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Songs from 1997

! (The Song Formerly Known As)

'97 Bonnie & Clyde

'Til I Fell in Love with You

(Always Be My) Sunshine

(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For

(Can't You) Trip Like I Do

(Freak) And U Know It

(Not The) Greatest Rapper

(Sweet Home) Country Girl

...E dimmi che non vuoi morire

1/3 no Junj na Kanj

16 Days (song)

1959 (Patti Smith song)

1982 (Miss Kittin & The Hacker song)

24 Hrs. to Live

2:45 AM

2nd Floor (The Creatures song)

4 Seasons of Loneliness

4, 3, 2, 1 (LL Cool J song)

455 Rocket

4am (Our Lady Peace song)

5 Miles to Empty

5 Years (Bjrk song)


A Broken Wing

A Certain Shade of Green (Incubus song)

A Change Would Do You Good

A Cheery Wave from Stranded Youngsters

A Dozen Red Roses

A Girl I Once Knew

A Life Less Ordinary (song)

A Little Bit of Ecstasy

A Little Bit of You (Jason McCoy song)

A Little More Love (Vince Gill song)

A Little in Love (Paul Brandt song)

A Minute and a Half

A New Hope (Blink-182 song)

A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts

A Prisoner of the Past

A Return to the Sea

A Rose in the Wind

A Shropshire Lad (song)

A Song for Mama

A Soundtrack to Kill Yourself To

A Star Is Born (Hercules song)

A Thousand Trees

A.M. 180

A.S.A.P. (Little Kiss song)

Absurd (Fluke song)

Abuse Me

Accident of Birth (song)

Afraid (Mtley Cre song)

Ai no Tane

Ain't Gonna Cry Again

Ain't No Justice

Ain't No Limit

Ain't No Love (Charisse Arrington song)

Ain't Talkin' 'bout Dub

Ain't That Enough

Airbag (song)

Al Despertar (Enrique Iglesias song)

Alane (song)


Alive (Daft Punk song)

All About Us (Peter Andre song)

All Around the World (Oasis song)

All I Have to Give

All I Wanna Do (Dannii Minogue song)

All I Want (The Offspring song)

All Is Full of Love

All Lit Up in Love

All Mine (Portishead song)

All My Life (K-Ci & JoJo song)

All My Love (Queen Pen song)

All Neon Like

All Night Long (Common song)

All That I Am (Joe song)

All That Matters (Louise song)

All That You Are (Econoline Crush song)

All You Good Good People

All the Good Ones Are Gone

Aller plus haut

Alma Matters

Almost Honest (Megadeth song)

Alter Mann

Always Be (Kulcha song)

Always on My Mind (Rani song)

Amai Unmei

Amiga Ma

Amnesia (Chumbawamba song)

Amor a la Mexicana (song)

Amulet (song)

Ananta Prem Tumi Dao Aamake

Anarchy (song)

Anatomically Correct

Angel (Sarah McLachlan song)

Angel (Tina Cousins song)

Angel St

Angel in My Eyes

Angel of Mine

Angels (Robbie Williams song)

Angels Fall First (song)

Angels Go Bald:Too

Anthem (The Wildhearts song)

Antiseptic Poetry

Any Road

Any Way You Look

Anybody Seen My Baby?

Anything (Edyta Grniak song)

Apparitions (song)

Appetite (Akina Nakamori song)

Apple Shampoo

Apple of Sodom (song)

Are You Jimmy Ray?

Are You Ready Now

Are You There? (Josh Wink song)

Arms Around the World

Around the World (Daft Punk song)

As Long as You Love Me (Backstreet Boys song)

Asato Maa

Ashes to Ashes (Faith No More song)

Ashita, Haru ga Kitara

Astral Romance

Asylum (The Orb song)

As es la Mujer

At the Beginning

At the River

Avenging Angels (song)

Awake and Dreaming (song)

Ba Ba Ba

Baby Blue Sedan

Baby Boy (Whigfield song)

Babydoll (Mariah Carey song)

Babylon (The Tea Party song)

Bachelorette (song)

Back Then (CDB song)

Back in Our Town

Back to You (Bryan Adams song)

Backyard Boogie

Bad Day to Let You Go

Bad Review

Bad Stone

Baker (song)

Ballad of Big Nothing


Bankrupt on Selling

Barbie Girl

Battle for Britain (The Letter)

Battle of Who Could Care Less

Be Alone No More

Be Quiet and Drive (Far Away)

Be a Man (song)

Be the Man

Beachball (song)

Beautiful Night (Paul McCartney song)

Beauty (song)

Because It's Love

Bedtime (song)

Been Around the World


Bel Air ~Kuuhaku no Shunkan no Naka De~

Belle (Patrick Fiori, Daniel Lavoie and Garou song)

Beloved (Wendy Matthews song)

Bestrafe mich

Better Day (song)

Better Man, Better Off

Better Off Alone

Better than You (Metallica song)

Between the Bars

Big Bad Mamma

Big Daddy (song)

Big Mistake

Big Time (Trace Adkins song)

Bitch (Sevendust song)

Bitter Sweet Symphony

Black (Sevendust song)

Black Bugs

Black Diamond (Stratovarius song)

Black Eyed Boy

Black Eyes, Blue Tears

Blame (Collective Soul song)

Bleed Together

Blink of an Eye (Ricochet song)

Block Rockin' Beats

Blood Stained

Blood on the Dance Floor (song)

