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Mala (song)

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Wikipedia article

'Mala' (Italian "enchantment"[https://www.treccani.it/vocabolario/malia/ Treccani]) is an 1887 Italian art song composed by Paolo Tosti to a poem by Rocco Pagliara. It is acknowledged as one of the standards of the Italian classical song repertory.Francesco Sanvitale La romanza italiana da salotto 8870636151 -- 2002 - Page 89 "... di Tosti fu Rocco Pagliara, dalla cui fantasia nacque la romanza considerata un vero capolavoro del genere, Malia, in cui ... ha rivestito di una melodia tra le pi belle del suo repertorio: Malia Cosa c'era nel fior che m'hai dato? forse un filtro, .."Carol Kimball 'Art Song: Linking Poetry and Music' 2013 1480352527 "Malia (Emanuele Pagliara) Two stanzas, set strophically. Delicate, tuneful melody in an ardent mood, set in waltz rhythm. Each stanza has two mini-sections, dominated by sequential phrases."

The song begins "Cosa c'era ne'l fior che m'hai dato? forse un filtro, Un arcano poter?".Pasquale Scial, Carla Conti 'Storie di musiche' 2010 p96 [https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=05NME_CUP4MC&pg=PA96 Mala] - translated as "What was it in the flower you gave me, a love potion perhaps or a secret power?"In Celebration of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's 60th Birthday 1991 p20 MALIA What was it in the flower you gave me , A philtre perhaps or a secret power ?


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