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Books from 1982

1934 (novel)

A Chain of Voices

A Rose for Armageddon

A Sinless Season

Anna Goeldin The Last Witch

Badge of Glory

Balada da Praia dos Ces

Beka Lamb

Bluebeard (Frisch novel)

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Cellars (novel)

Ciudades Desiertas

Concrete (novel)

Darkchild (novel)

Devil on the Cross

Dragon of the Lost Sea


Elephant Song (Longyear novel)

Eye of Cat

Five Times Dizzy

For Bread Alone (novel)

Gymnaslrer Pedersens beretning om den store politiske vekkelse som har hjemskt vrt land

Helliconia Spring

If Not Now, When? (novel)

In Viriconium

July's People

Juxtaposition (novel)

Lapse of Time

Limes inferior

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1982

Maganda pa ang Daigdig


Monsieur Pain

Nifft the Lean

O Rapto do Garoto de Ouro

O dia das calas roladas

Observation on the Spot

Prizzi's Honor (novel)


Rakvere romaan

Run to the Stars

Saigon (Grey novel)

Sayonara Jupiter

Story for a Black Night

Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush

The Abandoned Baobab

The Amityville Horror Part II

The Assault

The Children of the Wind

The Crow Eaters

The Fishers of Darksea

The Fragrance of Guava

The Good Son (Nova novel)

The Guardians (Abbey novel)

The Haunting (Mahy novel)

The House of the Spirits

The Kine Saga

The Long Way Home (novel)

The Post Office Girl

The Scorpion (novel)

The Serpent's Tooth

The Square Circle

The Stainless Steel Rat for President

The Time of the Dark

The True Deceiver

The Wine of Astonishment

Vintage Stuff

Voyage from Yesteryear

Winds of Sinhala

Wittgenstein's Nephew

Young Shoulders

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