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'Neath Austral Skies

80 Million Women Want?

A Bandit

A Blue Gum Romance

A Chance Deception

A Change of Administration

A Cigarette-Maker's Romance

A Cure for Suffragettes

A Dangerous Foe

A Daughter of the Confederacy

A Desperate Chance

A Forest Romance

A Frightful Blunder

A Gamble with Death

A Gambler's Honor

A Game of Pool (film)

A Girl Spy in Mexico

A Girl's Stratagem

A House Divided (1913 film)

A Lady of Quality (1913 film)

A Little Hero (film)

A Melbourne Mystery

A Message from Mars (1913 film)

A Misappropriated Turkey

A Misunderstood Boy

A Mix-Up in Pedigrees

A Modest Hero

A Night in the Town

A Noise from the Deep

A Quiet Little Wedding

A Ride for a Bride

A Sawmill Hazard

A Tender-Hearted Crook

A Timely Interception

A Welcome Intruder

A Window on Washington Park

A Woman in the Ultimate

Adrift on Life's Tide

Alas! Poor Yorick!

All for Science

Almost a Rescue

Almost a Wild Man

Almost an Actress

American Born

Americk souboj

An Adventure in the Autumn Woods

An Adventure on the Mexican Border

An Elephant on His Hands

An Hour Before Dawn

An Indian's Loyalty

An Innocent Bridegroom

Antony and Cleopatra (1913 film)

Arizona (1913 film)

At Midnight

Atlantis (1913 film)

Australia Calls (1913 film)

Back to Life (1913 film)

Barney Oldfield's Race for a Life

Beau Brummel (1913 film)

Beautiful Bismark

Beauty Unadorned

Bianca (1913 film)

Billy's Adventure

Black and White (1913 film)

Black-Eyed Susan (1913 film)

Bloodhounds of the North

Bob's Baby

Breaking into the Big League

Brennan of the Moor

Broken Idol

Broken Ways

Brothers (1913 film)

Bunny Dips Into Society

Bunny as a Reporter

Calamity Anne's Beauty

Calamity Anne's Dream

Calamity Anne's Inheritance

Calamity Anne's Vanity

Calamity Anne, Heroine

Caprice (1913 film)

Captive Souls

Carmen (1913 film)

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Chelsea 7750

Cinderella or the Glass Slipper

Cinders (1913 film)

Cohen Saves the Flag

Courageous Blood

Cupid in a Dental Parlor

David Copperfield (1913 film)

David Garrick (1913 film)

De afwezige

Dear Old Girl

Death's Marathon

Der neue Schreibtisch

Don Juan (1913 film)

Don't Let Mother Know

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1913 film)

Dr. Trimball's Verdict

During the Round-Up

East Lynne (1913 film)

Falen hr

Fantmas (1913 serial)

Fate (1913 film)

Fatty Joins the Force

Fatty at San Diego

Fatty's Day Off

Fatty's Flirtation

Fedora (1913 film)

Floretta and Patapon (1913 film)

For Her Boy's Sake

For the Crown

For the Flag

For the Love of Mabel

For the Peace of Bear Valley

Germinal (1913 film)

Gold Is Not All

Granddad (1913 film)

Hamlet (1913 film)

He Would a Hunting Go

Hearts of the First Empire

Help! Help! Hydrophobia!

Her Big Story

Her Gallant Knights

Heroes of the Mine

Hiawanda's Cross

Hiawatha (1913 film)

Hinemoa (1913 film)

His Athletic Wife

His Blind Power

His Chum the Baron

His Neighbor's Wife

His Sister's Kids

His Wife's Child

How Chief Te Ponga Won His Bride

How Men Propose

How the Jews Care For Their Poor

Hulda of Holland

Hurricane in Galveston

I Was Meant for You

If We Only Knew

Il bacio di Cirano

Il sire di Vincigliata

In Diplomatic Circles

In a Woman's Power

In the Bishop's Carriage

In the Clutches of the Ku Klux Klan

In the Firelight

In the Land of the Cactus

In the Long Ago

In the Mountains of Virginia

In the Power of the Hypnotist

In the Secret Service

Indian Vampire

Ingeborg Holm

It Is Never Too Late to Mend (1913 film)

Ivanhoe (1913 American film)

Ivanhoe (1913 British film)

