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...La bocca mi bacio tutto tremante


23 1/2 Hours' Leave

A Bachelor's Wife

A Broadway Saint

A Carmen of the North

A Crime Has Been Committed

A Damsel in Distress (1919 film)

A Dangerous Wooing

A Daughter of Eve

A Daughter of the Wolf

A Day's Pleasure

A Debtor to the Law

A Desert Hero

A Doll Wife

A Drive into the Blue

A Fallen Idol

A Favor to a Friend

A Fight for Love

A Fighting Colleen

A Fugitive from Matrimony

A Gentleman of Quality

A Girl Named Mary

A Girl at Bay

A Great Coup

A Gun Fightin' Gentleman

A Heart in Pawn

A Jazzed Honeymoon

A Lass o' the Looms

A Little Bit of Fluff (1919 film)

A Man and His Money

A Man's Country

A Man's Duty

A Man's Fight

A Man's Word

A Member of Tattersall's

A Midnight Romance

A Misfit Earl

A Night in Paradise (1919 film)

A Regular Fellow (1919 film)

A Regular Girl

A Rogue's Romance

A Roman Scandal (film)

A Romance of Happy Valley

A Sage Brush Hamlet

A Sammy in Siberia

A Scream in the Night (1919 film)

A Sinless Sinner

A Smart Set

A Society Exile

A Sporting Chance (1919 Paramount film)

A Sporting Chance (1919 Pathe film)

A Temperamental Wife

A Trick of Fate

A Very Good Young Man

A Virtuous Vamp

A White Man's Chance

A Wild Goose Chase

A Woman There Was

A Woman of Pleasure

A Woman's Experience

A Yankee Princess

According to Law

Ace High (1919 film)

Ace of the Saddle

Adele (film)

After His Own Heart

After Many Days

Alias Mike Moran


All Men Are Liars (1919 film)

All Souls (film)

All Wrong (film)

All of a Sudden Norma

Almost Married (1919 film)

Almost a Husband

An Adventure in Hearts

An Innocent Adventuress

Angel Esquire

Anita Jo

Anne of Green Gables (1919 film)

Are You Legally Married?

Around the World in Eighty Days (1919 film)

As a Man Thinks

As the Sun Went Down

Ask Father

At the Old Stage Door

Atonement (1919 film)

Australia's Own

Ave Caesar!

Baccarat (film)

Back Stage (1919 film)

Back to God's Country (1919 film)

Back to the Woods (1919 film)

Bare Fists

Bare-Fisted Gallagher

Barry Butts In

Be My Wife (1919 film)

Beatrice (1919 film)

Before Breakfast

Behind the Door (film)

Better Times (film)

Bettler GmbH

Between Two Worlds (1919 film)

Beware! (1919 film)

Bill Henry (film)

Billy Blazes, Esq.


Black Pearls (film)

Blackie's Redemption

Blind Husbands

Blind Man's Eyes

Blonde Poison

Bolshevism on Trial

Bonds of Honor

Bonds of Love

Bonnie, Bonnie Lassie

Boots (film)

Bound and Gagged (serial)

Brass Buttons

Breed of Men

Broken Barriers (1919 film)

Broken Blossoms

Broken in the Wars

Bumping into Broadway

Bungs and Bunglers

By Indian Post

Calibre 38

Camping Out (film)

Captain Fracasse (1919 film)

Captain Kidd's Kids

Captain Kidd, Jr.

Carolyn of the Corners

Castle of Dreams

Castles in the Air (1919 film)

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Charge It to Me

Charlotte Corday (1919 film)

Cheating Cheaters (1919 film)

Child on the Open Road

Chop Suey & Co.

