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Songs from 2004

'N' Dey Say

'Till I Get My Way / Girl Is on My Mind

(I Like) The Way You Love Me

(Reach Up for The) Sunrise

(You Ain't) Home On The Range


1 Thing

1 in the Morning

1, 2 Step

10 A.M. Automatic

15 Minutes (Michelle Williams song)

1959 (Saves the Day song)

1980 (song)

1985 (Manic Street Preachers song)

1985 (SR-71 song)


2 Step (Destiny's Child song)

21 (The Paddingtons song)

22 Grand Job

2:nd Chance

3 Kings (song)

45 RPM (song)

5 Colours in Her Hair

5 Years from Now

7 Days (Adriana Evans song)

7 Years and 50 Days (song)

8th World Wonder

9 to 5 (Lady Sovereign song)

99 Problems

A Bid Farewell

A Decade Under the Influence (song)

A Distorted Reality Is Now a Necessity to Be Free

A Fond Farewell

A Glorious Day

A Good Man Is Hard to Find (Sufjan Stevens song)

A Little More for Little You

A Little Too Late (Delta Goodrem song)

A Love That Will Last

A Lovely Day Tomorrow

A Man and a Woman (song)

A Passing Feeling

A Song I Heard the Ocean Sing

A Time to Be So Small

A to the B

ASAP (T.I. song)

Aa Ii na!

Aadat (song)

Aaya Tere Dar Par

Aangry Megaphone Man

Abra Cadaver (song)

Abraham (song)

Access Me

Accidental Deth

Accidentally in Love (song)

Adagio for Strings (Tisto song)

Adelaide (Ben Folds song)

Adore (Paco song)

Aegekai ni Dakarete

Afrodisiac (song)

After We Go (song)

Aftermath (R.E.M. song)

Again (Faith Evans song)

Ai Araba It's All Right

Ai no Tame ni.

Ain't Gon' Beg You

Aisa Des Hai Mera (song)

Aishite mo Aishitarinai

Akai Hana

Akakiiro no Kinmokusei

Akatsuki no Kuruma

Al otro lado del ro

Alarm (Namie Amuro song)

Algo Ms (La 5 Estacin song)

Alive with the Glory of Love

All Caps (song)

All Day Long I Dream About Sex

All Downhill from Here

All Falls Down

All I Ever Needed

All I Need (Bethany Dillon song)

All I Want (Wet Wet Wet song)

All Nite (Don't Stop)

All Over Again (Estelle song)

All That I've Got (The Used song)

All for You (Namie Amuro song)

All for You, Sophia

All the Trees of the Field Will Clap Their Hands

All the Wine

Alles wird vorbergehen

Almost (Bowling for Soup song)

Almost Here (Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem song)

Alone for the Holidays

Alpha Beta Gaga


Alumni Homecoming

Always There (Kate Alexa song)


Amazing (George Michael song)

Amazing Love (Michelle Williams song)

America Kicks Ass

America, Fuck Yeah

American Dream (Casting Crowns song)

American Idiot (song)

Amerika (song)


An Afternoon Laughing

An Open Letter to NYC

An Ordinary Day (song)

Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai

Ancestors (song)

And I

And Love Said No

Andy, You're a Star

Angel (The Corrs song)

Angel Eyes (Raghav song)

Angel Gabriella

Angel by My Side

Angels (Within Temptation song)

Another Place to Fall

Another World (Sonique song)

Answer in the Sky

Antes muerta que sencilla

Anything (The Calling song)

Anything but Me (Lindsay Lohan song)

Anything but Mine

Aoi Bench

Apprentice of the Universe

Aqu Est Tu Caldo

Archetype (Fear Factory song)

Arigato (B'z song)

Arue (song)

Ashes (Embrace song)

Ashes to Ashes (Damageplan song)

Ashita e Kakeru Hashi

At the Party

Augen auf!

Aus und vorbei

Autobiography (Ashlee Simpson song)

Avaimet mun himaan

Avaimet mun kiesiin

Awake in a Dream (song)

Awful, Beautiful Life

B Is for Brutus

Baby (Fabolous song)

Baby Cakes

Baby Doll (Pat Green song)

Baby Don't Sweat

Baby Girl (Sugarland song)

Baby It's You (JoJo song)

Babyshambles (song)

Back Then

Back Up (Pitbull song)

Back When

Back of the Bottom Drawer

Backflip (song)

Bad Ass Strippa

Bad Boy (Cascada song)

Bad Girl (Usher song)

Bad Habit (Destiny's Child song)

Bad Habits (Kottonmouth Kings song)

Bal priv

Balla Baby

Bam Thwok

Bang Bang (Kardinal Offishall song)

Bang Bang Boom (song)

Banquet/Staying Fat

Banzai (B'z song)

Bass Worker

Be My Escape

Be Strong (song)

Be Yourself (Audioslave song)

Be the One (BoA song)

Beat Your Heart Out

Beating Heart Baby

Beautiful (Miliyah Kato song)

Beautiful Disaster (Kelly Clarkson song)

Beautiful One

Beautiful Soul (song)

Beautiful to Me (Little Birdy song)

Because You Live

Because of You (Kelly Clarkson song)

Bedlam (song)


Beer Man (song)

Before I Forget (song)

Before the Great Collapse

Behind These Hazel Eyes

Behind Those Eyes

Behind the Sun (Alexander Klaws song)

Believe (Josh Groban song)

Believe Me (Melody song)

Believe Me Natalie

Belly Dancer (Bananza)

Best of My Love (Javine song)

Better Life

Better Now (Collective Soul song)

Better Off Alone (Grinspoon song)

Better Than Life (song)

Beverly Hills (song)

Big Chips

Big Time (Big & Rich song)

Big Weenie

Billy Liar (song)

Bittersweet (Apocalyptica song)

Bittersweet Bundle of Misery

Black Cadillacs

Black History Month (song)

Black Hole (Ana Johnsson song)

Black Horse and the Cherry Tree

Black and White Town

Blacken My Thumb

Blame It on the Tetons

Bleed You Dry

Bless My Soul

Blind Leading the Blind (Jagger and Stewart song)

Blinded by the Lights

Blood (Empty Promises)

Blood and Thunder (song)

Blow It Out (Features song)

Blow Me Away

Bl Bl Bl (song)

Boku ga Ichiban Hoshikatta Mono

Boom (Mario song)

Boom, Like That


Borderline (Sufjan Stevens song)

Boro Boro

Boulevard of Broken Dreams (Green Day song)

Boulevard of Broken Songs

Boy Like You (Diana DeGarmo song)

Break You

Break the Line

Breakaway (Kelly Clarkson song)

Breakfast With Santa

Breathe (2 AM)

Breathe (Don't Stop)

Breathe (Fabolous song)

Breathe Hope in Me

Breathe Me

Breathe Today

Breathe, Stretch, Shake

Brennende Liebe

Bridges and Balloons

Bridging the Gap (song)

Bring Em Out (song)

Bring It Back (Lil Wayne song)

Brizgalna Brizga

Broadway (Sbastien Tellier song)

Broccoli (McFly song)

Broken (Seether song)

Broken Records (song)

Broken Wings (Alter Bridge song)

Bubble Pop Electric

Bump (Raven-Symon song)

Burn (Usher song)

Burn for You (TobyMac song)

Burning (Maria Arredondo song)

Bury Me With It

Bury Me in Black

Bus durch London

C'est la vie (Carson, Hanson and Malmkvist song)


C'mon C'mon (The Von Bondies song)

Cadillac Dress

California (Low song)

Call Me (Anna Vissi song)

Call My Name (Prince song)

Call U Sexy

Call on Me (Eric Prydz song)

Calling All Angels (Lenny Kravitz song)

Calling All Girls (ATL song)

Calm Down (Killing Heidi song)

Campaign of Hate

Can U Handle It?