Jean la Poudre

Jerry's Mother-In-Law

Jobson's Luck

John Henry at Hampton

Jone or the Last Days of Pompeii

Just Gold

Justice of the Wild

King Charles (film)

Kissing Cup

Konec milovn


L'Article 47

La moglie di sua eccellenza

Lady Babbie

Lady Marion's Summer Flirtation

Laughter and Tears (1913 film)

Le avventure straordinarissime di Saturnino Farandola

Leah Kleschna (film)

Leaves in the Storm

Lime Kiln Field Day

Love Everlasting (1913 film)

Love and Courage

Love in an Apartment Hotel

Loved by a Maori Chieftess

Mabel's Awful Mistakes

Mabel's Dramatic Career

Mabel's New Hero

Macbeth (1913 film)

Madonna of the Storm

Maria Marten, or the Mystery of the Red Barn

Marriage Bureau

Matrimony's Speed Limit

Mohini Bhasmasur


Mother's Boy (1913 film)

Mrs. Carter's Campaign

Murphy's I.O.U.

My Husband's Getting Married

Near to Earth

Nederland en Oranje

Nobody's Boy (1913 film)

Obrona Czstochowy

Oh, Whiskers!

Oil and Water (film)

OlafAn Atom

On the Broad Stairway

One Can't Always Tell

One Hundred Years of Mormonism

One on Romance

Os culos do Vov

Our Wives

Overfaldet paa postaapnerens datter

Pan profesor, neptel en

Passions, He Had Three

Pearl as a Detective

Pedro's Treachery

Peeping Pete

People and Masks

People and Masks Part 2

Personal Magnetism


Pierrot the Prodigal

Pirate Gold (1913 film)

Podkova (film)

Pommy Arrives in Australia

Poor Jake's Demise

Preservation of the Sign Language

Professor Bean's Removal

Prompted by Jealousy

Pt smysl lovka

Quicksands (1913 film)

Quo Vadis (1913 film)

Raja Harishchandra

Rastus Among the Zulus

Red Hicks Defies the World

Red Margaret, Moonshiner

Red and White Roses

Religion and Gun Practice

Rick's Redemption

Roger la Honte (1913 film)

Rory o' the Bogs

Safe in Jail

Sapho (1913 film)

Scrooge (1913 film)

Sea Dogs of Australia

Seeing Double (1913 film)

Shadows of a Great City

Shadows of the Moulin Rouge

Shon the Piper

Silvia Silombra

Sixty Years a Queen

So Runs the Way

Some Fools There Were

Some Nerve

Some Runner

Suspense (1913 film)

Tess of the d'Urbervilles (1913 film)

That Ragtime Band

The Abandoned Well

The Accusing Hand

The Adventures of Anton

The Adventures of Kathlyn

The Bangville Police

The Battle at Elderbush Gulch

The Battle of Bull Run (film)

The Battle of Gettysburg (1913 film)

The Battle of Waterloo (film)

The Black Pierrot (1913 film)

The Blood Red Tape of Charity

The Blue Mouse (1913 film)

The Bondage of the Bush

The Caged Bird

The Cameo

The Cattle Thief's Escape

The Cheese Special

The Clod

The Cloister and the Hearth (film)

The Clue of the Lost Handkerchief

The Conflicts of Life

The Conscience of Hassan Bey

The Conspiracy (1913 film)

The Count of Monte Cristo (1913 film)

The Crisis (1913 film)

The Crook and the Girl

The Cub Reporter's Temptation

The Daughter of the Hills

The Deaf Mute

The Detective's Stratagem

The Diamond Crown

The Difficult Couple

The Doctor's Secret (1913 film)

The Drama of the St. Mary's Church Tower

The Eaglet (1913 film)

The Enemy's Baby

The Evidence of the Film

The Evil Thereof (1913 film)

The Ex-Convict's Plunge

The Face at the Window (1913 film)

The Faithful Taxicab

The Film Primadonna

The Fire Coward

The Five Cents of Lavarede (1913 film)

The Flirt and the Bandit

The Food Chopper War

The Fool (1913 film)

The Foreman of the Jury

The Forgotten Latchkey

The Gaieties of the Squadron

The Game Warden

The Gangsters

The Girl and the Greaser

The Grasshopper and the Ant (1913 film)

The Gratitude of Wanda

The Greater Love

The Gunmaker of Moscow

The Gypsy Queen

The Haunted House (1913 film)

