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Songs from 2006

'Fore She Was Mama

(Far from) Home

(How Could You) Bring Him Home

(Is This the Way to) The World Cup

(It's a) Departure

(UK) Hanky Panky

...To Be Loved

1,000 Miles Away (Jewel song)

10 Fingers, 10 Toes, 10 lbs, 10 oz

10's Collection March

100 mono Tobira

1980 (Pascal Obispo song)

1st Time

2 Step (song)

20 Good Reasons

2U (Keshia Chante song)


34 (Saves the Day song)

4 Minutes (Avant song)

4 in the Morning


4:AM Forever

9 Crimes

90 Pound Suburban Housewife

99 Biker Friends

A Certain Romance

A Comet Appears

A Different World (song)

A Donde Van Los Muertos?

A Dream (Common song)

A Feelin' Like That

A Girl like Me (Rihanna song)

A Good Man (song)

A Great Big Sled

A Little Too Late (Toby Keith song)

A Little's Enough

A Man in a Purple Dress

A Method

A Million Miles Away (Rihanna song)

A Perfect Sky

A Place in This World

A Pocketful of Stones

A Public Affair (song)

A Shameless Use of Charm

A Slow Descent

A Town Called Hypocrisy

A Woman Like Me (song)

A la Primera Persona

ADHD (Blood Red Shoes song)

Aaj Ki Raat

About Us (song)


Acceptable in the 80s

Acid Food

Act Right (Zion I song)

Addicted (Sweetbox song)

Addicted to You (Anthony Callea song)

Afraid (Vanessa Hudgens song)

After Dark (Little Birdy song)

After the Garden

After the World

Again And So On

Agitated Screams of Maggots

Ai no Kotoba

Ai no Melody / Chwa Oto (With Reflection)

Ain't No Other Man

Ain't No Reason

Ain't Talkin'

Air Guitar (Towers of London song)


Akatsuki/Ikuoku no Chandelier


Albertine (song)

Alfie (Lily Allen song)

Alguien Ms

Alibis (Marianas Trench song)

Alive (Breed 77 song)

Alive (Kate Ryan song)

Alive Again (Marianas Trench song)

All Girls Cheat

All Good Things (Come to an End)

All I Can Do (Chantal Kreviazuk song)

All I Got (song)

All I Hear

All I Need is a Little Bit

All I Need to Know (Emma Bunton song)

All My Friends (LCD Soundsystem song)

All My Friends Say

All Night Long (Blazin' Squad song)

All Night Long (Joel Turner song)

All Over This Town

All That I Got (The Make Up Song)

All That I'm Living For (Evanescence song)

All These Lives

All These People

All of Your Love

All the King's Horses (Blind Guardian song)

All the Pretty Faces

All the Same

Allnighter (song)

Almost (Tamia song)

Almost Sorry (Scissor Sisters song)

Already Over

Alright! (Ami Suzuki song)

Alyssa Lies

Amar Es Lo Que Quiero

Ambitious! Yashinteki de Ii Jan

America (Razorlight song)

American Land

American Land (Bruce Springsteen song)

American Witch

Amigas Cheetahs

Amigo en el Bao

Amores Dormidos

Amusement Park (song)

An Easier Affair

An End Has a Start (song)

An Ihes Erthi Pio Noris

An Sommertagen

Analyse (Thom Yorke song)

Anata ga Ita Mori

And It Feels Like

And Sadness Will Sear

And the House Fell Down

Angel (Pharrell Williams song)

Angel on My Shoulder (Gareth Gates song)


Angelito (Don Omar song)

Anicyka Maya

Animal (Juvenile song)

Animal I Have Become

Animator (song)


Ankle Deep

Anna Molly

Annie, Let's Not Wait

Anthem (We Are the Fire)

Antidote for Irony (song)



Anything (JoJo song)

Aozora Pedal

Apartment (Kate Miller-Heidke song)

Apologize (OneRepublic song)

Applausi per Fibra

Apple of the Eye (Lay Me Down)

Are U Ready?

Are We Having Fun Yet?

Army of One (Cass Fox song)

Around the Roses

Around the World / Kandata

Aru Machi no Gunj

Ashita no Prism

Asilos Magdalena

Atakuj Klony

Atlantis to Interzone


Augenblick am Tag

Auto Rock

Awakening (song)

Ay Chico (Lengua Afuera)


Azure Moon

Ak Bulamam Ben

Baby Come On

Baby Fratelli

Baby's Coming Back/Transylvania

Baby, You're My Bad Habit

Back Up (Beyonc song)

Back Up (Danity Kane song)

Back in the Day (Christina Aguilera song)

Back to Black (song)

Backstabber (The Dresden Dolls song)

Balalaika (song)

Bang Bang You're Dead (song)

Baragoku Otome


Bathe in the River

Baya al Ward (song)

Be Good or Be Gone

Be Good to Me

Be Here Now (Ray LaMontagne song)

Be My Somebody (song)

Be Quiet (song)

Be What You Want (The Answer song)

Be Yourself and 5 Other Cliches

Be with Me (J. Holiday song)

Beach Chair (song)

Beatsound Loverboy (song)

Beautiful Goal

Beautiful Liar

Beautiful Thing (Do song)

Beautiful as You

Beautiful in White

Because I Want You

Been Gone

Before I Fall to Pieces

Before You Go (Candice Alley song)

Being (Kotoko song)

Belief (song)

Believe (Ai song)

Believe (Suzie McNeil song)

Bella Traicin

Best of Hero

Bet That

Better (Regina Spektor song)

Better Start Talking

Better Together (Jack Johnson song)

Better Way

Better than Drugs

Better than You (Kate Alexa song)

Between You & I (Jessica Simpson song)

Between the Two of Us

Beware of the Dog (song)

Beyond the Horizon (song)

Biarlah Rahsia

Big Enough (Ayiesha Woods song)

Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)

Big Girls Don't Cry (Fergie song)

Big Wave (Pearl Jam song)

Big Weekend (song)

Big Wheel (song)

Bigger Than Dynamite

Bimbo Nation

Bing Bang

Bing Bang (Christmas)

Bing Bang (Time to Dance)

Bird Flu

Bittersweet (Miz song)

Black & White Radio

Black Fingernails, Red Wine (song)

Black Widow's Eyes

Blackened Blue Eyes

Blessed Night

Blind (Breed 77 song)

Blindfold Me

Bling (Confession of a King)

Blood (My Chemical Romance song)

Blue Eyed Angel

Blue Honey

Blue Planet (Alice Nine song)

Blues Never Fade Away

Bodies (Little Birdy song)

Boing! (song)

Bojangles (song)

Boku no Taiy

Bokura no Machi de

Bombs (song)

Bonds ~Kizuna~

Bones (Saves the Day song)

Bongo Bong and Je ne t'aime plus

Bonjour Vietnam

Boomerang (The Grace song)

Bop to the Top

Borders (The Sunshine Underground song)

Born to Lead

Born to Run (k-os song)

Boss' Life

Boten Anna

Bottom of Your Soul

Boukoku Kakusei Catharsis

Bouncing Off Clouds

Boy from School

Boyz (M.I.A. song)

Brand New Bow

Brand New Girlfriend (song)

Break 'Em Off

Break It Off

Break the Night with Colour

Breakdown (Daughtry song)

Breakin' Up (Gwen Stefani song)

Breaking Free

Breaking Up (song)

Breaking the Silence (Firewind song)

Breakthrough (Aya Hirano song)

Breath (Breaking Benjamin song)

Breathe Into Me

Breathe and Stop (song)

Breathless (Corinne Bailey Rae song)

Bridge to Nowhere (song)

Brighter than a Thousand Suns (song)

Bring It on Back

Bring the Rain

Bro's (song)

Broken (Everclear song)

Broken Boy Soldier (song)

Broken Hearted

Broken Toy (Keane song)

Brothers (Ola song)

Buddy (Musiq Soulchild song)


Bumpin' My Music

Buona Vita (Ornella Vanoni song)