Blue (The Rasmus song)

Blue Angels (song)

Blue Fear

Blue Skies, Blue Sea

Blue Velvet (Shizuka Kudo song)

Blueboy (song)

Body Movin'

Body Rott


Bootie Call

Borders (311 Song)

Born Again in Dixieland

Boy (Erasure song)

Breakdown (Mariah Carey song)

Breaking All the Rules (She Moves song)

Breathe (Kylie Minogue song)

Brimful of Asha

Bu Gece

Bubblin' (Cru song)

Buckaroo (song)

Building a Mystery

Bullet Train (song)

Bump n' Grind (R. Kelly song)

Burn (Tina Arena song)

Burn Last Sunday

Burn in Hell (Judas Priest song)

Burnin' (Cue song)

Burnin' (instrumental)

Burning Ground

Busy Child

Butta Love

Butterfly (Mariah Carey song)

Butterfly Kisses (song)


Buy Her Candy

By the Book (song)

Bck dich

Cailin (song)

Calico Skies

Can We

Can You Celebrate?

Can't Get You Out of My Mind

Can't Wait (Bob Dylan song)

Candle in the Wind 1997

Candy (LL Cool J song)

Car Crash (Our Lady Peace song)

Carnival (Our Lady Peace song)

Carnival Game (song)

Carry On Mentality

Catching the Butterfly

Cathedral Spires

Cave (song)

Cello in the Ruins

Cement (song)

Cemetery (Silverchair song)

Cheapskate (song)

Cheated (To All the Girls)

Cheese (song)

Chinese Bombs

Chinese Burn (song)

Choices (Billy Yates song)

Choose Life (song)

Cigarettes (Ben Folds Five song)

Circle of the Noose

Circuit no Musume

Clavado en un Bar


Climbing Up the Walls

Clock Strikes

Close My Eyes (Mariah Carey song)

Close to Your Heart (JX song)

Closed for Business

Closer (Capone-N-Noreaga song)

Closer to Heaven (song)

Clumsy (Our Lady Peace song)

Coin Return

Cold Irons Bound

Cold Outside

Colombian Necktie (song)

Coma (Pendulum song)

Comatose (Front Line Assembly song)

Come Cryin' to Me

Come Down

Come On (Billy Lawrence song)

Come On (Verve song)

Come On Over (Shania Twain song)

Come Some Rainy Day

Come to Daddy (song)

Comin' Back

Coming Clean (The Get Up Kids song)

Como Mujer

Como Te Extrao Corazn

Complexity (Front Line Assembly song)

Congo (song)

Contigo (Estar Contigo)

Contra la Corriente (song)

Convenient Parking

Corazn Parto

Cose della vita

Counterfeit (song)

Country Sad Ballad Man

Cowboy Dan

Cowboy Style

Crash (Feeder song)

Crazy Little Party Girl

Crazy Times

Criminal (Fiona Apple song)

Crowded Head

Cry (The Mavis's song)

Cry (The Sundays song)

Cupid's Trick

Cmo Dueles en los Labios

Cmo s

D'You Know What I Mean?


DJ Keep Playin' (Get Your Music On)

Da Joint


Dame Tu Cosita


Dance Song '97

Dangerous (Busta Rhymes song)

Dangerous Mindz

Date with Ikea

Day by Day (Regina song)

Days (Alisa Mizuki song)

De dnde soy

De ensammas promenad

De mis pasos

Dead Man Walking (song)

Dead Men Don't Need Season Tickets

Deadweight (song)

Dear My Friend

Deatta Koro no Y ni

Deep Freeze (The Verve song)

Deep House Victims Minibus Appeal

Deeper (Delirious? song)

Deeper (Serious Danger song)

Deja Vu (Uptown Baby)

Demons (Super Furry Animals song)

Destiny (Dem 2 song)

Destroy 2000 Years of Culture

Devil Came to Me (Dover song)

Di Da Di (And So the Story Goes)

Diamond (Julian Austin song)

Dick Lips

Did It Again (Kylie Minogue song)

Diesel Power (song)

Dig Up Her Bones

Digital (Goldie song)

Dile a Ella

Dime Como

Dirt Road Blues

Disciplined Breakdown (song)

Do You Believe? (The Beatnuts song)

Do You Feel Loved

Do You Wanna Be My Baby?

Do Your Thing (7 Mile song)

Do for Love

Doctor Jones

Doin' Just Fine

Doin' Time

Doin' the Cockroach

Don't Be Stupid (You Know I Love You)

Don't Break the Promise

Don't Cry for Me

Don't Go Away

Don't Lose Your Head (INXS song)

Don't Rush (Take Love Slowly)

Don't Say (Jon B. song)

Don't Wanna Be Here

Don't Wanna Be a Player

Don't You See! (Zard song)

Double Wide Paradise

Down Again

Down Came a Blackbird (song)

Dream Walkin' (song)

Dreamin' of You (Bob Dylan song)

Dreaming I Was Dreaming

Dreams (Kylie Minogue song)

Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie

Drinking in L.A.

