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The Partner (Prieto novel)

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Wikipedia article

'The Partner' or 'The Associate' (Spanish:'El socio') is a 1928 novel by the Chilean writer and politician Jenaro Prieto.Bizzarro p.609


The story, about a financially struggling man who invents a fictitious business partner named Davis to try to boost his fortunes, has been adapted into films on a number of occasions including:

* 'The Silent Partner' (1939)

* 'The Mysterious Mr. Davis' (1939)

* 'The Associate' (1946)

* 'I Will Consult Mister Brown' (1946)

* 'The Associate' (1979)

* 'The Associate' (1996)



* Salvatore Bizzarro. 'Historical Dictionary of Chile'. Scarecrow Press, 2005.

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