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Books from 1996

A Matter of Death and Life

A Matter of Time (Deshpande novel)

A Pele do Ogro

Abyssal Warriors

Admiring Silence

Aken (novel)

Alchemist (novel)

Animal Triste (novel)

Baptism of Fire (novel)

Battletech: Hearts of Chaos

Battletech: Malicious Intent

Black Light (novel)

Black Madonna (novel)

Black Rock (novel)

Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night

Blinding (novel)

Blood Hostages

Brdre i blodet

Buddha's Little Finger

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Celestial Dogs

Cesta krve

Chess with the Doomsday Machine

Child of the Night (novel)

Clipjoint (novel)

De nakomer

Dead Before Dying

Death and the Penguin

Distant Star

Don't Look Back (novel)


Drakarna ver Helsingfors

Earthquake Terror

Ecstasy: Three Tales of Chemical Romance

Encounter with Tiber

Expiration Date (Powers novel)

Gimme the Money

Glory Days and Other Stories


Heart of Stone (novel)

Hello from Heaven!

Iisalmen serkku ja muita kertomuksia

Imaginings of Sand

Insanitys Heaven

Isaac Asimov's Utopia

King of the Dead (novel)

Kings of the High Frontier

Land of the Minotaurs

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1996

Lost Laysen

Mark of Cain (novel)

Melancholy II

Memory Seed

Murder in Cormyr

Murder in Tarsis

Nave. Super

One by One in the Darkness

Ports of Call (Maalouf novel)

Primeval and Other Times


Queen of the Elephants

Salt (Lovelace novel)

Second Thoughts (Shobhaa De novel)

Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream

Shadow Dawn

Siku Njema

Simple Simon (novel)

Sisters ... No Way!

Skinny Melon and Me

So Loud a Silence

Spiritus (novel)

Star Beast

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire

Tangled Webs

The Apprentice (Libby novel)

The Art of Joy

The Death of Frank Sinatra

The Debt to Pleasure

The Dragons (novel)

The Dragons at War

The Encounter (novel)

The Fallen Man

The Fifth Mountain

The First Daughter (novel)

The Fortunate Fall (novel)

The Gospel of Corax

The Gully Dwarves

The Hippopotamus Pool

The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon

The Law of Love

The New Rebellion

The Predator (novel)

The Rise and Fall of a Dragon King

The Rising (Stirling novel)

The Rod of Seven Parts (novel)

The Samurai's Garden

The Snack Thief

The Tao of Muhammad Ali

The Terracotta Dog

The Ultimate Revelations

The Unlikely Spy

Tokyo Bay (novel)

Two for the Dough

Un destino ridicolo

Vita Brevis: A Letter to St Augustine

War (novel)

What Becomes of the Broken Hearted? (novel)

Windswept House: A Vatican Novel

Winged Magic

Woman with Birthmark

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