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Wikipedia article

'Pecch?' (; literally "Why?") is a 1913 Neapolitan song composed by Gaetano Enrico Pennino with lyrics by Carlo De Flavis. It was a standard song for Enrico Caruso and Luciano Pavarotti, and is even known in a Soviet version.

The first verse reads:

:Canta l'auciello dint' ' casa antica

:Add primma cantave pure tu.

:E sento pur' 'a voce 'e 'n'ata amica

:Ca mme cunziglia 'e nun te penz cchi!

(In the old house the bird sings, where you once used to sing, too. And I hear as well another female friend's voice, advising me not to stop thinking about you!)

Then follows the refrain which gives the name to song: "Carmela, if I have left my mother for you, if you have taken my early youth, why don't you come back to me?"


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