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Songs from 1999

(Crazy for You But) Not That Crazy

(Du r s) Yeah Yeah Wow Wow

(I) Get Lost

(Now You See Me) Now You Don't

(Sic) (song)

(You Drive Me) Crazy

1, 2, 3, ... Rhymes Galore

1-800-Newfunk Ad (song)

10 Days Late

1000 Oceans

138 Trek

17 Again (song)

19 de Noviembre


1er Gaou

1st Man in Space

2 Times

24/7 (Kevon Edmonds song)

32 Counties (song)

365 Days (song)

4, 5, 6

45 (Elvis Costello song)

5 Women

6, 8, 12

70% (Ygure no Uta)


8 1/2 Minutes

800 Pound Jesus

88 Days

8 Minutes

96 Quite Bitter Beings

A Chicken with Its Head Cut Off

A Fable With No Moral

A Lesson Learned

A Life of Possibilities

A Little Bit of Luck

A Man Ain't Made of Stone (song)

A Matter of Time (Jason Sellers song)

A Mistake

A Night to Remember (Joe Diffie song)

A Place Under the Sun

A Pop Song Saved My Life

A Pretty Girl is Like...

A Schoolboy's Charm

A Three Song Recording

A la fiesta

About Last Night (Vitamin C song)

Absolutely Everybody

Action & Action

Adagio (Lara Fabian song)

Adam's Song

Addicted to You (Hikaru Utada song)

Adelante (Sash! song)

Adis Amor (Mar de Copas song)

Adore (Miho Nakayama song)

Affirmation (Savage Garden song)

Afrika Shox

After Tonight (Mariah Carey song)

After the Love Has Gone (Steps song)

Aged Dolls

Ai no Ai no Hoshi

Ai no Hi Mittsu Orange

Air Guitar (Ben & Jason song)

Akashiya Sanma-san ni Kiite Minai to ne

Akuro no Oka

Albuquerque (song)

Alien (Pennywise song)

Aliens Exist

Alive (Beastie Boys song)

All God's Children (song)

All I Really Want (Kim Lukas song)

All My Friends (Counting Crows song)

All My Life (Jim Witter song)

All My Little Words

All Night Long (Montgomery Gentry song)

All Star (song)

All That I Can Say

All The Lights Went Out

All Things Considered (song)

All You Want

All or Nothing (Cher song)

All the Small Things

All-Star Me

Allistair Chestnut

Almost Home (Mary Chapin Carpenter song)

Alright Caroline

Always You (Jennifer Paige song)

Amarte Es un Placer (song)


America (Bree Sharp song)

Ammajan (song)

Amneris' Letter

Amores Perros (Me Van A Matar)

Angeline (Sean Hogan song)

Angels Would Fall

Angry Inch

Animal (Jebediah song)

Animal Instinct (The Cranberries song)

Anna Jlia

Annie (song)

Another Love Song (Insane Clown Posse song)

Another Nine Minutes

Another Way (Gigi D'Agostino song)

Anthem (Blink-182 song)

Anthem for the Year 2000

Anton aus Tirol

Anyone (Roxette song)

Anything (Third Eye Blind song)

Apollo (Porno Graffitti song)

Apollo Kids (song)


Arashi (song)

Are You Ready (Joanne song)

Are You Ready? (Creed song)

Are Your Eyes Still Blue

Army (Ben Folds Five song)

Around the World (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Artsakh (song)

Asahi no Ataru Hashi

Ask for More

Atari Teenage Riot II

Au nom de la rose

Awful (song)

Azcar (song)

B-Boys & Flygirls

Baby Baby Baby (Alexia song)

Baby Blue (Emilana Torrini song)

Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II)

Baby I Like

Baby Knows

Back Here

Back Seat Dog

Back at One (song)

Back in My Life

Back to Your Heart

Bad Blood (Ministry song)

Bad Light

Bad Meets Evil (song)

Bag It Up


Bam bam (Kim Kay song)

Banned from the Back Porch

Baptism (song)


Bastet (song)

Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazn)

Be Faithful

Be Together

Be the First to Believe

Be with You (Enrique Iglesias song)

Beat Mama

Beautiful Day (3 Colours Red song)

Beautiful Stranger

Beautiful Way

Been There

Beer Thirty

Before You

Believe (Misia song)

Beside You (Dave Dobbyn song)

Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)

Better Days (And the Bottom Drops Out)

Better Off Broken

Big Deal (LeAnn Rimes song)

Big Pimpin'

Bills, Bills, Bills

Bing Bang

Bingo Bango

Bit by Bit

Bitch Please

Bla Bla Bla (Gigi D'Agostino song)

Black Capricorn Day

Black Island (song)

Black Tangled Heart

Blame Canada

Bled for Days

Bling Bling (song)

Bliss (Mariah Carey song)

Bliss (Tori Amos song)

Blood Brothers (Iron Maiden song)

Blossoms Falling

Blue Eyes Blue

Blue Zone (song)

Bodyrock (song)

Boom (Royce da 5'9" song)

Boom, Boom, Boom, Boom!!

Born to Make You Happy

Bound 4 Da Reload (Casualty)

Boy Strange

Boys & Girls (Ayumi Hamasaki song)

Brain Damage (Eminem song)

Brand New Day (Sting song)

Brave New World (Iron Maiden song)

Break Stuff

Breakdown (Queensrche song)

Breakfast in Vegas

Breakout (Foo Fighters song)

Breathe (Faith Hill song)

Breathe (Moist song)

Breathe and Stop

Brilliant Adventure

Bring It All Back

Bring It All to Me

Broken Chairs

Broken Train

Brothers & Sisters (song)

Bullet in the Gun


Bumble Bees

But for the Grace of God (song)

But the Regrets Are Killing Me


Butterfly (Crazy Town song)

Buy Me a Rose

Bye Bye (Marcy Playground song)

Bye Bye Bye

Bye! My Boy!

