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Movies from 1904

A Day in the Hayfields

A Miracle Under the Inquisition

A Nigger in the Woodpile

A Railway Tragedy

A Wager Between Two Magicians, or Jealous of Myself

An Adventurous Automobile Trip

An Englishman Trip to Paris from London

An Interesting Story

Barcelone, Parc au crpuscule

Burglars at Work

Bushranging in North Queensland

Category:1904 Western (genre) films

Category:1904 comedy films

Category:1904 short films

Christopher Columbus (1904 film)

Drama in the Air

El heredero de Casa Pruna

Every Man His Own Cigar Lighter

Faust and Marguerite (1904 film)

Girls Taking Time Checks

List of American films of 1904

Living London

Maniac Chase

Meet Me at the Fountain

Mr. Pecksniff Fetches the Doctor

Nervy Nat Kisses the Bride

Parsifal (1904 film)

Tchin-Chao, the Chinese Conjurer

The Barber of Seville (1904 film)

The Bewitched Trunk

The Bold Bank Robbery

The Child Stealers

The Christmas Angel

The Clockmaker's Dream

The European Rest Cure

The Firefall

The Fugitive Apparitions

The Hold-Up of the Leadville Stage

The Imperceptible Transmutations

The Impossible Voyage

The Lost Child (1904 film)

The Melbourne Cup (1904 film)

The Mermaid (1904 film)

The Moonshiner (film)

The Providence of the Waves

The Story the Biograph Told

The Strike (1904 film)

The Suburbanite

The Untamable Whiskers

The Widow and the Only Man

The Wonderful Living Fan

The Wonderful Rose-Tree

Tit for Tat (1904 film)

Tracked by Bloodhounds; or, A Lynching at Cripple Creek

Westinghouse Works, 1904

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