Can't Explain It

Can't Stand Me Now

Can't Stop (pre)Thing song)

Can't Wait Until Tonight

Candy Shop

Candyholic (song)

Cantar Hasta Morir

Cant Come Down

Cant Stop Now

Captain Hook (Ch!pz song)

Carbon Monoxide (song)

Cardiff Afterlife

Carols (song)

Cassie (song)

Caught Up (Ja Rule song)

Caught Up (Usher song)

Cemetery Drive (My Chemical Romance song)

Certified Gangstas

Ch Ching (Cheque 1 2)

Ch-Check It Out

Champagne no Koi

Change Is Coming

Change Your Mind (Killers song)

Chapter01/Marble-iro no Hi

Chase (Koda Kumi song)

Chasing the Sun (The Calling song)

Cheater (song)

Cherry Blossom Girl

Chewing Gum (song)

Chiisana Boku e

Chika Ideal

Chocolate (Choco Choco)


Cinnamon Girl (Prince song)

Circles (Just My Good Time)

City of Blinding Lights

Clam, Crab, Cockle, Cowrie

Class Reunion (That Used to Be Us)

Clean Town

Clones (Ash song)

Closer (Slinkee Minx song)

Closest Thing to Heaven

Clothes (song)

Club Foot (song)

Coast to Coast (song)


Cold (Crossfade song)

Collide (Howie Day song)

Color Your World

Colors (Crossfade song)

Combat Baby

Come Along Now

Come Back to Me (Ayreon song)

Come Get Some (Rooster song)

Come Home Soon

Come On England

Come Said the Boy

Come as You Are (Beverley Knight song)

Come se non fosse stato mai amore

Come to Nothing

Come tu mi vuoi (song)

Coming True

Complicated Disaster

Compliments (Bloc Party song)

Compton (Guerilla Black song)

Confessions Part II

Confined (song)

Confusion (The Zutons song)

Connected (Hoobastank song)

Constant Static

Contact by Bass

Cool (Gwen Stefani song)

Coulda Been

Counting Bodies Like Sheep to the Rhythm of the War Drums

Counting the Days (Collective Soul song)

Coz I Can


Crash (Gwen Stefani song)

Crash World

Crazy (Estelle song)

Crazy (K.Maro song)

Crazy (Simple Plan song)

Crazy 4 U

Crazy in Love (Eminem song)

Creek Mary's Blood

Crispin Glover (song)

Cross Every River

Cross My Mind

Crown of Love

Crunk Muzik

Crush (Paul van Dyk song)

Cry (Hilary Duff song)

Culo (song)

Curtain Falls

Cutt Off

Cyanide Sweet Tooth Suicide


Dainippon Itangeishateki Noumiso Chuzuri Zecchou Zekkei Ongen Shuu

Daisuki da yo

Dalai Lama (song)

Dame Otro Tequila

Dammit Man

Dance Bitch

Dance with Me (Estelle song)

Dance with the Wolves

Dance, Dance (Fall Out Boy song)

Dancing for Rain

Danger Zone (Gwen Stefani song)

Dangerous to Know (song)

Danzen! Futari wa Pretty Cure

Dark Chest of Wonders

Darkness (Darren Hayes song)


Day Eleven: Love

Day Old Blues

Days Go By (Keith Urban song)

Days of Our Lives (James Otto song)

Dead Gardens

Dear Mr. President (Fredwreck song)

Death Is Certain (Part 2) (It Hurts)

Decent Days and Nights

Deja Vu (All Over Again)

Delirium (song)

Dell'amore non si sa

Demons (Brian McFadden song)

Der letzte Stern

Desired Constellation

Destroy Rock & Roll (song)

Devil Inside (Hikaru Utada song)

Devil's Broom

Devils & Dust (song)

Dhoom Dhoom

Diabolic Scheme

Dice (Finley Quaye song)

Didn't Know

Die besten Tage sind gezhlt

Dig Your Grave

Digital Deceit

Dile (Ivy Queen song)

Ding Dong Song

Dip It Low

Dirty Little Thing

Dirs que estoy loco

Disco Inferno (50 Cent song)

Disconnected (Lindsay Lohan song)

Dixie Rose Deluxe's Honky-Tonk, Feed Store, Gun Shop, Used Car, Beer, Bait, BBQ, Barber Shop, Laundromat

Do I Look Like a Slut?

Do It to Me (Usher song)

Do No Wrong

Do Not Fire!

Do Re Mi (Nirvana song)

Do You Know (Michelle Williams song)

Do You Want Fries with That

Do You Want Me?

Do the Panic

Doctor Pressure

Don't Ask Me (Heli Simpson song)

Don't Break My Heart Again (Pat Green song)

Don't Cha

Don't Cha Wanna Ride

Don't Cry for Pain

Don't Ever Think (Too Much)

Don't Get Me Started (Jess song)

Don't Go Down

Don't Hurt Yourself (Marillion song)

Don't Leave Me Alone (Ashanti song)

Don't Let Him Waste Your Time

Don't Let Me Die

Don't Let Them

Don't Let the Man Get You Down

Don't Look Back (Lucie Silvas song)

Don't Talk (Estelle song)

Don't Tell Me (Avril Lavigne song)

Don't U Eva

Don't Wait Too Long

Don't Wanna Think About You

Don't Worry 'bout a Thing (SHeDAISY song)

Don't Worry (Chingy song)


Door no Muk de Bell ga Natteta

Down (Will Young song)

Down and Out (Cam'ron song)

Down in Mississippi (Up to No Good)

Drain the Blood

Drama Queen (That Girl)

Drama Queen (Vanessa Petruo song)

Dream (Dizzee Rascal song)

Dreaming (I Dream song)

Dreams (Diana DeGarmo song)



Drive (Shannon Noll song)

Driving Death Valley Blues

Drop It Like It's Hot

Drop the Pressure

Drugs or Jesus

Dry Your Eyes

Du bleibst immer noch du

Du hast mein Herz gebrochen

Duality (song)

Duel (Morganne Matis song)

Dumb (The 411 song)

Durch Die Nacht


Earthquake (Lil Wayne song)

Easier (Lisa Stansfield song)

East Coast (Saves the Day song)

Easy Breezy

Ecstasy (ATB song)

Eight Easy Steps

El Sol No Regresa

Electron Blue

Em Calls Paul

Empty Cans

Empty Souls

En Gallop

En sten vid en sj i en skog/Tuffa tider (fr en drmmare)

Encore (Eminem song)

Enemy (Fozzy song)

Enlarge Your Hearts

Enlighten Me (Masterplan song)

Escucha Atento

Est Llorando Mi Corazn

Et c'est parti...

Eternal Lover

Even Tho

Every Day Is Exactly the Same

Every Little Time

Every Single Day (Rob Mills song)

Everybody (Stabilo song)

Everybody Loves a Happy Ending/Call Me Mellow

Everyday I Love You Less and Less

Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

Everything (Alanis Morissette song)

Everything About You (Sanctus Real song)

Everything Is Everything (Phoenix song)

Everything in Time (song)

Everything or Nothing (song)

Everytime (Simple Plan song)

Everytime You Go Away (Brian McKnight song)

Eviga lngtan

Evil (Interpol song)

Evil Deeds

Excited (Little Birdy song)

Excuses (Alanis Morissette song)

Existentialism on Prom Night

Experimental Film (song)

Extraordinary (Liz Phair song)

Eyes on You (Jay Sean song)

Ez Cuz You're Beautiful

F.U.R.B. (Fuck You Right Back)

FCC Song

Face la mer

Failure Is Relative

Failure's Not Flattering

Fall to Pieces (Velvet Revolver song)

Fancy Clown

Far Away (12 Stones song)

Fast Cars (U2 song)

Fast Cars and Freedom

Faster the Chase

Faze Alone (song)

Feel My Way to You

Feels Like (It Feels Alright)

Feels Like Today (song)

Femme Like U (Donne-moi ton corps)

Fest folk

Fifty Grand for Christmas

Fighting Pose wa Date ja Nai!


