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The Amours of Sainfroid and Eulalia

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Wikipedia article

'The Amours of Sainfroid and Eulalia' or 'Venus in the Cloister' is a pornographic book published in New York City in 1854, translated from the French 'Les Amours de Sainfroit, jsuite, et Eulalie, fille dvote' published by Isaac van der Kloot at The Hague in 1729. It is an anticlerical account of the seduction of a nun by a Jesuit priest. Henry Spencer Ashbee suggests that it is based on an historical incident in Toulon in 172829, involving Jesuit priest

and alleged witch Catherine Cadire.

See also

*'Venus in the Cloister' (1683, tr.1724)


*Pisanus Fraxi (Henry Spencer Ashbee), 'Index Librorum Prohibitorum: being Notes Bio- Biblio- Icono- graphical and Critical, on Curious and Uncommon Books', London, privately printed, 1877, pp. 6470

*Clare A. Lyons, 'Sex among the Rabble: an intimate history of gender & power in the age of revolution, Philadelphia, 1730-1830', 'Omohundro Institute of Early American History and Culture', UNC Press, 2006, , p. 131

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