Buona vita (Eros Ramazzotti song)

Burn Back the Sun

Burning Benches

Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin')

Bye Bye Baby (Saves the Day song)

Bsame sin miedo

Caile (song)

California Vacation

Call Me When You're Sober

Calm Down Dearest

Can't Be Saved

Can't Catch Tomorrow (Good Shoes Won't Save You This Time)

Can't Forget About You

Can't Get Along (Without You)

Can't Get Enough (Tamia song)

Can't Leave 'em Alone

Can't Say I'm Sorry

Can't Stop the River

Canadian Idiot

Cancer (My Chemical Romance song)

Candyman (Christina Aguilera song)

Caribou Lou (song)

Carnival of Rust (song)

Caroline's a Victim


Carry the Blessed Home

Casaco Marrom


Catching My Breath

Celestial (song)

Cellphone's Dead

Chain Hang Low

Champion (Agnes song)

Champion Sound (song)


Chanda Chamke

Change Me (Ruben Studdard song)

Change Your Life (Anna Tsuchiya song)

Change Your Mind (Earth, Wind & Fire song)

Charley Patton Songs

Charlie (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Charlotte (Air Traffic song)

Charmer (Kings of Leon song)

Chasing Cars

Chasing Ghosts With Alcohol

Cheated Hearts

Check on It

Checkin' It Out

Chelsea (song)

Chelsea Dagger

Chemicals React

Chercher (song)

Cherry Girl/Unmei

Cheshire Cat Smile

Chick Fit

Chicken Noodle Soup (Webstar and Young B song)

Chillin' (Tego Caldern song)


Chiquitas (song)

Chocolate Symphony

Chosen One (The Concretes song)

Chototsumoushin Vol. 3

City Noise

City of Dreams (Joel Turner song)

Civil Sin


Clean (Everclear song)

Cleaning This Gun (Come On In Boy)

Close but No Cigar

Closer/Sweet Dreams

Clothes Off!!

Cloud Nine (Evanescence song)

Clown Prince

Clumsy (Fergie song)

Clvis (Kagi)

Code Monkey (song)

Coffee Shop (Yung Joc song)

Coffee Shop Soundtrack

Cold as You (Taylor Swift song)

Collapse (Imperative Reaction song)

Collection of Stamps

Collide (Krystal Meyers song)

Colony of Birchmen

Colors (Flow song)

Colours (Hot Chip song)

Comatose (Pearl Jam song)

Comatose (Skillet song)

Come Back (Pearl Jam song)

Come Back to Me (Vanessa Hudgens song)

Come Back to Me Baby

Come Follow Me (The Answer song)

Come Gangsta

Come On Come On (Little Birdy song)

Come On Rain

Come Thru (Move)

Come to Me (Diddy song)

Come with Me (Sammie song)

Come with a Friend

Coming Around Again (Simon Webbe song)

Coming Home (Sasha song)

Commercial Breakdown (The Sunshine Underground song)

Commercial Breakdown (song)

Como Yo Nadie Te Ha Amado

Complete (Mila J song)

Computer City (song)

Con Tu Nombre

Confessions Part III

Congratulations (Silva Night song)

Connected (New Found Glory song)

Connected (RBD song)

Consolation Prizes


Control Myself

Convicted in Life

Counterstrike the Mp3

Counting 5-4-3-2-1

Country Girl (Primal Scream song)

Coup de Boule

Cover Up (song)

Cover on My Heart

Cowboys & Indians (song)

Crash Here Tonight


Crazy (Gnarls Barkley song)

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (song)

Crazy Frog in the House

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Rihanna song)

Crazytown (Diesel song)

Creep (Mobb Deep song)

Creole (song)

Crimen (song)

Cross That Line (Rick Ross song)

Crowded (song)

Cry On Demand

Cry Over Me

Cry for You (September song)

Crying Out for Me

Crystal Ball (Keane song)

Cuando Baila Reggaeton

Cursed Sleep

D-Girl (DopeGirl)

DJ (Marianta Pieridi song)

Daddy's Little Girl (Frankie J song)

Damaged by Love

Dame (RBD song)

Dam Lo Que Quiero

Dance with Me (Drew Seeley song)

Dance! (Lumidee and Fatman Scoop song)

Dancefloor (song)

Dangerous (Ying Yang Twins song)

Dangerous Power

Das letzte Streichholz

Das was wir sind

David Wainwright's Feet

Day of the Baphomets

Daydreamin' (Lupe Fiasco song)

Days of Summer

De retour

Dead End Kids (song)

Dead Man (Carry Me)

Dead and Buried (Plan B song)

Dead! (song)

Deadwood (Dirty Pretty Things song)

Deal with It (song)

Dear Mr. President (Pink song)

Death Goes to Disco

Deathstar (song)

December Brings Me Back to You

Decided to Break It

Deciphering Me

Declare Independence

Deeper Down

Delilah (The Dresden Dolls song)

Delusional (Saves the Day song)

Dem Haters

Dem Jeans

Depleted Uranium Is a War Crime

Desire (Darin song)


Destination Calabria

Destiny (Taiy no Hana)/Koimizu (Tears of Love)

Destiny Calling (Melody Club song)

Det r vi nd

Devil Was in My Yard

Devil in a Midnight Mass

Devil's Got a New Disguise (song)

Diamond Dancer

Diamond Wave (song)

Diary of a Scientist

Dick Around

Dick in a Box

Dickhead (Robbie Williams song)

Die Schlinge

Dieses Leben

Different World (Iron Maiden song)

Dig (Incubus song)

Dime (Pitbull song)

Ding Fries Are Done

Dirty Laundry (Bitter:Sweet song)

Dirty Second Hands

Discotech (song)

Disculpa los malos pensamientos

Diseased (song)

Disenchanted (My Chemical Romance song)

Diva Lady

Diventerai Una Star

Dixie Lullaby (song)

Do I Creep You Out

Do I Make You Proud

Do It (Nelly Furtado song)

Do It for Me Now

Do It to It

Do What You're Told

Do Without My Love

Do You Ever Think of Me

Doe Boy Fresh

Dog Eared (The Drones song)

Dog Love

Dogs (Damien Rice song)

Doin' the Krabby Patty

Doing Too Much

Dolls (Sweet Rock and Roll)

Don't Cry / I Love to Party

Don't Download This Song

Don't Get Comfortable (song)

Don't Get It Twisted (Gwen Stefani song)

Don't Give It Up (Siobhn Donaghy song)

Don't Give Up (Noisettes song)

Don't Give Up (Sanctus Real song)

Don't Know Why (Saves the Day song)

Don't Let It Go to Waste (song)

Don't Listen to the Radio

Don't Make Me

Don't Matter

Don't Mention the World Cup

Don't Wait (Dashboard Confessional song)

Don't Waste Your Life

Donkey Island

Dos Mares

Dover Sole With Bikini Bottom Weather

Down South (Tom Petty song)

Down on My Knees (Ay song)

Downing Street Kindling

Download This Song

Downtown (Peaches song)

Dream On (Christian Falk song)

Dream Stalker

Dreamin' (Young Jeezy song)

Dreaming with a Broken Heart

Drinkin' Me Lonely

Drinking in Spanish

Drunks, Lovers, Sinners and Saints

Dulce (song)

Dumpa mig

Dying Day

Dyka Enerhija

Djame gritar

Dj Vu (Beyonc song)

Dwa Meiky

E Raffaella mia

Early Winter

Easy (Paula DeAnda song)

Easy (Sugababes song)

Easy Silence

Ed ero contentissimo

Edit (Regina Spektor song)



Egao no Mama de

Eight Second Ride

El Ciervo Vulnerado

El Perdedor (Aventura song)

Electro World (song)

Elevator Love


Elysium (I Go Crazy)

Emigre (song)

Empire (Kasabian song)

En droppe regn

En qu estrella estar

Enjoy (Janet Jackson song)

Enough to Get Away

Enrai (Tooku ni Aru Akari)

Ensame Tus Manos

Entourage (song)

Eppure sentire (Un senso di te)

