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Video Games from 2019

13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim


A Fisherman's Tale

A Plague Tale: Innocence

A Short Hike

AI Dungeon

AI: The Somnium Files

ARIDA: Backland's Awakening

AVICII Invector

Ace Angler

Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown

Action Taimanin

Afterparty (video game)

Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition

Age of Wonders: Planetfall

Aikatsu on Parade!

Amid Evil

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey

Anno 1800

Anodyne 2: Return to Dust

Anthem (video game)

Ape Out

Aperture Hand Lab

Apex Legends

App Monster - Defense

Arcade Spirits


Art Sqool

Asgard's Wrath

Assemble with Care

Assetto Corsa Competizione

Astral Chain



At the Gates (video game)

Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout

Azur Lane

BTS World

Baba Is You

Battalion 1944

Beat Saber

Bendy and the Ink Machine

Blacksad: Under the Skin

Blair Witch (video game)

Blasphemous (video game)

Blaster Master Zero 2

Blazing Chrome

Blood & Truth

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night


Borderlands 3

Bouncy Bullets

BoxBoy! + BoxGirl!

Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements

Bright Memory

Bubble Bobble 4 Friends

Bubsy: Paws on Fire!

Bug Fables: The Everlasting Sapling


Cadence of Hyrule

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019 video game)

Card of Darkness

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Children of Morta

Ciconia When They Cry

Civilization VI: Gathering Storm

Close to the Sun (video game)

Code Vein

Collection of Mana

Command: Modern Air Naval Operations

Concrete Genie

Conqueror's Blade

Contra Anniversary Collection

Contra: Rogue Corps

Control (video game)

Cooking Simulator

Crackdown 3

Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled

Cricket 19

Crying Suns

Crystal Crisis

Cube World

Cue! (video game)

Cyber Hunter

Da Capo 4

Daemon X Machina

Dance Dance Revolution A20

Dance of Death: Du Lac & Fey

Dangerous Driving (video game)

Darius Cozmic Collection

Dark Devotion

Darksiders Genesis


Dauntless (video game)

Dawn of Man

Daymare: 1998

Days Gone

Dead or Alive 6

Death End Request

Death Horizon: Reloaded

Death Stranding


Degrees of Separation (video game)

Demon's Tilt


Desolate (video game)

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep

Devil May Cry 5

Devolver Bootleg

Devotion (video game)

Dicey Dungeons

Dirt Rally 2.0

Disco Elysium

Disgaea RPG

Disney Tsum Tsum Festival

Don't Escape: 4 Days to Survive

Doraemon Story of Seasons

Dota Auto Chess

Double Cross (video game)

Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for Nintendo Switch

Dr. Mario World

Dragon Quest Walk

Draugen (video game)

Dry Drowning

Dusk Diver


EFootball PES 2020

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain

East of the Rockies


Eliza (video game)

Elsinore (video game)

Erica (video game)

Escaped Chasm

EverQuest II: Blood of Luclin

EverQuest: Torment of Velious

Exception (video game)

F1 2019 (video game)

F1 Clash


Fade to Silence

Fantasy Strike

Far Cry New Dawn

Felix the Reaper

Feudal Alloy

Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted

Five Nights at Freddy's: Special Delivery

Flotsam (video game)

Football Manager 2020

Forager (video game)

Freedom Finger

Frog Detective 2: The Case of the Invisible Wizard

Game of Thrones: Winter Is Coming

Gato Roboto

Gears 5

Gears Pop!


Generation Zero (video game)

Gensou SkyDrift

Ghost Giant

Gibbous - A Cthulhu Adventure


Golem (2019 video game)

Gorn (video game)


Green Hell (video game)

Grid (video game)

Grimm's Hollow

Grindstone (video game)

Groove Coaster Wai Wai Party

Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son


Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Heart of the Woods

Heave Ho

Heaven's Vault

Hellion (video game)

Horace (video game)

Hot Lava (video game)

Hunt: Showdown


Hypnospace Outlaw

I Love You, Colonel Sanders!

Ice Age: Scrat's Nutty Adventure


Imperator: Rome

Imperial SaGa Eclipse

Indian Air Force: A Cut Above

Indivisible (video game)


Ion Fury

Islanders (video game)


Jenny LeClue

John Wick Hex

Jump Force

Jump King

Just Dance 2020

Katana Zero

Kill la Kill: If

Kind Words (video game)

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Under Fire II

Knights and Bikes

Later Alligator (video game)

Left Alive

Lego Bionicle: The Legend of Mata Nui

Lego Brawls

Lego Builder's Journey

Let's Hunt Monsters

Let's Sing Country

Liberate Hong Kong

Little Big Workshop

Little Misfortune

Little Town Hero

Lonely Mountains: Downhill

Lost Ark (video game)