Bsame (Ricardo Montaner song)

C'est la Vie (Always 21)

C'est la nuit

Cage (song)

Cali Chronic

Californication (song)

Call My Name (The Brilliant Green song)

Calm Like a Bomb

Can You Feel

Can't Erase It

Can't Get Enough (Patty Loveless song)

Can't Get Enough (Suede song)

Can't Help Myself (Destiny's Child song)

Can't Nobody Love You (Like I Do)

Can't Take That Away (Mariah's Theme)

Candy (Mandy Moore song)

Canned Heat (song)

Canto della Terra

Cappuccino (song)

Car Horn (song)

Caramel (Blur song)

Carlene (song)

Carnival (The Pillows song)

Carrot Rope

Carry the Zero

Caught Out There

Cecilia (Ace of Base song)

Central Reservation (song)

Chained to You

Change Your Life (Alexia song)

Chant's Got a Man

Charlie Big Potato

Check Your Head (song)

Cherchez La Ghost

Chin Check

China in Her Eyes

Chocotto Love

Close to You (Alexia song)

Cobra Bird

Cognoscenti vs. Intelligentsia

Cold (Deep Obsession song)

Cold Blooded Old Times

Cold Shoulder (Culture Club song)

Colorblind (Chroma Key song)

Colorblind (Counting Crows song)

Come Around (Chantay Savage song)

Come Back in One Piece

Come On Christmas, Christmas Come On

Come On Up to the House

Come On, Come On (Smash Mouth song)

Come Original

Compliment (Collective Soul song)

Concertina (song)

Confessions (Destiny's Child song)

Consequence Free

Corazn Espinado

Could I Have This Kiss Forever

Country Comes to Town

Cowboy Take Me Away

Crack in the Union Jack

Crash and Burn (Savage Garden song)

Crazy Katy Nicotine and the Red Jet Air Balloon

Cream (Blank & Jones song)

Creepy Green Light

Crown (Collective Soul song)

Crush 'Em

Crush the Sight-Seers

Crybaby (Mariah Carey song)

Cundo volvers

DK Rap

Da Baddest Bitch (song)

Da Rockwilder

Da la Vuelta

Daddy DJ (song)

Daddy Won't Sell the Farm

Daisy (Bonnie Pink song)

Damn (Should've Treated U Right)

Dance & Shout / Hope

Dance Little Rude Boy

Dancin' (Guy song)

Dandy Life

Dango 3 Kyodai

Das weisse Licht

Datura (song)

David Duchovny (song)

Day After Day (Def Leppard song)

Day In Day Out (Feeder song)

Day by Day (Joy song)

Daydream Caf

De Hoy en Adelante

Dead Again (Buckcherry song)

Dead Battery

Dead Wrong (song)

Dead from the Waist Down

Dear Angel

Dear Jessie (Rollergirl song)

Dear Santa (Ringo Starr song)

Dearest Helpless

Debra (song)

Deep Inside of You

Deep in My Heart (Britney Spears song)

Deeper Shade of Blue

Defeat You (Smash Mouth song)

Delicious Surprise (song)

Denial (Sevendust song)

Desert Rose (Sting song)

Desperate Andy

Despise (song)

Dessine-moi un mouton

Destiny (Jim Brickman song)

Det svr jag p

Did I Do That? (song)

Die, All Right!

Dig (Mark Lizotte song)

Diggin' Your Scene

Dilbar (song)

Diluted (Slipknot song)

Dime Quin

Disco Heaven

Disse Adeus

Dive (Steven Curtis Chapman song)

Dizzy (Goo Goo Dolls song)

Do Something (Macy Gray song)

Do We Rock

Do What You Want to Do

Do You Feel the Same

Do You Know What I Love the Most?

Do You Want My Love

Do not forget me

Doctor of Love

Doing the Sponge

Don't Call Me Baby

Don't Change Your Plans

Don't Go Off Wandering

Don't Know Why

Don't Leave Me Behind / Silent Stream

Don't Leave Me This Way (Tina Turner song)

Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know

Don't Lie (Trace Adkins song)

Don't Make Me Beg

Don't Panic (Coldplay song)

Don't Say You Love Me (M2M song)

Don't Stop (Heavy D song)

Don't Stop! (ATB song)

Don't Take Away My Heart

Don't Think of Me

Don't Wanna Let You Go

Don't Want Another Man

Don't You Turn Your Back on Me


Dooms Night

Dormir Contigo

Down (Stone Temple Pilots song)

Down Bottom

Down Slow

Down for My N's

Down with the Sickness

Dream of Mirrors

Drifting (Salmonella Dub song)

Driftwood (Travis song)

Drip Fed Fred

Drive (Incubus song)

Driver's High

Du fr gra som du vill

Duel of the Fates


Dusted (song)

Dysentery Gary

Djate Querer (Gilberto Santa Rosa song)

Dnde Vas

E-Mail My Heart

Easter Theatre

Ecclesiastical Perks


Eeyore (song)

El Farol

El Kondor pada

El Poder de Tu Amor

El ltimo Adis

Electric (Robyn song)

Electricity (Suede song)

Electricity (The Avalanches song)

Elephant Man (Suede song)

Elle, tu l'aimes...