Eres para m

Error: Operator

Es ist Liebe

Esen Vo Mene

Espacio Sideral

Especially in Michigan

Estigma De Amor

Etymon (song)

Eulogy (Saves the Day song)

Even Heaven Cries

Everlasting (BoA song)

Every Mile a Memory

Every Song Is a Cry for Love

Every Time I Breathe (song)

Everybody (Keith Urban song)

Everybody Move (song)

Everybody Wants the Same Thing

Everybody's Someone

Everyday America

Everything (Anna Vissi song)

Everything (Michael Bubl song)

Everything Changes (Markus Fagervall song)

Everything Is Average Nowadays

Everytime I Think About Her

Everytime tha Beat Drop

Evil Beat

Ex's and Oh's (Atreyu song)



Face Down (The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus song)

Face of Fact

Fade in Time (song)

Fairytale Gone Bad

Fallen (Vib Gyor song)

Faller du s faller jag

Fallin' for You (Eva Avila song)

Falling Slowly

Falling to Pieces (Firewind song)

Famous Last Words (My Chemical Romance song)

Fancy (Yeah Yeah Yeah's song)

Fans (song)

Fantastic (song)

Fantasy (Alice Nine song)

Far from Here (Marianas Trench song)

Fascination (Alphabeat song)

Fast Forward to 2012

Faster Kill Pussycat

Fat Children

Father Figure (Army of Anyone song)

Favorite State of Mind

Faxing Berlin

Faon Sex

Fe Fi (The Old Man Died)

Feel Like Fame

Feels Good (Rahsaan Patterson song)

Feels Just Like It Should (Pat Green song)

Feels Like Tonight

Feels So Good (Remy Ma song)


Festfolk (2006 Remix)

Feva Las Vegas

Few Lights till Night

Fidelity (song)

Figure It Out (Lil' Chris song)

Filth in the Beauty

Final Goodbye (Rihanna song)

Finally (Fergie song)

Finally Made Me Happy

Finally Moving

Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Find Yourself in You

Findin' a Good Man

Finding My Road

Finding My Way Back Home

Finglas (song)

Firecracker (Four Letter Lie song)

First Love (The Maccabees song)

Fishin' for Money

Five Minutes to Midnight (song)

Fix Me (song)

Flathead (song)

Flawed (song)

Flawed Design

Fleur de Saison

Flirting with Time

Flow Natural

Fluid (Lil' Fizz song)

Fluorescent (Gwen Stefani song)

Fly (Blind Guardian song)

Fool Me Again

Fool for Love (Stefy song)

For Reasons Unknown

For You I Will (Confidence)

For a Moment (song)

For a While (song)

For the Greater Good of God

Forebyggende Krig

Forever (Papa Roach song)

Forgiven (Relient K song)

Foxy Foxy

Fragments of Fragments

Freakum Dress

Freaky (Koda Kumi song)

Freaky Gurl

Free Way

Free and Easy (Down the Road I Go)

Freya (song)

Friend of the Night


From Auschwitz to Ipswich

Frozen (Delain song)

Frozen (Within Temptation song)

Frgil (song)

Fuk Yeh

Full Tilt Boogie (song)

Funny Little Frog

Fury (song)

Fussball ist immer noch wichtig


Gallery (Mario Vazquez song)

Gangsta Bop

Gangstertown (Past-Present-Future)

Gears of War (song)

Generator (The Holloways song)

Get It On (Koda Kumi song)

Get It Poppin' (JoJo song)

Get It Shawty

Get Me Bodied

Get Myself Into It

Get Outta My Way (Carolina Rain song)

Get What You Want

Get Your Dream

Get Your Hands Up

Get'em Daddy

Gettin' Enough??

Ghetto (Kelly Rowland song)

Ghetto Soldier

Ghetto Story (song)

Gigolo (Helena Paparizou song)

Girl Sailor

Girlfriend (Avril Lavigne song)

Girls (Beenie Man song)

Girls Make Me Sick


Give It Away (George Strait song)

Give It to Me (Mobb Deep song)

Give It to Me (Timbaland song)

Give Me Danger (song)

Give a Little Sweet Love

Glamorous (Fergie song)

Glasgow Mega-Snake

Glass no Pumps

Gli ostacoli del cuore

Glorious (Everclear song)

Glorious (Muse song)

Glorious/Precious Place

Go (Hanson song)

Go Getta

Go Head (Gucci Mane song)

Go My Way (Hitomi Yaida song)

Go Square Go!

Go to Church

Go! (Jupiter Rising song)

Go! My Heaven

God Lead Your Soul

God Only Cries

God Speaks of Marty Robbins

Goin' Against Your Mind

Going Gone

Going in Blind (P.O.D. song)

Gold Lion

Golden Skans

Gonna Get You Someday

Gonna Tell Everybody

Good Enough (Evanescence song)

Good Enough (Hoobastank song)

Good Life (Kanye West song)

Good Lookin' Out

Good Luck Charm (Jagged Edge song)

Good Morning, Herr Horst

Good News First

Goodbye (Army of Anyone song)

Goodbye (Sneaky Sound System song)

Goodbye Milky Way

Goodnight and Go

Goodnite (Melody Gardot song)

Got That Good (My Bubble Gum)

Gott ist ein Popstar

Grace (Phil Wickham song)

Gracias por Pensar en Mi

Gravity's Rainbow (song)

Great Divide (song)

Greatest Time of Year

Green Fields

Green Light (Beyonc song)

Green and Gold (Song for the Socceroos)

Grew Up a Screw Up


Guren no Tsuki

Gut Bucket (song)

Guys Like Me

Hallelujah (Krystal Meyers song)

Hall dr

Hamburg Song

Hana yo Odore


Hands (The Raconteurs song)

Hands Up (Lloyd Banks song)

Haneuma Rider

Hang Me Up to Dry

Hangin' Around (Big Brovaz song)

Happy (Ayiesha Woods song)

Hard Rock Hallelujah

Hare Hare Yukai


Harrowdown Hill

Hate (I Really Don't Like You)

Hate Me (Blue October song)

Havana City (song)

Havanna mamma

Have a Party

Hawak Kamay

Hazumu Rhythm

Hazy Eyes

He Said She Said (Ashley Tisdale song)

Head for the Hills (Saves the Day song)

Head over Heels (In This Life)

Headlock (song)

Hear Me Now (The Green Children song)

Heart ni Hi wo Tsukete

Heartbeat (Paris Hilton song)

Heartbreaker (Danity Kane song)

Heartbreaker (Teriyaki Boyz song)

Heaven (John Legend song)

Heaven Baby

Heaven Help Us (My Chemical Romance song)

Heaven Knows (Taylor Hicks song)

Heavy Metal Kings (song)

Heels Over Head

Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse

Hell Is Here (Saves the Day song)

Hell No (Leave Home)

Hell No (Toby Keith song)

Hell Town Story

Hell and High Water (Black Stone Cherry song)

Henrietta (song)

Herculean (song)

Here (In Your Arms)

Here Comes the Rumour Mill

Here I Come (Fergie song)

Here I Come (The Roots song)

Here We Go (May J. song)


Heroes (Helena Paparizou song)

Hey Kid

Hey School Boy

Hi-Fi Message


Hideaway (Delays song)

Hideaway (Tessanne Chin song)

High School Never Ends

Higurashi no Naku Koro ni (song)

History (Madonna song)

History's Stranglers

Hit 'Em


Hitori Yori Futari

Ho! Summer

Hold Fast (song)

Hold On (Stellar Kart song)

Hole in the Earth

Hollow (Godsmack song)

Hollywood (Jay-Z song)

Home (Daughtry song)

Home (Rooster song)

Home (Tom Petty song)

Home for Christmas (Danity Kane song)

Homesick (Thirsty Merc song)

Homo Sapiens (song)

Hood Boy

Hope (Toshiko Akiyoshi song)

Hoshi Akari

Hot Chick (song)

Hotel Song

House Party at Boothy's

House of Cards (Madina Lake song)

House of Wolves (song)

How Can You Live In the Northeast?