Lost Ember

Love Live! School Idol Festival All Stars

Lovers of Aether

Luigi's Mansion 3

M.A.S.S. Builder

MLB The Show 19

Madden NFL 20

Magatsu Wahrheit

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements

Magic: The Gathering Arena

Manifold Garden

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

Mario Kart Tour

Marvel Super War

Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

Maximum Football 2019

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries

MediEvil (2019 video game)

Metro Exodus

Micro Mages

Minecraft Earth

Mini Motorways




Monster Hunter World: Iceborne

Mordhau (video game)

Mortal Kombat 11


My Friend Pedro

My Time at Portia


NBA 2K20

NHL 20

Need for Speed Heat

Neo Cab

Never Give Up (video game)

New Super Lucky's Tale

New Super Mario Bros. U

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe

Night Call (video game)

Ninja Tag Team: Slash n' Dash

Nowhere Prophet

Observation (video game)

Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm


Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 - The Official Video Game

One Piece: World Seeker


Outer Wilds


Overland (video game)

Oxygen Not Included

PC Building Simulator

Pathologic 2

Phoenix Point

Photographs (video game)

Pico Park


Pilgrims (video game)

Pine (video game)

Pistol Whip (video game)


Planet Nomads

Planet Zoo

PlanetSide Arena

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

Pokmon Masters EX

Pokmon Rumble Rush

Pokmon Sword and Shield

Pokmon Trading Card Game Card Dex

Police Stories

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

Pretty Princess Party

Projection: First Light

Punishing: Gray Raven

Puzzle Quest: The Legend Returns

Queen's Wish: The Conqueror

R.B.I. Baseball 19

Race with Ryan

Rad (video game)

Rage 2

Rayman Mini

Rebel Galaxy Outlaw

Red Dead Online

Remnant: From the Ashes

Resident Evil 2 (2019 video game)


Ring Fit Adventure

Riot (video game)

Rise of Industry

Rise to Ruins

River City Girls

Robotics;Notes DaSH

Sakura Wars (2019 video game)

Samurai Shodown (2019 video game)

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sea of Solitude

Secret Neighbor

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

Shachibato! President, It's Time for Battle!

Shakedown: Hawaii

Shantae and the Seven Sirens

Shenmue III

Shinsekai: Into the Depths

Siege of Centauri

Sigil (mod)

Sky (video game)

Sky Racket (video game)

Slay the Spire

Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts

Snooker 19

Snow (2019 video game)


Space Engineers

Spark the Electric Jester 2

SpellForce 3: Soul Harvest

Spice and Wolf VR

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Starpoint Gemini 3

SteamWorld Quest

Steel Division 2

Stela (video game)

Steven Universe: Unleash the Light

Still There

Stormland (video game)

Streets of Rogue

Sunless Skies

Super Blood Hockey

Super Mario Maker 2

Super Robot Wars T



Tangle Tower

Tannenberg (video game)

Team Sonic Racing

Teamfight Tactics

Telling Lies (video game)


Terminator: Resistance

Tetris 99

The Church in the Darkness

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

The Eternal Castle Remastered

The Grand Tour Game

The Hong Kong Massacre

The Jackbox Party Pack 6

The Legend of Bum-bo

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (2019 video game)

The Lego Movie 2 Videogame

The Lord of the Rings Online: Minas Morgul

The Occupation

The Outer Worlds

The Sims 4: Discover University

The Sims 4: Island Living

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

The Sims 4: StrangerVille

The Sinking City

The Stillness of the Wind

The Stretchers

The Surge 2

The Textorcist: The Story of Ray Bibbia

The Touryst

The Under Presents

The Wild Eight

The World Next Door (video game)

Thea 2: The Shattering

They Are Billions

Time Stall

ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove

Tokyo Ghoul: re Call to Exist

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Tom Clancy's The Division 2

Tools Up!

Total War: Three Kingdoms

Tracks The Train Set Game


Transport Fever 2

Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes

Trials Rising

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Tropico 6

Trover Saves the Universe

Twitch Sings

Tnzer (video game)


Un pas fragile

Uni's On Air

Unity of Command II

Unruly Heroes

Until You Fall

Untitled Goose Game


Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series


Vambrace: Cold Soul

Vampire: The Masquerade Coteries of New York

Vane (video game)

Various Daylife

Vigor (video game)

Void Bastards


WWE 2K20

Wacca (video game)

Wanderlust Travel Stories

War of the Visions: Final Fantasy Brave Exvius


Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warsaw (video game)


What the Golf

When Ski Lifts Go Wrong

Where on Google Earth is Carmen Sandiego?

Wilmot's Warehouse

Wily Beast and Weakest Creature

Wolfenstein: Youngblood

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic

World War Z (2019 video game)

World of Warcraft Classic

Xeno Crisis

Xenon Racer

YIIK: A Postmodern RPG


Yo-kai Watch 4

Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Yoshi's Crafted World

Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

Zombieland: Double Tap Road Trip

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