Come Again Smith

Come Out of the Kitchen

Common Clay (1919 film)

Common Property

Comrade Abram

Comrades (1919 film)

Comradeship (1919 film)

Convict 99 (1919 film)

Count Your Change

Count the Votes

Counterfeit (1919 film)

Countess Doddy

Countess Sarah

Courage for Two

Crack Your Heels

Crooked Straight

Crown and Whip

Cupid Forecloses

Daddy-Long-Legs (1919 film)

Dalagang Bukid

Damaged Goods (1919 film)

Dangerous Hours

Day Dreams (1919 film)

De damescoupeur

Deliverance (1919 film)

Der Herr der Liebe

Desert Gold (1919 American film)

Desert Gold (1919 film)

Destiny (1919 film)

Devoted Artists

Diane of the Green Van

Die Arche

Different from the Others

Do You Love Your Wife?

Does the Jazz Lead to Destruction

Dombey and Son (film)

Don't Change Your Husband

Don't Shove

Dull Care

During My Apprenticeship

Easy to Make Money

Edge O' Beyond

Elmo the Mighty

Else of Erlenhof

Erstwhile Susan

Evangeline (1919 film)

Eve in Exile

Everybody's Business (1919 film)

Everywoman (film)

Experimental Marriage

Extravagance (1919 film)

Eyes of Youth

Eyes of the Soul

Fair and Warmer (film)

Faith (1919 film)

False Evidence (1919 film)

False Start (film)

Fancy Dress (1919 film)


Fighting Cressy

Fighting Through

Fires of Faith

Flame of the Desert

Flips and Flops

Fool's Gold (1919 film)

Fools and Their Money

For Better, for Worse (1919 film)

For a Woman's Honor

Forbidden (1919 film)

From Hand to Mouth

Fruits of Passion (1919 film)

Full of Pep

Gambling in Souls

Getting Mary Married

Girls (1919 film)

Giuliano l'Apostata

God's Clay (1919 film)

God's Good Man

God's Outlaw (1919 film)

Going! Going! Gone!

Good Gracious, Annabelle

Greased Lightning (1919 film)

Gun Law (1919 film)


Hallroom Boys

Happiness a la Mode

Happy Though Married

Harakiri (1919 film)

Hard Boiled (1919 film)

Haunting Shadows

Hawthorne of the U.S.A.

Hay Foot, Straw Foot

He Leads, Others Follow

Healthy and Happy

Heap Big Chief

Heart o' the Hills

Hearts Asleep

Hearts in Hock

Heartsease (film)

Hedda's Revenge

Help! Help! Police!

Her Code of Honor

Her Game

Her Heritage

Her Kingdom of Dreams

Her Purchase Price

Her Sport

Here Comes the Bride (1919 film)

Het goudvischje

High Pockets (film)

His Buddy

His Dearest Possession

His Debt

His Lordship's Last Will

His Majesty, the American

His Official Fiance

His Only Father

His Parisian Wife

His Wife's Friend


Hoot Mon!

Hop, the Bellhop

How the Telephone Talks

Human Desire (1919 film)

Hustling for Health

I Will (film)

I'll Get Him Yet

I'm on My Way (film)

In His Brother's Place

In Honor's Web

In Mizzoura

In Old Kentucky (1919 film)

In Wrong

In for Thirty Days

Intoxication (film)

Irrlicht (film)

It Happened in Paris (1919 film)

It Pays to Advertise (1919 film)

J'accuse (1919 film)

Jane Goes A-Wooing

Jazz and Jailbirds

Jettatore (1919 film)

Jinx (1919 film)

John Petticoats

Johnny Get Your Gun


Josselyn's Wife


Just Dropped In

Just Neighbors

Just Squaw

Jn az csm

Kaliya Mardan

Kathleen Mavourneen (1919 film)

Keeper of the Door

King Krause

Kingdom Come (1919 film)

Kitty Kelly, M.D.



La Belle Russe

Lasca (film)

Leave It to Susan

Let's Elope (film)

Lightning Bryce

Lilli (1919 film)

Lilli's Marriage

Linked by Fate (film)

Lions and Ladies

Little Comrade

Lola Montez (1919 film)

Lombardi, Ltd.