How Do I Breathe

How to Touch a Girl

Hoy Ya Me Voy

Hung Out to Dry (song)

Hurry Up England

Hurt Me Soul

Hush Boy

Hustler (song)


Hyperventilating (song)

Hr kommer Lennart

I Ain't Saying He a Gold Digga (Sike!)

I Am (Mark Schultz song)

I Belong to Me

I Call It Love

I Can't Come Down

I Can't Sleep at Night

I Can't Stop This Feeling I've Got

I Can't Wait (Akon song)

I Chose Horses

I Do (Nina Girado song)

I Do Believe (Tha Feelstyle song)

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

I Don't Know What She Said

I Don't Love You

I Don't Play That

I Don't Think So

I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)

I Don't Want to Care

I Found Out (The Pigeon Detectives song)

I Get It

I Just Came Back from a War

I Just Wanna Know

I Just Want to See the Boy Happy

I Keep Coming Back (Josh Gracin song)

I Know (Drake Bell song)

I Know You See It

I Know You Want Me (Young Buck song)

I Love Christmas (LazyTown song)

I Love It (Sneaky Sound System song)

I Love You (Cheri Dennis song)

I Loved Her First (song)

I Luv It (Young Jeezy song)

I Luv U (The Ordinary Boys song)

I Must Have Lost It on the Wind

I Need (Kandi Burruss song)

I Needed to Fall

I Say Yeah!

I Still Believe in Loving You

I Still Burn

I Surrender (Clea song)

I Swear (N-Dubz song)

I Told You So (Keith Urban song)

I Wanna Be the Rain

I Wanna Feel Something

I Wanna Know (Ai song)

I Wanna Love You (Akon song)

I Want You (Common song)

I Want You (Paris Hilton song)

I Want to Protect You

I Will (Do song)

I Will Remember You (Ryan Cabrera song)

I Wonder (Kellie Pickler song)

I dag & i morgon (song)

I'd Wait for Life

I'll Be There (Koda Kumi song)

I'll Hurt You

I'll Sue Ya

I'm Free (Pimp C song)

I'm Gay (Bowling for Soup song)

I'm Gonna Be (Donell Jones song)

I'm Gonna Find Another You

I'm Not Alright (Sanctus Real song)

I'm Not Missing You

I'm Not Sorry

I'm Revived

I'm Throwed

I'm Your Basscreator

I'm a Flirt

I'm a Gummy Bear

I'm from the Bay

I'm with Stupid (Pet Shop Boys song)

Ice Box (song)

Iceman (song)

Ich hab dich

Idee stupide

If Crimson Was Your Colour

If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away

If I Were You (Hoobastank song)

If It's Cool

If We Were a Movie

If You're Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)

Ima ni Kitto... In My Life

Imagine (Snoop Dogg song)


In God We Still Trust

In God's Hands (song)

In My Arms (Plumb song)

In Repair (John Mayer song)

In Vain (Kim-Lian song)

In View (song)

In the Ether

In the Morning (Razorlight song)

Incredible (The Shapeshifters song)

Infra-Red (Placebo song)

Innocence (Sarah Buxton song)

Innocent Sorrow

Insanity (song)

Inside Job (Pearl Jam song)

Inside of You (Hoobastank song)

Integral (song)

International Harvester (song)

International Players Anthem (I Choose You)

Intervention (song)

Intimate Secretary

Into Your System

Into the Gutter (The Answer song)

Into the Ocean

Invincible (Carola Hggkvist song)

Invincible (Muse song)

Invisible (Kesha song)

Invisibly Shaken


Is It Any Wonder?

Isn't She

Isn't That Everything

It Can Only Get Better

It Hurts (Angels & Airwaves song)

It Just Comes Natural (song)

It Snows in Hell

It Was a Business Doing Pleasure

It's LL and Santana

It's Me Bitches

It's Not Over (Daughtry song)

It's Not That Easy

It's Not Your Fault

It's Okay (One Blood)

It's Only Pain

It's the End of the Road

It's the Little Things We Do

Itsy Bitsy Spider (EliZe song)

Jack (Tom Petty song)

Jaded (deadmau5 instrumental)

Jag ljuger s bra

Jambi (Tool song)

Jasey Rae

Je t'adore

Je veux te voir

Jealousy (Martin Solveig song)

Jenny Don't Be Hasty

Jerusalem (Out of Darkness Comes Light)

Jesus Muzik

Jeune Demoiselle

Jihad (song)

Jimmy Crack Corn (Eminem song)

Jordan (Buckethead composition)

Juicy (Koda Kumi song)

Jump to the Rhythm

Just Abuse Me

Just Friends (Amy Winehouse song)

Just Let the Sun

Just Like You (Hannah Montana song)

Just Might Have Her Radio On

Just Say You're Not into It

Just So You Know

Just a Song About Ping Pong

Just to Feel That Way

Justice to Believe / Aoi Iro

Kagerou (Buck-Tick song)

Kaleidoscope (Kaya song)


Kan Fu Fighting

Kanata e

Karisome Otome

Keep Bouncin'

Keep Tryin' (Hikaru Utada song)

Keep Your Hands off My Girl

Kick Back Relax

Kick, Push

Kidding Ourselves

Kill All Your Friends

Kill Caustic

Killa (Cherish song)

Killer Likes Candy

Kimi no Kiseki/Itsumademo...

King Kong (Jibbs song)

Kingdom Come (Jay-Z song)

Kingdom of Doom

Kiss Me Good-Bye

Kiss You Off

Kisses Don't Lie

Kitto Daijbu

Kitto mou Koi ni wa Naranai

Kitty Kat (song)

Knife (Grizzly Bear song)

Knock 'Em Out (Lily Allen song)

Knockin' Doorz Down

Koi Kana

Koi no Tsubomi

Kojin Jugy

Kokoro Biidama

Kokoro no Senshi

Kom (Jessica Andersson song)

Kowloon Nine Heads Rodeo Show

Krusty Krab Radio Spot

Kul med jul

Kushi (song)

Kya Ruten

L'Envers de la Terre

L'Or de nos vies

L.M.L. (song)

LDN (song)

Lacrymosa (song)

Ladies Love Country Boys

Ladies and Gentlemen (song)

Laissez-nous respirer (song)

Land of a Thousand Words

Last Day of My Life

Last Goodbye (Da Buzz song)

Last Night (Diddy song)

Last Request

Last Year

Lazy Eye (Silversun Pickups song)

Learning the Hard Way

Leave Before the Lights Come On

Leave It to Me (song)

Leave the Pieces

Leaving So Soon?


Lejla (Hari Mata Hari song)

Let Go (Red song)

Let Go (Vanessa Hudgens song)

Let It All Bleed Out

Let It Fade

Let It Rain (JoJo song)

Let It Slide

Let Love In (song)

Let You Know (Hoobastank song)

Let Your Body Take Over (song)

Let the Truth Be Told (song)

Let's Call It Off

Let's Dance (Vanessa Hudgens song)

Let's Go to the Mall

Let's Impeach the President

Let's Ride (Game song)

Let's Stay Together (Lyfe Jennings song)

Letter to My Brother

Lev livet!

Level (The Raconteurs song)

Liar in the Glass

Lie About Us

Lied fr NRW


Life Is Beautiful (Vega4 song)

Life Is a Pigsty

Lift (Sean Tyas song)

Lift Me Up (Zion I and The Grouch song)

Light Surrounding You

Lights Go Out

Lights Out (P.O.D. song)

Like Eating Glass

Like Red on a Rose (song)

Like You (Evanescence song)

Like You'll Never See Me Again

Like Your Style

Like a Boy

Like a Love?