Else (song)

Emit Remmus

Emotion Sickness

Enemy (Days of the New song)

English Sunset

Escchame (Carlos Ponce song)

Eternal Memories

Eternal Message

Every Day I Love You

Everybody Come On

Everybody Wants to Be Like You

Everyday (Angie Stone song)

Everyone I Love Is Dead

Everything Dies

Everything Is Cool

Everything My Heart Desires

Everything Will Flow

Everything You Want (Vertical Horizon song)

Everytime (A1 song)

Everytime You Sleep

Everywhere You Go

Expo 2000 (song)

Extraordinary (Prince song)

Eyeless (song)

Eyes on Me (Faye Wong song)

F.U.N. Song

Faded Pictures

Fall Again

Falling Away from Me

Falls Apart (Sugar Ray song)

Family Reunion (Blink-182 song)

Farvl till slkt och vnner

Fast as You Can

Fatalist (song)

Fear of Flying (Vitamin C song)

Fee Fi Fo

Feelin' Alright (Len song)

Feelin' So Good

Feet Touch the Ground

Fieber (Oomph! song)

Filthy Mind

Final Heartbreak

Find My Baby

Finished Symphony

Fire in My Heart

First Love (Hikaru Utada song)

Flamboyant (Big L song)

Flame (Sebadoh song)

Flamme (song)

Flat Beat

Flowers (Sweet Female Attitude song)

Flowing (song)

Flutter Girl

Fly Bi

Fly High (Ayumi Hamasaki song)

Flying Without Wings

Flyswatter (song)

Follow Me (Melanie C song)

Fool Again

For Me This Is Heaven

For Your Own Good

For the Love of It (song)

For the Movies

Forever (Tina Cousins song)

Forever Love (Fin.K.L song)

Forever in Love (Shirley Myers song)

Forever in Love (a1 song)

Forgot About Dre

Fragile Thing

Frail Limb Nursery

Freakin' It


Free Girl Now




Friends Forever (song)

Friends and Lovers (Bernard Butler song)

Friendship (Sloan song)

From This Day

From the Bottom of My Broken Heart

From the Heart (Another Level song)

Frontier Psychiatrist

Fruta Fresca

Fuck You (Dr. Dre song)

Fuck the Millennium (Scooter song)

Fuck the World (Insane Clown Posse song)

Fuiste Mala (song)

Furusato (Morning Musume song)

G'd Up

Game Don't Wait

Gave Up Givin' Up

Generate (song)

Generator (Foo Fighters song)

Genie in a Bottle

Get Along with You

Get Dis Money

Get Get Down

Get Naked

Get None

Get Ready (Mase song)

Get Set

Get This (song)

Get Up (Amel Larrieux song)

Get You in the Morning

Get in Line

Get in the Car

Get on Top

Getaway Car (Susan Ashton song)

Ghetto Qur'an (Forgive Me)

Ghost of the Navigator

Giddy Up (Alexia song)

Gin Soaked Boy

Giri Giri Chop

Girl O'Clock

Girl in Your Dreams

Girl of My Dreams (The Moffatts song)

Girl on TV

Girl's Best Friend


Girls Against Boys (song)

Girls Dem Sugar

Gising Na

Give It to You (Jordan Knight song)

Give Me You

Giving You Back

Glorious (Andreas Johnson song)

Glory of the 80's

Go Let It Out

God Called In Sick Today

God Gave Me You (Bryan White song)

Goin' Down (Melanie C song)

Goin' Down Geneva

Going Away to College

Gone (The Tea Party song)

Gone Be Fine

Good Morning Baby (song)

Good Thang (Robyn song)

Goodbye (Alexia song)

Goodbye Earl

Goodnight Moon (song)

Got Your Money

Got to Get It (Sisq song)

Gotta Leave

Gotta Man

Graduation (Friends Forever)

Grateful Days

Gravity (Delirious? song)

Gravity of Love

Halaga (song)

Halation Summer


Happiness (Rotting My Brain)

Happiness Happening

Happiness Is an Option

Happy (Alexia song)

Happy New Millennium

Have a Look

He Can't Love U

He Didn't Have to Be

He Loves Me 2

He Loves U Not

He Took Her to a Movie

He's Gone (Suede song)

Healthy Love

Hear You Calling

Heart (Do As Infinity song)

Heart of Innocence

Heartbreaker (Mariah Carey song)

Heaven & Hot Rods

Heaven Coming Down

Heaven by Your Side

Heaven's Drive

Heavenly Divine

Heavy (Collective Soul song)

Hello Hey

Hello L.O.V.E.

Hello Operator (song)

Hello Time Bomb

Here I Go (Infamous Syndicate song)

Here with Me (Dido song)

Hey Boy Hey Girl

Hey Ladies (Destiny's Child song)

Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me for Me)

Hi-Fi (Suede song)

Higher (Creed song)

Hillbilly Shoes

Hit Song

Hit or Miss (New Found Glory song)

Hittin' Hooks

Hold (Saves the Day song)

Hold Me (Savage Garden song)

Holiday (Naughty by Nature song)

Holly Hox, Forget Me Nots

Hollywood Freaks

Home (Staind song)

Home to You (song)

Honestly OK

Honn (song)

Hooligan (song)

Hospital Song

Hot Boyz (song)

Hot Spot (song)

Hot Topic (song)

How Do Ya Feel

How Do You Like Me Now?! (song)

How to Rob

Hunter (Dido song)

Hunting High and Low (Stratovarius song)

Husslin' (song)

I Already Fell

I Am Made of You

I Breathe Again

I Can Only Imagine (MercyMe song)

I Can't

I Can't Go for That (Destiny's Child song)

I Could Not Ask for More

I Do (Jamelia song)

I Don't Know What You Want but I Can't Give It Any More

I Don't Smoke

I Don't Wanna (Aaliyah song)

I Don't Want You to Go

I Got That Fire

I Got a Girl (Lou Bega song)

I Knew I Loved You

I Know What I'm Here For

I Like Dirt

I Like It (Sammie song)