Look Out Below

Lord and Lady Algy (film)

Louisiana (1919 film)

Love (1919 American film)

Love (1919 German film)

Love Insurance

Love in a Hurry

Love's Prisoner

Luck in Pawn

Lure of Ambition

Madame DuBarry (1919 film)

Madeleine (1919 film)

Mademoiselle Chiffon

Madness (1919 film)

Maggie Pepper

Malaria (1919 film)

Male and Female

Man of Gold (film)

Mandarin's Gold

Maria Pavlowna

Marie, Ltd.

Marionettes of Desire

Marked Men (1919 film)

Marriage for Convenience

Married in Haste

Mates and Models

Mazeppa, der Volksheld der Ukraine

Men, Women, and Money

Meyer from Berlin

Miss Arizona (1919 film)

Miss Dulcie from Dixie

Molly of the Follies

More Deadly Than the Male

Mr. Wu (1919 film)

Mrs. Thompson

Mrs. Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch (1919 film)

Mules and Mortgages

My Lady Robin Hood

My Leopold (1919 film)

My Little Sister (1919 film)

My Wife, the Movie Star

Neither at Home or Abroad

Nerves (film)

Never Say Quit

Never Touched Me

Next Aisle Over

Nobody Home (film)

Nobody's Child (1919 film)

Nocturne of Love (1919 film)

Not Guilty (1919 film)

Nugget Nell

Number 111 (1919 film)

Off the Trolley

Oh, Boy! (1919 film)

Oh, You Women!

Oliver Twist (1919 film)

On the Fire

One Week of Life

One of the Finest

One or the Other

One-Thing-at-a-Time O'Day

Only a Servant

Op stap door Amsterdam

Open Your Eyes (1919 film)

Opium (1919 film)

Other Men's Wives

Our Better Selves

Out Yonder

Out of the Depths (1919 film)

Out of the Fog (1919 film)

Out of the Shadow (1919 film)

Over the Garden Wall (1919 film)

Paid in Advance

Paid in Full (1919 film)

Pallard the Punter

Partners Three

Pay Your Dues

Peer Gynt (1919 film)

Peggy Does Her Darndest

Peppy Polly

Pettigrew's Girl

Phil for Short

Piccadilly Jim (1919 film)

Pistols for Breakfast

Pitfalls of a Big City

Playthings of Passion

Please Get Married

Poor Relations

Possession (1919 film)

Prince Cuckoo

Prostitution (1919 film)

Proxy Husband

Prudence on Broadway


Puppy Love (1919 film)

Put Up Your Hands

Putting It Over

Putting One Over

Queen's Evidence (film)

Quinneys (1919 film)

Ramuntcho (1919 film)

Ravished Armenia (film)

Ray of Sunshine

Red Hot Dollars

Redemption (1919 film)

Redhead (1919 film)

Restless Souls (1919 film)

Revenge Is Mine

Rider of the Law

Riders of Vengeance

Ring Up the Curtain

Romance and Arabella


Rose Bernd (1919 film)

Rose o' the River

Rough Riding Romance

Rustlers (1919 film)

Rustling a Bride

Ruth's Two Husbands

Sacred Silence (1919 film)

Sadie Love

Sahara (1919 film)

Salome vs. Shenandoah

Sandy Burke of the U-Bar-U

Satan Junior

Satan on Earth

Scarlet Days

Sealed Hearts

Secret Service (1919 film)

Shadows (1919 film)

Shadows of Suspicion

Sheba (film)

Should a Husband Forgive?

Si, Senor

Silent Strength (film)

Sins of the Parents (1919 film)

Sir Arne's Treasure

Sis Hopkins

Six Feet Four

Smashing Barriers

Smiles (film)

Snow in the Desert

So Ends My Song

Soapsuds and Sapheads

Soft Money (film)

Soldiers of Fortune (1919 film)

Some Bride

Some Liar

Something to Do

Sons of Ingmar

Speedy Meade

Splendid Folly

Spotlight Sadie

Spring Fever (1919 film)

Squabs and Squabbles

Square Deal Sanderson

State Attorney Jordan (1919 film)

Stepping Out (1919 film)

Struck Oil

Sunken Rocks

Sunnyside (film)

Superstition (1919 film)

Swat the Crook

Sweet and Twenty

Switches and Sweeties

Synnve Solbakken (1919 film)

