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The Story of My Wife

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Wikipedia article

'The Story of My Wife: The Reminiscences of Captain Storr ' is a Hungarian novel by Miln Fst. First published in Hungary in 1946, it was eventually translated into English by Ivan Sanders in 1988.

The book is written as if it is a memoir and tells the story of captain Jacob Storr, a Dutch man who suspects his wife of infidelity.


Storr, a Dutch naval captain, tells the story of his unhappy marriage to his wife, Lizzy, a Frenchwoman he married after a friend dared him to marry the next woman who walked into the caf they were sitting in.


In 2018, Ildik Enyedi announced her next film would be an English language adaptation of 'The Story of My Wife', starring La Seydoux and Gijs Naber. The film premiered at the 2021 Cannes Film Festival.


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