Like a Pen

Like a little Love

Lil Star

Limn y sal (song)

Lionheart (Blind Guardian song)

Lipstick (Alesha song)

Listen (Beyonc song)

Listen Up! (Gossip song)

Lithium (Evanescence song)

Little Bear (song)

Little Bit of Life (song)

Little Lover's So Polite

Little Motel

Little Remedy

Littlest Things

Live with Me (Massive Attack song)

Livin' in the Projects

Living Without You (Sandy Mlling song)

Ljubav Nije Za Nas

Llegaste T (Jesse & Joy song)


Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken

Lock Up Your Daughters (And Throw Away The Key)

Locking Up the Sun

London Bombs (song)

London Bridge (Fergie song)

Lonely Train

Lonely at the Top (song)

Long Distance Call (song)

Long Live the Weekend

Long Trip Alone (song)

Long Walk Home

Long Way 2 Go

Long Way to Happy

Look at Her

Look at Me Now (Breed 77 song)

Lord Give Me a Sign

Lord of Light (Iron Maiden song)

Los Mat

Lose Control (Evanescence song)

Losing (Takida song)

Losing My Ground

Losing a Friend

Lost (Michael Bubl song)

Lost (Red song)

Lost (Roger Sanchez song)

Lost One

Lost Souls in Endless Time

Lost Without U

Lost Yo Mind

Lost and Found (Delerium song)

Lost and Found (Feeder song)

Lost in You (Shelly Poole song)

Love (Lostprophets song)

Love Again (Cascada song)

Love Don't Let Me Go (Walking Away)

Love Hurts (Incubus song)

Love Is All Around (Agnes song)

Love Is Bubble

Love Is Dead (song)

Love Is a Losing Game

Love It When You Call

Love Like Winter

Love Me or Hate Me (Fuck You!!!!)

Love Song (M-Flo song)

Love Story (Katharine McPhee song)

Love You (song)

Love You I Do

Love You to Death (Stefy song)

Love in This Club

Love's Not a Competition (But I'm Winning)

Love's the Only Drug


Lovely Cat's Eye

Lovin' U

Lovin' You Baby

Low (Marianas Trench song)

Lubbock or Leave It

Lucky (Lucky Twice song)

Lucky Day (Sasha song)

Lucky Girl (song)

Lucky Like That

Lucky Man (Montgomery Gentry song)

Lullaby (Dixie Chicks song)

Luz Sin Gravedad

Lycanthrope (song)

Made of Scars

Made to Love

Made to Worship

Made-Up Lovesong 43

Magic Music (Kaela Kimura song)

Magick (Klaxons song)

Magneto (song)

Make U Fly

Make Ya Feel Beautiful


Making a Memory

Mal di stomaco

Malachite (song)

Mama Africa (song)

Mama, Take Me Home (Rednex song)

Mami (A. B. Quintanilla song)

Man I Hate Your Band

Manda una Seal

Maneater (Nelly Furtado song)

Manifest Destiny/Sorority Tears

Map of the Problematique

Marble House (song)

March of Clouds

Martyr (song)

Mary's Song (Oh My My My)

Matador/Da Frame 2R

Mauvaise foi nocturne

Maybe (Donna De Lory song)

Mayya (song)

Me & My Girls (Bratz song)

Me (Tamia song)

Me Muero

Me Odio

Me Plus One (Kasabian song)

Me and God

Me and Jesus

Me and My Gang (song)

Meant to Fly


Meds (song)

Meet Me at My Funeral

Mein (song)

Mellan oss tv

Melodies (song)

Melt with the Sun

Memories & Dust (song)

Men Buy the Drinks (Girls Call the Shots)

Mercy on Me

Metro (The Vincent Black Shadow song)

Mi Corazoncito

Mies yli laidan

Mighty O

Mighty to Save (song)

Miho Komatsu 8 : a piece of cake

Mijn houten hart

Mikazuki (song)

Mike Post Theme

Minimal (song)

Miracle (Rina Aiuchi song)

Mirror Door

Miss Fantasia Preaches

Mistake (Stephanie McIntosh song)

Mitternacht (La Fee song)


Moherowe Berety

Moja tikla

Moments (Emerson Drive song)

Money Maker

Money Money (RBD song)

Money in the Bank (Lil Scrappy song)

Monochrome (Helmet song)

Monster (The Automatic song)


Mothership (song)

Mountains (Lonestar song)

Move On (Rain song)

Moving Too Fast

Moving to New York

Mr 100%

Mr. Ambulance Driver

Mr. Jones (Mike Jones song)

Mrs. Puff's Boating School Ad

Munasawagi Scarlet

Murderer's Muse

Music Is Power

Must Have Done Something Right

Mueca de Trapo

My 64

My Angel (Kellie Pickler song)

My Bitch

My Curse (song)

My Dear Country

My Destiny (Katharine McPhee song)

My Everything (The Grace song)

My Girl (Amine song)

My Idea of Heaven

My Island Home (Kaira Gong song)

My Little Girl (Tim McGraw song)

My Love (Ciara song)

My Love (Justin Timberlake song)

My Name is Silence

My Neighbour's House

My Soul Pleads for You

My Tighty Whiteys

My Twin

My Way Home Is Through You

My Wish

My, Oh My (The Wreckers song)

Mystery (Live song)


Ms Maz

Ma (Tito El Bambino song)

Mrame (Mary Ann Acevedo song)

M Kimi Dake o Hanashitari wa Shinai


NYC (There's No Need to Stop)

Nada Puede Cambiarme

Nadie Como Tu (Wisin & Yandel song)

Naked Girl Avalanche

Nan You're a Window Shopper (Lily Allen song)

Nasty Naughty Boy

Natalie (Ola song)

Natural High (HammerFall song)

Nature's Law

Nausea (Beck song)

Naw Meen

Need a Boss

Negai (Rythem song)

Nekade Daleku

Nettie Moore (song)

Never Alone (Jim Brickman song)

Never Be Lonely

Never Let You Down (Frankie J song)

Never Let You Go (Dima Bilan song)

Never Let You Go (Evermore song)

Never Say Never (Vandalism song)

Never Too Late (Three Days Grace song)

Never Took the Time

Never Went to Church

New Friend Request

New Ideas

New Shoes

New York (Eskimo Joe song)

New York, New York (Moby song)

Newport Living (song)

Ni Freud ni tu mam

Nie zatrzymasz mnie

Night Driver (song)

Night of My Life (Damien Leith song)

Night of Passion

Nightlife (song)

Ningyo-hime (Koda Kumi song)

Nio (song)

No Good (Plan B song)

No Hay Igual

No Man's Land (Beverley Knight song)

No More (Jamelia song)

No No Never

No Rest for the Wicked (Godsmack song)

No Te Avisa

No, It Isn't

Nobody Knows (Pink song)

Non siamo soli

Not Going Away

Not Like You

Not Ready to Make Nice

Not This Year

Not Too Late (Norah Jones song)

Note to God

Nothin' but a Love Thang

Nothing Lasts Forever (The Living End song)

Nothing Left to Lose (song)

Nothing Really (Stefy song)

Nothing at All (Kasey Chambers song)

Nothing in This World

Nothing to Prove (Lonestar song)

Now (Everclear song)

Now That You Got It

Numb (Pet Shop Boys song)

Nr Et Lys Slukkes


O Valencia!

Oceans (Morning Runner song)

Odoro yo Honey

Oh Mother

Oh Stacey (Look What You've Done!)