I Love Hip Hop

I Love U, but I Don't Trust U Anymore

I Love You (Martina McBride song)

I Love You (Sabrina song)

I Love You Came Too Late

I Love a Magician

I Miss You So Much

I Need to Know (Marc Anthony song)

I Pray For You

I Quit (Hepburn song)

I Really Like It

I Saved the World Today

I See You Baby

I Shall Be There

I Surrender (David Sylvian song)

I Think I'm in Love with You

I Took Her Love for Granted

I Try

I Turn to You (Melanie C song)

I Wanna 1-2-1 With You

I Wanna Be Santa Claus (song)

I Wanna Be Your Doll

I Wanna Be a Nudist

I Wanna Know (Joe song)

I Wanna Love You Forever

I Want It All (Warren G song)

I Want You (Alexia song)

I Want You to Need Me

I Want a Man

I Was

I Will (Mizuki Watanabe song)

I Will Be There (Britney Spears Song)

I Will Be There for You

I Will Love Again

I Will But

I Wish (Carl Thomas song)

I Wouldn't Wanna Happen to You

I'd Like That

I'll Be (Reba McEntire song)

I'll Be Your Everything (Youngstown song)

I'll Go Crazy (Andy Griggs song)

I'll Never Stop Loving You (Britney Spears song)

I'll See You When We're Both Not So Emotional

I'll Still Love You More

I'm Alright (Jars of Clay song)

I'm Gonna Love You Anyway

I'm Like a Bird

I'm Missin' You

I'm No Angel (Dido song)

I'm Sorry I'm Leaving (song)

I'm the Man Who Murdered Love

I'm with Stupid (Static-X song)

I've Dreamed of You

ILY (Yokub)

Ice (The Rasmus song)

Ichi Ni San...Go

Ichido Asobi ni Kite yo

Identify (song)

Idol (Amanda Ghost song)

If Everybody Looked the Same

If I Fall You're Going Down with Me

If I Had

If I Let You Go

If I Survive

If My Heart Had Wings

If That Were Me

If Walls Could Talk

If You Ever Leave Me

If You Leave (Destiny's Child song)

Il y a trop de gens qui t'aiment

In 2 Eternity

In My Mind (Heather Headley song)

In Our Lifetime (Texas song)

In assenza di te

Iname (song)

Incomplete (Sisq song)

Indian Strings

Individuality (song)


Innamoramento (song)

Interloper (song)

Into the Void (Nine Inch Nails song)

Intro (The Writing's on the Wall)

Inuman Na!

Is Anybody Home?

Isobel (Dido song)

It Don't Matter to the Sun

It Don't Mean Nothing

It Was

It Wasn't Me (Sol song)

It Will Take A Long Long Time

It's About That Walk

It's All About You (Not About Me)

It's All About the Pentiums

It's Always Somethin'

It's My Time (Martina McBride song)

It's Only Us

It's Saturday

It's a Love Thing

Itai Kurai Kimi ga Afureteiru yo

Jag trodde nglarna fanns

Jamboree (song)

James Dean-esque

Je te rends ton amour

Jerry Springer (song)

Jesse Hold On

Jessie & My Whetstone

Jingle Balls

Johnny the Horse

Join Me in Death

Joy (Mark Ryder song)


Juan Pablo Esperanza, Amigo del Alma

July (Ocean Colour Scene song)

Jump Down

Jump n' Shout

Jumpin' Right In

Jumpin', Jumpin'

Jupiter (Swallow the Moon)

Just Because She Lives There

Just Dippin'

Just Friends (Sunny)

Just Like Fred Astaire

Just Like You Imagined

Just My Imagination (The Cranberries song)


Karaoke Queen

Kaze ga Soyogu Basho

Keep On Movin' (Five song)

Keep a Lid on Things

Kenavo (song)

Kernkraft 400

Kindertraum V1

Kindertraum V2

King for a Day (Jamiroquai song)

Kiss 'Em All

Kiss (When the Sun Don't Shine)

Kiss Me (E-Rotic song)

Kitto Ieru

Koko de Kiss Shite

Kono Namida Hoshi ni Nare

Kosovo (song)

Kotahitanga (song)

Kryptonite (3 Doors Down song)

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

L'Amour naissant

L'amour toujours


LA Song (Out of This Town)

La Cartera

La Diosa del Carnaval

La Mer (Nine Inch Nails song)

La Passion

Lacquer Head

Lady Luck (Journey song)

Ladyfingers (song)

Land of Hope and Dreams

Larger than Life (song)

Last Dinosaur

Lately (Skunk Anansie song)

Lazy (Parokya ni Edgar song)

Learn to Fly

Left & Right (D'Angelo song)

Left, Right, Left (song)

Lessons Learned (song)

Let Forever Be

Let Me Know (Towa Tei song)

Let Yourself Go, Let Myself Go

Let the Joy Rise

Let the Music Play (Alexia song)

Let's Get High

Let's Get Loud

Let's Get Married (Jagged Edge song)

Let's Just Go

Let's Make Love (song)

Let's Not Play the Game

Let's Ride (Choclair song)

Let's Start Right Now

Letter to Dana

Letting the Cables Sleep

Liberate (Slipknot song)

Licking Cream


Life Story (song)

Life's on the Line

Lift Me Up (Geri Halliwell song)

Lift it High (All About Belief)

Like a Rose (song)

Limp (Fiona Apple song)

Little Birds (song)

Little Discourage

Little Good-Byes

Little Princess (song)

Little White Lies (Status Quo song)

Live, Laugh, Love (song)

Livin' la Vida Loca

Llegar a Ti (song)

Lo Har Por Ti

Lock Up Your Mountain Bikes

Londinium (Catatonia song)

