Only

I Was Jack Mortimer

I'll Give a Million (1935 film)

I'll Love You Always

I've Been Around (film)

If It Were Not for Music

If You Could Only Cook

Immortal Gentleman

In Caliente

In Old Kentucky (1935 film)

In Person (film)

In Spite of Danger

In Town Tonight (film)

Inside the Room


Invitation to the Waltz (film)

It Happened in New York

It Happened in Paris (1935 film)

It's a Bet

It's a Small World (1935 film)

It's in the Air (1935 film)

Jack Ahoy

Jalna (film)

Jawani Ki Hawa

Janie pan szofer

Jedenct pikzn

Jimmy Boy

Joan of Arc (1935 film)

Joy Ride (1935 film)

Joymoti (1935 film)

Juan Simn's Daughter (1935 film)

Juanita (1935 film)

Jubilee Window

Judge for a Day

Justice of the Range

Jnok (1935 film)

Kanggeonneo maeul


Kentucky Blue Streak

Key to Harmony

Keystone Hotel (film)

Khoon Ka Khoon

Kidnapped (1935 film)

Kind Lady (1935 film)

King Solomon of Broadway

King of the Damned

Knockout (1935 film)

Kochaj tylko mnie

Kodakara Sodo

Koenigsmark (1935 film)

Krl ulice

Knigswalzer (1935 film)

La Bandera (film)

La Barra Mendocina

La Fiesta de Santa Barbara

La Route impriale

La Virgencita de Pompeya

Laddie (1935 film)

Ladies Crave Excitement

Ladies Love Danger

Lady Tubbs

Lady Windermere's Fan (1935 film)

Last Love (1935 film)

Last Stop (1935 film)

Last of the Pagans

Late Extra

Law Beyond the Range

Lawless Border

Lawless Range

Lawless Riders

Lazybones (1935 film)

Legong (film)

Lend Me Your Husband

Lend Me Your Wife

Les Misrables (1935 film)

Lest We Forget (1935 film)

Let 'Em Have It

Let's Live Tonight

Lieutenant Daring R.N.

Life Begins at 40 (film)

Light Cavalry (1935 French film)

Light Cavalry (1935 German film)

Lightning Triggers

Like the Leaves

Line Engaged

Little Big Shot

Little Black Sambo (film)

Little Mother (1935 film)

Little Papa

Little Sinner

Living on Velvet

Long Live with Dearly Departed

Look Up and Laugh

Loser's End

Loss of Sensation

Lottery Lover

Love Me Forever (film)

Love in Bloom (film)

Lucky Days (film)

Lucrezia Borgia (1935 film)

Luponini from Chicago


Mad Love (1935 film)

Madame Angot's Daughter (film)

Mademoiselle Mozart

Magnificent Obsession (1935 film)

Make Me Happy

Make a Million (film)

Making Stars

Man of Iron (1935 film)

Man of the Moment (1935 film)

Man on the Flying Trapeze

Man's Best Friend (1935 film)

Manhattan Butterfly

Manhattan Moon

Manmoyee Girls' School

Mark of the Vampire

Markandeya (1935 film)

Marriage Strike (1935 film)

Marry the Girl (1935 film)

Mary Burns, Fugitive

Mary Jane's Pa

Maybe It's Love (1935 film)

Mazurka (film)

McFadden's Flats (1935 film)

McGlusky the Sea Rover

Me and Marlborough

Melody Trail

Men Without Names

Men of Action

Menaka (1935 film)

Merchant of Love


Metropolitan (1935 film)

Mickey's Fire Brigade

Mickey's Garden

Mickey's Man Friday

Mickey's Service Station

Midnight Phantom

Midshipman Easy

Million Dollar Haul

Millions in the Air

Mimi (1935 film)

Miss Pacific Fleet

Mississippi (film)

Mister Dynamite

Monsieur Sans-Gne

Monte Criollo

Moonlight on the Prairie

Moscow Nights (1935 film)

Motive for Revenge

Mr. Cohen Takes a Walk

Mr. What's-His-Name?

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name


Murder at Monte Carlo

Murder by Television

Murder in Harlem

Murder in the Fleet

Murder on a Honeymoon

Music Hath Charms

Music Is Magic

Music Land

Mutiny Ahead

Mutiny on the Bounty (1935 film)

My Green Fedora

My Heart is Calling

My Life for Maria Isabella

Mystery Woman (film)

Na rch ustlno

Naples in Green and Blue

National Customs

Naughty Marietta (film)

Naveena Sadaram

Navy Wife (1935 film)

Nevada (1935 film)

Never Too Late (1935 film)

New Women

Night Life of the Gods

Night Mail (1935 film)

No Limit (1935 film)

No Man's Range

No Monkey Business

No More Ladies

No! No! A Thousand Times No!!

