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Synnve Solbakken (novel)

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Wikipedia article

' on June 13, 1857

'Synnve Solbakken' is a Norwegian peasant novel by Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson published in 1857. The story was first published in the newspaper 'Illustreret Folkeblad' in 1857, and it was then issued in book form by Johan Fjeldsted Dahl that same year.


The main characters are Torbjrn Granlien and Synnve Solbakken. Torbjrn lives at the Granlien farm, which is in the shade, and Synnve Solbakken lives at the Solbakken farm, where there is always sunshine. In the Granlien family, the eldest sons in each generation are always named Torbjrn and Smund, in alternation. It always goes well for those named Smund and badly for those named Torbjrn. Torbjrn's father, Smund, tries to stifle Torbjrn's wild nature by being strict and having Torbjrn do hard physical work. The book is about Torbjrn's struggle to win Synnve Solbakken, his journey from the shadow side to the sunny side. Synnve is also in love with Torbjrn, but her parents, especially her mother, do not think that Torbjrn is good enough for her. Finally, Torbjrn proves that he has changed by forgiving a man that stabbed him, almost killing him. The story ends with Torbjrn finally at the Solbakken farm, looking back at the Granlien farm.

Film adaptations

The novel has been adapted for film four times:

* 1919: 'Synnve Solbakken' (Sweden, directed by John W. Brunius)

* 1934: 'Synnve Solbakken' (Sweden, directed by Tancred Ibsen)

* 1934: 'Synnve Solbakken' (Norway, directed by Tancred Ibsen)

* 1957: 'Synnve Solbakken' (Sweden, directed by Gunnar Hellstrm)


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