Find Us

Find the Real

First (Lindsay Lohan song)

First Day of My Life (Melanie C song)

First Time (Jebediah song)

First of the Gang to Die

Fit but You Know It

Flap Your Wings (song)

Flashdance (song)

Flawless (Go to the City)

Float On (Modest Mouse song)

Floating (Jape song)

Flow (song)

Flower Power (DJ Flower Power song)

Fly (Hilary Duff song)

Flying (Bryan Adams song)

Flying High (Jem song)

Follow Me (Usher song)

Followed the Waves

Foolish (Tyler James song)

Fools Love

For Lovers

For One Day

Foreign Country

Forever Love (Ami Suzuki song)

Forever and a Day (The Dissociatives song)

Forget Her

Forget Me Not (Lucie Silvas song)

Forgotten (Avril Lavigne song)

Formed a Band

Four Kicks

Freak Out (Avril Lavigne song)

Freakin' Out

Freaks in Love

Freddy Kreuger (song)

Free (Destiny's Child song)

Free (Estelle song)

Free My Name

Free Yourself (song)

Freedom (Solange song)

Freedom Fighters (song)

French Kisses

Friend (song)

Friss oder stirb

From the Sea

Fuck the World (The Vines song)

Fucken Awesome

Fuego (Kumbia Kings song)

Futures (song)

Fr den som lskar

Gabriellas sng

Galvanize (song)

Gamble Everything for Love

Game Over (Destiny's Child song)

Ganapati Om

Garden of Love (song)


Gay Messiah

Geile Zeit

Gemini (D'espairsRay song)

Gemini (Sponge Cola song)

General Attitude

Get Back (Ludacris song)

Get It On (Intenso Project song)

Get Up Stand Up (Stellar Project song)

Get Your Shine On (Jesse McCartney song)

Getting Away with Murder (song)

Ghetto (Akon song)

Ghetto Gospel

Ghost Love Score

Giddy Stratospheres

Girl (Beck song)

Girl (Destiny's Child song)

Girl Like U

Girl Talk (Dhani Lennevald song)

Girl and the Sea

Girlfight (song)

Girls (The Prodigy song)

Girls Can Be Cruel

Girls Lie Too

Give 'Em Hell, Kid

Give It All

Give It Up (Midtown song)

Give Me Novocaine

Give Me That

Giving It All Away (Ashlee Simpson song)

Giving You Up

Glamorous Indie Rock & Roll

Glitter and Trauma

Glory Defined (song)

Go (Flow song)

Go (Steriogram song)

Go D.J.

Go Gone

God Knows (song)


Gold Pants (song)

Golden Touch (song)

Gone (Kelly Clarkson song)

Gone (Montgomery Gentry song)

Gone (TobyMac song)

Good Life (Jesse McCartney song)

Good Old Boy, Bad Old Boyfriend

Good Ole Days

Goodbye (Kate Ryan song)

Goodbye (The Corrs song)

Goodbye My Lover

Goodbye Tonight

Goodies (song)

Goodnight Goodnight (Hot Hot Heat song)

Gori Re

Got It Twisted

Got to Have Faith

Gotta Go Solo

Gotta See Jane

Graffiti My Soul


Grey Skies Turn Blue

Groupie Luv

Guardian Angel (K-System song)

Guilt Is a Useless Emotion

Gunj Biyori

Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do

Hajimete Deatta Hi no Y ni

Half Light (Athlete song)

Half Man Half Machine

Hallelujah (ThisGirl song)

Hana (Orange Range song)

Hanamizuki (song)

Hang 'Em High (My Chemical Romance song)

Happiness (Kfuku Kangei!)

Happiness!!! (Kaela Kimura song)

Happy Days (Ai Otsuka song)

Happy People (R. Kelly song)

Happy Violentine

Happy Without You

Hard Act to Follow

Hard to Be a Rock 'n Roller (Wig Wam song)

Hardcore Hustle

Harmony (Beni Arashiro song)

Hate It or Love It

Haters (Hilary Duff song)

Haunted (Human Nature song)

Havana Gang Brawl

Have You Ever (Michelle Williams song)

Have a Nice Day (Bon Jovi song)

He Ma Durga

He Touches Me

He Wasn't

He Woke Me Up Again


Hear My Name

Heartbeat (Annie song)

Heartstopper (song)

Heaven (Los Lonely Boys song)

Heavy on My Heart

Hej Hej Monika

Helena (My Chemical Romance song)

Helicopter (Bloc Party song)

Hello (Follow Your Own Star)

Hello Sun

Hello Zepp


Here Alone

Here I Am (Alexander Klaws song)

Here I Go Again (Mario song)

Here I Go Impossible Again

Here for the Party (song)

Here with Me (MercyMe song)

Hero (Europe song)

Hey Boy (Teddybears song)

Hey Boy! (Kim-Lian song)

Hey Bunny

Hey Girl (Estelle song)

Hey My Friend

Hey Now (Mean Muggin)

Hey You (The Exies song)

Hey Young Girl

Hi Hi (Puffy AmiYumi)

Hi no Tori (song)

Hide Away (Hilary Duff song)

High (James Blunt song)

High of 75

Him (Collective Soul song)

Hip Hip Hooray (song)

Hit Girl (song)

Hit in the USA

Hit the City

Hit the Lights (Tribute to a Night I'll Never Forget)

Hitomi no Juunin

Hitomi no Kakera

Hitomi o Tojite

Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt

Hold On to Me (Courtney Love song)

Hold Onto Our Love

Hold You Down (The Alchemist song)

Hold on Me (Grinspoon song)

Holiday (Green Day song)

Hollaback Girl

Hollywood (Kasey Chambers song)

Holy Is the Lord

Holy Water (Big & Rich song)

Home (Collective Soul song)

Homesick (MercyMe song)

Homewrecker (song)

Hook Up

Hope (Twista song)

Horny (OPM song)

Horror with Eyeballs

Hot (Beatnuts song)

Hot 2Nite

Hot Girls


Hotter than You Know

How Come

How Could You (Mario song)

How Did It Ever Come to This?

How Do You Get That Lonely

How Do You Love?