Tangled Threads

Terror of the Range

That's Good

The A.B.C. of Love

The Adventure Shop

The Adventures of Ruth

The Amateur Adventuress

The Amazing Impostor

The Ancestress

The Apache of Marseilles

The Apprentice Diplomat

The Artistic Temperament

The Avalanche (1919 film)

The Bandbox

The Bank Clerk

The Beauty Market

The Beetle (film)

The Belle of New York (1919 film)

The Belle of the Season

The Beloved Cheater

The Better Wife

The Big Little Person

The Bishop's Emeralds

The Black Gate (film)

The Black Horse Bandit

The Black Secret

The Blue Bonnet

The Blue Dragon

The Bodega of Los Cuerros

The Boomerang (1919 film)

The Boss of the Rancho

The Boy in Blue (1919 film)

The Brat (1919 film)

The Bridal Chair

The Bride of the Incapacitated

The Broken Butterfly

The Broken Melody (1919 film)

The Busher

The Call of the Sea (1919 film)

The Cambric Mask (1919 film)

The Capitol (film)

The Captain's Captain

The Career of Katherine Bush

The Carousel of Life

The Cheerful Soul

The Chinese Puzzle (1919 film)

The Cinema Murder

The City of Beautiful Nonsense (1919 film)

The City of Comrades

The Climbers (1919 film)

The Coming of the Law

The Commandment of Love

The Common Cause

The Conqueror of the World

The Country Cousin (1919 film)

The Courageous Coward

The Crow (1919 film)

The Cry of the Weak

The Dagger of Malaya

The Dance of Death (1919 film)

The Dancer (1919 film)

The Dark Star (1919 film)

The Daughter of Mehemed

The Day She Paid

The Delicious Little Devil

The Derby (1919 film)

The Destiny of Carola van Geldern

The Devil and the Madonna

The Devil in Amsterdam

The Devil's Trail

The Disappearance of the Judge

The Divorcee (1919 film)

The Doll (1919 film)

The Double Hold-Up

The Double Life of Mr. Alfred Burton

The Dragon Painter

The Drifters (film)

The Dub

The Dutiful Dub

The Duty to Live

The Echo of Youth

The Egg Crate Wallop

The Elusive Pimpernel (1919 film)

The Enchanted Barn

The Enchanted Princess (film)

The End of the Game (1919 film)

The End of the Road (1919 film)

The Eternal Magdalene

The Exquisite Thief

The Eye of the Buddha

The Face at the Window (1919 film)

The Face in the Watch

The Fairy of Saint Mnard

The False Code

The False Faces

The Fate of Maria Keith

The Fear Woman

The Feud (1919 film)

The Fighting Brothers

The Fighting Heart (1919 film)

The Fighting Line

The Fighting Roosevelts

The Final Close-Up

The Firing Line

The First Men in the Moon (1919 film)

The Foolish Heart

The Forest on the Hill

The Forfeit

The Four Flusher

The Four-Bit Man

The Freckled Fish

The Galley Slave (1919 film)

The Gambler (1919 film)

The Garden of Resurrection

The Gay Lord Quex (1919 film)

The Geisha and the Samurai

The Gentleman Rider

The Girl Dodger

The Girl Who Stayed at Home

The Girl and the Men

The Girl from Nowhere (1919 film)

The Glorious Lady

The Gold Cure (1919 film)

The Golden Lie

The Gray Horizon

The Gray Wolf's Ghost

The Great Air Robbery

The Great Radium Mystery

The Great Romance (film)

The Great Victory

The Greatest Question

The Green Eyed Monster (1919 film)

The Green Terror

The Grey Car

The Grim Game

The Grocery Clerk

The Gun Packer

The Haunted Bedroom

The Hawk's Trail

The Hayseed

The Head Waiter

The Heart of Casanova

The Heart of Wetona

The Heart of Youth

The Heart of a Rose

The Heiress of the Count of Monte Cristo

The Hellion (1919 film)