Oh Yeah (Work)

Oil and Water (song)

Ojal Pudiera Borrarte

Ol' English

Old '67

Old School (Danger Doom song)

Old Yellow Bricks

Older (Royseven song)

Ole Black 'n' Blue Eyes

Om / Six Organs of Admittance

On Again Tonight

On Call (song)

On My Mind (New Found Glory song)

On Our Way (Christina Aguilera song)

On the Radio (Groove Coverage song)

On the Radio (The Concretes song)

Once and Never Again

Once in a Lifetime (Keith Urban song)

One Crowded Hour

One Day When I Grow Up

One Last Time (Edie Brickell song)

One Man Drinking Games

One Night on Earth

One Night with You (song)

One Original Thing

One Shot (Danity Kane song)

One Wing in the Fire

One Wish (Roxette song)

Onegai Miwaku no Target

Open Arms (Michael W. Smith song)

Operation Ground and Pound

Orange County (Stefy song)

Orange County Girl

Orange Crush (Stefy song)

Origami Tree

Otherland (song)

Our Country (song)

Our Friend Lazarus Sleeps

Our God Reigns

Our Song (Taylor Swift song)

Our Time Now

Our Town (James Taylor song)

Out of the Shadows (song)

Outta My System

Over You (Daughtry song)

Over and Over (Hot Chip song)

Over and Over (Three Days Grace song)

P.D.A. (We Just Don't Care)

P.S. (I'm Still Not Over You)

Pac's Life (song)

Packing Things Up on the Scene

Pain (Three Days Grace song)

Painkiller (Freestylers song)

Pancreas (song)

Parallel Worlds (song)


Parle ma main

Party Girl (Girlband song)


Patience (Dreamgirls song)

Patience (Take That song)

Patrick! Turn Your Radio Down!

Paula (Zo song)

Pedestal (song)

Perdname (Eddy Lover song)

Perfect (Darin song)

Perfect Girl

Perfect Stranger (Cheap Trick song)

Phenomena (song)

Pick Up the Peace

Picture to Burn

Pictures (song)

Pimped Out

Pinginos En La Cama

Pink Squares

Plankton Jams the Signal

Player's Prayer

Playhouse (Van Morrison song)

Playin' wit My Nose

Please Don't

Please Don't Go (Tank song)

Please, Please

Pop, Lock & Drop It

Portland Rain (song)

Portrait (Duke Special song)

Poster Girl (Wrong Side of the World)

Pourin' Up

Prangin' Out

Pray for Plagues


Prayer of the Refugee

Prayers (In This Moment song)

Precious (Yuna Ito song)

Prelude 12/21

Prescilla (song)

Pressure (Belly song)

Pretty Little Nightmare

Princess Rose

Prinzesschen (song)

Prison Break Anthem

Professional Party People

Promiscuous (song)

Proper Education

Province (song)

Pull Shapes

Pullin' Me Back

Pumpin' Up the Party

Punkrocker (song)

Pure minua

Push (Marianas Trench song)

Push It (Rick Ross song)

Push It to the Limit (Corbin Bleu song)

Push Your Tush

Put Em in Their Place

Put It Behind You

Put It Down (Redman song)

Put You in Your Place

Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is (song)

Put Your Records On


Pntame De Colores

Qualcosa che non c'

Que Me Voy a Quedar (song)

Questo il nuovo singolo

Quiero Estar Contigo

Quiero Mis Quinces

Quiet Fire (Melody Gardot song)

Rain Wizard

Raindrops (Stunt song)

Raoul (song)

Re:member (Flow song)

Reach Out (Take That song)

Reactor Party

Read My Mind (The Killers song)

Ready for Love (Cascada song)

Readymade (song)

Real Face

Real Gone (song)

Reason to Believe (Lionel Richie song)

Rebirthing (song)

Recapturing the Vibe

Reconnect (song)

Red Fraction

Red High Heels

Red Rabbits

Redneck (song)

Reflections (I Remember)

Rehab (Amy Winehouse song)

Relax, Take It Easy

Ren'ai Shashin

Repeated Offender


Revelations (Audioslave song)

Revolution Deathsquad

Rewind (Paolo Nutini song)

Ride for You

Ridin' Rims

Ridin' the Hook

Right Here, Right Now (My Heart Belongs to You)

Right Now (Danity Kane song)

Right Where You Want Me

Right or Wrong (Praga Khan song)

Ring the Alarm

Ring the Alarm (Keshia Chant song)

Riot (Three Days Grace song)

Riot Maker

Rip It Up (Jet song)

Rise (Samantha James song)

River (Donna De Lory song)

Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now)

Rock Yo Hips

Rockstar (Nickelback song)

Rocky Loves Emily (song)

Rodeo (Juvenile song)

Romantic Type

Rood (song)

Rooftops (A Liberation Broadcast)

Rooftops and Invitations

Rosetta Stoned

Rough Day

Rough Hands

Rough Landing, Holly

Rubberband Banks

Ruby (Kaiser Chiefs song)

Rudebox (song)

Run Devil Run (Jenny Lewis song)

Run the Red Light

Runaway (Jamiroquai song)

Runaway Love (Ludacris song)

Runnin' Block

Running (Evermore song)

Running the World

Russia privjet

S.E.X. (Lyfe Jennings song)

SOS (Rihanna song)

Sabbatical (song)

Sad Tango

Sakura no Hanabiratachi

Sakurairo (Shiori Takei song)

Sali el Sol

Samantha (Margaret Berger song)

Sanctity of Brothers

Sanctuary (Nami Tamaki song)

Sanctuary Here We Are

Sarah (Eskimo Joe song)

Satellite (Guster song)

Save Me (Darren Styles song)

Save Room

Save Us

Saving Grace (song)

Say Anything (Marianas Trench song)

Say It Right

Say OK

Say You'll Never Leave

Sayonara (Orange Range song)

Screwed (Paris Hilton song)

Se lo Dices T

Searching for Nena

Second Chance (Faber Drive song)

Secrets of Love

See Me in Shadow

See the World (Gomez song)

Sekai (song)

Selfish Girl (Rihanna song)


Send in the Boys

Sending Me Roses

Sensitivity (Shapeshifters song)

September (Marianas Trench song)

Set the Fire to the Third Bar

Setting Sun (Howling Bells song)


Seventeen (Simon Webbe song)

Severed Hand (song)

Sewn (song)

Sex 'n' Money



Shake Down

Shake Tramp

Shame (Monrose song)

Shame Shame (From First to Last song)

Shame Shame Shame (Soulshaker and CeCe Peniston song)

Shame for You

Shamrock (song)

Shangri-La (Chatmonchy song)

Shattered (Saves the Day song)

She Doesn't Get It

She Don't

She Moves in Her Own Way

She's Attracted To

She's Got Standards

She's Madonna

She's My Man

Sheena Is a Parasite

Shine (Everclear song)

Shine (Luther Vandross song)

Shine (Take That song)

Shine On (Jet song)

Shiroi Yuki

Shitty Future

Shoes (Kelly song)

Shoot Down the Stars

Shoot Me Down

Shoot the Runner

Shooting Star (Modern Talking song)

Shopping Trolley

Shores of California

Shortie Like Mine

Should've Said No

Show Me (John Legend song)

Show Me What You Got

Shut Up and Drive

Shut Your Eyes

Si Demain...

Side 2 Side

Sideline Ho

Sie hat was vermisst

Siente El Boom

Signal (KAT-TUN song)

Silencio (David Bisbal song)

Silent Shout (song)



Sing (The Dresden Dolls song)

Sing for Me (Andreas Johnson song)

Sinkin' Soon

Sinners Like Me (song)


Skalds and Shadows

Skin & Bones (song)

Sky Is Open (Donna De Lory song)

Slap (song)

Sleep (My Chemical Romance song)

Sleeping Lessons

Sleepwalking (Maria Lawson song)

Slitwrist Ecstasy

Slow Dancing in a Burning Room

Slow Down Baby

Smack (song)

Smack That

Smells Like Blade

Smile (Jibbs song)

Smile (Lily Allen song)

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

Smiley Faces

Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors

Snakes on a Plane (Bring It)

Snatch the Cat Back

Snitch (song)

Snow Scene

Snow White Queen

So Excited

So Hood

So Insane

So Long Self

So Over You

So Under Pressure

So What (Field Mob song)

Softly to Fallen

Solid Ground (song)

Some Surprise

Somebody to Love (Nelly Furtado song)

Somebody's Me

Someday Baby

Someday/Boys & Girls

Someone Somewhere Tonight

Something About You (Jamelia song)

Something About a Woman

Something Better (Martin Solveig song)

Something I Wanna Give You

Something Kinda Ooooh

Something Wrong (Camouflage song)

Sometimes It Rains

Somos Lo Que Fue

Song for Clay (Disappear Here)