How Does It Feel (Anita Baker song)

How Does It Feel (Avril Lavigne song)

How Great Is Our God

How We Do (song)

Hug (song)

Hush (LL Cool J song)

Hyphy (song)

I Admit (Sanda song)

I Ain't No Quitter

I Always Get What I Want

I Am (Hilary Duff song)

I Am (Killing Heidi song)

I Am tha 1

I Believe (Fantasia song)

I Believe My Heart (song)

I Believe in You (Kylie Minogue song)

I Bruise Easily

I Can't Give You What I Haven't Got

I Caught Fire

I Changed My Mind

I Could Be an Angle

I Disappear (The Faint song)

I Don't Wanna Know

I Don't Wanna Know (New Found Glory song)

I Drink

I Go Back

I Got

I Hate Everything

I Have Forgiven Jesus

I Just Wanna Live

I Love Them Ho's (Ho-Wop)

I May Hate Myself in the Morning

I Meant To

I Miss My Dawgs

I Need Dubs

I Never (Rilo Kiley song)

I Never Told You What I Do for a Living

I Predict a Riot

I Promise (Stacie Orrico song)

I See Me

I Should Tell You

I Smoke, I Drank

I So Hate Consequences

I Still Believe (Juliette Schoppmann song)

I Think They Like Me

I Wanna Love You (Estelle song)

I Wanna Thank Ya

I Want It (song)

I Want More (Faithless song)

I Want You (Janet Jackson song)

I Want to Live (Josh Gracin song)

I Won't Cry

I ljus och mrker

I'd Rather Dance with You

I'll Die Tryin'

I'll Take That as a Yes (The Hot Tub Song)

I'm About to Get Her

I'm Confused

I'm Gonna Win

I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

I'm Ready (Cherie song)

I'm So Fly

I'm So Ronery

I'm Tryna

I'm a Good Man

I'm a Hustla (song)

I'm a Saint

I'm on Standby/Stray Dog and the Chocolate Shake

I've Got Your Number (Cheyne Coates song)

I: Dareka...

Ich bin die Sehnsucht in dir

Identity: Prologue

Ienai Kotoba

If (Destiny's Child song)

If Looks Could Kill...Then You'd Be Dead

If Nobody Believed in You

If Something Should Happen

If There's Any Justice

If You Can Dream

If You Ever Stop Loving Me

Illusion (Benassi Bros. song)

Immer Lauter

In 20-0-3

In Blue Hawaii

In It for the Money (song)

In Love with Myself

In Some Small Way

In a Real Love

In da Club 2004

In med bollen

In the Backseat

In the Blink of an Eye (song)

In the Devil's Territory

In the Summertime (Thirsty Merc song)

Infinite (Beni Arashiro song)

Inhale Positivity

Innocent Starter

Inside Your Heart

Inspiration on Demand

Inspire (song)

Instant Pleasure (song)

Interlude (My Chemical Romance song)

Into Your Light

Into the Fire (Thirteen Senses song)

Irish Blood, English Heart

Irish Son (song)

Is A Playa

Is It 'Cos I'm Cool?

Is It a Sin

Is She the Reason

It Hurts (Lena Philipsson song)

It Just Is

It's About Time (Van Halen song)

It's All How You Look at It

It's Getting Better All the Time

It's Good to Be Here

It's Happy Line

It's Not a Fashion Statement, It's a Fucking Deathwish

It's Nothing

It's Raining (Rain song)

It's Too Late (Evermore song)

It's Us

It's a Hit (song)

Italian Love Song

Jabberjaw (song)

Jag borde frsts vetat bttre

Jalousie (Priscilla song)

Jazz 88 (song)

Je lui dirai

Jenny Was a Friend of Mine

Jenny Wren

Jericho (Hilary Duff song)

Jesus Walks

Jesus of Suburbia

Jewel of Kiss

Jillian (I'd Give My Heart)

Jiyuu e no Shoutai

Jolene (Ray LaMontagne song)

Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari

Just Be (Tisto song)

Just Lose It

Just Might (Make Me Believe)

Just Wanna Dance

Just a Little While

Just a Moment (song)

Just a Ride

Just for You (Lionel Richie song)

KKN (song)

Kakegae no Nai Mono

Karma (Lloyd Banks song)

Kasumi (song)

Katse Kala

Keep Our Fire Burning

Keg in the Closet

Keine Lust

Keisha's House


Killin' Me (Drowning Pool song)

Killing Me DJ

Kimi ni Aitakute

Kimi ni Koishiteru

Kimi no Machi Made

Kimi wa Tomodachi

Kinda Love

King Without a Crown (Matisyahu song)

King of the Dancehall (song)

King of the Rodeo

Kingyo Hanabi

Kinjirareta Asobi

Kiseki (Koda Kumi song)

Kiseki no Kaori Dance

Kiss and Swallow (song)

Kiss of Life (Supergrass song)

Knock U Out

Knuck If You Buck

Koi no Jubaku

Koi no Vacance

Kolejny Raz


Kosmos (Antic Cafe song)


Kryptonite (Guy Sebastian song)


Kunta Fly Shit

Kuolema tekee taiteilijan

Ky wa Yukkuri Hanas

L.S.F. (song)

La Camisa Negra

La La (Ashlee Simpson song)

La Popola

La Ritournelle

La dolce vita (After Dark song)

La mirada interior

La prospettiva di me

Lackey (song)

Lady (Lenny Kravitz song)

Lady December

Lahore Lahore Aye

Laid to Rest

Lane moje

Las Avispas

Last Drop

Last Flight Home

Last Kiss (Bonnie Pink song)

Last One Standing (Emerson Drive song)

Last Post on the Bugle

Last Request (A Day to Remember song)

Last Summer (Lostprophets song)

Last Train Home (Lostprophets song)

Lavatory Love Machine

Lay Down My Pride

Lay It Down (Sister Hazel song)

Layne (Black Label Society song)

Layne to Rest

Lazarus (Porcupine Tree song)

Le souvenir de ce jour

Lean Back

Learn to Be Lonely

Leave (Get Out)

Leave It All Behind (The Features song)

Leaving New York

Left Outside Alone

Legend (Mika Nakashima song)

Leisure Suite

Lena Anthem


Let It Go (Cormega song)

Let It Go (Paco song)

Let Me Hold You

Let Me In (Young Buck song)

Let Me Kiss You

Let Me Love You (Mario song)

Let Them Be Little (song)

Let the Wind Erase Me

Let's Be Us Again (song)

Let's Dance (Nikki Webster song)

Let's Get Blown

Let's Go (Trick Daddy song)

Letters from Home (song)

Letters from War

Level 42 (song)

Libnan (Lydia Canaan song)

Lie (Paco song)

Liebt sie dich so wie ich?

Life (Ana Johnsson song)

Life After Death & Taxes (Failure II)

Life Goes On (Elisa song)

Life Is Beautiful (Flow song)

Life Is Better with You

Life Is Cool (song)

Life Less Frightening

Lift (Poets of the Fall song)

Lifting the Veil from the Braille

Like Little Willie John

Like Toy Soldiers

Like You (Daddy Yankee song)

Line in the Sand (Motrhead song)

Lipstick (Alejandra Guzmn song)

Little Patch of Heaven

Little Sister (Queens of the Stone Age song)

Little Thoughts/Tulips

Live Like You Were Dying (song)

Live Tomorrow

Live Twice (song)

Living to Love You

Lo Que Me Gusta a M

Locked Up (song)

Loco (David Lee Murphy song)

Lola's Theme

Lonely As Can Be

Lonely Lonely

Long Night (The Corrs song)

Long Way to Go (Gwen Stefani and Andr 3000 song)

Long, Slow Kisses

Look at Me Now (Young Buck song)

Look into My Eyes (Fayray song)

Look to Your Path

Looking As You Are

Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous

Loop & Loop

Los (song)

Los 12 Discpulos

Los Angeles Is Burning

Lose My Breath

Loser (Ayreon song)

Losin' My Mind

Lost Without Each Other

Lost in a Melody

Lounger (song)

Love (Destiny's Child song)

Love Comes Again

Love Gets in the Way

Love Is Gonna Get You

Love Is Killing Me

Love Is Wicked (song)

Love Like Candy Floss

Love Machine (Girls Aloud song)

Love Revolution (Phixx song)

Love Thang

Love You Like Mad

Love and War (Drowning Pool song)

Love in Plaster

Love to Say Dada

Lovers and Friends (song)

Lovin Kind

Lua (song)

Lucky Cha Cha Cha!