Lonely Swedish (The Bum Bum Song)

Lonely and Gone

Long Gone (Robyn song)

Look Dad No Tunes

Look at Me (Geri Halliwell song)

Loro (Pinback song)

Lose Your Way (song)

Losing California

Lost in You (Chris Gaines song)

Love (Destiny)

Love Flies

Love For All Seasons

Love Is Blind (Eve song)

Love Is a Beautiful Thing (Phil Vassar song)

Love Is the Healer

Love Machine (Morning Musume song)

Love One Another

Love Rain (Jill Scott song)

Love She Can't Live Without

Love Song (Sky song)

Love Trip (song)

Love and Remember

Love in December

Love's Got a Hold on My Heart

Love's the Only House

Love, Day After Tomorrow

Lovely Head

Lovestruck (Madness song)

Lovin' You Against My Will

Lucky (Britney Spears song)

Lucky 4 You (Tonight I'm Just Me)

Luv Sick

Lying Season

Made of Stone (Disney song)

Magic Hour (song)

Mahiru no Hoshi

Main Thing

Make It Happen (Electronic song)

Make Me Bad

Make Up in Love (song)

Maldito amor

Mambo Mambo

Mambo de la Luna

Man'O'War (song)

Manatsu no Ksen

Maria (Blondie song)

Maria Maria

Marunouchi Sadistic

Mary (Supergrass song)

Mascara (song)


Matador de Passarinho

Math Suks

Mathematics (Mos Def song)

Maybe Not Tonight (song)

Me & My Head

Me Inside

Me Neither

Me and Maxine

Me, Myself and I (Vitamin C song)

Mean to Me (Tonic song)

Meantime (song)

Memory Machine

Memory Seishun no Hikari

Memphis Bleek Is...

Mera Me Ti Mera (song)

Mi Chico Latino

Microphone Mathematics

Mighty Healthy

Miho Komatsu 3rd : everywhere

Millennium 2

Mine All Mine (Tara Lyn Hart song)

Miserable (song)

Miss You (Westlife song)

Miss You Love

Mission Bell (Stan Ridgway song)


Mixed Bizness

Mizrable (song)

Moments of Magic

Monday Morning (Robyn song)

Money (Jamelia song)

Money (Vitamin C song)


More (Trace Adkins song)

Motto (Tanpopo song)

Move Your Body (Eiffel 65 song)

Movin' On Without You

Moving (Supergrass song)

Mr. E's Beautiful Blues

Mrs. Potter's Lullaby

Ms. Fat Booty

Much More (Whigfield song)

Muscle Museum

Music of My Heart

Musik non stop

Mutt (song)

My Baby You

My Best Friend (song)

My Heart Goes Boom (La Di Da Da)

My Hood to Your Hood

My Life (Dido song)

My Life (TLC song)

My Love Is Your Love (song)

My Lover's Gone

My Name Is

My Next Thirty Years

My Only Reason

My Own Worst Enemy (song)

My Sweet Fracture

My Truth (song)

My Wonderful


N 2 Gether Now

Nagai Tameiki no Youni

Narcolepsy (Ben Folds Five song)

Nastradamus (song)

National Express (song)

Natural Blues

Needs (Collective Soul song)

Never Be the Same Again

Never Let You Go (Third Eye Blind song)

Never Meant

Never Say Never Again (Steps song)

New (No Doubt song)

New Angels of Promise

New Day (Wyclef Jean song)

New Millenium (What Cha Wanna Do)

New Millennium Homes

New Skin (Tommy Lee song)

New York City Boy

Next Year

Nicotine & Gravy

Nigga What, Nigga Who (Originator 99)


No Exit (song)

No Face, No Name, No Number

No Leaf Clover

No Life (Slipknot song)

No Lo Perdona Dios

No Love (I'm Not Used to)

No Matter What They Say

No Mercy (Ty Herndon song)

No More Rain (In This Cloud)

No More Rainy Days

No More, No Less (Collective Soul song)

No One Calls

No Pigeons

No Puedo Olvidar

No Sex (In the Champagne Room)

No Speech

No Such Thing (John Mayer song)

No Way Out (Stone Temple Pilots song)

Nobody Like You (Limp Bizkit song)

Nookie (Limp Bizkit song)

Northern Star (song)

Not Living (song)

Not Over You Yet

Not That Kind of Girl (Vitamin C song)

Not on the Inside

Not the One (Collective Soul song)

Nothing Is Real but the Girl

Nothing Really Matters

Nothing Without You (song)

Nothing but Love (Standing in the Way)

Nothing in This World (Taxiride song)

Notorious B.I.G. (song)

Now That She's Gone

Number on My Back / The Baggy Green

Numbskull (song)

N batter

O T o Ninguna

Obvious (Christina Aguilera song)

Oh My God (Guns N' Roses song)

Ol' Time Pigeon Farm

Once in a Lifetime Love

One & Only (Deep Obsession song)

One Beat at a Time

One Brief Moment

One Man Army (song)

One More Time (Laura Pausini song)

One Tony Lockett

Only Hope

Only One (Slipknot song)

Only Superstition

Ooh Stick You

Oops!... I Did It Again (song)

Ophelia (Akina Nakamori song)


Opus 40 (song)

Ordinary Love (Shane Minor song)


Our Days

Out of Control (The Chemical Brothers song)

Outa Space

Pack Your Bags

Pain (1999 Puff Daddy song)

Paint Pastel Princess

Paper (Krayzie Bone song)

Parallel Horizontal

Parallel Universe (song)

Pardon Me

Part of Me (Stellar song)

Party's Just Begun (Again)

Pax Um Biscum (Peace Be With You)

Pay The Price

Pero Dile

Petals (song)

