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Books from 1983

A Century of Progress (novel)

A Feast for the Seaweeds

A Tiger for Malgudi

Against Infinity

Aladdin's Problem

Black Water: The Anthology of Fantastic Literature

Broken Symmetries

Bronwyn's Bane

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Cave and Shadows

Caa prawda o planecie Ksi

Code of the Lifemaker

Coming out of the Shadow

Crystal Boys

Das falsche Buch

De kroongetuige

Dramocles: An Intergalactic Soap Opera


Fado Alexandrino

Fire in the Abyss

Frost (Bailey novel)

Golden Witchbreed

Habitation One

Helliconia Summer

I Served the King of England

Life & Times of Michael K

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1983

Long Voyage Back

Love and Death in a Hot Country

Luha ng Buwaya

Lyonesse (novel)

Mandarin (Elegant novel)

Mladost na stopnicah


Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern

Mr. Palomar

Nele (novel)

New Worlds: An Anthology

Night Hunter (novel series)

November 1916 (novel)

Orbitsville Departure


Rabies (novel)

Refugee (Anthony novel)

Roderick at Random


Run Before the Wind

Saga of Cuckoo

Silent House (novel)

Superluminal (novel)

The Amethyst Ring

The Arabian Nightmare

The Blackcollar

The Day the Leader was Killed

The Dead Kingdom

The Gruesome Book

The Ice King (novel)

The Illusionist (Mason novel)

The Journey of Ibn Fattouma

The Last Gasp (novel)

The Loser

The Man Who Used the Universe

The Notebook of Gismondo Cavalletti

The Piano Teacher (Jelinek novel)

The Queue (Sorokin novel)

The Red Horse

The Seventh Gate (Harris novel)

The Sorrow of Belgium

The Tae Baek Mountains

The Truth About the Flaming Ghoulies

The Walls of Air

The Zen Gun

Thor's Hammer (novel)

Tintorettor Jishu (novel)

Vampire Hunter D (novel)

Welcome, Chaos

When Voiha Wakes

Worlds Apart (novel)

Zameen (novel)

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