Lump in My Throat

Lunacy Fringe


Lgrimas (JD Natasha song)

Ma Nouvelle-France

Ma philosophie

Ma rvolution

Mad Summer

Maggie's Revenge

Magic (Nick Drake song)

Magic in Your Eyes (song)

Magnet (Lindsay Lohan song)

Maimb Dand

Main Aisa Kyun Hoon

Main Yahan Hoon

Make It Hot (VS song)

Make It Up With Love

Make Love Fuck War

Make Me Look Good

Makin' Out

Malo (song)

Mama (Il Divo song)

Man I Used to Be

Mangeky Kirakira

Maniacal (song)

Marrakech (song)

Mary (Scissor Sisters song)

Mass Destruction (song)

Matador (Akinori Nakagawa song)

Matsuken Samba II

Maybe (Estelle song)

Maybe (King Girado song)

Maybe (N.E.R.D. song)

Maybe Someday

Me Plus One (Annie song)

Me and Charlie Talking

Me and Emily

Me and Mia

Measure of a Man (Sam and Mark song)

Mein Block

Mein Teil

Memoria (Erreway song)

Memories (Within Temptation song)

Memories That Fade Like Photographs

Memory (Sugarcult song)

Meri Kuri

Merry Christmas Maggie Thatcher

Merry Merry Merry Frickin' Christmas

Metal Lungies

Methamphetamine Blues

Mi Mayor Sacrificio

Mi abbandono a te

Mic Check (Juelz Santana song)

Mice Love Rice

Michael (Franz Ferdinand song)

Michael Collins (Cruachan song)

Midnight Show (Killers song)

Miho Komatsu 7 : prime number

Milk (Kings of Leon song)

Min krlek

Miracle (Cascada song)

Miracle Drug


Miseinen (Jun Shibata song)


Miss Being Mrs.

Missile (song)

Mistaken Identity (Delta Goodrem song)

Mistanie Eiy (song)

Mister Mental

Misunderstood (Robbie Williams song)


Mockingbird (Eminem song)

Modern Times (song)

Modern Way

Moments (Ayumi Hamasaki song)

Monday Morning Church

Money (David Guetta song)

Monkey to Man

Mono (song)

Monochrome Effect

Monochrome Letter

Monte Carlo (song)

More, More, More

Morgenstern (song)

Morning Glory Wine

Mosh (song)

Moskau (Rammstein song)

Most Precious Love

Mouth's Cradle

Move Ya Body

Move in My Direction

Movement (LCD Soundsystem song)

Moviestar (Stereophonics song)

Moving to Blackwater

Mr. James Dean

Mr. Mom (song)

Mr. Palengke

Mrs. O'Leary's Cow (instrumental)

Ms. Vanity

Mushaboom (song)

Music When the Lights Go Out

Musicology (song)

Must Be Nice (song)

My 1st Single

My Baby (Janet Jackson song)

My Band

My Boo (Usher and Alicia Keys song)

My Cinderella

My Completeness

My Girlfriend (Romeo song)

My Happy Ending

My Heaven Is Your Hell

My Love (Paco song)

My Mother Had a Brother

My My My (Armand Van Helden song)

My Only Love Is You

My Place (song)

My Recovery Injection

My Religion (song)

Mykel and Carli

Ma (Paulina Rubio song)

Na Na Na (Dulce Nia)


Nada Valgo Sin Tu Amor

Namae no Nai Sora o Miagete

Namae wa, Mada Nai

Namida Kirari Tobase

Namida ga Tomaranai Hkago

Namida no Taiy

Napoleon (song)

Narc (song)

Nasty Girl (Nitty song)

Nature Anthem

Nebo eto ya (song)

Negai (Fayray song)

Neighborhood 1 (Tunnels)

Neighborhood 2 (Laka)

Neighborhood 3 (Power Out)

Nemo (song)

Never (Keyshia Cole song)

Never (Paco song)

Never Alone (BarlowGirl song)

Never Be the Same (Michelle Williams song)

Never Enough (Eminem song)

Never Felt Like This Before

Never Let Me Down (Kanye West song)

New Beginning (Shannon Noll song)

New Day (Patti LaBelle song)

New Friend (song)

New Health Rock

New Idols

New York (Ja Rule song)

Newark Valley (song)

Nie Zawied Mnie

Nie wieder (Bushido song)

Night Deluxe

Night on Fire (song)

Nightly Cares

Niki FM

Nisam Ista/Things Are Going My Way

Nia (song)

No Better Love

No Bravery

No End in Sight (song)

No Me Dejes Solo

No One Like You (Michelle Williams song)

No Phone

No Problem (Lil Scrappy song)

No Reason (Sum 41 song)

No Revolution

No Sleep (Jebediah song)

No W

Nobody 'til You

Nobody Else (Shara Nelson song)

Nobody but Me (Blake Shelton song)

Nobody's Home (Avril Lavigne song)

Nolia Clap


Not Listening (song)

Not That Kinda Girl

Not Too Late for Love

Not Your Average Joe

Not for All the Love in the World

Nothin' 'bout Love Makes Sense

Nothin' but Cowboy Boots

Nothin' to Lose (Josh Gracin song)

Nothing Hurts Like Love

Nothing New (Ashlee Simpson song)

November (Emerson Drive song)

November (song)

Now At Last

Now Get Busy

Now That You Can't Have Me

Now You Know (Hilary Duff song)


Number One (Skye Sweetnam song)

Number One Spot

O (Omarion song)

O.G. Bitch

Obviously (song)

Ocean Breathes Salty

Oceania (song)

Oceans (The Tea Party song)

Of Mice and Men (song)

Off 2 Work

Oh (Ciara song)

Oh (Dave Matthews song)

Oh Millwall

Oh My God (Kaiser Chiefs song)

Oh Oh

Ohio (Come Back to Texas)

Ohio Is for Lovers

Ohne dich

Old Habits Die Hard

Older Than You

On Fire (Lloyd Banks song)

On My Balcony

On My Knees (The 411 song)

On My Way (Ben Kweller song)

On Top (Killers song)

On a Day Like Today (Keane song)

On a Good Day (Blake Shelton song)

On a Holiday

On and On (Estelle song)

On the Nature of Daylight

On the Way Down

Onda (song)

One (Always Hardcore)

One Beer (Madvillain song)

One Day, One Dream

One Evening (Feist song)

One More Night (Cascada song)

One Night Without You

One Perfect Day (Lydia Denker song)

One Shot 2 Shot

One Step Closer (U2 song)

One Wish (Ray J song)

One in a Million (Sandy Mlling song)

One of Us Is Gonna Die Young

Only If I

Only Lonely Glory

Only One Word Comes to Mind

Only This Moment

Only U

Only Words I Know

Ooh Boy (En Vogue song)


Open Arms (Tina Turner song)

Open Road (Bryan Adams song)

Open Your Eyes (Alter Bridge song)

Original of the Species

Orpheus (Ash song)

Ostriches & Chirping

Other Side of the World

Otherside (InMe song)

Our Lives

Out Is Through

Out of My Hands (The Donnas song)

Out of the Blue (Delta Goodrem song)

Out with My Baby

Over (Lindsay Lohan song)

Over It (Anneliese van der Pol song)

Over and Over (Nelly song)

Overnight Celebrity

Oye Mi Canto

Pageant (Moi dix Mois song)

Pain (Jimmy Eat World song)

Palahniuk's Laughter

Panic (No Doubt song)

Panic Prone

Panorama (Nana Mizuki song)

Paper Wings (Rise Against song)

Paperbag Writer

Para Tu Amor

Paradise (E-Type & Nana Hedin song)

Paris Circa 2007 Slash 08

Parle-moi (Ndiya song)

Parlez-vous Freezepop?