Drip Drip Drip

Drunk (Kylie Minogue song)

Du gr mig hel igen

Duende (song)

East Hastings (song)

Ecuador (song)

Eien (Zard song)

El Destino (song)

El Fro de Tu Adis

Electioneering (song)

Electric Barbarella

Elegantly Wasted (song)



Elvis (...I Remember)

Emotions (Twista song)

En El Jardn

En el muelle de San Blas

Enamorado Por Primera Vez

Encore une fois

Endless Night (The Lion King song)

Engel (song)

Es As (song)

Essex Dogs

Estonia (song)

Euphoria (Firefly)

European Medicine

Even When I'm Sleeping


Every Day Should Be a Holiday

Every Single Instinct

Every Time (Janet Jackson song)

Everybody (Backstreet's Back)

Everyday Formula

Everything (Collective Soul song)

Everything (INXS song)

Everything (It's You)

Everything (Mary J. Blige song)

Everything Is Automatic

Everything You Want (Ray J song)

Everything to Everyone (song)

Everything's Changed

Everything's Gonna Be Alright (Sweetbox song)

Everytime You Cry

Everywhere (Tim McGraw song)


Exactly What You Wanted

Fade In-Out

Fallin' Up/Que Dices?

Falling in Love Again (Eagle-Eye Cherry song)

Fantasy Island (M People song)

Far from Yours

Father (LL Cool J song)

Father of Mine

Feel So Good

Feel the Fire (song)

Feliz Navidad (Iran Castillo song)

Fire (Scooter song)

Fireball (B'z song)

Firm Biz

Fitter Happier

Fiumi di parole

Five Candles (You Were There)

Flame (Alphaville song)

Flaming June (song)

Flaming Pie (song)

Flash (B.B.E. song)

Flowers (Billy Yates song)

Flush (Mtley Cre song)

Fly (Sugar Ray song)

For a Good Time

For a Little While

For the Moment (song)

Forever Love (Alisa Mizuki song)

Forgiveness (Collective Soul song)

Fourth of July (Mariah Carey song)

Frankie's Lead

Freak (Silverchair song)

Freaks (Live song)

Fred Jones (Song)

Free (Ultra Nat song)

Freedom (Robert Miles song)

Fresh (Daft Punk song)

Fresh! (Gina G song)

Friend of Mine (Treble Charger song)

From Here to Eternity (Michael Peterson song)

From This Moment On (Shania Twain song)

Fuck the Millennium

Fuel (song)

Full Circle (Collective Soul song)

Funk Ad

Funky Shit

G.O.D. Pt. III

GBI (German Bold Italic)



Gekka no Yasoukyoku

Get High Tonight

Get It Together (702 song)

Get It Wet

Get Myself Arrested

Get Out of the City

Get Ready to Bounce

Get Up, Stand Up (Phunky Phantom song)

Ghetto Love (Da Brat song)

Ghosts (Michael Jackson song)

Gift (song)

Gimme Some Love

Girl Out of the Ordinary (song)

Gitty Up (song)

Give Me a Shake

Givin' All My Love

Giving (song)

Glory to the Brave (song)

Go Away (Lorrie Morgan song)

Go Deep

Go the Distance

God of Wine (song)

Going Out of My Head

Gold tape

Gone Away (song)

Gone till November

Good Girls (Joe song)

Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)

Good Times (CDB song)

Goodbye and Good Luck (song)

Got 'til It's Gone

Gotham City (song)

Gott sein

Grace Under Pressure (Eternal song)

Great Day (Paul McCartney song)

Greece 2000

Guiding Star (song)

Gunman (187 Lockdown song)

Gunpowder (song)

Gyroscope (song)

Halo (Texas song)

Hand of Fate (song)

Happiness (Vanessa Williams song)

Happy (Travis song)

Happy Girl

Harana (song)

Hard Time Loving You

Hard Times Are Over

Hari Om


Harpoon (Jebediah song)

Has Anybody Seen My Angel

Haven't You Heard (Shirley Myers song)

He Left a Lot to Be Desired

He Tratado

He Who Would Valium Take

He's Comin'

He's Got You

He's the King

Head over Heels (Allure song)


Heart Factory

Heaven on a Sunday

Heaven's Earth

Heaven's Kitchen (song)


Hell's Kitchen (song)

Help the Aged (song)

Here Comes the Big Rush

Here in My Heart (Chicago song)

Here's a Drink


Hermann Loves Pauline

Heroin (Buck-Tick song)

High (Feeder song)

High (Lighthouse Family song)

High (Parokya ni Edgar song)

High Fidelity (Daft Punk song)

High on Love

Highlands (song)

Hinahanap-Hanap Kita

Hip Hop Drunkies

History Maker

History Repeating (song)

Hit (The Wannadies song)

Hitchin' a Ride (Green Day song)

Hokus Pokus (Insane Clown Posse song)

Hold Me (Brian McKnight song)

Hold On (Alexia song)

Hold On Tight (Archie Roach song)

Hole in My Heart (Blackhawk song)

Holland, 1945

Hollow Years

Home (Depeche Mode song)

Honey (Mariah Carey song)

Honey, I'm Home

Honky Tonk America

Honky Tonk Truth

Hoodlum (song)

Horny '98

Hot Rod Heart

How High (The Charlatans song)

How Many Times? (song)

How Your Love Makes Me Feel

How a Cowgirl Says Goodbye

How to Be a Girl

How's It Going to Be

However (song)

Hoy Me He Vuelto a Enamorar

Hundred Mile High City

Hunter (Bjrk song)

Hurricane (Cradle to the Grave)

Hurry Up and Wait (song)

Hybrid Rainbow

I Already Do

I Breathe

I Can Love You

I Can Love You Better

I Can't Catch You

I Do (Lisa Loeb song)

