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The Heroine (novel)

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Wikipedia article

'The Heroine' is a novel by Eaton Stannard Barrett, first published in 1813.

Cherry Wilkinson, a fatuous female protagonist with a history of novel-reading, fancies herself as the heroine of a Gothic romance. She perceives and models reality according to the stereotypes and typical plot structures of the Gothic novel, leading to a series of absurd events culminating in catastrophe. After her downfall, her affectations and excessive imaginations become eventually subdued by the voice of reason in the form of Stuart, a paternal figure, under whose guidance the protagonist receives a sound education and correction of her misguided taste.Skarda, Patricia (1986), "Gothic Parodies" in Jack Sullivan ed. (1986), 'The Penguin Encyclopedia of Horror and the Supernatural: 178-9'


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