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Toil of Men

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Wikipedia article

'Menschenwee' is a 1903 Dutch socialist novel by Isral Querido. The 1910 translation, 'Toil of Men', was read, among others, by D.H. Lawrence.Jessie Chambers 'D. H. Lawrence: A Personal Record' 1935p.123 "The last of all the books that Lawrence passed on to me was Toil of Men by Izrael Querido. It was a story of the Dutch bulb farms, told with a brutality that struck me as exaggeration for the sake of effect. I returned it to Lawrence along with .." Socialist elements are evident in his treatment of the human condition in this novel, a detailed description of the miseries he witnessed among the people of Beverwijk, where he was then living. Isral Querido Biography https://www.britannica.com/biography/Israel-Querido#ref164858 Available online at Nov. 27 2019.


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