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Books from 1968

62: A Model Kit

Beat the Turtle Drum

Belle du Seigneur

Betrayed by Rita Hayworth

Cancer Ward

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Dagon (novel)


Eho Hamara Jeevna

Fero (novel)

Gangrene (book)

His Master's Voice (novel)

Hood of Death

I ragazzi del massacro

In the First Circle

Kartanonherra ja kaunis Kirstin

Khasakkinte Itihasam

La Dolce Viva

La parada de Maims

Last Summer (Evan Hunter novel)

Les Soleils des indpendances

Life for Sale

List of Harlequin Romance novels released in 1968

Lost Perception

Love to the Grave

Macao (novel)

Maigret Hesitates

Meu P de Laranja Lima

Morning Face

Murder in the Cassava Patch

My Michael

Naayi Neralu (novel)

Operation Moon Rocket

Poets and Murder

Raag Darbari (novel)

Rhodesia (novel)

Sigtuna vravad

Story of a Humble Christian

Tabbaliyu Neenade Magane (novel)

Tale of the Troika

Temple of Fear

The Beastly Beatitudes of Balthazar B

The Beautyful Ones Are Not Yet Born

The Black Wine (novel)

The Boat in the Evening

The Cat Who Turned On and Off

The Cathedral (Honchar novel)

The German Lesson

The God Machine (novel)

The Long Short Cut

The Man on the Bench in the Barn

The Night of the First Billion

The Prison (novel)

The Saint Returns

The Saint on TV

The Second Invasion from Mars

The Ugly Swans

Triptih Agate Schwarzkobler

When Jays Fly to Barbmo

When Rain Clouds Gather

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