No. 6207; A Study in Steel

Nobleza baturra


North of Arizona

Northern Frontier

Now or Never (1935 film)

O'Shaughnessy's Boy


Ocean Breakers

Off the Dole

Oh, Daddy!

Oh, My Nerves

Oh, What a Night (1935 film)

Oidhche Sheanchais

Oil for the Lamps of China (film)

Old Faithful (film)

Old Man Rhythm

Old Roses

On Ice (film)

On Probation (1935 film)

Once a Thief (1935 film)

Once in a New Moon

One Frightened Night

One More Spring

One New York Night

One Run Elmer

One Too Many on Board

One Way Ticket (1935 film)

Op Stap

Orchids to You

Orizuru Osen

Our Gang Follies of 1936

Our Little Girl

Outlaw Rule

Outlawed Guns

Page Miss Glory (1935 film)

Paloma Fair

Palooka from Paducah

Pals of the Range

Panienka z poste restante

Paradise Canyon

Pardon My Scotch

Paris in Spring

Party Wire

Pasteur (film)

Peg of Old Drury

Pension Mimosas

People Will Talk (1935 film)

Pepo (film)

Personal Maid's Secret

Peter Ibbetson

Peter, Paul and Nanette

Piernas de Seda

Pillars of Society (1935 film)

Play Up the Band

Pluto's Judgement Day

Police Chief Antek

Pop Goes the Easel

Powdersmoke Range

Princess Kaguya (1935 film)

Princess O'Hara

Princess Tam Tam

Prisoner Number One

Private Worlds

Professional Soldier

Public Hero 1

Public Opinion (1935 film)

Puente Alsina (film)

Pursuit (1935 film)

Pygmalion (1935 film)

Queen of the Jungle

Quelle drle de gosse!

Racing Luck (1935 film)

Radha Kalyanam (1935 film)

Radio Pirates

Raging Barbora

Rainbow Valley (film)

Rainbow's End (1935 film)

Rapsodia Batyku

Reckless (1935 film)

Reckless Roads

Red Army Days

Red Blood of Courage

Red Hot Tires (1935 film)

Red Passport

Red Salute (1935 film)

Redheads on Parade

Regine (1935 film)

Remember Last Night?

Rendezvous (1935 film)

Rendezvous at Midnight

Rescue Squad (film)

Restless Knights

Return to Paradise (1935 film)

Riding Wild

Rio Rattler

Rip Roaring Riley

Roaring Roads

Roberta (1935 film)

Rocky Mountain Mystery

Rolling Home (1935 film)

Romance from the Tatra Mountains

Romance in Manhattan

Rosario (1935 film)

Rough Riding Ranger

Royal Cavalcade

Ruggles of Red Gap

Rumba (1935 film)

Rustler's Paradise

Rustlers of Red Dog


Saddle Aces

Sanders of the River

Sant Tukaram (film)

Satya Pathe

Say It with Diamonds (1935 film)

Scenes of City Life

School for Coquettes (1935 film)

School for Stars

Scotty Finds a Home

Scrooge (1935 film)

Second Bureau (1935 film)

Secrets of Chinatown

Sergeant Schwenke

Seven Keys to Baldpate (1935 film)

Sexton Blake and the Bearded Doctor

Sexton Blake and the Mademoiselle

Shadow of Doubt (1935 film)

Shadows of the Orient

Shajarat al-Durr (film)

Shanghai (1935 film)

She (1935 film)

She Couldn't Take It

She Gets Her Man

She Married Her Boss

She Shall Have Music

She and the Three (1935 film)

Sheela (film)

Ship Cafe

Shipmates Forever

Shir Hashirim (film)

Show Them No Mercy!

Silent Valley (1935 film)

Silk Hat Kid

Simple Simon (1935 film)

Sinbad the Sailor (1935 film)

Skull and Crown

Skybound (film)

Slightly Static

Smart Girl (film)

Smith's Wives

Smokey Smith (film)

So Red the Rose (film)

So You Won't Talk (1935 film)

Social Error

Society Doctor

Society Fever

Someday (1935 film)

Song of China

Speak to Me of Love (1935 film)

Special Agent (1935 film)

Speed Devils (film)

Speed Limited

Splendor (1935 film)

Spring Tonic

Springtime Serenade

Sprucin' Up

Square Shooter

Squibs (1935 film)

Sri Krishna Leelalu

St. Peter's Umbrella (1935 film)

Star of Midnight

Stars Over Broadway

Steamboat Round the Bend

Stolen Harmony

Stone of Silver Creek

Stop That Noise

Storm Over the Andes

Stormy (film)

Stormy Weather (1935 film)

Stradivari (1935 film)

Stradivarius (film)

Straight from the Heart (1935 film)

Stranded (1935 film)

Strangers All

Streamline Express

Street Song (film)

