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The Ruined Map

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Wikipedia article

'The Ruined Map' ( 'Moetsukita chizu') is a novel written by the Japanese writer Kb Abe in 1967.

'The Ruined Map' is the story of an unnamed detective, hired by a beautiful, alcoholic woman, to find clues related to the disappearance of her husband. In the process, the detective is given a map (a ruined one), supposedly to help him, but which turns out in the end to be more like a metaphor of the guidelines one should have in life. The impossibility of finding relevant clues to help him solve the mystery leads the main character to an existential crisis, which builds slowly from inside and finally puts him in the position of identifying himself with the man he was supposed to find.

A film adaptation of the story, 'The Man Without a Map', was made by Hiroshi Teshigahara and released in 1968.


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