I Don't Ever Want to See You Again

I Don't Need Anyone (Kylie Minogue song)

I Don't Want Control of You

I Get Lonely

I Get the Message

I Give You My Word (song)

I Got a Story to Tell

I Got the Wherewithal

I Hate You Then I Love You

I Have Peace

I Have a Dream/Bellissima

I Hope, I Think, I Know

I Just Wanna Be with You

I Know Where It's At

I Know You Love Me (Smoking Popes song)

I Love the Dough

I Might Even Quit Lovin' You

I Miss My Homies

I Need (Meredith Brooks song)

I Need You (Trisha Yearwood song)

I Stand Alone (Takako Matsu song)

I Wanna Be Your Lady

I Wanna Be the Only One

I Wanna Fall in Love

I Want You (Third Eye Blind song)

I Will Buy You a New Life

I Will Come to You

I Will Stand (song)

I Will, If You Will

I Won't Be Home for Christmas

I Won't Leave You Lonely

I Won't Say (I'm in Love)

I Wonder If Heaven Got a Ghetto

I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio

I'll Be (Edwin McCain song)

I'll Be Missing You

I'll Be There for You (Solid HarmoniE song)

I'll Do Anything (Heavy D song)

I'm Gonna Make Her Mine

I'm Holdin' On to Love (To Save My Life)

I'm Just a Killer for Your Love

I'm Leavin' (Lisa Stansfield song)

I'm Not Feeling You

I'm Not Over You

I'm Not a Player

I'm Your Man (Jason Sellers song)

I'm a Man Not a Boy (North & South song)

I've Got a Feeling (Ivy song)

ITMA (song)

Idiot Box (Incubus song)

If I Could Just Get to You

If I Could Teach the World

If I Could Turn Back the Hands of Time

If I Didn't Love You (Tina Arena song)

If I Had

If I Never See You Again

If I Never Stop Loving You (song)

If I Was a River

If She Don't Love You

If You Can't Be Good (Be Good at It)

If You Stay (Backstreet Boys song)

If You Think I'm Jiggy

If You Wanna (Paul McCartney song)

If You Wanna Touch Her, Ask!

If You Want My Love (Twenty 4 Seven song)

Imagine That (Diamond Rio song)

Immature (song)

Immortality (Celine Dion song)

Immune (Godsmack song)

In Another's Eyes

In Between (Collective Soul song)

In My Arms (Erasure song)

In My Mind (Antiloop song)

In a Country Churchyard

In a Dream (song)

In the Dark of the Night

In the Sun (Joseph Arthur song)

Inner Light Spectrum

Invisible Man (song)

Ira Tenax

Irresistible Force (song)

Is It Scary

It's All Tears (Drown in This Love)

It's All the Same to Me

It's Alright (Queen Latifah song)

It's Alright, I Feel It!

It's Enough

It's Gettin' Better (Man!!)

It's Gonna Rain!

It's No Good

It's Over Love

It's Your Love

Ithica 27 9

Jack-Ass (song)

Jackie's Strength

Jag och min far

Jesus Christ Was an Only Child

Jock Jam

Jojo Action

Josie (Blink-182 song)

Journey to the Past

Joy of My Life

Jugulator (Judas Priest song)

Jump (Kylie Minogue song)

Jumper (Third Eye Blind song)

Just Ace

Just Another Case

Just Another Heartache

Just Another Illusion

Just Between You and Me (The Kinleys song)

Just Cruisin'

Just Don't Give a Fuck

Just Don't Wait Around 'Til She's Leavin'

Just Looking (song)

Just for You (M People song)

Just to See You Smile


Kagayakeru Hoshi

Kagayaki no Kisetsu

Kaleidoscope Skies

Kama Sutra no Densetsu

Kanashimi Johnny

Kanojo wa Kyou

Karma Police

Karvel (song)

Kate (Ben Folds Five song)

Katrien (Mogwai song)

Kaze ga Toori Nukeru Machi he

Killin' Time (Tina Cousins song)

Kimi ni Aitaku Nattara...

King of My Castle

King of the Funk

Kiss Me (Sixpence None the Richer song)

Kiss the Rain

Kix (song)

Klavier (song)

Know Why the Nightingale Sings

Kola (song)

Kowalski (song)

Kung fr en dag

Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

L'gyptienne (song)

Lady, Your Roof Brings Me Down

Lakini's Juice

Land of the Living (Pam Tillis song)

Lappi (Lapland)

Last Cup of Sorrow

Last Ditch Cabaret

Last Night's Letter

Law (Earthlings on Fire)

Lazy Days

Lazy Eye (Goo Goo Dolls song)

Le Jour Viendra

Learn to Hate

Leaving Home (Jebediah song)

Leaving October

Legend of a Cowgirl

Let Down (Radiohead song)

Let It Go (Ray J song)

Let It Rain (Shirley Myers song)

Let Me Entertain You (Robbie Williams song)

Let U Go (ATB song)

Let's Go! (Chisato Moritaka song)

Lie Lie Lie (Bonnie Pink song)

Lie to Me (Silverchair song)

Life's Gonna Suck

Light in Your Eyes (Blessid Union of Souls song)

Like Herod

Like I Love You (Amy Grant song)

Like Water Into Wine

Limbo (Kylie Minogue song)

Link (Collective Soul song)

Listen (Collective Soul song)

Little Babies

Little Ol' Kisses

Little Red Rodeo

Little Things (Tanya Tucker song)

Little Willow

Little Wonder (David Bowie song)

Lloran Las Rosas

Lluvia cae

Lobster Bucket!

