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Afloat (Maupassant)

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Wikipedia article

'Afloat' (French: 'Sur l'eau') is an 1888 story by Guy De Maupassant. Ostensibly it is a logbook of a nine-day cruise along the cte dAzur. The French original was given illustrations by douard Riou who the previous year had illustrated Alexandre Dumas' Le Comte de Monte-Cristo (1887), and would also illustrate Maupassant's 'Un soir' (1889). These illustrations, as engraved by the Guillaume brothers, were also included in the English translation by Laura Ensor published by Routledge in 1889.Afloat - Page 7

Guy de Maupassant - 1995 -

So when he was preparing Afloat, he was very successful, a writer in full command of his literary powers. Though he wrote two other travel books, Au soldi and La Vie errante, Afloat is not quite like them or any of his other books. The first English translation was published in February 1889 (Afloat, Routledge, translated by Laura Ensor). At the time, very little Maupassant was available in English, and not a single one of his short stories, though many had been translated into other ...
A new translation by Douglas Parme appeared in 2009.Julian Barnes in London Review of Books 2009 [https://www.lrb.co.uk/v31/n21/julian-barnes/on-we-sail On we sail Afloat by Guy de Maupassant, translated by Douglas Parme NYRB, 105 pp, 7.99],


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