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Peronist March

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Wikipedia article

The "'Peronist March'" is the anthem of the Peronist movement and the official song of the Justicialist Party of Argentina, previously known as the Peronist Party. Originally composed as a football club anthem by Juan Raimundo Streiff in the 1930s, its current lyrics, alluding to President Juan Domingo Pern and the movement he led and founded, were written by education minister Oscar Ivanissevich in 1948 and first recorded by Hugo del Carril in 1949.

Since its adoption by the Peronist movement, it has been re-recorded in various styles, such as tango and folk, and more contemporary versions in cumbia and rock. There is also a version dedicated to Eva Pern, called '"Evita Capitana"' ("Captain Evita"), which was the official anthem of the Female Peronist Party and has become popular among Peronist feminists. In addition, a third version exists called '"Marcha Pern-Ibez"' ("Pern-Ibez March"), which references the then President of Chile, Carlos Ibez del Campo and the friendship between the two leaders and countries. The lyrics to this version were written by Alberto Marino and performed by Hctor ngel Benedetti in 1953.


Lyrics to "Captain Evita"

Lyrics to "Pern-Ibez March"


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