Local Boy in the Photograph

Loco (Coal Chamber song)

Lollipop (Candyman)

Loneliness (Yoko Ono song)

Lonely (Nana song)

Lonely (Peter Andre song)

Lonely Won't Leave Me Alone (Trace Adkins song)

Long Distance Drunk

Long Hard Road Out of Hell

Long Time Ago

Longneck Bottle

Look Inside America

Look into My Eyes (Bone Thugs-n-Harmony song)

Lookin' at Me

Looking Through Your Eyes

Looking for Satellites

Looking for You (Paul McCartney song)

Loosen Up My Strings

Lose My Cool

Losing Ground (song)

Losing a Whole Year

Lost in Space (Lighthouse Family song)

Lounge (Closing Time)

Love Addiction (song)

Love Anyway

Love Come Tumbling Down

Love Gets Me Every Time

Love Guaranteed (song)

Love Happens Like That

Love Is All Around (Adriana Evans song)

Love Is All We Need

Love Is Dreaming

Love Is Leaving

Love Is the Law (The Seahorses song)

Love Is the Right Place

Love Lady (Damage song)

Love Like This (Faith Evans song)

Love Me Jeje

Love Mix

Love Scene (Version 4)

Love Scene (Version 6)

Love Shine a Light

Love Shy (song)

Love Sick (Bob Dylan song)

Love Takes Over Me

Love Travels (song)

Love of My Life (Sammy Kershaw song)

Low Down, Dirty

Lozin' Must

Lucky Man (The Verve song)

Lucky Me, Lucky You

Magic Pie (song)

Magic Spaceship

Make 'Em Say Uhh!

Make You Feel My Love

Man You Gotta Get Up

Man of Sorrows (Bruce Dickinson song)

Man of a Thousand Faces (song)

Man! I Feel Like a Woman!

March Color

Marguerite's Dilemma

Martinis on the Roof

Matches (Sammy Kershaw song)

Maybe (Collective Soul song)

Me & My Old Lady

Me Miras y Te Miro

Me and My Crazy World

Melbourne (song)

Men in Black (song)

Men of Steel (song)

Mexican Wave (song)

Mi Mayor Venganza

Michael Jackson (Fatboy Slim song)


Miles to Go (Before I Sleep)

Military Strongmen

Million Miles (Bob Dylan song)

Minas com Bahia (song)

Mindfields (song)

Miracle Light

Miss Misery

Missing You (Mary J. Blige song)

Mississippi (Bob Dylan song)

Moaner (song)

Moby Octopad

Mogwai Fear Satan

Moja Mi Corazn

Monday Morning 5:19

Money, Power & Respect (song)

Monkey Wrench (song)

Monmore, Hare's Running

Motorcycle Drive By

Mourn You Til I Join You

Move Over

Mr. DJ (Dr. Alban song)

Mr. Gorgeous (and Miss Curvaceous)

Mujer Latina

Mulder and Scully (song)

Murder, Murder

Mutilated Lips

My All

My Baby Daddy

My Baby Grand ~Nukumori ga Hoshikute~

My Big Mouth (song)

My Body (LSG song)

My Heart Bleeds the Darkest Blood

My Heart Will Go On

My Hero (song)

My Immortal

My Love Is the Shhh!

My Lover's Prayer

My Oh My (Aqua song)

My Own Prison (song)

My Own Summer (Shove It)

My Side of Town (song)

My Snare

My Way (Usher song)

Mystery (of Love)

Mystery Land (song)

Nagisa ni Matsuwaru Et Cetera

Naked Without You (song)

Narcolepsy (Third Eye Blind song)

Naughty Boy (song)

Nazo (song)

Neon Wilderness

Never Again, Again

Never Do That Again

Never Ever (All Saints song)

Never Gonna Fall

Never Make a Promise

Never Miss the Water

Never Say Never (Brandy song)

Never, Never Gonna Give Ya Up

Next Lifetime

Next Time (Marie Wilson song)

Nice & Slow

Nice Guys Finish Last

Nickajack (song)

Niji (L'Arc-en-Ciel song)

No Aphrodisiac

No Association

No Emotion

No Fate

No Name No. 5

No One Else Comes Close

No One's Iller

No S Olvidar

No Tears to Cry

No Tengo Dinero (Los Umbrellos song)

No, No, No (Destiny's Child song)

Nobody Came

Nobody's Wife (song)

Nobre Vagabundo

Noches sin luna

Not About Us

Not the Sunscreen Song

Nothin' Move But the Money

Nothin' but the Taillights (song)

Notorious Thugs

Now I Can Dance

Now You're Not Here

Now You're Taken

Nu Bruises

Numb (Holly McNarland song)

Nymphomaniac Fantasia

Ocean Man

Of Course I'm Alright

Off the Books

Oh La La La (2 Eivissa song)

Oh Yeah (Daft Punk song)


Old Before I Die

Older (George Michael song)

Om du var hr

On & On (Erykah Badu song)

On My Own (Peach Union song)

On My Way (deSoL song)

On the Side of Angels

Once Upon a December

Once Upon a Troubadour

One (Creed song)

One Day Left to Live

One Last Hope

One Last Step

One Life (The Pillows song)

One Man's Fool

One More Hour

One More Time (Real McCoy song)

One More Time, One More Chance

One Small Miracle

One of These Days (Marcus Hummon song)

One of Those Nights Tonight

One, Two, I Love You

Only If...