Phat Planet

Phuture Vibes

Piano Lessons (Porcupine Tree song)

Pieces (L'Arc-en-Ciel song)

Pigeon Farm

Pistolero (song)

Pitch In on a Party

Planet Love

Platform Blues

Platinum (Maaya Sakamoto song)

Play (Robyn song)

Play Around

Please Leave

Point No. 1 (song)

Point of View (Silverchair song)

Pokmon Theme

Polozhenie (song)

Por Amarte As (song)

Porcelain (Red Hot Chili Peppers song)

Porcelain (song)

Powder Veil

Preaching the End of the World

Pressure Zone

Prettiest Thing

Pretty Fly for a Rabbi

Prettyman (song)

Pride (Simon Collins song)

Princess of Egypt

Profit in Peace

Promise (Jagged Edge song)

Promises (Def Leppard song)

Promises (The Cranberries song)

Prophecy (Front Line Assembly song)

Prosthetics (song)

Pumping on Your Stereo

Punk Song Number 2

Pure Narcotic

Purity (song)

Purple Stain

Push It (Static-X song)

Push the Limits

Push! Push! (song)

Put Your Hand in Mine

Pntame (song)

Question Everything

Quiet Storm (song)


Race for the Prize

Radio (The Corrs song)

Rainbow (Mariah Carey song)

Raining on Sunday

Raise Up

Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic (song)


Re-Rewind (The Crowd Say Bo Selecta)


Ready 1

Ready or Not (A1 song)

Ready or Not/Everytime

Ready to Run (song)

Real Life (Bon Jovi song)

Rebel Sodville

Reggae Kumbia


Respect Us

Respect the Power of Love

Revolution Is My Name

Rhythm Divine

Right Here in My Arms

Right Here, Right Now (Charlie Major song)

Right Now (Atomic Kitten song)

Right Where I Need to Be

Ripped Pants (song)

Rise (Gabrielle song)

Road Trippin'

Rock Show (Grinspoon song)

Rock the Party (Off the Hook)

Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

Role Model (song)

Room at the Top (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers song)

Rowdy Rowdy

Ruhe (song)

Run (Collective Soul song)

Run Devil Run (Paul McCartney song)

Run On (Moby song)

Run to the Water

Running Away with You

Rush (The Pillows song)

Rust (song)

Ryde or Die, Bitch

S Club Party

Sad Sad Kiddie

Safe in New York City

Saikai no Chi to Bara

Saitan Kyori de

Saltwater (Chicane song)

Salvation (Roxette song)

Same Night, Same Face

Sandstorm (instrumental)

Santo Santo

Sar Odalar

Satellite Blues

Satin Sheets (Silverchair song)

Satisfy You (Puff Daddy song)


Save Me (Aimee Mann song)

Save Me (Embrace song)

Save Me (Tara Lyn Hart song)

Save a Prayer (Alexia song)

Savoir Faire (Suede song)

Say Goodbye (La Cream song)

Say It Again (Precious song)

Say My Name

Say What (LL Cool J song)

Say You'll Be Mine (Steps song)

Sayonara no Kakera

Scar Tissue

Scarecrow (song)

Scat Me If You Can


Scatman's Dance

Schnappi, das kleine Krokodil

Schn sein

Scissors (song)

Scream! (Misfits song)

Se Acabo

Se Fue Mi Amor

Secretly (Skunk Anansie song)

Secrets (Grinspoon song)

See the Star

Segue (Prince song)

Seinaru Kane ga Hibiku Yoru

Self Made Man

Seven (David Bowie song)

Seven (Kji Wada song)

Seven Cities (song)

Seven Day Mile

Sex Bomb

Sexual (Amber song)

Sexx Laws

Sexy, Sexy Lover

Shackles (Praise You)

Shake You Up (Alexia song)

Shake Your Bon-Bon

She Can't Love You (Destiny's Child song)

She Couldn't

She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy

She's All I Ever Had

She's Always Right

She's More

She's So Huge

She's in Fashion

Shine On (Alcazar song)

Shir La'Ahava

Shiver 'n' Shake

Shorley Wall (song)

Should I Stay

Shoulder to the Wheel

Shower Your Love

Signs (Cardiacs song)

Silly Game (Prince song)

Silver (Take My Hand)

Simon Says (Pharoahe Monch song)

Sing (Travis song)

Sing a Song Now Now

Single White Female (song)

Sister (Sister2Sister song)

Sitting Down Here

Skin (Spock's Beard song)

Sky (Sonique song)

Slave to the Habit

Sleep Now in the Fire

Sleeping Sun

Slide (Dido song)

Slow (Collective Soul song)

Slow Motion (Third Eye Blind song)

Small Stuff

Smelly Cat

Smile (Lonestar song)

Smile (Vitamin C song)

Smoke Rings in the Dark (song)

Smooth (Santana song)

Snap (song)


So Easy

So Far, So Pleased

So Good (Destiny's Child song)

So Good, So Fine

So High (Jamelia song)

So Low (Ocean Colour Scene song)

So Real (Mandy Moore song)

Soda Pop (Britney Spears song)

Sol, Arena y Mar

Some Things Never Change (Tim McGraw song)

Somebody Like Me (Silkk the Shocker song)

Somebody Loves You (Nik Kershaw song)

Somebody Someone

Someday, Someplace

Someone Else Not Me

Someone's Watching Over Me (Geri Halliwell song)

Something 'Bout the Kiss

Something Like That

Something in the Air (David Bowie song)

Son of Man (song)

Sono Speed De

Sophie (Eleanor McEvoy song)

Sorry (I Didn't Know)

Soul Sista (song)

Sour Girl

South Side (song)

Southtown (song)

Souviens-toi du jour

Spacetravel (song)

Spanish Eyes (Ricky Martin song)

Spank (song)

Sparkles (song)

Spawn Again

Spider in the Snow

Spit It Out (Slipknot song)

SpongeBob SquarePants Theme Song

Stacked Actors

Stand Tough

Stanley Kubrick (instrumental)

Starfuckers, Inc.