The Hidden Truth

The Home Town Girl

The Homebreaker

The Homemaker

The Homesteader

The Hoodlum (1919 film)

The Hope Chest

The House of Intrigue

The Howling Wolf

The Illustrious Prince

The Imp (1919 film)

The Impossible Woman

The Indestructible Wife

The Inheritance from New York

The Intrusion of Isabel

The Invisible Bond

The Iron Heel (film)

The Irresistible Flapper

The Island of Intrigue

The Isle of Conquest

The Jack of Hearts

The Japanese Woman

The Jewess of Toledo (film)

The Joyous Liar

The Kid and the Cowboy

The Kinsman

The Knave of Hearts (1919 film)

The Knickerbocker Buckaroo

The Lackey and the Lady

The Lady Clare (1919 film)

The Lady in the Car

The Lady of Red Butte

The Lady with the Black Gloves

The Lamp of Destiny

The Last Outlaw (1919 film)

The Last Sun Son

The Last of the Duanes (1919 film)

The Law of Men (1919 film)

The Life Line

The Lightning Raider

The Lincoln Highwayman

The Lion Man (serial)

The Lion and the Mouse (1919 film)

The Lion's Den (1919 film)

The Little Boss

The Little Cafe (1919 film)

The Little Diplomat

The Little Rowdy

The Living Dead (film)

The Lone Hand (1919 film)

The Lone Star Ranger (1919 film)

The Lone Wolf's Daughter

The Lord Loves the Irish

The Lost Battalion (1919 film)

The Lottery Man (1919 film)

The Love Burglar

The Love Cheat

The Love Hunger

The Love That Dares

The Love of Marion Bach

The Loves of Kthe Keller

The Loves of Letty

The Man Beneath

The Man Hunter (1919 film)

The Man Who Forgot (1919 film)

The Man Who Stayed at Home (1919 film)

The Man Who Turned White

The Man Who Won (1919 film)

The Man in the Moonlight

The Man in the Open

The Man of Action

The Marathon (film)

The March Hare (1919 film)

The Market of Souls

The Marriage Price

The Mask (1919 film)

The Masked Rider (1919 film)

The Master Man

The Master Mystery

The Mayor of Filbert

The Merry Husband

The Microbe

The Midnight Man (1919 film)

The Midnight Stage

The Millionaire Pirate

The Mind the Paint Girl (film)

The Miracle Man (1919 film)

The Miracle of Love (film)

The Misleading Widow

The Mistress of the World

The Monastery of Sendomir (1919 film)

The Money Corral

The Muff

The Mystery of 13

The Mystery of the Yellow Room (1919 film)

The Nature of the Beast (1919 film)

The New Moon (1919 film)

The Ocarina

The Odds Against Her

The Other Half (1919 film)

The Other Man's Wife

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1919 film)

The Oyster Princess

The Pagan God

The Panther Bride

The Parisian Tigress

The Peace of Roaring River

The Perfect Lover

The Peruvian

The Pest (1919 film)

The Petal on the Current

The Plague of Florence

The Platonic Marriage

The Pointing Finger (1919 film)

The Polar Star

The Poor Boob

The Poppy Girl's Husband

The Power of Right

The Prince and Betty (film)

The Princess of Urbino

The Probation Wife

The Professor (1919 film)

The Profiteer (1919 film)

The Profiteers

The Pullman Porter

The Race to the Throne

The Railroader

The Railway Owner

The Rajah (1919 film)

The Red Glove

The Red Lantern

The Red Viper

The Rescuing Angel

The Right Element

The Road Called Straight

The Roaring Road (1919 film)

The Rocks of Valpre (1919 film)

The Romance of Lady Hamilton

The Rose of Stamboul (1919 film)

The Rose of the Flyer

The Rough Neck

The Scar (1919 film)

The Scarlet Shadow

The Sea of Naples

The Secret Garden (1919 film)

The Secret of Wera Baranska

The Secret of the American Docks

The Secret of the Scaffold

The Seeds of Life (film)

The Sentimental Bloke

The She Wolf (1919 film)

The Shepherd of the Hills (1919 film)

