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The Museum of Eterna's Novel

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Wikipedia article

'The Museum of Eterna's Novel' (original Spanish-language title: 'Museo de la Novela de la Eterna') is an avant-garde experimental novel by the Argentine writer Macedonio Fernndez. The book has been described as Fernndez' masterwork.

Fernndez started writing it in 1925, and continued working on it for the rest of his life. It was published posthumously in 1967, 15 years after his death.

Fernndez is widely regarded as a major influence on Jorge Luis Borges, and its writing style bears some resemblance to Borges'. It has been described as an "anti-novel".

The book is written in a non-linear style, as a set of multi-layered diversions, discursions and self-reflections, with over fifty prologues before the "main" text of the novel begins.

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