Staring at the Ground

Stars (Roxette song)

Stay (Destiny's Child song)

Stay Home

Stay or Let It Go

Stay the Night (IMx song)

Stay the Same (Joey McIntyre song)

Staying Power (Barry White song)

Steal My Sunshine

Stealing Babies

Steam (Ty Herndon song)

Steam Will Rise

Stellar (song)

Still (Macy Gray song)

Still D.R.E.

Still Holding Out for You

Still in My Heart

Stimulate Me

Stolen Car (Beth Orton song)

Stop the Rock

Straight to... Number One

Stranded (Plumb song)

Strange Days (Matthew Good Band song)

Strange but True (Prince song)

Strangers Like Me

Street Talkin'

Stronger (Britney Spears song)

Stuff That Matters

Stupidly Happy

Style (Orbital song)

Suffocate (Staind song)

Summer Son

Summertime of Our Lives

Sunburn (Muse song)

Sunday Morning Call

Sunshine (Gabrielle song)

Sunshine Day (Glaubitz & Roc song)

Supersonic (Jamiroquai song)

Sure Feels Real Good

Sure Fire Love

Survive (David Bowie song)

Suzy Lee (song)


Swastika Eyes

Sweet Lies (Ellie Campbell song)

Sweet Sixteen (Destiny's Child song)

Sweetness (Misia song)

Synaesthesia (composition)

T.O.P. (S.E.S. song)

Taboo (Glamma Kid song)

Take Me to Your Heaven (song)

Take Our Cars Now!

Take a Picture (Filter song)

Tangerine (Prince song)

Tangerine Dream (song)

Tanpopo (song)

Tattered & Torn (song)

Te Amo (Alexia song)

Te Quiero a Ti

Te Solte La Rienda

Tears from a Willow

Teenager of the Year (song)

Tell Her (Lonestar song)

Temporarily Blind

Temptation (Destiny's Child song)

Ten Minutes (The Get Up Kids song)

Tha Block Is Hot (song)

Thank God I Found You

Thank You (for Loving Me at My Worst)

That I Would Be Good

That's the Truth (Paul Brandt song)

That's the Way I Remember It

That's the Way It Is (Celine Dion song)

The 6th Sense

The 7's

The Agony of Laffitte

The Ancient Forest of Elves

The Anthem (Sway & King Tech song)

The Art of Misplacing Firearms

The Bad Touch

The Ballad of Chasey Lain

The Best Man I Can Be

The Best Thing (Adam Rickitt song)

The Best Thing (Savage Garden song)

The Best Things (song)

The Best of Me (Bryan Adams song)

The Big Three Killed My Baby

The Blast (song)

The Book of Love (The Magnetic Fields song)

The Cactus Where Your Heart Should Be

The Captain (Kasey Chambers song)

The Chain of Love

The Chemicals Between Us

The Chickadee Song

The Christmas Dance

The Dance of Eternity

The Darkside (song)

The Day the World Went Away

The Dolphin's Cry

The Dreamers (David Bowie song)

The End Of You

The Everlasting Gaze

The Fallen Angel (Iron Maiden song)

The Frank Sonata

The Great Beyond

The Greatest (Kenny Rogers song)

The Greatest Hit (song)

The Greatest Romance Ever Sold

The Hexx

The Holy Filament

The Houseplant Song

The Hymn for the Alcohol

The Hymn for the Cigarettes

The Inevitable Return of the Great White Dope

The Last Lie I Told

The Launch (song)

The Lighthouse's Tale

The Longer We Make Love

The Luckiest Guy on the Lower East Side

The Mercenary (Iron Maiden song)

The Millennium Prayer

The Next Episode

The Next Movement

The Night You Can't Remember

The Nomad (Iron Maiden song)

The One (Backstreet Boys song)

The One You Really Love

The One with the Wurlitzer

The Only One (Vitamin C song)

The Party Song

The Perfect Fan (Backstreet Boys Song)

The Pretty Things Are Going to Hell

The Quittin' Kind

The Rain (Alexia song)

The Rest of My Life (Prince song)

The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song

The Saga Begins

The Singles (Jars of Clay)

The Size Of Our Love

The Star You Left Behind

The Summer Ends

The Sun, the Moon and Stars

The Sycamore Tree (song)

The Thin Line Between Love and Hate (Iron Maiden song)

The Things We Did and Didn't Do

The Vast Spoils of America (From the Badlands through the Ocean)

The Waker

The Watcher (song)

The Way His Collar Falls

The Way It Goes

The Way Things Are

The Way You Love Me (Faith Hill song)

The Way You Say Good-Night

The World Is Not Enough (song)

Theme from Norefjell

Then You Look at Me

Then the Morning Comes

There You Are (Martina McBride song)

There You Were (John Landry song)

These Days (Brian Kennedy song)

They Stood Up for Love

Thief (Camouflage song)

Thinkin' About You (Britney Spears song)

Third Engine

This Gift (song)

This Is Your Song (Ronan Keating song)

This Velvet Glove

This Woman Needs

Thong Song

Through Being Cool (song)

Thug Love (song)

Thursday's Child (David Bowie song)

Tightrope (Screeching Weasel song)

Time Trap (song)

Tinto Brass (song)

To Be (song)

To Mother (g.o.d song)

Tobira o Akete

Toi et Moi (Namie Amuro song)

Tonight (TrueBliss song)

Tony Adams (song)

Tony Blair (song)