Only Love (Engelbert Humperdinck/Selena song)

Only When I Sleep

Open Road (Gary Barlow song)

Out of Control (Rolling Stones song)

Out of Gas (song)

Out of My Head (Fastball song)

Outer Space Girls (song)

Outlaw (Olive song)

Outside (Mariah Carey song)

Outside the Frame (song)

Over (Portishead song)

Overjoyed (Jars of Clay song)

P.R.S. Yearbook - Quick the Drawbridge

Pacific Sun (song)

Pain (1997 Puff Daddy song)

Paintball's Coming Home

Papa Nero (song)

Paper (Queen Latifah song)

Paradise & Dreams

Paranoid Android

Park and Ride (song)

Party Hard (Pulp song)

Party People...Friday Night

Paseo (song)

Pash (song)

Penguin Attack


Perfect Love

Perfect Moment

Petrol & Chlorine

Phnix (Daft Punk song)

Pick a Part That's New

Picture of You (Boyzone song)

Pictures of Me

Piggy Pie

Pink (song)

Play It Cool (song)

Playa Hater

Playboys (song)

Please (The Kinleys song)

Please (U2 song)

Please Don't Go (No Mercy song)

Please Don't Touch My Birdie

Pluto (song)

Polyester Girl

Pongan Atencin

Pop Song for Us Rejects

Por Debajo de la Mesa

Por Dos Pulgadas

Postcard from Heaven

Postmarked Birmingham

Precious Declaration

Prince Igor (song)

Prince of Love

Prisoner (311 Song)

Prisoner (311 song)

Probably (song)

Promise (Delirious? song)

Promise (Kohmi Hirose song)

Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See

Puto (song)

Queen of the Troubled Teens

Quick, Painless and Easy

Quicksand (Finger Eleven song)

Quiero Estar Contigo (Gisselle song)

R U Ready

R U Still in 2 It

Radar Maker

Rain (Guano Apes song)

Rain (SWV song)

Raincloud (song)

Rainy Day (Fool's Garden song)

Rainy Day and Day

Raise the Roof (Luke song)

Rapunzel (Daniela Mercury song)

Rare, Precious and Gone

Rattlesnake (song)

Really Love You

Redundant (song)

Remember Me (Blue Boy song)

Reminding Me (Of Sef)

Rescue Me (Bell, Book & Candle song)

Resignation Superman

Restless (Within Temptation song)

Reunited (Wu-Tang Clan song)

Revolucin (song)

Revolution 909


Rhymes Galore

Richard III (song)

Richter Scale (song)

Ring A Ling (Tiggy song)



Rock Is Dead (The Doors song)

Rock Me Good

Rock This Country!

Rock'n Roll (Daft Punk song)

Rocketship (Mtley Cre song)

Roll into One

Rollin' & Scratchin'

Rolling Sevens

Romeo Me


Roses (Silverchair song)

Rumor Has It (Clay Walker song)

Sad Lookin' Moon

Saint Joe on the School Bus

Saint of Me

Salaam (song)

Samba de Janeiro

Same Love (Paul McCartney song)

Sammy (song)


Sandese Aate Hai

Santa Monica (Savage Garden song)

Saturation (song)

Save Tonight

Savoir aimer

Say Goodbye (Cheap Trick song)

Say Hey (Kylie Minogue song)

Say It (Voices of Theory song)

Say When (song)

Say Yes (Burnin' Daylight song)

Say Yes (Elliott Smith song)



Scary (Bjrk song)

Se Necesita Un Milagro

Seabra Is Mad

Searching (INXS song)

Second Round K.O.

See That My Bike's Kept Clean

Seein' Is Believing

Sehnsucht (Rammstein song)

Semi-Charmed Life

Serenade (Dover song)

Serial Thrilla

Sex and Candy

Sex on the Beach (song)

Shadowland (The Lion King)

Shake Hands with Beef

Shame About That

Shame on You (Indigo Girls song)

Shangri-La (Denki Groove song)

Shapes of Love/Never Stop!

She Makes My Nose Bleed

She Said (Collective Soul song)

She's Gonna Make It

She's Got It All

She's a Good Girl

She's a Star

She's the One (World Party song)

She-Wolf (song)

Shelf in the Room

Shipwrecked (Genesis song)

Shit Luck

Shooting Star (Disney song)

Show Me Love (Robyn song)

Shut 'em Down (Onyx song)

Shut Up and Drive (Chely Wright song)

Si T Me Amaras

Si T Supieras

Sick with Love

Sign of the Times (Queensrche song)

Silence (Delerium song)


Sisters of Avalon (song)

Skyscraping (song)

Slam Dunk (Da Funk)

Slave (Silverchair song)

Sleep on the Left Side

Sleeping Late

Sleeping in Your Hand

Smack My Bitch Up

Smile (Scarface song)

Smoke (Natalie Imbruglia song)

Smokin' Johnny Cash

Smokin' Me Out

Snow Again

Snow on the Sahara (song)

So Broken

So Early in the Morning

So Good (Davina song)

So Young (The Corrs song)