Strictly Illegal

Subhadra Parinayam

Suburban Cabaret

Suicide Squad (1935 film)


Sundown Saunders

Sunset Range

Swat the Fly


Sweepstake Annie

Sweet Music

Sweet Surrender (film)


Swifty (film)

Sylvia Scarlett

Symphony in Black

Symphony of Living

Tag der Freiheit: Unsere Wehrmacht

Tailspin Tommy in the Great Air Mystery

Taking the Blame

Talashe Haq

Tars and Stripes

Teacher's Beau

Temptation (1935 film)

Ten Minute Alibi

Territorial Militia

Texas Jack (film)

Texas Terror (film)

Thanks a Million

That's My Uncle

The 39 Steps (1935 film)

The Ace of Spades

The Adventures of Rex and Rinty

The Affair of Susan

The Affairs of Maupassant

The Arizonian

The Awakening of Jim Burke

The Band Concert

The Best Man Wins (1935 film)

The Big Broadcast of 1936

The Big Road

The Big Splash

The Bird Seller (1935 film)

The Bishop Misbehaves (film)

The Black Mask (film)

The Black Room (1935 film)

The Blonde Carmen

The Boys of Number Fifty Seven

The Bride Comes Home

The Burgomeister

The Cactus Kid (1935 film)

The Calico Dragon

The Call of the Savage

The Calling of Dan Matthews

The Camel's Dance

The Case of Gabriel Perry

The Case of the Curious Bride

The Case of the Lucky Legs

The Case of the Missing Man

The Casino Murder Case (film)

The Cheyenne Tornado

The Clairvoyant (1935 film)

The Code of the Mounted

The Cookie Carnival

The Cossack and the Nightingale

The Count of the Old Town

The County Chairman (1935 film)

The Courageous Avenger

The Cowboy Millionaire (1935 film)

The Cowboy and the Bandit

The Crime of Dr. Crespi

The Crimson Trail

The Cross-Patch

The Crouching Beast

The Crusades (film)

The Daring Young Man

The Dark Angel (1935 film)

The Daughter of Japan

The Dawn Rider

The Decoy (1935 film)

The Deputy Drummer

The Desert Trail

The Devil Is a Woman (1935 film)

The Devil in the Bottle

The Dictator (1935 film)

The Divine Spark

The Dressel Family

The Drunkard (1935 film)

The E-Flat Man

The Eagle's Brood

The Eternal Mask

The Face of Britain (film)

The Farmer Takes a Wife (1935 film)

The Favorite (1935 film)

The Fight with the Dragon

The Fighting Coward (1935 film)

The Fighting Marines

The Fighting Pilot

The Fire Trap

The Fixer Uppers

The Flame Within (film)

The Florentine Dagger

The Gay Deception

The Ghost Goes West

The Ghost Rider (1935 film)

The Gilded Lily (1935 film)

The Girl Friend (film)

The Girl Who Came Back (1935 film)

The Girl from 10th Avenue

The Girl from the Marsh Croft (1935 film)

The Girl in the Crowd

The Girl in the Rumor

The Glass Key (1935 film)

The Golden Smile

The Golden Touch (film)

The Good Fairy (1935 film)

The Goose and the Gander

The Great Hotel Murder

The Great Impersonation (1935 film)

The Green Domino

The Guv'nor (film)

The Gypsy Baron (1935 film)

The Hawk (1935 film)

The Headline Woman

The Healer (1935 film)

The Higher Command

The Informer (1935 film)

The Invader (1935 film)

The Irish Gringo

The Irish in Us

The Ivory-Handled Gun

The Joker King

The Judgement Book

The Keeper of the Bees (1935 film)

The King's Prisoner

The King's Stamp

The Lad

The Lady in Red (1935 film)

The Lady in Scarlet

The Laramie Kid

The Last Days of Pompeii (1935 film)

The Last Outpost (1935 film)

The Last Port

The Last of the Clintons

The Law of the 45's

The Little Colonel (1935 film)

The Littlest Rebel

The Live Wire (1935 film)

The Lives of a Bengal Lancer (film)

The Lone Wolf Returns (1935 film)

The Lost City (1935 serial)

The Love Test

The Loves of Madame Dubarry

The Mad Hatters

The Magic Shoes (1935 film)

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (film)

The Man Without a Face (1935 film)

The Marriage Bargain

The Marriage Game

The Melody Lingers On (film)

The Million Ryo Pot

The Miracle Rider

The Misses Stooge

The Monastery's Hunter (1935 film)

The Morals of Marcus (1935 film)

The Murder Man

The Mysteries of Paris (1935 film)

The Mystery Man (film)

The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1935 film)

The Mystery of the Mary Celeste

The New Adventures of Tarzan

The New Frontier (film)

The New Gulliver

The Night Is Young

The Night of the Party

The Nitwits

The Nut Farm

The Old Homestead (1935 film)

