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Bereden vg fr Herran

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Wikipedia article

'"Bereden vg fr Herran"' ('"Make Way For the Lord"') is a Christian hymn with lyrics by Frans Michael Franzn in 1812. Britt G. Hallqvist later rewrote the final verse lyrics. Describing Jesus coming into Jerusalem, it is a popular Advent song.


*'Riddarholmskyrkans handskrivna koralbok' 1694.

*'Ovikens kyrkas handskrivna koralbok' late 18th century

*'1819 rs psalmbok' as number 53 under the lines "Jesu krleksfulla uppenbarelse i mnskligheten: Jesu antrde till sitt medlarekall (adventspsalmer)".

*'Svensk psalmbok fr den evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland' 1886 as number 4 under the lines "Adventspsalmer".

*'Sionstoner 1889' as number 551 under the lines "Psalmer".

*'Nya Pilgrimssnger 1892' number 25 of the lines "Om Kristus Kristi ankomst"

*'Svenska Missionsfrbundets sngbok 1920' as number 74 under the lines "B. Jesu fdelse 73-99"

*'Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1929' as number 534 under the lines "Hgtider och srskilda tillfllen - Jul".

*'Musik till Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1930' as number 534

*'Sionstoner 1935' as number 142 under the lines "Advent".

*'1937 rs psalmbok' as number3 under the lines "Advent".

*'Svensk psalmbok fr den evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland' 1943 as number 3 under the lines "Advent".

*'Snger fr Frlsningsarmns mten 1948' as number 141 under the lines "Hemlands- och speciella snger".

*'Frbundstoner 1957' as number 33 under the lines "Guds uppenbarelse i Kristus: Advent"

*'Segertoner 1960' as number 160

*'Psalmer fr bruk vid krigsmakten 1961' as number 3 verserna 1-4.

*'Frlsningsarmns sngbok 1968' as number 580 under the lines "Hgtider - Advent".

*'Den svenska psalmboken 1986' as number 103 under the lines "Advent".

*'Svensk psalmbok fr den evangelisk-lutherska kyrkan i Finland (1986)' as number 4 without compound i titelraden till "Bered en vg fr Herran", under the lines "Advent".

*'Lova Herren 1988' as number 87 under the lines "Advent".

*'Sngboken 1998' as number 4

*'Barnens svenska sngbok', 1999, under the lines "ret runt".

*'Julens nskesngbok', 1997, under the lines "Advent" (melody following the Boda tradition, and folk tune).


An early recording was done by Engelbrekt's Church Choir on 6 March 1941, and the record was released in November 1950.


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