Soap Disco

Sock It 2 Me

Sod Off

Some Days Are Better

Some Days You Gotta Dance

Some Kind of Bliss

Somebody Slap Me

Somebody's Somebody

Somedays (Paul McCartney song)

Someone (SWV song)

Someone That You Loved Before

Someone's Daughter

Somethin' Like This

Something About the Way You Look Tonight

Something Goin' On (In Your Soul)

Something I've Never Had

Something That We Do

Sometimes (Brand New Heavies song)

Sometimes We Cry

Somewhere Down the Road (Amy Grant song)

Song 2

Song for Marion Brown

Song of Encouragement for the Orme Ascent

Sonnet (The Verve song)

Sorry (Bic Runga song)

Sorti de L'enfer

Soul Boy (song)

Soul Messiah (Alphaville song)

South of the Border (Robbie Williams song)

Southern Streamline

Souvenir (Paul McCartney song)

Space Junk (Wang Chung '97)

Space and Time (song)

Speed Trials

Spend the Night (song)

Spice Invaders

Spice Up Your Life

Spiel mit mir

Spin the Wheel (The Blackeyed Susans song)


Squirt (Fluke song)

Stand by Me (Oasis song)

Standing in the Doorway

Star (Primal Scream song)

Starin' Through My Rear View

Stay (Sash! song)

Stella May Day

Step into My World

Step into a World (Rapture's Delight)

Stereo (Pavement song)

Still Holding On

Still Waters (Run Deep)

Stop (Spice Girls song)

Stop By

Strange (Wet Wet Wet song)

Stranger Things (ABC song)

Strawberries (song)

Stripsearch (song)

Styrofoam Boots/It's All Nice On Ice, Alright

Subterranean Homesick Alien

Suddenly Strange

Suffocate (Feeder song)

Summer (Mogwai composition)

Summer Romance (Anti-Gravity Love Song)

Summertime (The Sundays song)


Sunstroke (song)

Super Grit

Super Rad!

Superhero (Daze song)

Superheroes of BMX

Superman's Dead

Sway (Bic Runga song)

Sweet Candy (song)

Sweet Mary (Ivy song)

Sweety Sweety

Swing My Way

Switch (Howie B song)

T.N.T. for the Brain

Take Away My Pain

Take Care (Funker Vogt song)

Take It to the Streets (song)

Take Me to the Limit

Take My Scars

Takes a Little Time (Amy Grant song)

Talk to Me (Wild Orchid song)

Tamagotchi (Tschoopapa...)

Tangerine (Feeder song)

Tangerine (Life of Agony song)

Tattoos and Scally Caps


Te Quiero Tanto, Tanto

Teachers (Daft Punk song)

Tearin' Up My Heart

Tears (Kylie Minogue song)

Teeth Like God's Shoeshine

Teflon (song)

Teletubbies say "Eh-oh!"

Tell Him (Barbra Streisand and Celine Dion song)

Tell Me (Billie Myers song)

Tell the Girl

Tellin' Stories (song)

Temper Temper (Goldie song)

Temporary One

Temptation (The Tea Party song)

Ten Crack Commandments

Ten Ton Hammer

Thank God for Believers (song)

That Don't Impress Me Much

That Song

That's Why I'm Here (song)

The Actual (song)

The Age of Love (Scooter song)

The Arms of the One Who Loves You

The Ballad of Tom Jones

The Beginning of the End (Boogiemonsters song)

The Best Thing (Ivy song)

The Carpenter (Nightwish song)

The City Is Mine

The Closing

The Coast Is Clear (song)

The Creation of Man

The Day That She Left Tulsa (In a Chevy)

The Day We Find Love

The Dividing Line (song)

The Do Wop

The Door (Silverchair song)

The Down Town

The Drama You've Been Craving

The Drugs Don't Work

The End Is the Beginning Is the End

The End of Something (song)

The Energy (Feel the Vibe)

The Fool (Lee Ann Womack song)

The Gift (Jim Brickman song)

The Gospel Truth (song)

The Great American Nightmare

The Greatest Taste Around

The Ice of Boston

The International Language of Screaming

The Journey (911 song)

The Kind of Heart That Breaks

The Last Thing You Should Do

The Line (Lisa Stansfield song)

The Love Scene

The Madness of King Scar

The Message (Nas song)

The Morning Report

The Morning Sad

The Most Unwanted Song

The Mummers' Dance

The Negotiation Limerick File

The Oaf (My Luck Is Wasted)

The Old Apartment

The Party Ain't Over Yet (song)

The Perfect Drug

The Playboy Mansion (song)

The Popular Music

The Private Psychedelic Reel

The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

The Rascal King (song)

The Real Thing (Lisa Stansfield song)

The Reason (Celine Dion song)

The Rest of Mine

The Rolling People

The Roof (Back in Time)

The Same Moon

The Shake (Neal McCoy song)

The Shoes You're Wearing

The Solution (song)

The Song We Were Singing

The Sound Of

The Sound of Love (Lydia Canaan song)

The Swing (song)

The Thing to Do

The Tourist (Radiohead song)

The Trouble with the Truth (song)

The Truth (Prince song)

The Unforgiven II

The Waydown

The Word Is Love (Say the Word)

The World Is Filled...

The World Is Flat (song)

The World Is Mine (Ice Cube song)

The Worst (Onyx and Wu-Tang Clan song)

Theme Park (Lung Leg song)

Theme from Retro

Then I Walked Away

Then What?