Parte de Mi Corazn

Party Starter

Party for Two

Passenger Seat (SHeDAISY song)

Passing Afternoon

Passive (song)

Patience (George Michael song)

Pay the Rent (Rammellzee song)

Peach, Plum, Pear

Pencil Fight

Penny & Me

Per Sempre (for Always)

Perdidos (song)

Perfect Situation

Perfect to Stay

Perfekte Welle

Pickin' Wildflowers

Pieces (Sum 41 song)

Pieces of Me (song)

Pierce the Veil (song)

Pies (Wiley song)

Pimpin' All Over the World

Piriri to Yuk!

Planet Hell

Pleasure Is All Mine

Poetry (Tamia song)

Pointless Relationship

Pony (Kasey Chambers song)

Popular (Darren Hayes song)

Porch Swing in Tupelo

Pornography (song)

Portions for Foxes

Portland Oregon (song)

Pot of Gold (Akon song)

Pow! (Forward)

Predictable (Good Charlotte song)

Pressure Point (song)

Pretty (Ugly Before)

Pretty Girl Bullshit

Private Laughter

Processed Beats

Professional Distortion

Promises (Paco song)

Prophecy (Soulfly song)

Provas de Amor

Public Pervert

Puede Ser

Puke (Eminem song)

Pulse of the Maggots

Pump It Up!

Punk Rock Superstar

Pure Gold (song)

Pureness (Nana Kitade song)

Purpose in Your Storm

Push Up (song)

Pussy (Real Good)

Put 'Em High

Put You on the Game


Questions (Tamia song)

Quidditch, Third Year

Quiero Bailar (song)

Quiero Saber

Quincy (song)

R&B Junkie

Radio (Robbie Williams song)

Rain (Breaking Benjamin song)

Rain Man (song)

Random (Lady Sovereign song)

Rapid Hope Loss

Raplaulajan vapaapiv

Razom nas bahato

Razor's Edge (Saliva song)

Razz (song)


Reach for the Sky (Social Distortion song)

Ready Steady Go (L'Arc-en-Ciel song)

Real Gangstaz

Real Good Looking Boy

Real Nigga Roll Call

Real a Lie

Real to Me (Brian McFadden song)

Realize (Nami Tamaki song)

Reason (Nami Tamaki song)

Reason Is Treason

Rebel Never Gets Old

Rebelde (song)

Rebellion (Lies)

Red Baron/Blue Max

Red Clouds

Red Light (Usher song)

Redneck Woman

Remember Me (The Zutons song)

Remember the Love


Ren'ai Sentai Shitsuranger

Renegade Cavalcade

Rescue My Heart

Resentment (Victoria Beckham song)

Resta in ascolto (song)

Resucitar (song)

Retreat! Retreat!

Return to Oz (song)

Revenge of a Middle-Aged Woman

Revolution (Judas Priest song)

Rewrite (song)

Rich Girl (Gwen Stefani song)

Ride (The Vines song)

Ride It (Geri Halliwell song)

Ride the Wings of Pestilence

Right About Now (song)

Right Right Now Now

Right to Be Wrong

Ring A Ding-Ding (Leslie and the LY's song)

Riot in Everyone

Rise Again (DJ Sammy song)

Rise of the Eagles


Roadtrip (song)

Robo Kiss

Rock Bankurawase/Minoreba Rock

Rock Co.Kane Flow

Rock This World

Rocking Music

Roman (My Dear Boy)

Romantic Rights

Room Service (song)

Room on the 3rd Floor (song)

Roots Beneath Ideals

Rose, My Rocket-Brain!

Round Here (George Michael song)

Routine Check

Rub Me Wrong

Rub My Back

Rumors (Lindsay Lohan song)

Rumors of My Demise Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

Run with Me

Runaway (Groove Coverage song)

Runaway (iiO song)

Running Blind (song)

Ryanair Song

Sadie (Alkaline Trio song)

Sadie (Joanna Newsom song)

Safe Forever

Sag mir Was meinst du?

Saku (song)

Sakura Mankai

Samba Sadashiva

San ou (La Rivire)

Saoco (Wisin song)

Satellite (Collective Soul song)

Satie (song)

Satin in a Coffin

Save Me Dear

Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)

Say Something Anyway

Say Something New

Saying Sorry

Scar (song)

Scars (Papa Roach song)

Scents and Subtle Sounds intro

Schanzer Herz

School Spirit (song)

Scorpio (Trax song)

Seasons Change (Anastacia song)

Seduction (Usher song)

See Through Head

See Who I Am

See You Dead

Seems Fine

Sem Voc

September All Over

Serenade (Tackey & Tsubasa song)

Serious (Gwen Stefani song)

Set Phasers to Stun

Seven (Mika Nakashima song)

Seven Swans (song)

Sex Is Not the Enemy

Sex hat keine Macht

Sex, Love & Money

Shaded (song)

Shadow (Ashlee Simpson song)

Shake (EliZe song)

Shake Dat Shit

Shake It (Sakis Rouvas song)

Shake It Baby

Shake It Off (Mariah Carey song)

Shake That!

Shallow Pockets

Sharin no Uta

She (Groove Coverage song)

She Je Boshe Ache

She Neva Seen

She Says (Unwritten Law song)

She Thinks She Needs Me

She Wants to Be Me

She Wants to Move

She's Hearing Voices

She's No You

She's Pulling Out the Pin

She's the Blade

Shimmy Shimmy Quarter Turn

Shine (Hilary Duff song)

Shine On (Christine Milton song)

Shining Star (Nami Tamaki song)

Shirat Hasticker

Shizukanaru Melody

Shooting Star (Deepest Blue song)

Shopping Bags (She Got from You)

Shorty Wanna Ride

Should I Go

Show Me Forgiveness

Showbiz (The Battle)

Shut Up! (Simple Plan song)

Si Pruebas una Vez

Si loin de vous (Hey oh... par la radio)

Si seulement je pouvais lui manquer

Sick Love Song

Sick and Tired (Anastacia song)


Sideways In Reverse

Sight to Frame

Sign (Mr. Children song)

Signes (song)

Signs (Snoop Dogg song)

Simple Things (Usher song)

Sin Despertar

Since '84

Since U Been Gone

Single (Natasha Bedingfield song)

Siren (Asian Kung-Fu Generation song)

Sister (Porno Graffitti song)

Sister (Sufjan Stevens song)

Size Too Small

Skin (Sarabeth)

Sky Starts Falling

Slash Dot Dash

Sleep Well Tonight (The Dissociatives song)

Sleeps with Butterflies

Slipped Away (Avril Lavigne song)

Slipping Away (Mansun song)

Slither (song)

Slow Hands (Interpol song)

Slow Night, So Long

Smile for Me (Massari song)

Smoke (Eskimo Joe song)

Smooth (iiO song)

Snowden (song)

So Addictive

So Cold (Breaking Benjamin song)

So Damn Beautiful (Michael Murphy song)

So Damn Lucky

So Far So Good (Thornley song)

So Fly (213 song)

So Long, Jimmy

So Much Love for You

So Sexy

So Sexy Chapter II (Like This)

Soldier (Destiny's Child song)

Soldiers of the Wasteland

Solo Qudate En Silencio


Som stormen

Some Beach

Some Cut

Some Devil (song)

Some Girls (Rachel Stevens song)

Some People Change (song)

Some Postman

Some Say (Sum 41 song)

Somebody (Bonnie McKee song)