Song to Say Goodbye

Sonnenbank Flavour

Sooner or Later (Duncan James song)

Sorry (Madness song)

Sorry Go 'Round

Sorry You're Not a Winner/OK Time for Plan B

Sorry, Blame It on Me

Soulmate (Natasha Bedingfield song)

Sound Round

Sowing Season

Spectre of Love


Spilt Needles

Spirit on the Water

Squidward's Request

Stan's World Cup Song

Stand (Rascal Flatts song)

Stand Up (Jet song)

Stand by Me (Shayne Ward song)

Stand in the Rain

Stars Above Us

Stars Are Blind

Start a Fire (Tiffany Affair song)

Startin' with Me (song)

Stay (Sugarland song)

Stay Alive (Basshunter song)

Stay Beautiful (Taylor Swift song)

Stay Together (Mandaryna song)

Stay with Me (Danity Kane song)

Stay with You (Goo Goo Dolls song)

Steady, As She Goes

Step Up (The Cheetah Girls song)

Stephen, Stephen

Stephenville, TX (song)

Stereo (John Legend song)

Stick to the Status Quo

Still Dirrty (song)

Stitch Me Back/Meet Me at Eight

Stolen (Dashboard Confessional song)

Stoned in Love

Stop This Train

Stop! Dimentica

Storm of Fantasy

Story of My Life (Smash Mouth song)

Straight Through the Mirror

Strand Tylsand

Stranded (Agnes song)

Strong (LeAnn Rimes song)

Struggle No More (The Main Event)

Stuck on You (Yuna Ito song)

Stupid Boy

Stupid Girls

Su le Mani

Suburban Knights

Sueos Rotos

Suga Mama

Sugar (Armand Van Helden song)

Summer Love (Justin Timberlake song)

Summer Madness (Lead song)

Summer Rain (ATB song)

Summer Shudder

Summer in the City (Regina Spektor song)

Sunday Morning (k-os song)

Super Generation

Superior (song)

Superstar Tradesman

Sure Feels Good

Surrender (Billy Talent song)

Surrender (Electric Light Orchestra song)

Surrendered (The Bluetones song)

Survivalism (song)

Suspicious Character

Sverige (Basshunter song)

Sweet Sacrifice

Swing (Trace Adkins song)

Swing with Me

T-Rex (Jurassic Park)

Tag mit Schutzumschlag

Taiy no Uta (song)

Take Control

Take Her Back

Take Me Back to Your House

Take a Bow (Muse song)

Take the Lead (Wanna Ride)

Take this life (song)

Taking Back Control

Tal Vez (Kudai song)

Talk of the Town (Jack Johnson song)

Talkin' Orange Alert Blues

Talking to the Walls (song)

Taller, Stronger, Better

Target (Embrace song)

Taste of Hell

Te Busqu

Te Quiero Mucho

Tea & Theatre


Tear You Apart

Tear Your Love Apart

Teardrops on My Guitar

Tears Dry on Their Own

Tears for Affairs

Teddy Picker

Teenage Life

Tegami (Tokyo Jihen song)

Temple of Love (BWO song)

Ten Miles

Ten Speed (Of God's Blood and Burial)

Tennessee (The Wreckers song)

Tere Bina (song)


That Girl (Frankie J song)

That Girl (Pharrell song)

That Old Pair of Jeans

That Was Weird

That's No Way to Tell a Lie

That's Right (Ciara song)

That's What She Said (song)

That's the Way My Heart Goes

The Agent (Little Man Tate song)

The Alternative (IAMX song)

The Angry Mob

The Arms of Sorrow

The Beast (Tech N9ne song)

The Beauty of Grace

The Beauty of Your Soul

The Best Day Ever Song

The Best of Both Worlds (song)

The Blues Are Still Blue

The Boy Who Ran Away

The Bridge (Elton John song)

The Cake (song)

The Carpal Tunnel of Love

The Celtic Harmony & the Chilling Acid

The Cold Acre

The Compromise

The Day Has Come (song)

The Devil's Rejects (song)

The Diary of Jane

The Edge (Blind Guardian song)

The End (My Chemical Romance song)

The End (Saves the Day song)

The Enemy (Godsmack song)

The Eraser (song)

The Fourth Avenue Cafe

The Frog Prince (song)

The Game (Lacuna Coil)

The Golden Rose

The Good Left Undone

The Great Escape (Boys Like Girls song)

The Great Exaggerator

The Great Salt Lake

The Hard Way (Thirsty Merc song)

The Hawk of Lebanon

The Heart of Life

The Illusionist (song)

The Larger Bowl (A Pantoum)

The Last Night (Skillet song)

The Last Something That Meant Anything

The Latest Plague

The Legacy (Iron Maiden song)

The Levee's Gonna Break

The Living Tree (song)

The Long Way Around

The Longest Day (song)

The Lords of Salem (song)

The Loves We Lost

The Lovesong Writer

The Mess Age

The Missing Frame

The Moment You Believe

The Name of Love

The Navy Song (Billy Talent song)

The Neighbor (Dixie Chicks song)

The New Order (song)

The Night (Basshunter song)

The Night Sky

The Older I Get

The Only One I See

The Other Side Of The Crash/Over And Out (Of Control)

The Other Side of Mt. Heart Attack

The Others (song)

The Outside (Taylor Swift song)

The Party's Just Begun

The Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

The Pilgrim (Iron Maiden song)

The Pleasure Remains

The Press Corpse

The Queen of Starting Over

The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg

The Riddle (Five for Fighting song)

The Rising (Trivium song)

The River (Live song)

The Sacrilegious Scorn

The Shake (Kisschasy song)

The Sharpest Lives

The Situation (Krystal Meyers song)

The Song of the Heart

The Songs That We Sing

The Spaces Between

The Spotlight Continues

The State (song)

The Sweet Escape (song)

The Third Eye (song)

The Time of Our Lives (Il Divo and Toni Braxton song)

The Train (song)

The Tuneful Tuna's Advice

The Unwinding Cable Car

The View from the Afternoon

The W.A.N.D. (The Will Always Negates Defeat)

The W.T.O. Kills Farmers

The Wand of Abaris / Path to Arcady

The Water (Feist song)

The Way I Am (Ingrid Michaelson song)

The Way I Live

The Way It Ends

The Way You Do Me

The Way the Wind Blows (song)

The Whole World Reminds Me of You

The Wolf Is Loose

The Woman in My Life

The Wonder Pets! (song)

The Yeah Yeah Yeah Song (With All Your Power)

The Zookeeper's Boy

There and Back Again (Daughtry song)

There's a Class for This

These Are My People

These Colours Don't Run

These Streets (song)

These Walls (Teddy Geiger song)

They Made My Dream Come True

They Only Come Out at Night (Lordi song)

Things That Never Cross a Man's Mind

Think I'm in Love (Beck song)

Thinking About You (Norah Jones song)

This Ain't a Scene, It's an Arms Race

This Could Be Anywhere in the World

This Fire (Killswitch Engage song)

This Is Love (Hikaru Utada song)

This Is Not Real Love

This Is Why I'm Hot

This Is the End (For You My Friend)

This Is the Life (Hannah Montana song)

This Love (Angela Aki song)

This Love (Big Bang song)

This Madness

This Old Town (Tom Petty song)

This One's for You (Fleshquartet song)

This River Is Wild

This Suffering

This Time (JoJo song)

This Time (Melanie C song)

This Time/I Wish You Well

This Will Never End

Those Eyes

Those Were the Days (Lady Sovereign song)

Thought You Said

Three Cheers for Five Years

Through Glass

Through Two Hearts

Through the Fire and Flames

Through the Pain (She Told Me)

Thunder (Boys Like Girls song)

Thunder on the Mountain

Tick Tock (Lemar song)

Tie Up My Hands

Tied Together with a Smile

Tightrope (Stephanie McIntosh song)

Tim McGraw (song)

Tinsel and Marzipan

To & Fro

To Die a Virgin

Todos Me Miran

Together Again (Evanescence song)

Together We Are One

Tokyo I'm on My Way

Tongue Tied (Faber Drive song)

Tonight (Jeremy Camp song)

Tonight (Reamonn song)


Too Little Too Late

Toop Toop

Top Back

Top Down

Torn (LeToya song)

Torner (Mihai Tristariu song)

Torre De Babel (song)

Touching My Body

Tough (Craig Morgan song)

Tous ces mots

Tout prs du bonheur

Tracking Treasure Down

Tradicional A Lo Bravo

Trail of Broken Hearts

Trains & Planes

Trait pour trait (song)

Trapped in the Drive-Thru

Tree Climbers

Tricycle (song)

Trilby's Piano

Tro (song)

Trophy (Bat for Lashes song)

Trouble Sleeping (song)

Truth (Yuna Ito song)

Try Again (Keane song)

Trying to Stop Your Leaving

Trumst du?

