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Books from 1995

A Dance of Moths

A Samba for Sherlock (novel)

A Spell of Winter

American Tabloid

Angels of the Universe (novel)

Arabian Nights and Days


Beyond the Horizon (novel)

Blindness (novel)

Bongwater (novel)

Brides of Wildcat County

Buck Rogers: A Life in the Future

California Gothic

Callista trilogy

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Curse of the Shadowmage

Dark Knight of Karameikos

Daughter of the Drow

Daughters of the Red Land

Dead By Sunset

Deepwater Black

Deucalion (novel)

Dragon's Gate (novel)

Dragons Can Only Rust

El cristo feo

Elric: Song of the Black Sword

Eyes of a Child (novel)


Final Sacrifice

Gabhi Bittanto



Humility Garden

I Who Have Never Known Men

In the Cut

In the Empire of Shadow

Inside Dope

Island in the Centre

Killing Critics

Kisses (Erin Pizzey novel)

Line of Delirium

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1995

Lo's Diary

Mage: Such Pain

Man Who Lied to Women

Mawali (novel)

Melancholy (novel)

Merlin's Bones

Metal Skin

Midnight Sun (Edgardo Rodrguez Juli novel)

Mus of Kerbridge

My Education: A Book of Dreams

Mry no Hako

Ninina pesnika dva

Opernball (novel)

Osiris Rising

Pieprzony los Kataryniarza

Pontypool Changes Everything

Rise of a Merchant Prince

Sab Kichu Bhene Pare

Santa Evita

Se Ratey Purnima Chilo

Shadowrun: Just Compensation

Shakedown (Dicks novel)

Shattered Chains

Shroud of Madness

Songs in Ordinary Time

Spinsters (novel)

Spiral (Suzuki novel)

Sugat ng Alaala

Suitors Duel

Summerhill Hounds

Superstitious (novel)

Tapestries (novel)

The Aachen Memorandum

The Calcutta Chromosome

The Children of the Dead

The Conan Chronicles (Robert Jordan)

The Crystal Frontier

The Cursed Land

The Dog King

The Ganymede Club

The Gods Laugh on Mondays

The Invention of Curried Sausage

The Irda

The Iron Throne (Birthright novel)

The Kagonesti

The Killing Star

The Man Who Cast Two Shadows

The Merlin Chronicles

The Polish Officer

The Reader

The Return (Nesser novel)

The Return of Merlin

The Run for el Norte

The Spring of the Moonstone

The Stranger Next Door

The Titan of Twilight

Time of Contempt

Titser (novel)

Tod und Teufel


Under the Beetle's Cellar

Under the Feet of Jesus

Vampire: Netherworld

Volevo i pantaloni 2

War in Tethyr

Ways of Dying

Werewolf: Conspicuous Consumption

Windward Heights

Worlds Without End (Shadowrun novel)

Yojana Gandha

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