Somebody I Once Knew

Somebody Told Me

Somebody's Hero (song)

Someday, Someday

Someone (Laissons nous une chance)

Someone like Me

Someone's Watching Over Me

Someplace Good

Somersault (song)

Something I Never Had

Something More (Sugarland song)

Something to Be Proud Of

Something's Gotta Give (The John Butler Trio song)

Sometimes You Can't Make It on Your Own

Somewhere Down the Barrel

Somewhere Else (Razorlight song)

Somewhere Only We Know

Songs About Me (song)

Sonnets/Unrealities XI

Sono Mirai wa Ima

Sooner or Later (Breaking Benjamin song)


Sotsugy (Zone song)

Sous l'oeil de l'ange / Qu'est ce que a te fout

Southside (Lloyd song)

Soy Mujer (song)

Space They Cannot Touch

Spaceship (Kanye West song)

Speak (Lindsay Lohan song)

Spectacular (Graham Coxon song)

Spend Some Time

Spin the Wheel (Bellefire song)

Spirit of the Age

Spirit of the Season

Spitfire (song)

Spoiled (song)

Sprout and the Bean

Stan Bowles (song)

Stand My Ground

Stand Up (The Feelers song)

Stand Up Tall

Starcrossed (song)

Stargazer (The Tea Party song)

Staring at Backgrounds

Staring at the Sun (TV on the Radio song)

Stars (Chlo song)

Start (Rina Aiuchi song)

Stay (David Guetta song)

Stay the Same (Gabrielle song)

Stay with You (Lemon Jelly song)

Stays in Mexico

Stein um Stein

Step Up (Drowning Pool song)

Still (Tamia song)

Still Tippin'

Stolen (Jay Sean song)

Stop the Music (P-Money song)

Storm (Lenny Kravitz song)

Story of My Life (Kristian Leontiou song)

Straight Ahead (Tube & Berger song)

Strange Religion

Strasbourg (song)

Stratus (Moments in Grace song)

Strung Out Again

Stuck in the Middle (Clea song)

Stumble and Fall

Submarine (Bjrk song)

Suburbia Streets

Suddenly I See

Sugar Guitar (song)

Sugar, We're Goin Down

Summer Lovin'

Summer Sunshine

Suna no Shiro

Sunrise (Norah Jones song)

Sunrise (Puffy AmiYumi song)

Sunshine (Lil' Flip song)

Sunshine (Twista song)

Sunshine After the Rain (Alexander Klaws song)

Sunshine in the Rain


Super Idol 2004

Superliga (song)

Superstar (Usher song)

Supervillain Theme

Surfing on a Rocket

Survival of the Sickest (song)

Sweat (Hadise song)

Sweet the Sting

Sweetest Poison

Swing Life Away

Switch (Lisa song)

Switch (Will Smith song)

Symptoms of You

Syndrome de Abstenencia



T-Shirt (Destiny's Child song)

TKO (Le Tigre song)

Take It Away (The Used song)

Take It Easy (Love Nothing)

Take Me Away (Avril Lavigne song)

Take Me Out (song)

Take You Back

Take Your Hand

Take Your Mama

Taking Off (song)

Talk About Our Love

Talk Shows on Mute

Talk, Talk, Talk

Tangled Up in Me

Tasogare Romance

Taste You (Auf der Maur song)

Taste You (Cheyne song)

Tatta Hitori no Kimi

Taxi Driver (song)

Te Buscara

Te Quise Tanto

Tear It Up (Yung Wun song)

Teardrops (The 411 song)

Tears and Rain

Tell Her Tonight

Tell Me (Sandy Mlling song)

Tell Me Why (Wah Wah Collective song)

Ten Days (Missy Higgins song)

Ten Years Time

Tender Remains

Tenohira o Taiy ni / Delighted

Tessie (Dropkick Murphys song)

Thank You for the Venom

That Girl (McFly song)

That Girl (Miranda Murphy song)

That's Cool

That's Nasty (song)

That's What I Love About Sunday

That's What It's All About

That's What It's Made For

The Absence of God

The Art Teacher

The Ballad of Michael Valentine

The Bartender (Blake Shelton song)

The Bassmachine (song)

The Best Man (song)

The Big Show (song)

The Book of Right-On

The Boxer (The Chemical Brothers song)

The Bride (song)

The Broad Factor

The Bucket

The Bumper of My SUV

The Car Song

The Chronicles of Life and Death (song)

The Clincher

The Coast Is Always Changing

The Damage (song)

The Dark of the Matine

The Dementors Converge

The Dress Looks Nice on You

The Drop (Regurgitator song)

The End of Heartache (song)

The End of the World (The Cure song)

The Fact Is (I Need You)

The Fatal Mission

The Fight Song (Sanctus Real song)

The Final (song)

The First Drop

The Food

The Game Is Won

The Geeks Get the Girls

The Getaway (Hilary Duff song)

The Ghost of You

The Ghost of You (Good Charlotte song)

The Girl's Gone Wild

The Good Life (Trent Willmon song)

The Grey Room

The Ha Ha Wall

The Illest Villains

The Image of You

The Importance of Being Idle (song)

The Incident (song)

The Infant Light

The Irish Keep Gate-crashing

The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You

The Last Song (Hilary Duff song)

The Light That Blinds

The Lord Loves the Drinkin' Man

The Love Bug (song)

The Love of Richard Nixon

The Magic of the Wizard's Dream

The Marshals Are Dead

The Meaning of Love (Michelle McManus song)

The Movement (song)

The Nameless (song)

The New Workout Plan

The New Xmas Wishbook

The Next Best Thing (All Time Low song)

The Odyssey (Incubus song)

The One You Love (Rufus Wainwright song)

The Other Improv

The Potion

The Power Is On

The Process of Losing and Gaining

The Quiet Place

The Rat (song)

The Real Thing (Gwen Stefani song)

The River (Breed 77 song)

The Road (Superheist song)

The Rules (song)

The Saga (The Libertines song)

The Show (Girls Aloud song)

The Siren (song)

The Sound of San Francisco

The Sound of White (song)

The Sun Has Come Your Way

The Talkin' Song Repair Blues

The Tide That Left and Never Came Back

The Transfiguration (song)

The True Sound

The Warpzone

The Way (Daniel Bedingfield song)

The Way I Am (Ana Johnsson song)

The Way It's Meant To Be Universal (Features song)

The Way It's Meant to Be

The Way of Love (Michelle Williams song)

The Weekend (Michael Gray song)

The Well of Tradition

The Widow (song)

The Wild Son

The Woman with You

The World Is Mine (David Guetta song)

The World Needs a Drink

The World at Large

The World is Black

The Wrong Girl

Theologians (song)

There's No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake

There's a Million Ways to Sing the Blues

There's a Way (Collective Soul song)

These Kids

These Words

They Call Her the Cat

They Can't Take That Away

Thief's Theme

Thin (song)

Things Will Go My Way

Thinking About You (Ivy song)

Thinking in Reverse

Thinking of You (Status Quo song)

Third Earth (song)

This Christmas/More Than Love

This Could Be My Moment

This Devil's Workday

This Fire (Franz Ferdinand song)

This Is How a Heart Breaks

This Is My Life (Elli Erl song)

This Is Such a Pity

This Is for the Poor

This Man (song)

This Modern Love (Bloc Party song)

This Old Skin

This Photograph Is Proof (I Know You Know)

This Side of Paradise (song)

This Side of the Blue

This Sun Has Set

This Time's for Real

This Way (Dilated Peoples song)

Three Little Babes

Through (George Michael song)

Through with Love

Throw Your Hands (In the Air)