The Heart of a Cracksman

The Heart of a Fool

The Hero of Little Italy

The Hidden Bankroll

The House in the Tree

The House of Darkness

The House of Discord

The House of Temperley

The Idol of Bonanza Camp

The Influence of a Child

The Interloper

The Invisible Foe

The Jew's Christmas

The Jewel Thieves Outwitted

The Knight of the Snows

The Lady Killer (film)

The Lady Peggy's Escape

The Lady and the Mouse

The Last Days of Pompeii (1913 film)

The Last Night of the Barbary Coast

The Last Pardon

The Law and His Son

The Left-Handed Man

The Life of a Jackeroo

The Life of the Jews in Palestine

The Lion's Bride (1913 film)

The Little House in Kolomna

The Little Tease

The Living Ladder

The Man Outside (1913 film)

The Miracle (1913 film)

The Mirror (1913 film)

The Mistake (film)

The Mothering Heart

The Mystery of Pine Creek Camp

The Mystery of St. Martin's Bridge

The Mystery of Yellow Aster Mine

The Night Before Christmas (1913 film)

The Oath of Pierre

The Oath of Tsuru San

The Old Bachelor's Dream

The Old Monk's Tale

The Opium Runners

The Other (1913 film)

The Paymaster's Son

The Perfidy of Mary

The Pickwick Papers (1913 film)

The Picture of Dorian Gray (1913 film)

The Pink Opera Cloak

The Pit and the Pendulum (1913 film)

The Port of Doom

The Power of Conscience

The Prisoner of Zenda (1913 film)

The Proof of the Man

The Pursuit of the Smugglers

The Quakeress

The Ranchero's Revenge

The Rattlesnake (film)

The Reformed Outlaw

The Remittance Man

The Reprieve (1913 film)

The Restless Spirit

The Riot

The River Wanganui

The Road to Ruin (1913 film)

The Rose of San Juan

The Rose of Surrey

The Scarlet Letter (1913 film)

The Scimitar of the Prophet

The Sea Urchin (1913 film)

The Sea Wolf (1913 film)

The Shadow of Nazareth

The Sheriff's Baby

The Shoemaker and the Doll

The Shriner's Daughter

The Sick Stockrider

The Snare (1912 film)

The Sorrowful Shore

The Speed Kings

The Spender (1913 film)

The Spy's Defeat

The Statue (1913 film)

The Stolen Bride (1913 film)

The Stolen Loaf

The Stolen Treaty (1913 film)

The Stopped Clock

The Strong Man's Burden

The Student of Prague (1913 film)

The Substitute Stenographer

The Suffragette Minstrels

The Switch Tower

The System of Doctor Goudron

The Tale of the Ticker

The Telephone Girl and the Lady

The Telltale Light

The Tender Hearted Boy

The Tenderfoot's Money

The Third Degree (1913 film)

The Tramp Dentists

The Trap (1913 film)

The Twelfth Juror

The Two Sergeants (1913 film)

The Unknown (1913 film)

The Unwelcome Guest

The Vampire (1913 film)

The Van Nostrand Tiara

The Vengeance of Galora

The Vicar of Wakefield (1913 film)

The Voice of Passion

The Waiters' Picnic

The Wanderer (1913 film)

The Ways of Fate

The Weapons of Youth

The Well (1913 film)

The Werewolf (1913 film)

The Witch of Salem

The Wives of Jamestown

The Woman Haters

The Work Habit

The Wreck (1913 film)

The Wrong Bottle

The Yaqui Cur

The Yellow Foal

Three Friends (film)

Through a Telescope

Through the Neighbor's Window

Through the Sluice Gates

Tommy's Atonement

Tower of Terror (1913 film)

Traffic in Souls


Trapped in a Forest Fire

Tricks of Love

Truth in the Wilderness

Twilight of a Woman's Soul

Two Men of the Desert

Two Old Tars

Uncle's Apartment

Under the Shadow of the Law

Unto the Third Generation

Wamba, a Child of the Jungle

When Dreams Come True (1913 film)

When Lincoln Paid

When Love Forgives

When Men Hate

When Soul Meets Soul

When the Earth Trembled

Where Is Coletti?

While There's Life

Who Is the Savage?

Who Will Marry Mary?

Who is the Savage? (1913 film)

Will Power (film)

Wine (1913 film)

With the Aid of Phrenology

Woman's Honor

Zhuangzi Tests His Wife

Zigomar the Eelskin

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