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The Blue Juniata

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Wikipedia article

'"The Blue Juniata"' is a popular song written by Marion Dix Sullivan in 1844. It was one of the most popular parlor songs of the nineteenth century, and the first commercially successful song written by an American woman.Pendle, 'Women & Music', p. 210: "Marion Dix Sullivan (fl. 1840-1850) was the first American woman to write what today would be called a hit song, her ballad "The Blue Juniata" (1844)." (note: 1802–60) The song was referenced by Mark Twain in his autobiography and recorded in 1937 by Roy Rogers and the early Sons of the Pioneers.

In "The Blue Juniata", bright Alfarata, the Indian girl, sings the praises of her warrior while she travels along the Juniata River. This character is the namesake of the city of Alpharetta, Georgia.


"The Blue Juniata" as first published:Sullivan, "The Blue Juniata" (Sheet music).

:'Wild roved an Indian girl,'

:'Bright Alfarata,'

:'Where sweep the waters'

:'Of the blue Juniata!'

:'Swift as an antelope'

:'Through the forest going,'

:'Loose were her jetty locks,'

:'In many tresses flowing.'

:'Gay was the mountain song'

:'Of bright Alfarata,'

:'Where sweep the waters'

:'Of the blue Juniata.'

:'"Strong and true my arrows are,'

:'In my painted quiver,'

:'Swift goes my light canoe'

:'Adown the rapid river.'

:'"Bold is my warrior good,'

:'The love of Alfarata,'

:'Proud waves his snowy plume'

:'Along the Juniata.'

:'Soft and low he speaks to me,'

:'And then, his war-cry sounding,'

:'Rings his voice in thunder loud,'

:'From height to height resounding."'

:'So sang the Indian girl,'

:'Bright Alfarata,'

:'Where sweep the waters'

:'Of the blue Juniata.'

:'Fleeting years have borne away'

:'The voice of Alfarata;'

:'Still sweeps the river on—'

:'Blue Juniata!'



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*Sullivan, Marion Dix. "The Blue Juniata" (Sheet music). Boston: Oliver Ditson (1844). Two versions of this work may be found digitally scanned at [http://memory.loc.gov The Library of Congress].

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