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Hearts on Wires

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'Hearts on Wires' is a novel by writer and novelist Abd al-Salam al-Ujayli. Its first edition was edited by Dar Al-Ahly for Publishing, Distribution and Printing in 1974 and then the second time in 1990. According to some critics, this novel is considered the best written by Abd al-Salam al-Ujayli, and it has also been ranked among the best hundred Arab novels.


Abd al-Salam al-Ujayli is a Syrian writer and writer born in 1918 in the Syrian city of Raqqa. He graduated from Damascus University as a physician in 1945 and worked in the field of medicine and politics in addition to his works in literature.


The story generally talks about love and its types. The story centers around a young man who talks about his four romantic relationships. In his first relationship with Huda, he learned the meaning of love in her own way. In the second relationship with Magda, the hero was still stuck in love with the first girl, so she gave him her heart, but he fled from her. In the third relationship with Nihad, he fell in love with her, but she was stronger than him and chose his rich uncle. As for his fourth relationship with Safiya, he loved her but did not tell her. The novel is not only about love stories, but about many incidents that have occurred over the years in those countries. It combines love stories and politics stories. With this story, the reader will be able to see Damascus in its entirety through the eyes of a young man who delves into its details. The novelistic style of Abd al-Salam allows the reader to enjoy and understand the novel despite his use of complex vocabulary. Through his different style, he was able to allow each character to appear in their complete form and this helped create a complete and harmonious painting.

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