Throwback (song)

Thru the Glass

Thugs Get Lonely Too

Tied Up Too Tight

Tilt Ya Head Back

Time to Go (Nina Sky song)

Time to Grow (song)

Time's Up (Jadakiss song)

To Be Alone with You (Sufjan Stevens song)

To Kill the Child/Leaving Beirut

To Know Your Name

To tha Floor

Together (Avril Lavigne song)

Toi c'est moi

Toma (song)


Tomorrow's Song

Tonight I Wanna Cry

Tonight's the Night (Little Birdy song)

Too Cold

Too Much of a Good Thing

Tooken Back

Touch (Omarion song)

Touch (song)

Tougher Than Nails (song)

Tower of Snakes

Traffic (Tisto song)

Train Station (song)

Transformation Bass

Traveller (Aiko Kayo song)

Treat Me Like a Woman

Tricked (That's the Way I Like It)

Trip Around the Sun

Triple Trouble (song)

Triumph of a Heart

Trouble (Ray LaMontagne song)

True (Ryan Cabrera song)

Truth Is (Fantasia song)

Truth of My Youth

Try To Save Your S'ong

Trying to Find Atlantis

Tu Eres Mi Luz

Tu Prncipe

Tuesday Morning (Melissa Etheridge song)

Tulips (song)

Tuonen viem

Turn It Up (Brandy song)

Turn Your Car Around

Turn da Lights Off

Turnin' Me On (Nina Sky song)

Twelve Days of Rugrats

Twenty Years (song)

Twilight (Elliott Smith song)

Two Words

Two-Timing Touch and Broken Bones

T No Tienes Alma

U Already Know

U Build Me Up

U Don't Know Me (T.I. song)

U Got What I Need

U Make Me Wanna (Jadakiss song)

U Saved Me

U-Haul (song)

USA Today (song)

Un poco de tu amor

Una (song)

Under Heaven's Skies

Under the Gun (Killers song)

Under the Weather

Undermind (song)

Underneath This Smile

Underwear Goes Inside the Pants

Undiscovered (Ashlee Simpson song)

Une Anne Sans Lumire

Unexpected (song)

Unlovable (Darren Hayes song)

Unnatural Blonde

Unwritten (song)

Up for Breakfast

Ups & Downs

Used to Love U

Usotsuki (Aya Ueto song)

Utareru Ame

Vague (song)

Valley Forge (song)

Velvet Snow

Veni Veni

Vergi Es (Forget It)

Vermilion (song)

Very Last Moment in Time

Vibrate (Petey Pablo song)

Vice (Razorlight song)

Vindarna vnder oss

Vindicated (song)

Viola (song)

Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)

Vitamin S (song)


Vivons pour demain

Volverte a Ver




Wagon Wheel (song)

Wait (Earshot song)

Waiting (Miz song)

Waiting For

Wake Me Up (Girls Aloud song)

Wake Me Up When September Ends

Wake Up (Arcade Fire song)

Wake Up (Make a Move)

Walk Away (Kelly Clarkson song)

Walk Idiot Walk

Walk Tall (John Mellencamp song)

Walk into the Sun


Walkie Talkie Man

Walking in the Sun

Walking with a Ghost (song)

Wanderlust (R.E.M. song)

Want You More!

Was a Time

Waste of What Your Kids Won't Have

We Are (Ana Johnsson song)

We Are All on Drugs

We Believe (Good Charlotte song)

We Belong Together

We Can Try

We Gon' Ride

We Might as Well Be Strangers

We R in Need of a Musical Revolution

We Wanna Thank You (The Things You Do)

We Want It All

We Won't Need Legs to Stand

We're All to Blame

We're Much Preferred Customers

Weapons of Mass Instruction

Web of Night

Week In, Week Out

Weight of the World (Elton John song)

Weird (Hilary Duff song)

Weit du wohin wir gehen

Welcome Back (Mase song)

Welcome to My Life

Welcome to My Truth

Westfall (song)

Westside Story (song)

What Am I to You?

What Became of the Likely Lads

What Drives the Weak

What Else Is There?

What R U Waiting 4

What Say You

What U Gon' Do

What You Waiting For?

What You Won't Do for Love (song)

What You're Made Of

What's Going On (Casey Donovan song)

What's Happenin'

What's Your Number? (song)

What's a Guy Gotta Do

What's on My Mind (Blake Shelton song)

Whatever (Jill Scott song)

Whatever Happened to Corey Haim?

Whatever U Want

Whatsername (Green Day song)

When Christmas Comes To Town

When I Fall

When I Think About Cheatin'

When It Isn't Like It Should Be (song)

When It's Time

When Somebody Knows You That Well

When Your Number Isnt Up

When the Night Feels My Song

When the Sun Goes Down (Kenny Chesney song)

Whenever You See Fit

Where Are We Runnin'?

Where Does the Good Go

Where I Belong (Rachel Proctor song)

Where I Belong (Sia song)

Where Is the Line

Where Nobody Knows

Where the Devil Don't Stay

White Houses (Vanessa Carlton song)

White Night Fantasy

White Shadows (song)

White Tee

White Trash (Steriogram song)

Who Could Win a Rabbit

Who Do You Think You Are? (Paco song)

Who I Am Hates Who I've Been

Who Is It (Bjrk song)

Who Is She 2 U

Who Knows (Avril Lavigne song)

Who's That Girl? (Hilary Duff song)

Who's the Enemy?

Why (Jadakiss song)

Why Do I Do?

Why Do You Have to Be So Hard to Love?

Why You Actin'

Wild Dances

William (song)

Win or Lose (Mobb Deep song)

Winner (Systems in Blue song)

Winning Days (song)

Wir Sind Wir


Wish I Had an Angel

Without You (Brooke Fraser song)

Wizards in Winter


Wonderful (Ja Rule song)

Wonderful Night

Work (Jimmy Eat World song)

Workout (RuPaul song)

World's on Fire (song)

Worn Me Down

Wot Do U Call It?

Wouldn't Change A Thing (Haven song)

Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too

Woz Not Woz

Wrap My Words Around You

Writing's on the Wall (The Tea Party song)

Wrong (Kimberley Locke song)

XXL (Keith Anderson song)

Ya Budu

Ya nada queda

Yahweh (song)

Yeah (LCD Soundsystem song)

Yeah! (Usher song)

Yeh Hum Aa Gaye Hain Kahan

Yellow Brick Road (Eminem song)

Yeovil True

Yhden enkelin unelma


You (Shaznay Lewis song)

You (Special D. song)

You Are My Man

You Can Do That

You Can Have It All

You Can't Hurry Love (Concretes song)

You Do Your Thing (song)

You Don't Know (Kierra Sheard song)

You Don't Lie Here Anymore

You Had Me

You Make Me Want to Be a Man

You Make Me Weak

You Run (Submersed song)

You Still Own Me

You Will You Won't

You and I (Celine Dion song)

You and Me (Lifehouse song)

You and Me (Tonight)

You'll Come 'Round

You're Beautiful

You're Gone (Marillion song)

You're Like Comin' Home

You're My Better Half

You're My Everything (Anita Baker song)

You're Not The One (Who Can Save Rock & Roll)

You're Shining

You're So Foxy

You're the Only One (Maria Mena song)

Young Man, Old Man (You Ain't Better Than the Rest)

Your Crowning Glory

Your Joy Is My Low (song)

Your Mother's Got a Penis

Your Song (Seishun Sensei)

Yours Fatally

Yume ga Chikara

Yj (Kokoro no Busu ni wa Naranee!)

Zero Friction

Zuton Fever


a Commence A Se Savoir

ll Birtan


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