Too Much of Heaven

Too Young (Phoenix song)

Top of the World (Rascalz song)


Tough as a Pickup Truck

Toxic Girl

Trash (Silverchair song)

Trashin' the Camp

Tremble for My Beloved

Tricky, Tricky

Triple Threat (Rick Tippe song)

Tripoli (song)

Trouble Is a Woman

True Love (Robert Palmer song)

Trust Me (Akina Nakamori song)

Try Again (Aaliyah song)

Try Again (Westlife song)

Try Not to Cry

Tsunami (Manic Street Preachers song)

Tu Amor Eterno

Tu Mirada (Luis Miguel song)

Tu ne m'as pas laiss le temps

Tu vas me quitter

Turn (Travis song)

Turn Me On (Vitamin C song)

Twenty Wild Horses

Two Teardrops (song)

Two Worlds (song)

Two in a Million

T (Noelia song)

U Don't Love Me

U Know What's Up

U Understand


Una Voz en el Alma

Uncle Fucka

Underneath the Heart

Undisputed (Prince song)

Undone (Stellar song)

Unforgetful You

Unhappy Anniversary

Unintended (song)

Universal Woman

Uno (Muse song)

Unsterblich (song)

Untitled (Silverchair song)

Vamos a la playa (Miranda song)

Vanilla (Gackt song)

Vanity Fair (Mr. Bungle song)

Vendaval (song)

Verdammt wir leben noch (song)

Violent (song)

Violent and Lazy

Vivid (song)

Vivrant Thing

Virar vel til loftrsa

Voices (Ann Lee song)

Vulnerability (Mariah Carey song)

Wa (song)

Waffle (song)

Waitin' for a Superman

Walk Me Home (Mandy Moore song)

Walk like a Panther

Walkin' in the Sunshine

Walking in My Blue Jeans

Wanna Be a Baller

War Within a Breath

Warm Machine

Warum werde ich nicht satt?

Waste of Time

Wasted (And One song)

Wasurenai Hibi

Watashi no Y ni

Watch Out Now

Wave Motion Gun (song)

We All Go Through

We Belong to the Sea

We Danced

We Don't Belong

We Shall Go to Town

We on Fire

We're Going to Ibiza

We're Going to Miss You

We're So Good Together

Weekends Are Not My Happy Days

Weir (song)

Welcome to the Fold

Wendy Clear

West End Riot

What About Now (Lonestar song)

What Do You Say (Reba McEntire song)

What Do You Want Me to Say?

What I Need (Julie Reeves song)

What I Need to Do

What If (Creed song)

What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff)

What It Is (Paul McCartney song)

What These Bitches Want

What Would Brian Boitano Do?

What Would You Do? (City High song)

What Ya Want

What You Need (Powerhouse song)

What'cha Gonna Do

What's My Age Again?

What's My Name? (DMX song)

What's Really Happening?

What's So Different?

What's Your Fantasy

What's a Girl to Do?

What's on My Mind

What's the Difference (song)

Whatever (Ayumi Hamasaki song)

Whatever (Ideal song)

Whatever You Need (Tina Turner song)

When I Found You (Michelle Wright song)

When I Hated Him (Don't Tell Me)

When I Said Goodbye / Summer of Love

When I Said I Do

When Love Fades

When She Loved Me

When U Think About Me

When We Are Together

When Worlds Collide (Powerman 5000 song)

When You Come Back Down

When You Love Someone (Sammy Kershaw song)

When a Woman

When the Heartache Is Over

Where Did It All Go Wrong?

Where I Wanna Be (Donell Jones song)

Where I'm Headed

Where My Girls At?

Where You Are (Jessica Simpson song)

Where the Blacktop Ends

Where'd You Go (Destiny's Child song)

Wherever U Go, Whatever U Do

Who Dat (JT Money song)

Who Feels Love?

Who Let the Dogs Out

Who Needs Pictures (song)


Whoa! (Black Rob song)

Why (Glamma Kid song)

Why Didn't You Call Me

Why Does It Always Rain on Me?

Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?

Wig in a Box (song)

Wild Wild West (Chris Cummings song)

Will 2K


Winter, Again

Wish I Could Fly

With You (Lila McCann song)

Without Love (Dina Carroll song)

Without You (Dixie Chicks song)

Woman Without Pride

Woman in Me (Jessica Simpson song)

Woody's Roundup

Working for Vacation

Wounded (Third Eye Blind song)

Wounded (song)

Write This Down (song)

Writing to Reach You

Written in the Stars (Elton John and LeAnn Rimes song)


Xscape (song)


Ya Di Ya

Yeah (Yolanda Adams song)

Yesterday (Shanice song)

Yokan (song)

You Are Everything (Dru Hill song)

You Are Invited

You Are Not Alone (Modern Talking song)

You Better Be Sure

You Can Do It

You Can't Touch Me

You Don't Know (702 song)

You Don't Know What It's Like

You Go First (Do You Wanna Kiss)

You Had Me from Hello

You Know I Should Be Leaving Soon

You Made Me That Way

You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk

You Owe Me (Nas song)

You Sang to Me

You Shouldn't Kiss Me Like This

You Stay with Me

You Vandal

You Wanted More

You Were Right (Built to Spill song)

You and Me (The Cranberries song)

You'll Always Be Loved by Me

You'll Be in My Heart

You'll Follow Me Down

You're Lucky I Love You

You're My Number One

You're Not Alone (Embrace song)

You're Where I Belong

You're a God

Young Grow Old

Your Bruise

Your Child

Your Crown

Your Everything

Your Faith in Me

Your Horoscope for Today

Your Most Valuable Possession

Your Redneck Past

Yume no tame ni


Zio de Lula

saka no onna


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