The Sheriff's Son

The Silver Greyhound (1919 film)

The Silver King (1919 film)

The Silver Lining (1919 film)

The Simple Life (1919 film)

The Siren's Song (1919 film)

The Social Pirate

The Son-of-a-Gun

The Soul of Guilda Lois

The Spark Divine

The Speed Maniac

The Spender (1919 film)

The Spiders (film)

The Spies (1919 film)

The Spinning Ball (1919 film)

The Spite Bride

The Spitfire of Seville

The Splendid Romance

The Star Boarder (1919 film)

The Story of a Boy

The Stronger Vow

The Sundown Trail

The Swabian Maiden

The Swindler (film)

The Teahouse of the Ten Lotus Flowers

The Teeth of the Tiger (film)

The Tell Tale Wire

The Test of Honor

The Testing of Mildred Vane

The Third Degree (1919 film)

The Third Kiss (1919 film)

The Thirteenth Chair (1919 film)

The Thunderbolt (1919 film)

The Tiger Lily

The Tiger's Trail

The Toilers (1919 film)

The Tong Man

The Tower of Jewels

The Trail of the Holdup Man

The Trail of the Octopus

The Trap (1919 film)

The Trembling Hour

The Turn in the Road

The Twin Pawns

The Two Brides

The Undercurrent (1919 film)

The Unknown Quantity (film)

The Unpainted Woman

The Unpardonable Sin

The Unveiling Hand

The Unwritten Code (1919 film)

The Uplifters (film)

The Valley of the Giants (1919 film)

The Veiled Adventure

The Vengeance of Durand

The Victory Leaders

The Virtuous Model

The Virtuous Thief

The Warrior Strain

The Water Lily (1919 film)

The Way of a Woman

The Way of the Strong (1919 film)

The Westerners

The White Heather

The White Roses of Ravensberg (1919 film)

The Wicked Darling

The Wilderness Trail

The Winchester Woman

The Winning Girl

The Winning Stroke

The Wishing Ring Man

The Witness for the Defense

The Woman Michael Married

The Woman Next Door (1919 film)

The Woman Thou Gavest Me

The Woman Under Cover

The Woman Under Oath

The Woman at the Crossroads (1919 film)

The Woman on the Index

The Woman with Orchids

The World Champion

The World and Its Woman

Thieves (1919 film)

Thin Ice (1919 film)

This Hero Stuff

Thou Shalt Not (film)

Three Green Eyes

Three Men and a Girl

Through the Wrong Door

Thunderbolts of Fate

Toby's Bow

Todd of the Times

Told in the Hills

Tom's Little Star

Too Much Johnson (1919 film)

Tootsies and Tamales

Tortured Soul

Towards the Light (1919 film)

Treat 'Em Rough (1919 film)

Trixie from Broadway

True Heart Susie

Turning the Tables (film)

Under Suspicion (1919 British film)

Under the Top

Unheimliche Geschichten (1919 film)

Upside Down (1919 film)

Upstairs (film)

Upstairs and Down

Vagabond Luck

Vendetta (1919 film)

Venus in the East

Veritas Vincit (film)

Victim of Society

Victory (1919 film)

Wagon Tracks

Wanted $5,000

Wanted: A Husband

Westward Ho! (1919 film)

What Am I Bid?

What Every Woman Learns

What Every Woman Wants (1919 film)

When Bearcat Went Dry

When Doctors Disagree

When Fate Decides

When It Was Dark (film)

When Men Desire

When a Girl Loves (1919 film)

When a Man Loves (1919 film)

When a Man Rides Alone (1919 film)

When a Woman Strikes

When the Clouds Roll By

Where the West Begins (1919 film)

White Rose (film)

Who Cares? (1919 film)

Who's Your Brother?

Whosoever Shall Offend

Why Smith Left Home

Widow by Proxy

Wings of the Morning (1919 film)

Without Witnesses

Wolves of the Night


Yankee Doodle in Berlin

Yaps and Yokels

You Never Saw Such a Girl

You're Fired

Young Mr. Jazz

Yvonne from Paris


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