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Books from 1989

Amityville: The Horror Returns

BattleTech: Wolves on the Border

Callahan's Lady

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Darkness and Light (novel)

Days of Despair

Diary of a Short-Sighted Adolescent

El delantero centro fue asesinado al atardecer

Enemy's Enemy

Fair Play (novel)

Felidae (novel)

Funland (novel)

Good Girls Don't Wear Trousers



Le Pic des tnbres

Like Water for Chocolate (novel)

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1989

Lost in Translation: Life in a New Language

Lust (Jelinek novel)

Mengele Zoo

Monn, outrages et defis

Mr Ponsonby

My Life with a Criminal: Milly's Story

My Teacher Is an Alien

Nostalgia (novel)

On the Mountain

Pool of Radiance (novel)

Prom Dress (novel)

Roman 1987

Shadowdale (novel)


Tecknens rike


The D Case

The End of a Brave Man

The Envoy (Polonskaya novel)

The Fugitive Worlds

The General in His Labyrinth

The Harrowing of Gwynedd

The History of the Siege of Lisbon

The Kine Saga

The Last Will and Testament of Senhor da Silva Arajo

The Line of the Sun

The Melancholy of Resistance

The Power of One (novel)

The Sword of Knowledge

The Teenage Workbook

The Third Reich (novel)

The Thirteenth Majestral

The Tivington Nott

Too, Too Solid Flesh

Traveling on One Leg

Una storia semplice (novel)

Vendela (novel)

Women of Sand and Myrrh

Zanabazar (novel)

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