The Old and the Young King

The Outlaw Deputy

The Outlaw Tamer

The Pace That Kills (1935 film)

The Passing of the Third Floor Back

The Paul Street Boys (film)

The Payoff (1935 film)

The Pecos Kid

The People of Smland

The People's Enemy

The Perfect Clue

The Perfect Gentleman (film)

The Phantom Cowboy

The Phantom Empire

The Phantom Light

The Price of Wisdom

The Price of a Song

The Private Life of Louis XIV

The Private Secretary (1935 film)

The Public Life of Henry the Ninth

The Public Menace

The Quail Hunt

The Rainmakers (film)

The Raven (1935 film)

The Reckless Buckaroo

The Red Rider (1935 film)

The Return of Peter Grimm (1935 film)

The Revenge Rider

The Rider of the Law

The Right Age to Marry

The Right to Live (1935 film)

The River House Mystery

The Riverside Murder

The Roaring West

The Robber Kitten

The Rocks of Valpre (1935 film)

The Sagebrush Troubadour

The Saint and Her Fool (1935 film)

The Scoundrel (1935 film)

The Secret of Woronzeff

The Shadow of Silk Lennox

The Silent Code

The Silent Passenger

The Silver Bullet (1935 film)

The Singer of Naples

The Singing Vagabond

The Song of the Birds

The Soul of the Accordion

The Spanish Cape Mystery (film)

The Stoker (1935 film)

The Story of Papworth

The Student of Prague (1935 film)

The Student's Romance

The Test (1935 film)

The Texas Rambler

The Third Clue

The Three Musketeers (1935 film)

The Three-Cornered Hat (film)

The Throwback (1935 film)

The Timid Young Man

The Tin Man (1935 film)

The Tonto Kid

The Tortoise and the Hare (film)

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes

The Tunnel (1935 film)

The Unwelcome Stranger

The Valiant Navigator

The Vanishing Riders

The Village Squire

The Virginia Judge (film)

The Wedding Night

The White Cockatoo

The White Horse Inn (1935 film)

The White Lilac

The Whole Town's Talking

The Wicked Carabel

The Winning Ticket

The Woman in Red (1935 film)

The World's in Love

The Young Count

The Youth of Maxim

Thicker than Water (1935 film)

Things Are Looking Up (film)

This Is the Life (1935 film)

Those Two

Three Comrades (1935 film)

Three Kids and a Queen

Three Little Beers

Three Orphan Kittens

Three Sisters with Maiden Hearts

Three Witnesses (film)

Thunder Mountain (1935 film)

Thunder in the Night

Timber Terrors

Timber War

Times Square Lady

Tit for Tat (1935 film)

To Beat the Band

Together We Live

Toll of the Desert

Tombstone Terror

Toni (1935 film)

Too Tough to Kill

Top Hat

Tovaritch (film)

Tracy Rides

Trail of Terror (1935 film)

Trails End (1935 film)

Trails of the Wild

Transient Lady

Traveling Saleslady

Trigger Tom

Triumph of the Will

Trouble Backstairs (1935 film)

Trust the Navy

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (film)

Turandot, Princess of China

Turn of the Tide

Twin Triplets

Two Hearts in Harmony

Two Sinners

Two for Tonight


Uncivil Warriors

Unconquered Bandit

Under False Flag (1935 film)

Under Pressure (1935 film)

Under the Pampas Moon

Unknown Woman (film)

Vagabond Lady

Valley of Wanted Men

Vanessa: Her Love Story

Vanity (1935 film)

Variety (1935 German film)

Variety (1935 film)

Veille d'armes

Vengeance Is Mine (1935 film)

Victoria (1935 film)

Villa for Sale

Village Tale

Vintage Wine


Wagon Trail (film)

Walpurgis Night (film)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (1935 film)

Water Babies (1935 film)

Waterfront Lady

Way Down East (1935 film)

Way Up Thar

We're Only Human (film)

We're in the Money (film)

Week-end (1935 film)

Welcome Home (1935 film)

Werewolf of London

West Point of the Air

Western Courage (1935 film)

Western Frontier (film)

Westward Ho (1935 film)

What Price Crime

When a Man's a Man

Where's George? (film)

While Parents Sleep

While the Patient Slept (film)

Whipsaw (film)

Whirlpool of Desire

Whispering Smith Speaks

White Lies (1935 film)

Who Killed Cock Robin? (1935 film)

Who's Your Father

Widow's Might

Wife! Be Like a Rose!

Wild Mustang (film)

Wilderness Mail

Windfall (1935 film)

Wings in the Dark

Winter Night's Dream

Without Children

Without Regret (film)

Wolf Riders

Woman Wanted (1935 film)

Women Must Dress

Wreckless (film)

Your Uncle Dudley

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