These Are the Things About You

They Don't Know (Jon B. song)

They Like It Slow

Things Just Ain't the Same

Things You Say

Third Season

This Girl (Kylie Minogue song)

This Girl Was Made for Loving

This Is Your Brain

This Is the Day (Ivy song)

This Is the Moment

This Time (Verve song)

Three Chords and the Truth (song)

Through the Years (Kylie Minogue song)

Thug Luv

Ti Amo (Gina G song)

Ti Voglio Qui

Tied to the 90's

Tier (song)

Timber (Coldcut and Hexstatic song)

Tip (Finger Eleven song)

To Brazil!

To Have You Back Again

Today's the Day (Sean Maguire song)

Together Again (Janet Jackson song)

Together and Forever

Tomorrow (James song)

Tomorrow Never Dies (song)

Tonight Matthew I'm Going to Be with Jesus

Too Close (Next song)

Too Close to Hate

Too Far

Too Gone, Too Long

Too Good to Be True (Michael Peterson song)

Too Much (Spice Girls song)

Too Much Heaven

Torn (Creed song)

Tortured Man

Touch, Peel and Stand


Tracy (Mogwai song)

Traffic (Stereophonics song)

Transistor (song)

Transport Is Arranged

Travellers Tune

Trike (song)

Triumph (song)

Truce (song)

Truckers Atlas

True Lies (song)

True Navigation (song)

Truly Madly Deeply

Tu Amor (Jon B. song)


Turn My Head

Tutankhamen (song)

Twenty Two (Millencolin song)

Twisted (Wayne G song)

Two Pia Coladas

Tyrone (song)

U16 Girls

Uh La La La


Una Fan Enamorada

Unbelievable Things

Under My Wing

Under Our Feet

Unravel (Bjrk song)

Until the Time Is Through

Up Jumps da Boogie

Urge (song)

Use the Man

Used to Be Bad

Valentine (Jim Brickman song)

Vamos a la Discoteca

Vapor Trail (The Crystal Method song)

Velvet Morning

Vic Acid

Victory (Puff Daddy song)


Virtual Reality (song)

Viva Forever


Vivir y Morir

Vivre (Noa song)

Volcano Girls

Volimo te otadbino naa

WDPK 83.7 FM

Waiting for Tonight

Waiting for the Sun to Shine

Walk This Road

Walkin' on the Sun

Waltz Away Dreaming

Waltzing Along

War of Nerves


Watch Me Do My Thing

Watch Out My Children

Watch This

Watery Hands

We Be Clubbin'

We Have Explosive

We Just Wanna Party with You

We Like to Party (Party Animals song)

We Trying to Stay Alive

We Were in Love

We're In Yr. Corner

We're Not Making Love No More

Weeds (Life of Agony song)

Weeping Willow (song)

Weird (Hanson song)

What About Us? (Total song)

What Can I Do (The Corrs song)

What Do You Say to That

What Do You Want from Me? (Monaco song)

What If I Do

What If I Said

What My Heart Already Knows (song)

What Would Happen

What You Want (Mase song)

What is a Juggalo?

What the Heart Wants

What'cha Wanna Do

What's Beef?

What's Come Over You

What's This Life For

Whateva Man

Whatever (En Vogue song)

Whatever Comes First (song)

Whatever You Do! Don't!

Whatever You Say

When (Shania Twain song)

When Dreams Turn to Dust

When Love Goes Wrong

When Love Starts Talkin'

When Love and Death Embrace

When Susannah Cries

When Winter Comes

When You Come Back to Me (Edyta Grniak song)

When You Talk About Love

When the Bartender Cries

When the Lights Go Out

Whenever You Call (Mariah Carey song)

Where Are You (Kavana song)

Where Can I Find Love

Where You Are (Rahsaan Patterson song)

Where the Green Grass Grows

Where's the Girl?

Wherever You Are (Disney song)

Whippin' Piccadilly

White Love (Speed song)

White Reflection

Who Am I (Sim Simma)

Who Were You Thinkin' Bout?

Who You Wit

Whole Life (song)

Why Did Ever We Meet

Wishful Thinking (Alphaville song)

Wishing I Was There

Wishing That

With Portfolio

Without You (Sqeezer song)

Wizard in Black

Woke Up This Morning

Won't Keep a Good Girl Down

Words and Guitar

World Stood Still

Wrong Number (The Cure song)

X-Is Coming

Y Hubo Alguien

Y, Si Fuera Ella?

Yaar Bina

Yasashii Kimochi

Yeah! (Paul Brandt song)

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! (Simone Hines song)

Yes! I Am a Long Way from Home

Yesterday's News

Yo Nac Para Amarte

You (Janet Jackson song)

You Are My Home

You Are the Universe

You Bring Me Up

You Can Trust in My Love

You Can't Get There from Here

You Don't Have to Mean It (Rolling Stones song)

You Don't Know Anything

You Don't Need Me Now

You Don't Seem to Miss Me

You Make Me Wanna...

You Never Take Me Dancing

You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)

You Walked In

You Win, I Lose

You Won't Forget Me (song)

You're Not the Only One Who Feels This Way

You're So Great

You're Still the One

You've Got a Way

Young Boy

Your Love (Jim Brickman song)

Your Sweet Six Six Six

Your Woman

Youth of America (Birdbrain song)

Zero To Hero (Hercules's Song)

Zoe (song)

Zoot Suit Riot (song)

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