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Passenger (Posmysz novel)

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'Passenger' (Polish: ' Pasaerka') is a 1962 novel by Zofia Posmysz, which originated from a radio drama 'Passenger from Cabin Number 45', written in 1959. The novel was translated from Polish into Hungarian, (1963), Czech (1964), Russian (1964), Bulgarian (1965), Slovak (1965), Latvian (1966), Lithuanian (1966), Moldovan (1966), Romanian (1967), German (1969), Japanese (1971), Ukrainian (1972) and Kazakh (1986).

Andrzej Munk's 1963 film 'Passenger' and Mieczysaw Weinberg's 1968 opera 'The Passenger' are based on this work.The Oxford Guide to Contemporary World Literature 0192833189- Page 308

John Sturrock - 1997 -".. Zofia Posmysz (b. 1923), whose Pasazerka ('Passenger', 1962) was turned into a fine, sadly unfinished film by Andrzej Munk. and others. "


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