Tu Peor Error

Tu Prncipe

Tu amor (Luis Fonsi song)

Tu aurais d me dire (Oser parler d'amour)

Tuloy Na Tuloy Pa Rin ang Pasko

Turn Into

Turn This Car Around

Turn the Page (Blind Guardian song)

Twenty-Twenty Surgery

Twisted (Vandalism song)

Two Left Feet (song)

Two Pink Lines

Typical (song)

T (Kudai song)

U + Ur Hand

U Started It

U and Dat

UFO (Sneaky Sound System song)

Uh Mamma

Um bei dir zu sein

Un Blodymary

Un Rock Star

Unbreakable (Evermore song)

Uncommon Valor: A Vietnam Story

Under My Rock

Under the Sky (The Answer song)

Under the Surface (song)

Under the Western Stars

Underworld (song)

Undiscovered (song)

Unemployable (Pearl Jam song)

Unfaithful (song)

Until the End of Time (Justin Timberlake and Beyonc song)

Up All Night (Matt Willis song)

Up Jumped the Boogie

Upgrade U

Upper Ninety

Us (Regina Spektor song)

Used to Be My Girl

Usni Kako Temno Mastilo

Utan stjrnorna

Valentine (Delays song)

Valerie (Zutons song)

Vans (song)

Var r jag

Vato (song)

Velvet (Fergie song)

Vergissmeinnicht (Eisbrecher song)

Vertigo (Marianas Trench song)

Vi sitter i Ventrilo och spelar DotA

Vicarious (song)

Victim (Eighteen Visions song)

Vifta med hnderna

Virgin Blue (song)

Virus (LaFee song)

Virus Alert

Viscera Eyes

Vital Signs (Frank Turner song)

Viva La White Girl

Voice Inside My Head

Voices (Saosin song)

Volverte a Amar

Volver (Jesse & Joy song)

Von der Skyline zum Bordstein zurck (song)

Vultures (song)

Wag Ka Nang Umiyak

Waiting (Fireflight song)

Waiting for the Moon (Basshunter song)

Waiting on the World to Change

Wake Up (The Living End song)

Wake Up Alone

Wakkyanai (Z)

Walk Away (Remember Me)

Walk It Out (Unk song)

Walkin' 'Round in a Circle

Walking Out of Yesterday

Wamp Wamp (What It Do)

Wanna Be Your Joe (song)

Wanna Play

Want To

War Is All We Know

War with God

Waratcha yo Boyfriend

Was ist das

Waste a Moment

Wasted Little DJs

Wasted Reprise

Watch Out (Ferry Corsten song)


Watching You (Rodney Atkins song)

Way Back Texas

Way Back into Love

Way I Be Leanin'

We Are Your Friends (song)

We Are the Waccos

We Are the Winners

We Fly High

We Got a Hit

We Hate the Kids

We Live (song)

We Ride

We Ride (I See the Future)

We Share Our Mothers' Health

We Sleep Forever

We Used to Vacation (song)

We Were Made to Love (song)

We're No Here

Weekend (Daz song)

Weekend Without Makeup

Weekends and Bleak Days (Hot Summer)

Weight of the World (Evanescence song)

Welcome Home (You)

Welcome to Europe

Welcome to Rainbow

Welcome to the Black Parade

Well Thought Out Twinkles

West (song)

What About Now (Daughtry song)

What Do Ya Think About That

What I Want (Daughtry song)

What I've Been Looking For

What She Doesn't Know

What Will It Be

What Would Steve Do?

What You Are (song)

What You Could've Won

What You Know (T.I. song)

What a Great Night

What's Happenin' (song)

What's It Feel Like to Be a Ghost?

What's a Girl to Do? (Bat for Lashes song)

What's the Altitude

What? What You Got?

When I Get Home, You're So Dead

When I See U

When We Die

When You Were Young

When You're Gone (Avril Lavigne song)

When You're Mad

When Your Heart Stops Beating (song)

When the Deal Goes Down

Where Are They Now? (song)

Where Are You Now (Donna De Lory song)

Where You At (Joe song)

Where da Cash At

Where is the Line?

Where's The Weed At?

Whiplash (Stellar song)

Whispers in the Dark (Skillet song)

Whistle for the Choir

White & Nerdy

White Collar Boy

White Guilt (song)

White Gurl

Who Am I Telling You?

Who Cares? (Gnarls Barkley song)

Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Jurgen Klinsmann?

Who Knew

Who Said

Who Taught You to Live Like That?

Who Wants to Race Me

Who You Gonna Run To

Who's Gonna Ride

Who's Your Daddy? (Lordi song)

Who's da Man

Whoa (Lil Kim song)

Why (Lionel Richie song)

Why Couldn't It Be Christmas Every Day?

Why Not Nothing? / Sweet Brother Malcolm

Why Won't You Give Me Your Love?

Why You Hate The Game

Why You Wanna

WigWam (song)

Will You Remember Me Tomorrow?

Wind It Up (Gwen Stefani song)

Winding Road (Porno Graffitti song)

Window in the Skies

Wings (Live song)

Wings for Marie (Pt 1)

Winter Love

Wir beide

Wish/Starless Night

Wishing Stone

With Every Heartbeat

With Your Smile

Within Me

Without (Jack Savoretti song)

Without Stars

Wolf Like Me (song)

Woman! Man!

Wonderful Life (Gwen Stefani song)

Wonderful World (James Morrison song)

Wondering (Dirty Pretty Things song)

Wonderland (Heidi Klum song)

Words I Couldn't Say

Words Just Get in the Way

Work (Jars of Clay song)

Workingman's Blues

World (Five for Fighting song)

World Apart

World Wide Suicide

World at Your Feet

Worry About It Later

Would You Go with Me

Wouldn't Get Far

Writer's Block (Just Jack song)

Y Aqu Estoy

Ya No Quiero

Yea Yeah

Yeah Yeah (Bodyrox song)

Yee Haw

Yo Te Quiero

You & I (Graham Coxon song)

You (Kaela Kimura song)

You (Lloyd song)

You (Tarot song)

You Are Alone

You Are Loved (Don't Give Up)

You Are What You Love

You Better Not Waste My Time

You Bring Me Down

You Could Be Happy (Snow Patrol song)

You Don't Love Me (The Kooks song)

You Give Me Something (James Morrison song)

You Know I'm No Good

You Know My Name

You Know What

You Should Be My Girl

You Should Have Lied

You Stand by Me

You Will Obey!

You Would Have Loved This

You and Me Against the World (Stefy song)

You're All I Have

You're Pitiful

Young Folks

Your Arizona Room

Your God (Stone Sour song)

Your Guardian Angel

Your Kisses Are Wasted on Me

Your Obsession

Your Song (Mayday Parade song)

Yume de Aetara (song)

Yume no Uta/Futari de...

Yumeji (song)


Yummy (Gwen Stefani song)

Yuruginai Mono Hitotsu

Zero (Hawk Nelson song)


Zjarr e ftoht

Zoom (Lil Boosie song)

Zzyzx Rd. (song)

Quin Me Iba a Decir?

Qu Hago Yo?

Qu Nos Pas?

lskar du livet

nc o noapte

ki na Ai de Motenashite

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