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The Golden Dog

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Wikipedia article

'The Golden Dog' ('Le Chien d'Or') was a novel by William Kirby (18171906) that was written between April 1869 and 1872, with further revisions being up through 1876. After being rejected by several publishers, the work was finally arranged to be published in 1877 by Lovell, Adam, Wesson and Company. However, because the publisher neglected to register the novel, the author lost any royalties to this work. He received a sum total of $100–200 for the publication.

This novel is based upon three works by James MacPherson Le Moine: 'The Golden Dog', 'Chteau Bigot' and 'La Corriveau'. It draws upon the historical background of the city of Quebec for its characters, and tells its story through two intertwining plotlines. The first is of the lady Anglique de Mloizes, Madame de Pan, while the second is of Colonel Pierre Philibert, the son of a prosperous merchant.


Buy The Golden Dog now from Amazon

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